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Chapter 15: Surgery of the century

Saturday morning had arrived, and the Loud family was wide awake for the big day. The C.N.I unit had been successfully delivered over to the Royal Woods Hospital the other night by the hospital staff after Lisa completed the programming on it, and it was fully ready for use. Lisa had already written out the plans for Lincolns surgery and just how the machine would be used so that she'd be able to guide Dr. Lloyd and the other surgeons through the surgical procedure. Since they'd all be completely new to such advanced medical technology like this, they would need assistance from the machines creator in order to properly operate it.

In order to properly repair the damage done to Lincolns brain and eliminate the hemorrhage, the injection needle would need to be inserted through the back of Lincoln's head just above the brain stem. Once the needle was in far enough, the C.N.I unit would inject the nanites in Lincolns brain which would then traverse through it, eliminating the brain hemorrhage and repairing all the damaged brain tissue the nanites came into contact with. The nanites had been programmed with advanced sensors that could easily detect damaged brain tissue and hemorrhage's, so they'd be able to easily seek out the damage and repair it once injected into the brain. Once Lisa headed downstairs, she found the rest of the family waiting for her at the dining table.

"Hey Lisa, you ready for the big day?" Rita greeted Lisa as she sat down at her spot.

"Not quite yet," Lisa replied. "I shall require nutrients before we head off to the hospital. One cannot perform surgery on an empty stomach".

"You got a point there," Rita replied. "There's plenty of eggs, bacon, and sausages, so eat up".

As Lisa began chowing down, Lori texted Bobby and informed him about Lincolns surgery, letting him know that Lisa would be testing the C.N.I unit on Lincoln once they arrived at the hospital. Ronnie Anne and the rest of her family had also been notified and promised to be there at the hospital once Lincoln underwent his surgery. Everyone was eager to see this machine in action for the first time, yet also slightly worried about what the outcome would be; would it succeed or fail? This would be the first time Lisa ever participated or assisted in a surgery, so to say she wasn't nervous would be untrue. Despite her genius mind, Lisa still had her emotions, and she couldn't let them hinder her now, not after coming this far in her mission to save Lincoln.

"Hey mom, Bobby said that he and his family are gonna join us at the hospital to observe Lincoln's surgery. Ronnie Anne is gonna be there as well" Lori informed.

"You think it'll all go well?" Lola asked.

"I hope it does, or Lincoln won't make it" Lana replied.

"Don't say that, Lana! I believe that Lisa's invention will save him" Luan snapped.

"So do I, Luan" Leni replied.

"Let's not stress about it, girls. I'm sure Lisa knows what she's doing" Lynn Sr assured the family.

"I agree with your father," Rita said. "Let's not panic over Lincoln. I'm sure things will turn out alright in the end".

As Lisa ate however, she couldn't shake the one feeling that had come over her since the other night after heading to bed, and that was the one emotion Lisa had always tried her hardest to suppress: fear. Ever since she had completed the C.N.I unit, Lisa had begun to experience a growing level of fear for her brothers life as she recalled her sisters and even her parents telling her that something might go wrong during Lincoln's surgery. As much as Lisa wanted to deny it, she knew for a fact that they all had a point, and she could no longer deny it. As accurate as her virtual test simulations of the C.N.I unit were in successfully curing a patient of brain damage, Lisa knew that reality was much different.

"I mustn't panic! Lincoln can be saved, I know it! What if reality isn't as accurate? It can still work" Lisa thought to herself, trying to ease her growing stress.

As hard as she tried though, she couldn't shake the growing fear inside her, the fear that this machine might do the opposite of what Lisa intended it to do. If the C.N.I unit somehow harmed Lincoln, Lisa didn't know how her family would ever forgive her.

"Lisa, you alright? You seem rather tense" Luna wondered, noticing Lisa's nervous fidgeting.

"Its... nothing," Lisa lied. "I'm simply pondering my plans for Lincoln's surgery".

"Um... alright" Luna replied, unsure that Lisa was being honest.

It was clear that she was disturbed about something, yet Luna couldn't be sure of what it was exactly.

"You sure about that, Lisa? You don't look well" Lola chimed in.

"I assure you, everything is fine! I'd appreciate it if you'd stop pointing fingers at me" Lisa snapped, rather aggressively.

This got everyone's attention, which only seemed to agitate Lisa further.

"Why do you all stare at me with such concern? I'm simply trying to prove a point here that I'm perfectly fine" Lisa questioned in an annoyed tone.

"Well, you got rather aggressive there for a moment, Lisa," Rita pointed out. "We're just a bit concerned is all".

"You seem to be dwelling in the dark" Lucy added.

Lisa glanced at Lucy with an annoyed look, then sighed and excused herself from the table, heading upstairs shortly afterwards.

"Somethings definitely up with Lisa. She hasn't acted like that in, well... I can't remember how long" Lana pointed out.

"Maybe her minds lost in the dark" Lucy guessed.

"Not likely" Lynn Jr scoffed.

"She did seem rather anxious when Lola and Lana brought up the topic of Lincoln possibly not making it through his surgery" Lori said.

Leni glared over at Lana and Lola.

"Nice going, you two. You both upset Lisa" she scolded.

"Hey, we didn't mean to. We're just worried about Lincoln, that's all" Lola retaliated.

"We all are" Lana added.

"Girls, that's enough," Rita ordered. "I'll go speak with Lisa and sort this out".

As the girls continued their argument, Rita headed upstairs to find Lisa, whom she found in Lincoln's room to her surprise. She hadn't expected her to go in there, yet Rita had a pretty good idea as to why. Once she entered Lincolns tiny room, Rita saw Lisa standing near the window, gazing calmly out of it with a neutral expression on her face. Although Lisa's expression was neutral, Rita knew that Lisa was anything but calm, because she noticed tear streaks on Lisa's face. This greatly worried Rita, as she knew Lisa was definitely upset about something, and she was pretty sure she knew what it was.

"Lisa, you okay?" Rita asked worriedly.

Lisa kept her back turned to Rita, but still spoke.

"Does it matter?" she asked simply with almost no emotion.

Those words confirmed Rita's suspicions.

"Lisa, did what Lola and Lana ask you upset you?" she asked calmly.

Lisa said nothing for a minute, then spoke up with her back still turned to Rita.

"I'd be lying if I said it didn't," Lisa replied, sounding distressed. "As much as I've been wanting to deny it, or rather, BEEN denying it, I can no longer suppress the emotions I've been keeping bottled up inside me".

Lisa then turned to face Rita with an expression of both distress, and possibly fear as well.

