I have no other explanation for why this exists other than I was watching the first Night at the Museum for the first time in about 3 years and this idea came to me and wouldn't leave me alone. It takes place right after the first movie.

Nicky darted down the hallway next to the Hall of African Mammals, his sneakers slapping the ground in time with his heavy breathing. Dexter chattered mockingly as he raced ahead of Nicky, clutching a piece of paper tightly in his fist. As they rounded the corner and neared the Egyptian exhibit Nicky could see that he was closing in on Dexter, and he grinned in triumph.

Suddenly, a figure came out of nowhere and loomed in front of Nicky, only a few feet away. Nicky frantically tried to slow down and move out of the way, but it was too late. Dexter easily skirted around the man, but Nicky slammed into him and fell to the ground with a thud.

"Nick! Are you alright?"

Looking up, Nicky could see that he had slammed into Ahkmenrah, who was now looking down at him in concern.

Nodding, Nicky slowly picked himself up off the ground. "Yeah, I'm okay. Sorry I ran into you."

"It's quite alright, no harm done," Ahkmenrah said, smiling reassuringly. "May I ask where were you going in such a hurry?"

"Dexter stole my homework," Nicky answered, sighing in exasperation as he gestured down the hallway to where Dexter was holding his homework high in the air while grinning, clearly gloating.

Ahkmenrah considered the situation for a moment, then began to walk down the hallway towards Dexter. Nicky followed close behind him, unsure what the pharaoh was planning on doing.

Ahkmenrah approached Dexter slowly, then calmly held out his hand. "Dexter, please return Nick's homework."

Dexter's grin faded, and he let out a stream of chatter which sounded like complete gibberish to Nicky, but which Ahkmenrah clearly understood at least some of because he shook his head and gave Dexter a stern look.

"It isn't yours and it's important to Nick. Give it back."

Dexter looked stricken for a moment, before begrudgingly handing Nicky's homework to Ahkmenrah.

"Thank you, Dexter," Ahkmenrah stated. Dexter didn't respond, he simply took off down the hallway and disappeared around the corner.

Turning to Nicky, Ahkmenrah handed him his homework.

"Thanks, Ahkmenrah!" Nicky exclaimed, grinning happily.

"You're welcome, and please, call me Ahk," Ahkmenrah answered, returning Nicky's grin.

"Okay, Ahk," Nicky agreed.

They stood in silence for a moment, Nicky feeling too awkward to say anything else. He hadn't really spoken to Ahkmenrah since they got the tablet back from Cecil a few weeks earlier, and as a result felt much shyer around him than he did around some of the other exhibits.

Finally, Ahkmenrah cleared his throat. "Well. You should probably finish your work."

Nicky nodded. "Yeah."

"I'll let you get started then," Ahkmenrah said, turning and beginning to walk away from Nicky, his cape swirling behind him.

Nicky watched him go, then glanced down at the half-finished page of math problems. "Wait, Ahk?"

Ahkmenrah turned back towards Nicky. "Yes?"

Nicky looked down at his feet, then back up at the older boy. "Do you know how to multiply fractions?"


Larry was making his nightly rounds, checking that none of the exhibits had gotten into too much trouble since the sun had gone down.

As he passed by the Egyptian exhibit he heard the sound of Nicky's voice, which surprised him. Last he checked, Nicky had been in the security office finishing his homework.

Approaching the entrance to the exhibit, Larry eyed the jackal statues warily. When they made no move to stop him from entering he hurried past them, curious as to what was going on.

When he entered the tomb, Larry saw (to his surprise) Nicky sitting next to Ahkmenrah on a bench in front of the open sarcophagus, both bent over what appeared to be Nicky's homework.

"So, 8/13 times 1/8 equals 1/13?" Nicky asked.

"Yes," Ahkmenrah confirmed as Nicky scribbled down the answer.

"I'm finished!" Nicky exclaimed triumphantly, grinning. "Thanks again, Ahk!"

"Of course," Ahkmenrah nodded, smiling. Then, they both looked up and saw Larry standing in front of them, watching.

"Hey Dad, Ahk helped me finish my homework!"

"I can see that," Larry confirmed, smiling slightly.

"I hope you don't mind, Larry," Ahkmenrah said, a little hesitantly, but Larry shook his head.

"I don't mind at all, not as long as Nicky learns something."

Nicky grinned, then jumped up excitedly. "Can I go ask Teddy to give me a ride on Texas now?" he asked, waving his homework around as he spoke.

"Sure, as long as you put your homework in your backpack first," Larry said, turning to leave and continue his rounds.

Nicky hurried after him, eager to put his homework away and start a night of fun, but he suddenly paused in the entrance to the exhibit and turned to look back at Ahkmenrah. "Hey, Ahk?"

Ahkmenrah looked up at Nicky, surprised to find him still standing there. "Yes, Nick?"

"Do you know anything about US history?"

Ahkmenrah chuckled, shaking his head as he stood and walked over to Nicky. "I'm afraid my knowledge of the United States is lacking in some areas, Nick. Might I suggest asking Teddy for help?"

Nicky smiled and nodded. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea."

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