{{This...is Coolsville. It's a groovy little town located in the Northwest region of the good ole US of A. Yup, good ole Coolsville, Oregon. The streets are paved in...well litter sometimes and the people are the coolest you'll ever meet.}}

A quick pan over a small town brings a visual to fruition within a few seconds- an old faded green 1987 Chevrolet Sportvan pulls up into a high school parking lot, and from the back of it pops a great Dane, the sounds of "Wake me Up before you go go'' blaring throughout the old vans speakers.. The driver's window rolled up and burst open, several hamburger wrappers and a pizza box dropping down onto the ground as a 6'1 shaggy haired figure stumbled out into the parking lot.

He gave a laugh in a somewhat high yet laid back voice and watched as the brown great down moved to his side, the tall teen heading to close the back door. "Like, alright Scoob.. it's time for the first day of my second year as a sophomore man."

He said as he looked to the dog who gave a bark at first, then actually began to speak. "Reah, rood ruck Raggy."

Shaggy chuckled. "Like man, I'm gonna need alot more than luck. You heard mom, if I get held back again I'm straight to military school." He said, shivering at the thought of marching through the cold rain, his normally neck length brown hair being cut down to a fade upon his head.

"Like no one am I letting that happen dude, I'm keeping my head in the books and OUT of drama." He says as a cherry red 2000 Chevy Impala pulls up next to his van, both males' eyes watching as a beautiful blonde haired girl stepped out of the vehicle. The girl removed her scrunchie, letting her shoulder length golden locks flow with the fall breeze. She cast a glance to Shaggy as she removed her blue overcoat and placed it into her passenger seat, her light blue tube top and faded jeans now showing freely as she sauntered over to Shaggy.

"Hello Norville…" she spoke in a soft voice, snapping Shaggy out of his temporary trance. "Like, please don't call me that here man." He replied as he stared down at her. "Why not, Norville?"

Shaggy gave a sigh as he opened his driver's door once again , turning away from her. "Yeah hey Rachel." He spoke as he reached for a chocolate bar in the empty ashtray of his van, unwrapping it and eating it then and there. As he bit into it, a bit of melted caramel fell down and almost hit his like green long sleeved shirt, missing his burgundy slacks by about an inch.

"Like wow…" Rachel said as she watched this, shaking her head gently. "I really didn't lose much breaking up with you did I?" She asked as Scooby growled gently, Shaggy resting a hand upon the mutt's head. "Easy Scoob." He said as Rachel walked around him, slamming the door to his old van shut. "Same ratty old van...should traded in, man." She points a finger to her car

"Like I did, mine came out last year." She said in regards to the 2000 made vehicle. Shaggy rolled his eyes. "Like I would, but this is a family heirloom Rach." He replies as he heads to back of the van, opening it up and slipping a brown zip up hoodie from there.

"Yeah but Shaggy even your family has tried to get rid of it. Your little sister even poured sugar into the gas tank once, your mom crashed it on purpose, your dad left it in the garage as your old house burned down… and yet somehow you still managed to ,like, save it." She remarks as she looks at the vehicle.

"Like, it's a mystery this machine even still runs man."

Shaggy closes the door and looks back at her once more. "Like I know, and that makes it reliable." He says with a smile as Scooby nods happily. "Reah, reriable." The faithful dog says as Rachel sighs.

"Same old Shaggy.." she says in a huff as she heads towards the Entrance to Coolsville High. As their conversation ends, someone takes the time to make their presence known. Fred Jones, school quarterback and member of the school's Literature club- though he keeps that low-key for the most part, placed a hand onto Shaggy's shoulder.

"Hey Shag, Scoob." He says petting the dog who licks his hand in response. "Rachel still taunting ya?" The blonde haired pretty boy asked as he looked to his taller friend, Fred himself standing only at a height of 5'11. Shaggy nods his head "Like you already know it man. Ya know it's like sometimes I think she's not really over us, even though she's the one who called it off." The hippy said as he leaned against his family van, Fred chuckling.

"Yeah well, women are complicated, Shag." He replies as he moves over to the driver's side mirror of the van, running a dark blue comb through his blonde hair, smiling as he did so. He then adjusted his blue button up shirt. "And for the finishing touches.." he said with a smile as his two friends watched in amusement, shaggy shaking his head while still smiling. Fred pulled a piece of orange fabric from his pocket, it had been neatly folded and soon found itself around his neck. "Ascot says it all."

"Yeah man, like it says kick me for being vain?" Shaggy says with a laugh as Fred chuckles and turns to him. "Hey, I've had this since elementary school, it's one thing my mom left and one important lesson too- always look your best even when you're at your worst." He replied.

Shaggy nodded as Scooby did as well, they'd known Fred since the sixth grade and had been great friends ever since, which everyone found strange despite their differences. Fred liked football and basketball and Shaggy liked competitive eating and soccer. Fred was a baseball player, quarterback and a fan of mystery novels and Shaggy was a fan of Zepplin and waterbeds. But hey, two opposites make the best friends it seems.