"And to tell you the truth, I'm not frightened, I'm TERRIFIED," Lisa confessed, tears now visible in her eyes. "I know I should be relieved knowing that my invention has a chance at saving Lincoln's life, but I can't deny what everyone's been telling me again and again, and that's the fact that there's a chance that the C.N.I unit might not work".

Rita was shocked that Lisa had been containing all this fear inside her all this time, but Lisa wasn't done yet.

"I... I know that my past inventions didn't succeed the first time, and I know that this one may not be that much different from those, and its been scaring me," Lisa continued. "Everyone in this family and everyone that knows Lincoln is counting on me to save his life, but I can't deny the possibility that you all might be right; Lana and Lola pointed that out just awhile ago. Everyone's been constantly telling me and speculating that something could go wrong with the C.N.I unit, and I can't keep that possibility locked away any longer. I know for a fact that what everyone's been saying is right, and its been eating me up inside all this time. It wasn't until Lana and Lola brought it up for the thousandth time that I stopped denying it".

Rita couldn't believe what she was hearing. Lisa of all people was scared out of her mind, afraid that her own creation might fail to save Lincoln's life, and it had been eating Lisa up inside all this time. Lisa had never been one to show such emotions like this, although with Lucy, it was different. Unlike Lucy, who rarely showed any emotion at all, Lisa still showed some levels of emotions at different times. However, fear and sorrow were emotions that Lisa almost never showed. The only time she showed such emotions was when Lincoln suffered his accident and from learning from Dr. Lloyd that he'd possibly die from a brain hemorrhage, but when it came to being told that her inventions might fail the first time around, Lisa usually shrugged it off; this however, was different. Lisa was actually terrified that her invention might fail the first time around. Normally, something like this wouldn't be too serious, but Rita understood why Lisa was so upset and distraught about it. It was because her brothers life was on the line, and with something like the C.N.I unit being the only hope of saving it, Rita knew that Lisa couldn't afford to fail the first time around. If that happened, Lisa might not get a second chance. If something did go wrong with the C.N.I unit the first time around, Lincoln might be dead by the time Lisa corrected the problem and got the machine working again.

"If this machine doesn't work, Lincoln will die at the end of the month, and its all Luan's fault that Lincoln is the way he is now," Lisa said with a sniff, her tone now harsh with anger. "That stupid minded clown just wouldn't stop with her reckless pranks, and because of her, Lincoln is in this horrible state. I'm the only hope he has of ever making it out of this alive, and I know that Luan didn't mean to cause Lincoln's accident, but its still her fault that he was nearly killed and reduced to practically a vegetable. I've practically taken the burden of saving Lincoln's life because of Luan's big mistake, and because of that, I've had to keep all my emotions locked away; I can't take it anymore!".

Rita wasn't sure what to say, as she was too shocked to say anything at first. All this time... all this time, Lisa had been keeping all her contempt and her hatred towards Luan locked up inside her in order to focus on saving Lincoln's life, yet it was now all coming down on her. The possibility of the C.N.I unit failing the first time around had also contributed to Lisa's growing fear and anxiety. She had been willing to take on the burden of building a machine to try and save her brothers life, yet all this time, she had been harboring great fear and sorrow over everything that had transpired since April began. Yet Rita wasn't sure if it was just the idea of the C.N.I unit failing that upset Lisa, or perhaps, something more.

"Lisa, are you upset over the fact that your invention might not save Lincoln? Trust me dear, I completely understand. Also, I can tell you right now that we all hate what Luan did to all of us every April Fools Day, and what happened with Lincoln as a result of her recklessness is unforgivable" Rita said calmly.

"Its FAR from unforgivable! I can't even begin to tell you how much hatred I've been harboring towards Luan ever since this whole nightmare began! I'll NEVER forgive her for what she's done, no matter how sorry she says she is! If this machine fails and Lincoln ends up dying, I can promise you that I will never want anything to do with Luan again! As far as I'll be concerned, she'll no longer be considered a sister to me, nor to anyone else in this house" Lisa hissed with pure hatred in her voice.

"Lisa..." Rita began.


"Lisa, please listen," Rita pleaded. "We can't change what happened, and yes, I can tell you that what Luan did was very serious. However, that doesn't give us the right to just treat her like complete garbage. As much as I hate what Luan did to us every April Fools day and for what she did to Lincoln, I still love her as my child".

"How can you possibly love someone who might very well be responsible for Lincoln's possible death if my invention fails?! How could any of us ever love or forgive Luan for something like that?!" Lisa demanded.

"I can tell you right now that forgiving Luan for something like that wouldn't happen right away, but I believe in time, most of us would eventually come to terms with it and forgive her" Rita replied.

"Well, I can promise you this," Lisa said coldly. "If Lincoln DOES die, I'm NEVER going to forgive Luan. In fact, I will completely denounce her as my sister! I'm sorry, but I can't forgive someone like Luan so easily, not after everything she's done".

Rita had no idea Lisa could harbor so much hatred towards Luan, though it was understandable that the whole family couldn't exactly forgive her so easily for all the hell Luan had put her family through every year on April Fools day. And putting Lincoln in the hospital with a busted spine and brain damage further proved that point. While Rita understood that a good majority of what Luan had done every April Fools day and to Lincoln had partly been both hers and Lynn Sr's fault for not putting a stop to all of her pranking, she couldn't just bring herself to hate Luan like Lisa clearly did. Yes, the idea of Lincoln dying from a brain hemorrhage was terrifying, and Rita knew that Luan was also to blame for that. However, she still loved Luan, no matter how badly she had messed up. Lisa however, clearly didn't share the same emotions as Rita, and it was possible that some of the other girls didn't either. Yet, there was still one question that Rita still wanted an answer to.

"Lisa, are you upset over the possibility that your invention won't work, or is it because your angry at Luan?" She asked.

Lisa pondered the question for over a minute, then finally answered.

"Like I said, I'm terrified for Lincoln's life, but also angry at Luan for being the cause of all this. I just wish that I could have done something to prevent Lincoln's accident from happening, yet I did nothing. I'm the most intelligent sibling in this family, and instead of trying to find a way to stop Luan, I built a bunker to hide us all from her. I shouldn't have run from Luan, yet I too, was a fool and contributed to basically forcing the whole family into hiding rather than finding a way to help us stand up to Luan, and that makes me a failure. Lincoln was the only one who was willing to take a stand against Luan, and look what happened to him as a result of that" the small genius answered sorrowfully.

That sentence said everything.

