A/N: Hey there, Loud House fans. While I'm still busy working on the next chapter of Relics Of The Past, I've got a special Loud House story here for you all. However, I must warn you that it is a bit disturbing, but it sends a dire warning to the readers. After watching several april fools day episodes of the Loud House featuring Luan Loud pulling pranks on her family, it made me realize something that I'm sure many Loud House know by now. Many of her pranks could have potentially hurt or crippled the members of her family, especially during the episode where Luan forces Lynn Sr. to purchase a hotel in order to pull various pranks on her family. Some fans have even considered Luan to be insane, but in my opinion, I believe she's just reckless. Yet however, I always wondered how far Luan might go before her pranks actually ends up severely hurting someone. Well, in this short story, its April fools day, and that means its pranking day for Luan at the Loud House. However, she does not know that this day will be the day that it goes horribly wrong for the first time, and in the worst way imaginable. Also, my OC characters Nelson Rivers and Lloyd Florence will also make an appearance in this story as well.

Disclaimer: My OC characters are all that I own.

Chapter 1: Prank Calamity

It was a 10:00 AM at the Loud House as the Loud family rushed out of their home in a panic. Today was the day that they'd all been dreading for the last few weeks: April fools day. This meant that Luan would be pranking her entire family with hidden prank traps set in various rooms and areas of the house all day long. However, for the rest of her family, they always had a plan in motion to avoid Luan and her pranks.

"Quick! Inside the bunker everybody" Lisa said frantically, leading the family into her military grade underground bunker just outside the house.

Rita, Lynn Sr, Lola, Lana, Luna, Lucy, Lynn Jr, Leni, Lori, and Lincoln followed Lisa inside the bunker with a now four year old Lily following close behind him.

"Man, I can't believe Luan is at it again! And here I thought she'd keep her word that she wouldn't pull anymore pranks on april fools day, especially after last year" Lori pouted.

No one in the family had forgotten about last years april fools prank Luan had pulled on them all. She had hired duplicate actors from a film studio to take the places of her family members in order to prank them all, but Luan eventually got what was coming to her when her family got back at her by placing all of her belongings on a moving van and forcing Luan to make a mad dash across town to get her stuff back. Even after all that, Luan still hadn't given up on pranking.

"Yeah, but what did you expect? She's Luan, the prankster queen. Its not like she's gonna give up pranking anytime soon" Luna replied.

"Luan a meanie" Lily said.

"I'm telling you, we've got to do something about it once this day is over" Rita urged her husband.

"Grounding Luan doesn't do much good though," Lynn Sr replied. "She always goes back on her word every year".

"Her pranks will be the death of us one day" Lucy said grimly.

"I doubt she'd ever go that far," Lynn Jr replied. "But her pranks could end up hurting someone real bad someday if she keeps it up".

"We should try standing up to Luan for once" Lola suggested.

Before anyone could respond to her suggestion, they all heard a knock on the bunker door.

"Come out, come out, my little siblings! I know you're in there" Luan called out in a sing song tone of voice, followed by a laugh.

"Not a chance, Luan! Lana yelled.

"Yeah, we're not looking to fall into your prank traps like last time" Leni added.

"Aww come on," Luan taunted. "I'm not gonna bite".

"No come out" Lily said, shaking her head.

"Luan, we're not coming out until nightfall, or until you dismantle those traps of yours. So get lost!" Lori snapped.

"Gee whiz, what a party pooper! Get it?" Luan laughed, splating a bag of pig poop on the bunker, then headed away from the bunker and back into the house.

"Man, she's just not gonna give up, is she!" Lola moaned.

"Then I'll do something about it" Lincoln declared.

Everyone turned to face Lincoln with shocked expressions.

"What?! Lincoln, Luan's probably got every room in the house rigged with prank traps. Your not seriously going in there, are you?" Leni exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm going to trip all of the traps she's got set in the house so that we can all get out of here," Lincoln nodded. "I did it once to prevent Ronnie Anne from getting caught in them. If I did it once, I can do it again".

"Lincoln, are you sure about this?" Rita asked in concern.

"Very sure, mom," Lincoln nodded. "I'll spring the traps and be back to get you in a flash".

"All right, be careful" Rita replied as Lincoln climbed up the ladder leading to the bunker door.

