This time Steven was chained instead of locked in the pink room. After the incident with the gem gun, the Crystal Gems wanted to keep a direct eye on him part of that was totally restricting his movement. Truefully he hated the gem room, it reminded him of the fact his mom was Pink diamond, a matter of fact he hated the color pink in its entirety partly because it was his moms the other reason because of his warrior status and tough guy persona. At least he would like to think that but being chained up honestly head demoralized him and the Gems knew it.

"Steven ...Will you finally accept the truth behind your heritage." Garnet sat crossed legged across from a struggling Steven. He looked up and glared at her.

"I already told you I have nothing to do with your disgusting leader I am the only son of pink diamond and heir to her throne," Steven spoke with a bragging tone and gritted the words through clenched teeth. In the corner Pearl leaned against the wall her glare was enough to send shivers up Stevens body.

"Steven do you realize what you're saying". Pearl snapped off of the wall, she started to march into arms reach of Steven but apparently head her apprehensions as shown by her stopping in the middle of the room. "Your mom and pink diamond were sworn enemies for Pete's sake one of them shattered the other".

Steven was practically snarling and cursing her with all types of Gem world profanities. He refused to be their weapon and turned against his home.

Still no change Garnet refused to give up "Steven…. Look if you can give us any info regarding your heritage that proves without a doubt you are the son of pink diamond or at the very least, not a Homeworld experiment of Rose we will broker a deal to get something we desperately want in exchange for your freedom."

Garnet had no intention of letting Steven go she knew that if Steven was ever allowed to set foot back on Homeworld what he'd be able to tell the diamonds would doom Earth. If he was the son of Rose then the Gems potentially had a new leader that came with its own set of problems but if he wasn't and was actually who he claimed to be when he put the world in grave danger simply by living.

Steven also had no intention of keeping his side of the deal after all who negotiates with terrorists. No, he was going to get his freedom and then return to destroy the traitors they didn't need to know that, however.

"Yes I do have evidence of my lineage" Steven shuffled in his chains before asking Garnet to reach into his front pocket and out came a withered piece of paper which she immediately recognized she opened it up and looked at the writing to be sure she was certain this matched Rose's notebook almost if a page had been ripped out just to make this short message as Garnet scanned farther she noticed a picture of a newborn Steven being held by a woman she could only guess from pictures and stories was Pink Diamond. Garnet stood straight legged and shocked this paper was nearly identical to Rose's notebook however the woman in the picture certainly wasn't rose. Garnet nodded to Pearl and pocketed the picture. "We need to verify the validity of this." as she started to walk out.

"Halt traitor!" Steven stopped her in her tracks "I have two conditions" Pearl raised her eyebrows and growled in anger. "Firstly I want to be ensured I will get that back it's the only letter I have from my mom" Garnet nodded at that she wasn't a complete monster.

"Secondly I want to see Connie again" Pearl banged her hands on the side of the wall "absolutely NOT you put her in danger with your little antics an-" Garnet stepped directly in front of Pearl and stopped her ranting "You would have to promise not to escape again besides that I see no point on why it shouldn't be done" Garnet leaned down to Stevens level to look him in the eyes and gauge his agreement. Steven looked directly back "deal" and as soon as those words left his mouth he could see the rage leaking off of Pearl who after a few seconds turned on her heels and marched out closely followed by Garnet.


The diamonds were on their way to the next planet the estimated arrival time was set at a week Blue sobbed constantly in her bedroom with every second she was begging to feel like Steven really had died and she was chasing after nothing more than a ghost. With that attitude shaking the foundation of the ship's moral Yellow Diamond had to lie to her self to comfort her sister who was clearly losing hope. White Diamond, on the other hand, was unfazed and ignored her sisters and their gem attendants. she needed to complete her objective no matter what of Homeworld would lose it's strongest weapon to date