"Now then...you guys ready for The big first day?" He asked as he dusted off his navy blue jeans and looked down at his brown loafers. Shaggy nodded "Ready to focus on my school and stuff man.' he replies as Fred arose and the two shared a fist bump, as they walked a pink sports car pulled up rather quickly, just barely missing them and parking nearby. The door opened and out stepped a purple clad young lady with beautiful Auburn hair. She cast a glance over as he wrapped a green scarf around her neck to accentuate her purple skirt. She pulled her arms through the long sleeves of a pink button up shirt and looked down to her pink go go boots. She removed a pair of sunglasses from her face as Shaggy, Fred and Scooby walked over.

"What the heck Blake?!" Fred called over as Shaggy motioned to her car . "Like you almost hit us man!"

"Sorry guys." Daphne Blake replied as she closed the door to her car. 'i just got this car and it's kinda hard to handle at times." She says as she walks away from the vehicle.

"Then maybe ya should get that checked!" Fred calls after her as she heads into the school sighing as he grabbed his navy blue bag and headed towards the entrance with Shaggy and Scooby.

As they pushed open the doors, laughing about a joke Shaggy had just made , the taller boy bumped into a much smaller figure and nearly knocked her down. He leaned down to help her to her feet as Fred collected the three books she'd dropped. "Sorry Thelma." The Blonde called over as he handed the shorter girl the books, watching as she pushed her glasses upon her nose and looked at him, taking them.

"It's Velma, Fred. We've been in school together for four years now.." she said timidly as Fred visibly grimaced in shame. "Sorry…" he said as Shaggy looked at her. "Like me too, I totally just barrelled you man." he said as he looked at her books. "Like Fred check it out, she's into mystery novels too man." He said as Fred hurriedly placed a hand over his friends mouth.

"Hey hey easy, easy. People are gonna look real weird at me liking stuff like that." He said as Velma adjusted the neck of her orange turtleneck and tugged at her brown skirt. "I see nothing wrong with expressing the things you take an interest in to the public." She comments as They all look to her.

Shaggy speaks up then. "Like yeah man, if people don't like after that then they're just , like, fake man.." he says as Fred seems to look down for a moment and looks back up, nodding. "Alright, alright that's fair. And besides , my therapist did say I need to work on my humility this year.."

Velma lifted an eyebrow at the mention of this

"Therapist?" She whispered to Shaggy who replied. "He means his mom, she's a shrink." He says with a smile, bringing a small giggle to the girls lips as Scooby moved behind Fred, looking in his bag at several items.

"What the- oh sorry Scoob I left em all at home." The blonde calls to the dog, who looks down sadly. The dog moved back around as Fred pulled a flashlight from his bag "But wait…" he says as he begins to spin the flashlight around as thought it were half of a pair of nunchucks, moving with skill before stopping, the head of the light falling off and several small diamond shaped dog treats falling down into his hand.

"Gotcha." He says as he hands them to the dog, who eats them with a smile. "Rummy." Scooby says as Velma looks on in amusement. "You keep dog treats in a flashlight?" She asks Fred who nods.

"Leaned that trick freshman year, best to keep Scooby calm." He says as he puts the light back together and puts it into his bag, zipping it up. "Like, alright then..schedules?" Shaggy asks Fred and Velma who look at their own. Velma wasn't even sure why she was still there, but didn't Question it as much.

"I've got English Two first hour"

"Same here."

"Like me too." Shaggy says as he placed his schedule back into his pocket. He looked down at Scooby and have him a quick pet on the head "Like you know the deal bud, we head in and you lounge around til lunch." He says as the dog whimpers.

"Scooby don't worry we'll be back soon, lunch is only about four hours away….so wait, what's that like.. a day to him?" Fred says as he turns to Velma , who shakes her head in response.

"Either way it'll be soon bud." Shaggy says as he draws a dog biscuit from his pocket giving it to the dog as he took it and bounded out of the front doors to the school.

Shaggy and Free chuckled as Velma looked at the dog leave, the three heading off towards their English class.

Within twenty minutes, everything had fallen into place as several familiar faces filled the class: Rachel, Daphne, Shaggy's soccer teammates Ethan and Gary, school bullies Rocko and Red and Googie, a strawberry blonde haired girl who Fred and Scooby always knew had a crush on Shaggy, but the Shagster never really paid attention.

{Wait how did he get Rachel again?} Fred thought as his eyes scanned the room, seeing Googie last and thinking of this. He'd look behind him at the strawberry blonde , who looked lovingly at shaggy who sat right behind Fred and had already fallen asleep. Fred looked at the teacher casually and looked out the window before raising a hand. "Mr. Letcher, could you close the window? It's a bit chilly." He says as the middle aged balding man before him stopped and moved to the window to close it.

As he did so, Fred slammed a hand down onto Shaggy's desk, causing him to jolt awake in doing so. "Stay awake dude, keep military school on your mind. " The blonde whispered to the brown haired teen who nodded his head as his eyes widened in fear.