"Your funeral, bro" Lucy said.

Lincoln turned the wheel on the bunker to the right, unlocking the door. He then pushed it open and climbed out of the bunker, then side stepped around the door to avoid the pig dung Luan threw at the door a minute ago. Lincoln then closed the door and started towards the house, but once he reached the porch, he set off a prank trap set on the roof above him. A small twine rope was nailed to a loose floorboard on the porch steps and attached to a bucket of red food coloring on the roof, and when Lincoln stepped on the board, he caused the bucket to tilt and spill the red liquid all over him. This really pissed him off since he'd just washed his shirt the other night, and this food coloring would be impossible to get out.

"Ugh, that Luan! She's gonna regret this" Lincoln growled in frustration as his white hair and orange shirt got wet.

Just then, a Samsung tablet with a webcam attached to the front door sprang to life and displayed Luan's grinning face on the screen.

"Well well, Lincoln. Come to try and stop me?" Luan taunted.

From what Lincoln could tell from the surroundings around Luan, she was in the kitchen standing near the sink. He tried opening the door, but it had a wooden door stop stuck under it from the inside.

"Luan, your pranks have gone far enough, and we're all sick of it," Lincoln snapped angrily. "I'm coming in there and springing whatever traps you set, then your gonna wash my shirt! Now take the stop out from under this door!".

"Sorry, but I can't do that," Luan said, reaching off screen for something. "I'm just having a BLAST today".

Suddenly, a set of party poppers hanging from the porch ceiling went off above Lincoln, showering him with confetti. Luan laughed loudly as Lincoln glared in frustration at her, then the tablet went dark.

"Ugh! I've had enough of this!" Lincoln snapped impatiently, rattling the door in an attempt to loosen the door stop and open the door.

After setting her tablet down inside the house, Luan finished setting up her last prank trap. This one consisted of a transparent piece of plastic twine that stretched across the entrance to the kitchen, a jar of old bacon grease which she poured across the floor leading to the refrigerator, and a bucket of water balloons on top of the fridge. The way this prank would work is that Lincoln would head for the kitchen, trip on the twine and slide across the grease on the floor, then slam into the fridge which would cause the bucket on top of it to spill the water balloons all over him.

As Luan finished setting the bucket in place, she jumped off the stool she was using and said, "Yeah, he'll never see this one coming".

Luan kicked the stool aside and grabbed her Ipad tablet, then headed for the attic where no prank traps had been set and watch everything unfold through Lisa's security cameras on her Ipad. However, Luan was so preoccupied and excited from setting up this last trap that she didn't notice that one of the front balancing legs on the fridge was loose... too loose.

By the point, Lincoln had gotten the door open enough to slip inside. Once he entered the house, Lincoln thought about where he should start looking for Luan's prank traps. He knew that she most likely hid the traps in areas that he'd never looked before. It had been two years since Lincoln had foiled Luan's traps to save Ronnie Anne from getting caught in one of them, so he knew that she had probably put the traps in different locations.

"I'd better start with upstairs first, then I'll check the rest of downstairs for any other traps Luan might have set" Lincoln decided, then rushed up the stairs to check for traps.

Once he got to the top of the stairs, Lincoln stepped on a small rubber bulb that suddenly exploded and showered him with McCormick brand onion powder which made him sneeze several times.

"Man, I hate onion powder! But I can't stop now" Lincoln said with a sneeze.

He entered the hallway and saw the door to his parents was open a crack, giving him the impression that something was off. Lincoln rushed up to the door and pulled it open fully, only to be splattered with a pail of rotten eggs which stank like a bunch of real bad diarrhea farts.

"Ughh! Sweet mother of Christ! Rotten eggs!" Lincoln exclaimed in complete disgust as he ran out of the room, coughing from the horrible stench.

A few of the eggs had splattered on his shirt and head, but most of them had missed Lincoln entirely and landed his feet.

"Luan, you really don't know when to quit, do you?" Lincoln growled as he headed for his sister's rooms next.

