Hewwo everyone :3. I'm back again, I my fanfics have been exploding! Except for the mar fanfic I made but it seems everyone is liking my black clover fanfics so I'll continue to pump out more content. That and to make the fandom of black clover more positive. This fanfinc is an asta x harem one…. No spiciness tho just for laughs and a little romance. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own black clover in any way, shape, or form

It all began in a remote area far away from the clover kingdom, asta wanted the meeting to be as private as possible.

Here we have asta, Noelle, mimosa, Rebecca, and sally in one place

Asta: thank you all for coming

Noelle: bakasta what is all tthis, and why is SHE here

Sally perked up

Saly: I was ivited here!

Asta: we need tto talk about something important

Rebecca: what would that be?

Asta: how to improve yourselves as best girls

The four girls then looked at asta like he lost his mind

Mimosa: where did that one come from?

Asta: basically as evryonne knows you four are the four main girls of the series and you want me in one way or another. And if with that in mind as the best girls of this series u need to improve. Sally if u want to be a psycho yandere that's fine, but please tone it down a tiny bit.

Sally pouted

Sally: fine only because you asked

Asta: Noelle you please stop being such a tsundere and be more open.

Noelle: hmph I don't act like a tsundere

Rebecca: you kinda do

Mimosa: it pains me to see u act like a tsundere every now and then

Noelle: ugh fine I'll try my best to tone It down

Asta: great! As for mimosa and Rebecca I have no words since u two are perfect exactly as you are

Both mimosa and Rebecca had blushed

Asta: now then with all that said let's all work hard!

Sally: hey girls I've got an interesting idea


Sally then smiled perversely

Sally: let's have a five-some with asta!

All the girls blushed over what sally had blurted out, then took the time to consider, then made their decision

All of the girls: oh asta~~~~~

Asta: I have a feeling where this is going…

That was the last we heard of the anti mage as he was dragged off to a sex hotel and went up against four girls in bed at the same time from sunset to sunrise

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