"Lisa," Rita said, crouching down to Lisa's level. "What happened to Lincoln wasn't your fault. None of us predicted that he'd be badly injured the way he was from Luan's pranks, and if anything, me and your father are partly to blame. If we had honestly stepped up to Luan and put a stop to her pranking like real parents, Lincoln's accident might have been prevented, but like a pair of god forsaken imbeciles, we just hid away from her like cowards. If anyone is to blame for getting Lincoln into this horrible mess, its me and your father, not you or your sisters. You were simply just trying to defend us from Luan, not drive us into hiding. Don't ever think that your a failure, Lisa. Also, I know for a fact that Luan really feels sorry for what she did not only to Lincoln, but to the rest of us every year on April Fools Day".

Lisa knew that Luan felt absolutely terrible for all the hell she had put her family through every single April Fools day, and for nearly killing Lincoln in the process, yet Lisa still had a hard time suppressing all the hatred she carried for Luan because of it. Lisa also hated herself for hiding with her family rather than finding a way to take a stand to Luan. Lincoln had been the only one willing to do that, and he ended up paying the ultimate price for it. Because of this, Lisa felt partly responsible, and it was tearing her apart.

"I... I don't know what to do," Lisa said, wiping tears from her face. "I... I'm so frightened! What if this machine fails and we lose Lincoln? I could never live with myself knowing that I could've prevented his death if I had just stood up to Luan instead of hiding us all from her".

Rita picked up the small genius and embraced her gently.

"Lisa, I believe in you with all my heart. You've done things that I never could've even dreamed of, and this machine you built proves it," Rita comforted. "I never would've even guessed that such advanced technology like that could even be achieved in this current day and age, yet you managed to prove the whole world wrong. As I mentioned before, I know that if anyone could save Lincolns life, it would be you. Whatever you do, don't give into fear. All that'll do is discourage you, and that WILL lead to failure. If anything, I KNOW you can save Lincoln, and I believe everything will turn out fine in the end. We may have not been able to prevent Lincolns accident from happening due to our cowardice, but we can at least have hope in knowing that you may be the one to save his life. Your my smartest child, sweety. I know that machine will work, I just know it will. Don't focus on the bad stuff, only on success. Do that, and I know you'll succeed".

Lisa felt a surge of confidence rush through her as Rita's words of comfort cut through all the sorrow she had been harboring since Lincoln's accident. Everything Rita had said was true, and Lisa knew it. While she personally couldn't forgive Luan as easily as Leni and her parents had, Lisa knew that what was done was done, and she couldn't change the past. Yes, Lisa personally hated Luan for being responsible for creating the prank trap that nearly claimed Lincoln's life and for putting everyone elses lives at risk with her dangerous pranks, but she knew deep down that her mother was right about Luan being truly sorry for it all. Luan clearly showed remorse at the hospital on the day of Lincoln's accident, then back at home, and also after learning about the brain hemorrhage that had formed in Lincoln's brain due to the heavy amount of brain damage he'd received from being nearly crushed to death under the fridge. Lisa wouldn't deny the fact that she was afraid of losing her only brother, but there wasn't anything that could be done about it.

If the C.N.I unit failed, Lisa and her family would have to find a way to move on after Lincoln's death, however hard it may be. But Lisa wouldn't let that happen, not on her life. She and her sisters had put in all their blood, sweat, and tears to construct the C.N.I unit, and Lisa wouldn't let all that hard work be for naught. She wouldn't wallow in fear any longer. Lisa also hadn't forgotten how she had helped Luan try to recover from her depression by creating that dream simulator headband that placed her in a simulation where she met up with Lincoln near the mystical fountain, and he had told her that Lisa would save his life. Even at that time, Lisa still harbored contempt towards Luan, but she now realized that doing this was wrong. As much as Lisa hated what Luan had done to not just Lincoln, but also to her whole family every year, she knew her mother was right about letting go of all her hatred.

Unknown to the two of them, Luan had heard Lisa raising her voice as she had gone to use the restroom and headed over near Lincoln's door which was open just enough for her to hear everything going on in there. Luan had been listening to everything the Lisa and Rita were saying, and it both shocked and guilt tripped her. She had no idea that Lisa had harbored so much hatred towards her all this time, but she couldn't exactly blame Lisa for that. Everyone else had been on edge over Luan ever since Lincoln's accident, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that Lisa would also harbor some contempt towards her as well, but Luan had no idea that Lisa hated her to this extent. The fact that Lisa would completely denounce her as her sister if Lincoln died was shocking, but not unexpected. Luan knew for a fact that it would be a very long time for anyone in the family to forgive her if Lincoln ended up dying, that is, if they even chose to continue letting her live in the house with them. The thought of being kicked out of the house was frightening, but the thought of Lincoln dying was so much worse. Would all that hard work on building the C.N.I unit pay off, or would it fail?

"I've carried so much hatred for Luan, even during times I've tried to help her," Lisa said softly. "I never even considered how much pain she herself must have felt about all this".

"You need to let go of your hate, Lisa. If you don't, you'll never be able to move on" Rita replied.

As Luan prepared to head back downstairs, she accidentally tripped on one of Charles the dogs rope toys and bumped against the door, causing it to open up. This immediately caught Lisa's and Rita's attention as Luan struggled to get the dog toy off her foot.

"Luan? What are you doing?" Rita asked in surprise.

Luan wasn't sure what to say, as it was pretty clear that she had been busted as she noticed Lisa glancing up at her with an expression that made Luan realize that Lisa knew she had been eavesdropping on her and Rita.

"Care to explain what your doing?" Lisa demanded.

"I was... just using the bathroom and tripped over Charles dog toy coming back down here" Luan lied, trying to convince them she wasn't spying, but Lisa was no fool.

"Your stunned tone of voice tells me otherwise," Lisa snapped. "Why did you feel the need to spy on me and our mother?! And do not attempt to deceive us any further with excuses. I know you never used the bathroom because I didn't hear the bathroom door open or close, so you can knock it off with your lies. You've inflicted enough damage on this family already, and trying to lie will only further the damage".

"I think Lisa has a point, Luan," Rita agreed sternly. "I think you better explain yourself right now".

Seeing as there was no getting out of this, Luan surrendered.

"Fine, I might as well," she replied, sounding both upset and a bit angry. "Lisa already made it clear that she hates my very existence, and I honestly can't blame her. I get it, all right?! I put everyone through hell every April fools day and also put Lincoln in the hospital! What more do you want from me?!".

"That doesn't answer my question, Luan. Why were you eavesdropping on me and Lisa?" Rita demanded.