In the attic, Luan stood near an old chair laughing histarically as she watched the camera feeds on her Ipad of Lincoln setting off all the traps in each of her siblings rooms. Lucy and Lynn's room were rigged with pie launchers which splat Lincoln in the face in the chest with chocolate cream pie. The beds in Lori and Leni's room were filled with non-venomous corn snakes which Lincoln took back to their cage into Lana and Lola's room, only to trip another prank trap of Luan's that shot rubber bands at him from a set of pop guns sitting on Lola's tea table.

"Man, you really are desperate to stop my pranks, aren't you Lincoln?" Luan laughed like a crazy yandere girl as she watched Lincoln enter hers and Luna's room.

The trap in her room consisted of the garden hose and a piece of rope attached to the valve on the end. When Lincoln stepped on it, he got sprayed with water, then he rushed into Lisa and Lily's room. Once Lincoln entered the room, he stepped on a catapult that launched a bunch of oatmeal balloons and some of Lisa's old chemicals at him, but he quickly rushed out of the room and slammed the door shut before they could hit him.

"Looks like my room is last," Lincoln sighed in frustration. "I'd better get this over with so we can all enjoy our day".

In the attic, Luan watched as Lincoln headed straight towards his room and pulled open the door open.

"Man, wait until he sees what's in there" she snickered as she watched Lincoln enter his room.

Once he was inside, Lincoln saw what looked like a party ball sitting on his bed. When he approached it and tried to touch it, the ball exploded like a fire cracker and showered Lincoln with confetti and whipped cream. He was about to leave the room when he noticed something laying in the center of the split open party ball.

"What's this?" Lincoln wondered as he pulled the ball apart to see what was inside it, but the what he saw was very unpleasant and shocking.

"No..." Lincoln gasped in shock at what he saw.

Sitting on the bed in pieces was none other than Bun-Bun, his stuffed rabbit that he had kept since he was Lily's age. Both of Bun-Bun's arms had been blown off along with his right ear and lay on the bed. His body also had a few char marks from the fire crackers, but not any non-repairable damage thankfully.

Lincoln picked up the damaged stuffed rabbit in his trembling hands and felt his anger boil. There were more than enough pranks that Lincoln could withstand, but this one crossed the line big time. Bun-Bun was his best friend to him, and Luan treated the stuffed rabbit like it was some toy or prop to be used as fodder for her pranks. Lincoln set the rabbit down on his bed and turned back towards the door with an enraged look on his face.

"Luan Loud, where the hell are you?! Your gonna pay for this one!" Lincoln yelled angrily.

Luan still smirked and snickered at his temper, but couldn't help but wonder if maybe she'd gone a bit too far. She then watched Lincoln head for the stairs on the camera, wondering where he'd go next. It didn't take long for Luan to figure that out; he was headed for the kitchen.

"I swear, I'm really gonna teach that prankster a lesson when I get my hands on her. This time, she's gone too far!" Lincoln hissed furiously as he headed straight for the kitchen.

However, he was so focused on finding Luan that he didn't notice the trip wire at the kitchen entrance. As Lincoln headed for the kitchen, he tripped over the transparent cable in the doorway before he even noticed it, breaking it in the process.

"Hey! What in the- WHAA!" Lincoln yelled as he slipped and fell into the smelly bacon grease where he slid across the floor and slammed hard into the fridge.

Lincoln hit the fridge so hard that it caused it to wobble back and forth, spilling the bucket of water balloons all over the floor around him and getting him wet. Luan laughed her head off as she watched Lincoln flip his sack on the camera, but what happened next was something she never even suspected would happen. The loose footleg on the fridge finally gave away from the force of impact and broke off, causing the fridge to fall forward. Lincoln quickly tried to get out of the way, but he wasn't fast enough unfortunately. The heavy fridge fell directly on him, causing Lincoln to let out a blood curdling scream of agony and pain, but his screams were soon silenced after a sickening crunch was heard from beneath the toppled fridge, then everything was silent.

Luan's laughter stopped, and her joy and amusement quickly turned to fear, horror, and dread as she watched the whole scene unfold before her eyes on the camera feed from her Ipad. She couldn't believe what had just happened, nor did she even suspect something like this would happen.

"Oh god, no! Lincoln!" Luan gasped in horror.