Fred nodded as he took in what was happening. "Marching sequence again?" He asked as Shaggy nodded and he returned the notion as he turned around. "Stay focused on that and let that lead you to focus on focusing on your work."

Shaggy nodded as he looked around in slight confusion of what he'd just been told. "Riiiight…" he said as he raised a brow in question.

As this class droned on, a few miles from the school found a teenager wandering the forest outside of Coolsville, looking on as he reached a cliff that overlooked the town. "Man it looks awesome up here" the red headed boy said as a brown haired boy ran to catch up "Come on Billy, you really need to keep up." The redheaded said as Billy replied "Yeah Jason? Maybe you need to slow down.."

He walked over next to him. "What are we even doing here? Looking at the town? This is boring.." Billy said as Jason say against a tree trunk. "You need to relax dude, appreciate the smaller parts of life sometimes…"

"Oh I do, just not high views.." he replies as he hears the sound of feet stomping their way. "You hear that?" Billy asks as Jason leans up, looking bajc into the forest.

"Hard not to, sounds like someone's walking in armor or something…" he says as he stands and the two walk further into the forest. An eery green glow catches their eyes as they back up slowly. "Oh my god!" Jason shouts as Billy trips and falls onto his back, Jason doing the same.

A black armor clad Knight walked over, green eyes and a green aura illuminating his form as he lifted his sword up, the two boys screamed loudly as they rolled out of the way and took off down another path. "What the heck was that?!" Billy shouts as Jason keeps running ahead. " Don't know, don't care to find o-" he's cut off as he trips over a root and falls down a trail landing on a branch below.

"Jason!" Billy calls as he goes down to help his friend up, the two turning back to see the Knight wandering over to them. "Run!" Jason shouts as Billy takes off and he tries aswell, but falls down due to a twisted ankle. "Oh that's just wrong…" he says as the Knight approaches him. "No….no...NOOOO!" he screams, his voice carrying over the town and casting an eerie feeling over those who'd overheard it.

Soon lunch had finally come, Fred and Shaggy had taken their trays outside to eat on the school's small patio. There were several other students eating there aswell scattered around for the most part.

They took a circular table in the middle of the patio and watched Scooby came over to them, Shaggy handing the dog a burger and Fred sliding over a side of fries. "You like cutting down on starch again dude?" Shaggy asked as Fred nodded.

"Yup, I think it'll help more- more beef." He says lifting his burger "And less starch.." he says as he bites into his burger, students crowding around one area of the patio nearby.

Fred, Shaggy and Scooby turned towards this commotion and listened in as Googie walked from the crowd.

"Hey Googie, what's the big commotion?" Fred asked as Shaggy continued to eat his fries despite the loving looks he was receiving from the strawberry blonde. "Like you didn't hear Fred? Two teens got attacked up in the forest earlier, one of em went missing."

Fred listened in slight shock "Yikes…" he said as Shaggy's eyes widened. "But that's , like, not the weirdest part. Apparently the guys' attacker was dressed as the Black Knight."

Fred raised an eyebrow at this. "The Black Knight? Like the old school Knight? Really?" He asked as he looked at Shaggy and Scooby then back to her. "Sure they're not making it up?"

"Like no way man" Googie replied as she ran a hand through her shirt cut hair. "They found the other kids blood from where he had a major fall down the side of a trail and also found some weird green residue, plus the footprints matched with the prints of a suit of armor." Weird…" Fred says as he begins to think. "This is sounding kinda like-"

"The Mystery of the Black Knight Ghost?" Velma voiced in as she approached them all, her lunch tray being barely touched. "I thought the same thing." She remarked as Fred nodded.

"Ya know what...I'm kinda interested in following this case.. not like snooping around but maybe hitting up the area. "" The blonde says to the others . "Who knows maybe I'll find some inspiration for my mystery novel?"

He says with a confident smile as Shaggy chimes in "Like yeah man you'll be plenty inspired when there's a SWORD IN YOUR NECK"

Everyone turned to look at him in that moment, Velma and Googie questioning this. "He's uh, had bad experience with ghouls in his lifetime..and by ghouls I mean older kids dressed up in heavy make up one Halloween...poor eleven year old Norville didn't even see it coming."

Shaggy snapped out of a trance of fear in that moment "Like don't call me that , man.."

Googie rolled her eyes at his immaturity but soon found herself giggling at his antics. She moved over to Shaggy and took a seat next to him "Let's change the subject...I heard you and Rachel split over the break?" She asked him as he would begin to talk to her about it.

Fred looked at Velma. "So the Black Knight. You just start reading that one?'' he asks as she shakes her head. "I've read it several times, it's a -" "Classic right?" He asks as she replies with a smile.

"Yeah I love this book, it perfectly mixes legend with fear."

"I know right?.and it seems someone else is trying to do the same thing now…" Fred replied.