"I didn't intend to, but I heard Lisa yelling up here and came to see what was going on, and that's when I heard everything you were saying," Luan answered, then glanced over at Lisa. "Is it true, do you really hate me that much?".

Lisa was almost too ashamed to say anything, but she knew she had to tell Luan the truth.

"To be perfectly honest, Luan, as much as I don't want to say it," Lisa answered with a sigh. "Yes, I do, very much so. What you've done to this entire family every year on April Fools day and to Lincoln is completely unforgivable, and even though I've kept it all hidden until now, I truly believe that you don't deserve forgiveness for what's happened. Lincoln could up dying if my machine fails to save his life, and it will all be on you. Its as everyone's been telling me, virtual reality simulations are different from reality, and that means there's a chance that the C.N.I unit might fail. Do you have any idea how much that very thought terrifies me, Luan? I've been keeping those emotions locked away all this time, but I can no longer keep them locked away now that the machine is ready to be used for the first time".

Tears were now visible in Luan's eyes as she took in everything that Lisa threw at her. So it was true, Lisa hadn't been bluffing when she had ranted like crazy towards Rita.

"Look... I truly am sorry for everything I've done to this whole family every April fools day, and even more so for what happened to Lincoln as a result of my recklessness, and I promise you that I really mean it," Luan confessed through tears. "If you all truly hate me that much... then maybe it might be better if I just leave this place forever".

"No Luan," Rita said, walking over and embracing her. "None of us want you gone, even if your sisters say things like that. They're just scared, and people don't tend to think rationally when that happens. Lisa herself even made a point of saying so about being scared herself".

"But... what if Lincoln dies because of me? How could I ever face this family again if that happens?" Luan sniffed.

"He won't, honey. I know Lisa will succeed, and you know why?" Rita soothed.

"Why?" Luan asked.

"Because you all helped her do the impossible, and that was by building a machine no one thought could be built. Since Lisa had all of you helping her, I believe this invention of hers will work without fail," Rita answered. "Also, Lisa was confessing to me about how she's willing to let go of all her hatred towards you. Isn't that right, Lisa?".

Lisa looked up at Luan with a guilty expression, then spoke up.

"I... I've said so many horrible things about you, harbored so much hate and contempt towards you, and I want to say that I no longer want anymore of that," she confessed. "I want to save Lincoln's life, and that's all that matters to me and all of us as well. I can only ask that you forgive me for all the hatred I've carried towards you".

Luan was surprised and shocked. She hadn't expected Lisa to beg to her for forgiveness, as that was something Luan believed she should be doing, but she understood where Lisa was coming from.

"Lisa, you have every right to hate me for everything that I've done to you and everyone else in this family each year, and trust me when I say that I can't tell you how desperate I am to see Lincoln back to normal again. However, I understand what your saying, and I can't expect everyone to forgive me right away, but I will gladly accept your forgiveness," Luan said. "We've come so far, and I hope all our hard work paid off".

Lisa smiled and felt at peace for the first time in awhile. She rushed forward and embraced Luan.

"I will save our brother, I promise," Lisa said confidently. "I won't let our hard work be for naught".

"And I promise that I'll never prank anyone on April fools day ever again. That's a promise" Luan replied, embracing Lisa back.

Rita joined in and embraced the two girls as well.

"I'm so happy you two made up, but we should probably get going now. We don't want to keep the hospital waiting" Rita said.

"Yeah, you got a point there" Luan replied.

"We'd best get a move on then" Lisa declared.

With that being said, the three of them headed out of Lincolns room and back downstairs where the rest of the family was waiting for them.



Twenty minutes later, the Louds arrived at the hospital where Ronnie Anne and the Casagrandes were waiting for them in the lobby. Dr. Lloyd and two male nurses were also there waiting as well with Clyde standing nearby.

"Your here!" Ms. Santiago said with glee.

"I can't wait to see Lincoln back to normal" Clyde beamed excitedly

"You've arrived, good," Dr. Lloyd said, then glanced over at the Casagrandes and Clyde. "I take it your all here to observe Lincoln's surgery, I presume?".

"Yeah, we're all friends of the Loud family" Mr. Santiago nodded.

"I'm his close friend as well" Clyde added.

"Well then, there should be plenty of room in the surgery observatory room, so you'll be able to observe Lincoln's surgery from there," Dr. Lloyd answered, then glanced down at Lisa. "I'll lead you to the surgery room. We'll need your help operating the C.N.I unit".

"I would be honored," Lisa replied. "I trust you received the surgical procedure plans in your email from me the other night?".

"Yes, I did," Dr. Lloyd nodded. "Me and the other surgeons were going over them before you arrived, and I think we got a pretty clear idea of what to do, but we'll need your help operating the C.N.I unit since its a bit too advanced for us to use on our own. We'll need to know how to properly operate it as to not risk harming Lincoln".

"Excellent, I'll need to change into some surgical gear before entering the surgery room," Lisa informed. "Also, has Lincoln been sedated?".

"Yes, we gave him some strong sedative's to keep him asleep for several hours. He should wake up long after the surgery is over" Lloyd answered.

"Ah, good," Lisa said. "Then I guess we should be off then".

Dr. Lloyd glanced at the Loud family, Clyde, and the Casagrandes.

"Follow my two nurses to the observatory room. Me and Lisa will head over to the surgery room" he instructed.

The group followed Dr. Lloyd and his nurses down a long hallway where they eventually came to a fork at the end. The left hall lead to the surgery room, and the right hall lead to the surgery observatory chamber. The nurses lead the Casagrandes, Clyde, and the Loud family down the right hall while Lisa followed Dr. Lloyd down the left hall towards the large surgery room. Once they entered, Lisa saw Lincoln laying face down on a modified surgical bed with dozens of straps restraining him in place. He was fully sedated and hooked up to a heart monitor and a respirator which would provide him oxygen and monitor his vitals during the surgery.

A highly advanced ultrasound unit would also be used to monitor the inside of Lincoln's brain once the nanites were injected inside it to ensure that everything went smoothly. The surgical table Lincoln lay on was modified in a way that could be adjusted so that Lincoln would be in a slight kneeling position once the incisions in his skull had been made to allow a successful injection of nanites. Due to the position the table was currently set, the C.N.I unit wouldn't be able to extend far enough to allow the injection needle to enter the incision correctly; the surgical table was too wide. In order for the machine to successfully inject the nanites into Lincoln's brain, the table would be raised up to a stand up position, then the top headrest would tilt forward a little and the lower part of the table would raise up ever so little so that it would look as if Lincoln were kneeling down. The straps on the surgical table would hold Lincoln in place to ensure he didn't slide off of it once it was adjusted.