She quickly threw the Ipad down onto an old bean bag nearby and rushed down the ladder and out of the attic as quick as a road runner. Once Luan made it down the stairs and into the kitchen, she found the fridge laying on top of Lincoln, but that wasn't the worst thing she saw. From under the fridge, Luan saw a small puddle of blood forming beneath the top of it. At this point, Luan knew she was in deep trouble, but that was the least of her worries. She tried with all her might to lift the fridge off of Lincoln, but it was far too heavy, yet her fear and desperation caused a massive adrenaline rush to flow through her. With one final effort, Luan put all her strength into her arm muscles and pushed the fridge as hard as she could, finally lifting it off Lincoln and off to the side. However, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.

"No... NO!" Luan cried out in absolute horror.

Lincoln lay unconscious on his side with a massive bloody bruise on his forehead which drenched his white hair red with blood, a black left eye, and a few broken teeth. His right forearm had gotten it the worst however. It was not only broken, but the bone had pierced through the skin and could be seen protruding out the side of his forearm. This was the source of the blood that had pooled beneath Luan's feet. She checked him for a pulse, fearing the worst had happened, but she felt a pulse running through his neck; he was alive to her relief.

"Lincoln, Lincoln, LINCOLN," Luan cried, shaking her brother in a desperate attempt to wake him up. "Wake up, Lincoln! Please wake up! Please!".

Lincoln didn't even stir, which made Luan begin to panic. She knew without a doubt that that she'd be grounded for life, but Luan didn't care anymore. She rushed out of the kitchen and headed for outside.



Meanwhile in Lisa's bunker, the rest of the Loud family grew a bit concerned about how long Lincoln was taking.

"Lincoln's sure taking a long time in there. I wonder if he's okay" Lola wondered.

"I'm sure he's fine, kids. Lincoln's dealt with this before, so I'm sure he can handle Luan" Rita assured her.

Before anyone could say anything else, a loud rapid bang erupted from the bunker door, catching everyone's attention. Lori glanced at the door window, thinking it was Lincoln, but she only saw Luan.

"Luan, I already told you once before; get away from-" Lori was suddenly cut off by Luan.

"Guys, open up! You've got to help me!" She yelled frantically, banging on the door again.

"No chance, Luan. You think we're gonna fall for that trick? We're not as stupid as you think" Lana scoffed in disbelief.

"She's right, Luan," Luna added. "Your just gonna pull a prank on us if we open this door".


That got everyone's attention big time. At first, some of the girls thought this was a scare tactic to get them all to come out, but they immediately knew that something was terribly wrong when they noticed the tears in Luan's eyes.

"Girls, I don't think she's lying" Rita said with a fearful tone.

"We'd better get up there now" Lynn Sr rushed up towards the bunker door and unlocked it.

Once he opened it, he lead the rest of the family out of the bunker where Luan stood nearby in tears. When Lynn Sr and the others noticed how frightened Luan looked, they all knew at once that something bad happened.

"Luan, where's Lincoln? And what happened to him?" Rita demanded.

"He's in the kitchen! The... the fridge fell on him" Luan stammered, wiping tears from her eyes.

Not even saying another word, the whole family rushed into the house faster than ever before where Lynn Sr and Rita made their way into the kitchen, completely unprepared for what they saw.

"OH MY GOD!" Rita screamed in horror and ran to Lincoln's side, setting Lily down as she knelt before him.

"Wincoln hurt!" Lily whined, crawling up to Lincoln and tapping his head.

She may have been four years old, but she understood that her brother was in trouble just by looking at the state he was in.

"Lincoln! My god, his arm!" Lynn Sr cried out in absolute shock, rushing up to his mangled son.

As soon as the others made it inside the kitchen, they all gasped in shock at the sight of their brother in his mangled state, even Lucy looked deeply disturbed.

"Lori, call an ambulance, NOW!" Rita yelled in a panicked voice.

Lori called for help on her cellphone while Leni glared over at Luan angrily and shouted, "Luan, what the hell have you done to him?!".

"I..." Luan had no words.

"Hey, why's the fridge on its side?" Luna pointed to the fridge which was now laying on its side where Luan had moved it.

Lynn Sr looked over at the toppled fridge, then over at Luan with rage in his eyes.

"Luan! What in God's name did you do?! Why is the refrigerator knocked over?!" he yelled.

"I... I didn't..." Luan began, but was cut off Lori.

"Mom, I just called the hospital and they're sending help. They said that help will arrive in a few minutes" Lori informed Rita.