Dr. Lloyd handed Lisa a surgeon outfit which she quickly slipped into, then she placed a mask on to cover her mouth and nose. Once she was in her surgeon outfit, Lisa glanced up at the windows leading into the Observatory chamber and saw her family with Clyde and the Casagrandes all watching the action from above. Three other surgeons dressed in surgical outfits and masks then entered the room through another door nearby with portable trays filled with surgical tools and a small cranial saw used for making skull incisions, along with an electric hair trimmer and sanitizer. Dr. Lloyd slipped a small microphone onto the collar of his doctors coat which would allow him to communicate with the Louds, Clyde, and the Casagrandes in the observatory room; Lisa did the same. Afterwards, special coverings were placed over Lincoln's head with a small opening near the area where the incisions would be made. This was to ensure that no debris or anything else harmful got onto Lincoln during the surgery.

"We'll need to shave off a small amount of hair on the back of Lincoln's head to make a successful incision into the flesh and the skull," Dr. Lloyd instructed his surgeons, then glanced down at Lisa. "Your assistance in helping us will be most appreciated".

"I would be honored," Lisa said, pulling up a metal stool next to the surgery table. "I have no experience in performing surgery, but I have carefully researched various brain surgery procedures and should be able to assist you without fail thanks to my superior intellect".

"Good, then the surgery should go along smoothly" Lloyd replied.

Once everything was in place, the surgery had officially begun. Dr. Lloyd gently shaved back a small amount of hair on the back of Lincoln's head so that the skin and flesh could be reached easily for the incisions to be made. Once the hair had been shaved off, Lisa sanitized the skin as one of the surgeons fetched a tiny scalpel from the metal surgical tray and gently began making a slow "U" shaped incision into the flesh. Some of the Louds cringed at this, but Lucy didn't seem to mind. Morbid things like this always seemed to fascinate the goth sibling, so this wasn't anything too new to her. Lola and Lana tensed up a bit, but stayed calm. As for Lily, she simply turned away, being still too young to fathom the situation. Once the incision was fully made and the skull had been reached, Lisa fetched a few metal fastening clips from the tray and hooked them into the flesh just above the incision to keep the skin flap held in place.

"We're ready to make the skull incision. This part might be a bit loud" Dr. Lloyd informed.

"Wicked" Lucy said softly as one of Dr. Lloyd's assistants handed Lisa the cranial saw, which slightly resembled a large dentist drill, only it had a circular saw blade the size of a half dollar coin on the end instead of a drill bit.

The assistants used a special marker to mark the part of the skull that needed to be cut. Once the area was marked, Lisa switched on the saw, which was surprising loud. It sounded similar to the way a dentist drill sounded, only a little lower in pitch. Very carefully, Lisa gently cut the marked areas of Lincoln's skull, being very careful not to push in too deep. A loud grinding sound vibrated in Lisa's ears as she slowly cut the skull, causing bone dust to fly onto her outfit and mask. This was a crucial moment, so Lisa put all her focus into making the cut rather than brush off the dust. The Casagrandes, Louds, and Clyde were all astounded by how well Lisa was able to perform such a dangerous surgery like this, yet they weren't too surprised knowing how intelligent Lisa was. Once the incision was complete, Lisa switched the saw off and placed it back down on the surgical tray.

"I must say, that was a lot louder than I expected" Lisa exclaimed, wiping bone dust off her outfit.

"Yes, the cranial saws tend to be pretty loud," Dr. Lloyd replied, fetching a pair of metal grabbing claws from the tray. "All we need to do is remove the skull fragment, make an incision in the dura flip, and the brain will be exposed".

"Perfect" Lisa said as Dr. Lloyd gently gripped onto the small half dollar sized skull fragment with the grippers and gently pried it out, placing it into a small collection tray nearby.

Once this was done, one of the assistants made a plus shaped incision into the dura flip of Lincoln's brain, then gently pried them back and placed a few smaller restraining clips on them to hold them back. With the dura now opened, Lincoln's brain was fully exposed, and this meant it was time for the main event. This would be the moment that defined Lisa's intellect and knowledge, as well as the fate of Lincoln's future.

"Now its time for the moment we've all been waiting for," Lisa said, then glanced over at the surgeons. "Lets bring in the C.N.I unit".

Two of the surgeons went through the door to the preparation room where the C.N.I unit was parked in, and Lisa followed along. A few minutes after they entered, the Louds, Casagrandes, and Clyde saw the doors open. Lisa was the first to emerge from the doors, and following close behind her were the two surgeons; one of them were wheeling the C.N.I unit into the surgery room. Its navigational headlights were on and the main sensor array on the top of it glowed a radiant blue as the surgeon gently pushed it over to where Lincoln was with Lisa guiding him in the right direction.

"So that's the C.N.I unit?" Ronnie Anne asked in awe at the sight of such an advanced machine.

"Indeed, it is," Lynn Sr replied. "Lisa and all of her sisters built it. Lets just hope it works".

"I'm sure Lisa knows what she's doing," Lori assured him. "She managed to get this far without any issues, so I'm pretty sure everything will go smoothly".

"Making those incisions into Lincoln's head and skull was only the first part, but now Lisa has to do the main part we've all been waiting for, and that's injecting the nanites into Lincoln's brain" Lynn Jr said.

"Lisa, I pray your machine brings our brother back to the light" Lucy said in her grim tone.

Everyone else ignored that remark as the surgeon aligned the C.N.I unit up behind Lincoln. Dr. Lloyd tapped a foot peddle near the bottom of the surgical table, causing it to slowly raise upwards into a standing position; the restraining straps held Lincoln in place once the table stood fully up. Dr. Lloyd then tapped another pedal which slowly lowered the upper half of the surgical table halfway down, making it look as if Lincoln was bowing.

"All right, Lincoln's in position," Dr. Lloyd announced, turning to Lisa. "That's your que".

"Right away" Lisa nodded, dragging the metal stool behind the C.N.I unit, allowing her to reach the control panel.

The status screen revealed that the upper rotation arms were slightly out of alignment, so Lisa adjusted them using the two small joysticks on the bottom of the control panel. A small built in laser pointer located just below the injection needle fastener on the front of the injection apparatus acted as a guide to allow Lisa to line up the arms perfectly straight. Once the red laser light was pointed right on Lincoln's brain through the opening on his skull, Lisa locked the rotation arms in place and signaled for Dr. Lloyd.