"Mom, Lincoln's not dead, is he?" Lucy questioned, not in her usual gloomy tone, but in a frightened manner.

"No, I felt a pulse, but if help doesn't arrive soon..." Rita stopped herself from saying what she was about to say, but she could tell that Lucy understood.

"We'd better find something to wrap his broken arm up in. If Lincoln keeps losing blood at this pace, we may lose him" Lisa informed her siblings in the most serious tone she'd ever spoken.

"I'll get one of the old clean towels from the basement" Lana said, rushing out of the room at break neck speed for the basement.

As Lana left the room, Rita tried desperately to wake Lincoln up, but to no avail. Lynn Sr aggressively demanded Luan to tell him just what had happened, and Luan, not caring if she got in trouble, spilled the beans. She described the prank in the kitchen and how it was supposed to work, then Luan explained how when Lincoln tripped over the now broken trip wire, he slid across the floor and slammed into the fridge which caused it to fall on him.

"And that's what happened," Luan concluded. "But you have to believe me when I say that I had no idea that the fridge would fall on Lincoln. That was never my intention".

"Luan, whether or not you planned to drop the fridge on Lincoln matters not," Lynn Sr said in a surprisingly calm tone, but still with implications of anger. "The fact of the matter is that you did something very reckless without using your head, and because of that, look what's become of Lincoln!".

"Dad's right, Luan," Lori snapped, glaring at Luan. "Did you even consider the facts that your prank might have gone wrong? Did you even think to check the fridge for any signs that what just happened could happen?!".

"You've really done it this time, Luan! This time, you've gone too far!" Leni declared.

"I told you that your pranks would be the death of us one day" Lucy hissed at Luan, actually showing her eyes for the first time, and they looked very angry.

Luan jumped back, startled. Lucy had never been this hostile before, but it was understandable given the current situation. Before anyone else could lecture or berate Luan again, the family all heard the sound of a fire engine horn blasting in the distance along with the wailing of a Q-siren and electronic siren accompanying it.

"That must be the paramedics. I'll go check" Lori said, rushing out of the kitchen and outside the house.

At first, Lori thought that it was a fire engine that she and the others heard, but once she reach the sidewalk, she saw what it actually was. Approaching the house was a large modified red and white Mack truck ambulance with lights flashing and Q-siren wailing. Its electronic PA4000 brand siren was also running, but shut off as the ambulance slowed down next to the red painted curb next to the Loud house, yet the Q-siren slowly wound down even after it came to a complete stop.

Lori then noticed the words, "CRITICAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE UNIT" written on the side of the ambulance, making her feel more tense than ever. These type of modified ambulances were only used for emergencies in Royal Woods for victims suffering serious life threatening injuries, and it was already clear to Lori that Lincoln was in very bad shape.

She never thought that Luan's pranks would eventually lead up to these kind of events, she and the rest of the family never thought it could happen, but how wrong they all were. One of Luan's pranks finally went awry, and now a member of her own family was suffering because of it.

"Mom and dad, no, WE should have stopped Luan when they had the chance," Lori thought as the paramedics inside the ambulance opened the rear doors. "But instead, we all hide in a bunker like cowards every April fools day just hoping Luan will go easy on us, and now look what's happened as a result of our cowardice!".

Two EMT officers inside the back of the ambulance wheeled a large stretcher out onto the sidewalk with various medical equipment on it, then two others stepped out of the driver and passenger side of the ambulance and walked up to Lori; the EMT driver's nametag read "Nelson River's".

"Are you the one who called us about someone named Lincoln Loud needing immediate help?" The EMT driver asked.

"Yes, I'm his sister, Lori Loud," Lori nodded. "My parents and sisters are with Lincoln in the kitchen".

"Can you lead us to them?" Nelson asked.

"Yes, right away. You'd best hurry, cause he's hurt real bad" Lori said, leading the paramedics into the house.

Once inside, Lori lead the EMT's into the kitchen where they found Lynn Sr trying to revive Lincoln and Rita gently wrapping an old towel around his broken forearm; Lincoln's sisters stood nearby.

"Mom, they're here" Lori announced, stepping aside to allow the EMT's in the kitchen.

Rita looked up and said, "Oh thank God!".