"Now, open the rectangle shaped slot on the side of the machine just beside the injection hose connected interfaced with the upper rotation arms," Lisa instructed. "That's where you insert the nanite canisters. You'll find one inside a small compartment behind the main sensor array on the top".

Dr. Lloyd looked up and saw a small door located on the back of a small cylindrical pillar just below the cone shaped sensor array above. He pulled it open and found what looked like a soda can made of bullet proof glass which had two bronze colored metal caps on the top and bottom with small connectors on the ends.

"I presume this is it?" Dr. Lloyd asked as he pointed at the canister from the device.

"Affirmative," Lisa nodded. "However, the nanites need to be replicated and programmed. The device the canister is in is the replicator, but it cannot operate while the door is open, so I advise you to close the door".

Dr. Lloyd nodded and shut the door, then Lisa tapped on the control panel, entering the commands for the replicator. The machine let out a soft whirring sound as the replicator powered up. The main sensor arrays blue light began flashing slowing as the machines replicator began creating the nanites and programming them. This lasted for about 30 seconds before the noise stopped and the main sensor array stopped flashing blue and briefly flashed green, indicating that the replication process was complete.

"Ah, the replication is complete. All you need to do now is remove the canister from the replicator and place it inside the nanite canister unit, then the injection needle can be screwed into place on the end of the injection apparatus" Lisa instructed.

"Got it" Lloyd said, gently removing the nanite canister, which he now found filled with what looked like black sand.

"That stuff looks like sand" Lana pointed out at the black sandy substance inside the canister.

"Its not sand," Lori corrected. "They're the nanites. They're just so small that they look like beads of sand".

"Makes sense since they'd have to be small enough to enter the bloodstream" Luna said.

Dr. Lloyd opened the nanite canister unit door and slid the canister inside, which locked into place with two screw like fasteners that connected the nanite canister to the injection hose leading to the injection apparatus. Once connected, Lloyd closed the small door and signaled for his surgeons to bring over the attachable injection needle, which was sitting on another nearby surgical tray. One of the surgeons handed the 12 inch injection needle to Dr. Lloyd who then screwed it into place and gently removed the cap covering the large needle.

"Alright Lisa, we're ready for the injection procedure" Lloyd informed Lisa.

"Good," Lisa replied, tapping on the control panel. "Proceeding with the injection".

Lisa double checked the position of the needle and injection apparatus using the laser guide pointer to make absolutely sure the needle was lined up correctly with the opening in Lincoln's skull, then she tapped and held down the extend button on the control panel. Everyone in the observatory room watched as the C.N.I unit began to slowly extend itself forward, whirring softly as it did so. The needle soon made contact with Lincoln's brain and entered it slowly, and once the needle was far enough inside, Lisa let go of the button and locked the unit in place.

"All right, this is it, the moment we've all been waiting," Lisa announced. "Once I inject the nanites into Lincoln's brain, the ultrasound unit will be used to monitor the activity inside the brain. This will let us see if the nanites are working properly".

She then tapped a large red button on the top left of the control panel and the machine began whirring and buzzing as the nanites were slowly injected into Lincoln's brain. The main sensor array then changed from blue to green a few seconds after, indicating that the injection process was complete. It then turned yellow, indicating that it was now in scanning mode. If the C.N.I unit detected anything unusual or threatening to the patient, it would alert the user right away with a warning alarm built into the control panel.

"The nanites are in," Lisa informed Dr. Lloyd and the surgeons. "We can now begin the ultrasound. We'll be able to see the nanites in action from there".

Lisa retracted the C.N.I unit back into place as as Lloyd fetched the ultrasound machine nearby and wheeled it over to where Lincoln lay. Once it was in place, Lloyd spread some special acoustic gel on Lincolns head and placed the small transducer on the spot where the gel was, then a high quality image of Lincoln's brain appeared on the ultrasound screen. Unlike the old fuzzy black and white monochrome image that most ultrasound machines displayed, this one displayed a fully colored image of the inside of Lincoln's brain. The brain was a grey color, and dozens of red scratchy images on various areas of Lincoln's brain were what Lisa assumed were the damaged areas.

"These red scratches and blotches your seeing are the areas of Lincoln's brain that got damaged from his accident," Dr. Lloyd pointed out, then moved the transducer further down Lincoln's head where a small red blotch could be seen just past the brain stem. "And this tiny red blotch is the brain hemorrhage. The nanites should appear as tiny black specks".

Lisa gazed at the screen while still standing at the controls of the C.N.I unit and noticed millions and millions of tiny black specks that looked like ants swirling about inside Lincoln's brain. Some of them split off into different directions while some of them moved in towards the brain hemorrhage. Once the specks surrounded the hemorrhage, Lisa checked the status screen on the C.N.I unit which displayed the level of brain damage and the various areas of the brain that were damaged; it also displayed the size of the hemorrhage and the levels of regeneration. Right at the moment, the level of brain damage was at 87%, but Lisa expected them to change over time as the nanites did their work. The nanites continued swirling around the hemorrhage, yet they seemed to be taking their time in healing it. As for the other areas of Lincoln's brain, the C.N.I unit's status readout showed a 4% increase in regeneration around the frontal lobe of Lincoln's brain, as well as a 2% increase in regeneration in the broca's area of the brain.

"Looks like the nanites are working so far," Lisa reported. "There's a 2% increase in regeneration around the broca's area of the brain, and a 4% increase in the frontal lobe. They should increase overtime".

"They definantly are slow" Dr. Lloyd said, noticing the black specks moving all over the inside Lincoln's brain.

"The brain is a very delicate thing, so the nanites are programmed to work slowly to ensure a safe regeneration procedure" Lisa explained while still keeping her gazed fixed on the status screen of the C.N.I unit.

The regeneration levels increased slowly every twenty seconds. The frontal lobe was now at 6% regeneration, the broca's area at 9%, and the hemorrhage was surprisingly still at 1%. A few various other areas of the brain were quickly healed, but the areas that had received the highest levels of damage took much longer to regenerate. The brain hemorrhage was the main issue however, and it taking much longer to heal and regenerate than Lisa had predicted, too long in fact.

"Odd... the machine is showing only a 1% increase in the regeneration of the brain hemorrhaged area, yet the nanites are still shown to be operating at full capacity" Lisa said with a hint of worry in her voice.

The Casagrandes, Clyde, and the rest of Lisa's family also heard everything that Lisa was saying and became worried as well. Was something preventing the nanites from healing the hemorrhaged area of Lincoln's brain, or was it possible that some other problem had arisen that Lisa was not yet aware of?

"You don't think that it has something to do with the nanites programming, do you?" Dr. Lloyd asked.