"Move aside, ma'am. We need to check him out" Nelson instructed.

Once she and Lynn Sr were out of the way, the EMT officers lowered the stretcher bed and wheeled it next to Lincoln. Nelson instructed the other three EMT's to slowly lift Lincoln onto the stretcher. As they did, the blood soaked towel accidentally fell off Lincoln's broken forearm, exposing the bone.

"Jesus Christ! What the hell happened to this kid? One of the paramedics exclaimed.

"Poor kid looks like a train hit him" the other one exclaimed as Lincoln was laid out gently on the stretcher.

The three EMT's unloaded their equipment which consisted of a heart monitor, respiratory mask and respirator, bandages, and a splint to hold Lincoln's broken forearm in place.

As they hooked up Lincoln to the heart monitor and respirator, Nelson looked over at Rita and Lynn Sr and asked, "Are you two this boy's parent's?".

"Yes, I'm Rita Loud, and Lynn Sr here is his father" Rita replied, still sounding very shook up.

"How long has he been unconscious?" Nelson asked.

"Since before you got here. He fell unconscious when the fridge fell on him" Lynn Sr replied.

"Then its possible that Lincoln suffered a bad concussion. In any case, we need to get him to the ER right away" Nelson replied, rushing over to assist his fellow EMT's.

Lincoln was now fully hooked up to the heart monitor, his broken forearm had been bandaged, strapped, and held in place to the metal splint, and the respirator mask had been placed over his nose and mouth. Just then, the alarm on the heart monitor went off, alerting everyone in the kitchen.

"Oh god," Nelson said as he glanced at the heart monitor, then at the EMT's. "Get him into the ambulance now! And increase the oxygen while your at it!.

"What's going on? What's happening?" Rita panicked as the EMT's began wheeling Lincoln out of the kitchen as quickly as they could.

"His oxygen levels are dropping," Nelson informed. "Probably from the blood loss and other possible internal injuries we don't know about yet. We need to to move now, or we could lose him".

At the mention of Lincoln possibly dying, his sisters began to tense up with fear and dread, and Luan began crying softly again. Rita and Lynn Sr followed Nelson and the other EMT's out the door with Lincoln's sisters in tow and headed towards the large ambulance.

"Is there any possibility of us going with him? I want to be by my son's side" Rita asked.

"You and your husband should fit, but the rest of your family will have to remain here or find another way to follow along" Nelson informed.

"All right," Rita turned to Lori. "Lori, me and your dad are riding with Lincoln. Take Lily and the rest of your sisters and follow us to the hospital in the van".

Lori nodded and took Lily from Rita, then ordered her sisters to file inside the family van, which they did in a heartbeat. Luan sat farthest away in the back, still crying and not saying a word.

Once Lincoln was safely inside the ambulance, Rita and Lynn Sr climbed inside and pulled the doors shut.

"Hang on back there, you two," Nelson advised. "We'll be traveling at very high speeds on our way".

He then started the engine, switched on the emergency lights and headed off, switching on the PA4000 siren once they were on the road. The EMT officer in the passenger seat began blaring the Q-siren and air horns as the ambulance hit traffic ahead. Outside, Lynn Sr saw Lori and the others following close behind the ambulance in vanzilla.

The two EMT's worked frantically to keep Lincoln stable as they increased the level of oxygen in the respirator and examined his head and chest. They had to remove Lincoln's shirt to do this, and when they did, large purple blotches could be seen near the right side of his chest.

"Shit! This is bad," the EMT officer on the left cursed, then looked over at the small window leading into the passenger compartment. "Nelson, you'd better step on it! Inform the hospital that we've got a code 4-0! This kids in far more danger than we thought!".

"On it" Nelson picked up the radio microphone and called the hospital to inform them of the situation.

"What's wrong with him?! Is he dying?" Rita began to panic.

"He's going to if we don't act now," the EMT said, pulling a shelf open with various surgical tools. "He's got a puncture in his right lung, probably from a few broken ribs. That's the reason Lincoln's losing oxygen; he's basically been slowly choking on his own blood the whole time!"

"Oh god! Lincoln!" Rita began crying.

"What are we going to do?" Lynn Sr panicked.

"We'll have to surgically drain the blood in his lung with a trocar before it collapses completely. If we wait any longer, he'll die. It's miracle that he made it this long on a punctured lung, and that it hasn't collapsed yet" the EMT officer replied, slipping medical gloves on his hands and fetching a large trocar from the shelf.

The other EMT handed him a blood bag with an IV pipe attached to it, then hooked it up to the trocar which he pushed into right the side of Lincoln's chest. Once the trocar was in place, the blood in Lincoln's left lung began draining into the blood bag, restabilizing his respiratory system. The alarm on the heart monitor stopped, but Lincoln's heart rate was still very low.

"Looks like he's stabilized for now, but he's still in very bad shape" the EMT reported.

"Lincoln's not going to die, is he?" Lynn Sr asked worriedly.

"I honestly don't know," the EMT replied, glancing down at Lincoln. "His injuries are very serious, so we can only hope that he pulls through until we reach the hospital".

"Lincoln..." Rita said pitifully.



Lori and her sisters were far more tense and worried than ever as they followed close behind the ambulance carrying Lincoln and their parents. Lori didn't have to worry much about other cars since the ambulance easily cleared the traffic with its electronic siren, Q-siren, and fire engine air horns. This easily allowed Lori to match her speed with the ambulance, which was currently going at a full 90 MPH, a speed that Lori had never exceeded until now.

"Lori, do you think Lincoln will..." Leni began, trembling as she stared ahead at the ambulance, wondering just what was happening inside.

The rear door windows were tinted, so it was hard for Leni to make out what was going on inside the ambulance.

"Don't say it, Leni," Lori snapped, wiping a tear from her eye. "He's not going to die on us! Lincoln's stronger than you think! I know he'll pull through!".

"This is all Luan's fault! If it wasn't for her and her stupid pranks, this wouldn't be happening!" Lola sobbed.

"Yeah! We all knew something like this would happen one day, and now look what she's done!" Lana added.

"Her pranks have brought only misfortune upon us all" Lucy said coldly.

Luan was probably the only one crying harder than anyone else in the van. She knew for an absolute fact that what her sisters were saying was true, there was no denying it. Luan never thought this could happen, nor did she ever suspect that one of her pranks could go wrong like this. She was the queen of pranks, and she never botched a prank before, so how could this one have gone so awry?

It made precious little difference as to why or how it went wrong, but the fact was that it did, and this was the result of Luan's horrible blunder. Lincoln was now inside an ambulance and on his way to the hospital in critical condition because of what she had done. Luan began to reflect on all the april fools pranks she pulled in the past and finally realized just how foolish and reckless she had been all those times.

Luan had never thought nor considered the possibility that her pranks could have badly injured or even killed one of her parents or siblings doing those times, especially the ones at the hotel. She now started to wonder why she even pulled those pranks in the first place. Luan never intended to hurt anyone, she only wanted to spread her joy of the april fools tradition and get a laugh out of pranking her family as she always did every year, yet she never took it into consideration as to how it made everyone else feel.

And Luan never thought that any of her pranks could go wrong since she had always tested them first, yet she had never even thought to inspect the fridge before setting up the prank that would eventually lead to this horrible event. Luan never even thought the fridge would actually fall over when Lincoln hit it since it was so big and heavy. In hindsight, if the leg had not been so loose, the fridge may have stayed in place instead of falling over on Lincoln like it did.

"How could I have been so blind? How did I miss such a small detail like that? I'm so sorry, Lincoln" Luan thought, her expression filled with remorse.

Luan didn't know what Lincoln's actual condition was at the moment since he was inside the ambulance, but she could only think of horrible things possibly going on in there. She imagined everything from Lincoln choking to death on his own blood, to suffering full cardiac arrest, possibly ending up brain dead, or worst of all: dead. Luan didn't know how her family would ever forgive her for this, but she could only hope and pray that Lincoln wasn't going to die from his injuries caused by her recklessness.

"Lincoln, please don't die on us because of me! I'm so sorry! Please god, don't take my brother from me!" Luan prayed silently as she sobbed softly in the very back of the van.

A/N: Poor Lincoln! Who'd have thought that a simple prank could end up causing something like this. This just goes to show how reckless Luan usually is on April fools day. Will Lincoln survive or perish? And will the others forgive Luan for this, or cast her out? You'll find out soon.