"I don't think so," Lisa said. "My virtual simulations showed a successful regeneration of the hemorrhaged area, so why its taking so long, I can't be fully sure".

At that moment, something else unexpected suddenly occurred. The main sensor array suddenly changed from yellow to a solid red, and a warning alarm began sounding from the control panel.

"WARNING! NANITE NAVIGATION SCANNERS UNSTABLE! STABILZE IMMEDIATELY!" a mechanical male voice blared from the control panel.

Panic instantly overtook Lisa, Dr. Lloyd, the surgeons, and those watching in the observatory. On the ultrasound screen, the nanites could be seen swirling around frantically, and they were veering off away from the brain damaged areas of Lincoln's brain. To make matters even worse, Lisa saw that the brain damage level indicator was starting to increase at a rapid pace.

"WARNING! BRAIN DAMAGE LEVEL AT 89% AND RISING!" the C.N.I units machine voice warned.

"No! No no no," Lisa panicked, desperately trying to find the problem. "This can't be happening!".

"Lisa, what's going on?" Dr. Lloyd demanded in a panicked voice.

"The nanites navigational scanners weren't fully stabilized during the replication process! They're what allow the nanites to navigate through the brain and not veer off course! How could I have forgotten that?!" Lisa cursed, frantically tapping on the control panel in an attempt to stabilize the nanites.

"Why is the level of brain damage increasing?!" Dr. Lloyd frantically asked.

"If the nanites don't know they're going, they'll end up trying to regenerate areas of the brain that don't need it, and that causes extreme damage to whatever area they're in!" Lisa replied, still trying to fix the problem.


"No! This shouldn't be happening!" Lola panicked as the warning alarm continued going off on the C.N.I unit.

"What's going on?! What's happening to Lincoln?!" Lana demanded fearfully.

"I... I don't know, Lana!" Rita replied, fearing for Lincoln's life as Lisa worked like crazy to fix the problem.

"Come on... come on," Lisa muttered frantically as she worked to restabilize the nanites, but the process was taking longer than she intended.

"WARNING! BRAIN DAMAGE LEVEL AT 93% AND RISING!" the C.N.I unit warned yet again.

"Damn it! The nanites are so out of control, its hard to stabilize their guidance systems!" Lisa cursed.

"Can they be stabilized? Lincoln's brain isn't looking good here" Dr. Lloyd pointed out at the ultrasound screen.

Lisa glanced briefly at it, and felt her heart skip a beat in horror at what she saw. The nanites had spread out all over various areas of Lincoln's brain, and what was even worse, several more red streaks began appearing in some of the areas that the nanites had clusters into.

"I'm trying, believe me! Trying to stabilize the navigational systems of every single nanite is a very difficult thing to do" Lisa replied, keeping all her focus on the C.N.I unit.

The alarm continued sounding as Lisa desperately tried to stabilize the nanites, finding herself beginning to succumb to fear. This was the very scenario that Lisa had been fearing all this time, and she was now afraid Lincoln could possibly die because of this one error she had failed to overlook. Sweat ran down Lisa's forehead as she managed to stabilize a few of the nanite clusters, but there were still many others left that were still unstable.

"WARNING! BRAIN DAMAGE LEVEL AT 95%... 96%... 97%... 98%! DANGER! BRAIN DAMAGE REACHING CRITICAL ZONE!" the C.N.I unit warned as the main sensor array began flashing red frantically.

Lincoln's body began to spasm a bit as his brain began reaching several critical levels of damage, and the heart monitor began beeping rapidly. Lisa knew at this point that Lincoln was a goner if she didn't stabilize the rest of the nanites right away.


At this point, Clyde, the Casagrandes, and the Louds were all panicking. Rita and Lynn Sr held onto each each, fearing for Lincolns life, and even Lucy began showing levels of fear she had never shown before.

"Lisa!" Dr. Lloyd frantically gestured at the ultrasound screen.

There were now more red blotches inside Lincoln's brain than before, and Lisa knew at this point, she had better do something right away. Lisa put her mind to work and tried thinking of something... anything. But sadly... she didn't know what to do. Lisa had only managed to restabilize 30% of the nanites, and the brain damage levels were still increasing, and at a dangerously high rate.

"What do I do?! What do I do?!" Lisa's mind screamed as she tried to think of a salutation, anything to try and stop the tragedy that was about to unfold.

She thought back to all her test simulations of the C.N.I unit and tried to remember any scenario's similar to the one unfolding right here, yet Lisa couldn't recall any of the simulations going like this. All of them had gone successful, and they had proven that the C.N.I unit couldn't fail, but this current situation proved otherwise. Lisa felt tears of both frustration, despair, and helplessness rush through her as she tried to think of a solution to correct this horrible error.

"I've come so far... so far to reach this very moment. So why is this happening? Where did I go wrong?" Lisa thought.


At this point, Lisa lost hope. There was no way that she could stop this immanent tragedy from occurring, not when Lincoln's brain was now at 99% damage. Lisa tilted her head forward and then did something she had never done up until this point. She had never truly believed in God or anything spiritual, but something inside Lisa snapped, and she began praying.

"God... help me! Tell me what I have to do to save my brother! I've come this far, and your trying to take him away from me?! Please! Help me! Everyone's counting on me to save him!" Lisa prayed in her mind as everything around her began to grow hazy, and Dr. Lloyd's voice seemed to fade away.

Nothing seemed to matter anymore to Lisa, not when she finally began accepting the fact that her invention had failed. Lincoln was as good as gone at this point, and all that was left inside Lisa was sorrow.

"Why? Why are you taking my brother away from me, God?! Why? Me and my whole family worked our hardest to try and save him, and you want to take him away from me?! Tell me, why?! WHY?!" Lisa demanded loudly in her mind.

Then something odd happened that Lisa didn't expect. As if some higher power had heard her prayers, Lisa heard a voice call out to her in her mind.

"Don't give up, Lisa. You've come so far already" the voice said.

Lisa looked around, searching for the source of the voice and then noticed something all around her; time had seemingly stopped. Everyone and everything was frozen in place, and Lisa appeared to be the only one still able to move around.

"W-who said that?" Lisa called out.

"Over here" the voice called out from beside her.

Lisa looked over to where the source of the voice was, and saw the source standing next to the surgery table. To Lisa's surprise, it was Lincoln, and he was dressed entirely in a white robe and looked completely healed. Lisa glanced at the surgery table and also saw Lincoln laying there, still sedated; there appeared to now be two of him. However, as Lisa glanced at the Lincoln on the surgery table and then at the Lincoln in the white robe, the horrifying realization of what was happening finally sank it, and Lisa nearly broke down from it.

"N-no! Lincoln... are you... dead?" Lisa stammered, tears now visible in her eyes.

"Dead? Not quite," Lincoln said, glancing back at himself on the surgery table. "Though I'll admit, I certainly have seen better days".

"Lincoln, I don't know what to do! The nanites are unstable, and they're only doing more damage to your brain," Lisa said, now breaking out in tears. "You might as well be dead at this point, and I've let everyone down".

"No, not yet, you haven't," Lincoln said, walking up to Lisa and placing a hand on her small shoulder. "I'm only near death, so I'm having what you call an out of body experience".

"W-what do I do, Lincoln? I didn't predict that a scenario like this would happen! If I don't do something to stabilize the nanites, you'll die for sure" Lisa whimpered.

"You'll find a way, Lisa. You always do," Lincoln said with a smile. "Just dig deep, put your emotions aside, and the answer to your problem will come to light".

"I... I don't understand" Lisa said.

"To put it in simple words, calm your emotions and don't panic. If you put them aside and think straight, I know you'll figure out what to do," Lincoln replied. "Now, do what you need to do and make me proud".

Lisa then watched as Lincoln began to hover back towards his body, then glanced back at the C.N.I unit. Lincoln's words had filled her with confidence she didn't know she had, and in that instant, Lisa knew what to do. She quickly came out of her trance and time resumed around her.

"Lisa! What do we do?!" Dr. Lloyd cried out.

Lisa raised her head up, now with a look of determination and hope. Lisa had come this far, and she wouldn't let Lincoln or her family down

"I know what to do," she said, then glanced at Lloyd. "We need to interface the ultrasound machine directly with the C.N.I unit's main sensor array. This will basically turn the transducer into a mobile command transponder that will instantly be able to communicate with every single nanite inside Lincoln's brain. This will allow me to instantly send a restabilization command to correct the nanites trajectories and repair the brain damage".

"How do I do that?" Lloyd asked in confusion.

"It'll be simple," Lisa replied, opening the back of the control panel and pulling out a long cable from inside it and then tossed it to Dr. Lloyd. "Plug this into the auxiliary connection ports on the ultrasound machine, and then I'll link the C.N.I unit's main sensor array right into it. You'll need to do it quickly, or Lincoln will die in what I estimate to be three minutes".

Lloyd quickly hooked the cable into a spare port next to the transducer ports and Lisa began to interface the C.N.I unit with the ultrasound machine.


"Alright, I'm now tied into the ultrasound machine," Lisa informed. "Hold the transducer right in the center of Lincoln's head while I transfer the command".

Dr. Lloyd nodded and moved the transducer right onto the top of Lincoln's head. Lisa then imput the stabilization command and hit the "execute command" button. Nothing happened at first, but after about ten seconds, the alarm on the C.N.I unit stopped. The nanites stopped going all wild and then started to move around in a more orderly and stable fashion.


The alarm stopped and the main sensor array changed back to yellow, indicating that Lincoln's immune system had stabilized. His heartbeat also stabilized as the readouts on the C.N.I units control panels began to show a positive increase in brain tissue restoration.

"Doc, I think its working! The damage level on Lincoln's brain dropped to 96%, 95%, 94%, and it is still dropping!" Lisa announced joyously.

The nanites were now in full sync and began repairing all the damaged areas of Lincoln's brain at a much faster and rapid pace than before. The hemorrhage was also completely gone in less than a few minutes, and the nanites worked wonders at repairing the frontal lobe, cerebral cortex, and broca's area of Lincoln's brain as well. Lisa glanced down at the status screen and felt her heart leap for joy as she saw the level of brain damage now down to 41%, then 35%, and then 20%. The nanites were working faster and harder than Lisa had expected, and this filled her with joy and relief. God had answered her prayers, and she couldn't have been happier. The Casagrandes, Clyde, and the rest of Lisa's family had heard every word spoken in the surgery room and felt their hearts all leap for joy at the amazing news. At one moment, all hope had seemed lost, but Lisa had managed to pull another awesome miracle off that no one had even seen coming.

"Lisa truly is something else," Ronnie Anne said. "I never thought that something like this was even possible".

"She truly is a genius" Bobby remarked.

Lisa continued to watch as the brain damage level indicator dropped to 15%, 13%, 10%, and then finally to 0%. The main sensor array then changed from yellow to green as that mechanical voice on the control panel spoke again.


Dr. Lloyd moved the ultrasound transducer around on Lincoln's head to check for any possible brain damage, but to his relief, there wasn't any; Lisa's invention had worked!

"Lisa," Dr. Lloyd said with a smile. "There's no more visible damage anywhere in Lincoln's brain! The nanites have completely regenerated the damaged brain tissue.

Lisa smiled and glanced back at the observatory window.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a success regeneration of Lincoln's brain!" she announced.

The moment she said that, everyone in the observatory room cheered, and even Dr. Lloyd and the surgeons cheered as well; Lisa had achieved the impossible. She had successfully accomplished possibly the most amazing surgery in medical history, and she had also made her family proud. Lisa jumped down from the stool and rushed out of the surgery room where her family had rushed into the hall to see her. As soon as Lisa was up close, Rita quickly grabbed her and hugged her tightly!

"Lisa, you did it!" she cried out, shedding tears of joy.

Soon her whole family was hugging her, shedding tears of joy as well.

"You made us proud, Lisa" Bobby said.

As everyone embraced Lisa, she herself began shedding tears of joy. Lisa had saved her brother, but she had her sisters to thank for that as well. They had assisted her in building the C.N.I unit which made this surgery possible, so Lisa made it a personal note to thank all of her sisters for that.

"Lisa," Luan said as she embraced Lisa. "Thank you... for saving Lincoln's life".

"I have you and the rest of our siblings to thank for this as well. Your contribution to helping me build the C.N.I unit helped to make this all possible, and for that, I'm truly grateful" Lisa replied, hugging Luan back.

Everyone hugged each other for over a minute until Dr. Lloyd came out of the surgery room.

"Sorry to interrupt your celebration here, but I require Lisa's assistance" he informed the group.

"Well then," Lisa said, stepping back. "Duty calls".

She then followed the doc back into the surgery room, knowing that she and all of her family would soon see Lincoln back to his old self again very soon.

A/N: So, Lisa's invention was a complete success! While all hope seemed lost for a brief moment, she managed to pull off the impossible. What will the aftermath be like? You find out in the final chapter of this story!