""Alright guys, the Black Knight Ghost was last sighted in this general area about three hours ago according to this police radio I borrowed from my dad." Fred began as they stood at the back of the Mystery Machine, gathering all the tools they'd brought to bring down the Ghost.

Velma walked over while typing away onto a laptop and looked at them. "We should set up a rope trip around here, with the Knight's heavy steps and clunky exterior that'll make him highly likely to trip it." She says with a nod to Fred.

"We'll need bait. Someone fast and easy to spot." Daphne said as she filed away at her nails, then turned to Shaggy and Scooby.

Shaggy gave a loud sigh "Like I guess that's us. We'll lead him over this way man." He says, looking to Scooby who'd been distracted with a box of homemade treats.

"Alright. We've got our plan, we've got our roles. Let's do this." Fred says as he hold his hand out, palm facing the ground. The others took the notion and placed their hands on top of his before breaking away and taking off into the woods.

The brightly colored van beeped as the lock button was hit on it and the hang moved into their respective areas. Shaggy and Scooby walked into an open patch of grass surrounded by trees, shivering slightly as it dawned upon them what they'd just agreed to.

"Raggy, I'm rared." Scooby stared as the two stood there, looking around their immediate area for any signs of the Black Knight.

"Me too Scoob. But if we want to take this ghost down we gotta do this. And besides, it's just one time." {a/n: that comment won't age well.}

The two best friends swallowed deeply and began to try to draw the Ghost out. "Like it sure is creepy out here this late at Knight. I sure hope no Ghost or anything jumps out and like attacks us!" Shaggy shouted into the woods as Scooby kept an eye out.

"Reah, thatd be rery rad!" The dog said as he began to wait. The wait didn't take very long they'd learned, hearing the heavy footsteps of the Black Knight heading their way.

The two scared best friends looked on as the green aura flowed brightly beyond the trees, brushing aside branches and more with ease to meet their stare. The knight struck out a single hand and pointed it their way, a dark and intimidating voice echoing throughout the forest.

"Begone from these woods! Or suffer the consequences children!" He'd screamed, shaking the branches within the trees with the capacity at which his words were carried.

Shaggy stood there, eyes bulging as the fear gripped at his throat. "Like, no problem!" He said, backing away as Scooby-Doo did the same. He gulped slightly then stood his ground.

"Uh...hey man! I bet you couldn't get us to leave even if you wanted to!" Shaggy said, giving a fearfilled challenge to the Knight.

The chuckling that followed that left the two in deeper fear than before as the Knight began to run behind them. They took off in a cloud of dust, rushing through the greenery as the Knight began to gain on them.

As they ran, Fred stood behind a teee and kept a close eye on the two, mostly watching the Knight to see what he did next. The Knight continued the chase, oblivious to the teens' plan.

"Alright gang, it's ti-" Fred began, speaking into a small black walkie talkie. He looked on, eyes widening as he saw Scooby and Shaggy running through another patch of grass and away from where the trap had been set up.

"Oh no."

Shaggy looked to Scooby and called over "Like, is he still chasing us!?" He asked, keeping his eyes ahead as Scooby looked back.

"REAH!" The Great Dane shouted, before tripping over a root and rolling down a hill.

"Scooby!" Shaggy shouted as he watched this, not seeing the low hanging branch that he hit his chest on and then fell to the forest floor, rolling down behind Scooby.

The Black Knight watched this in wonder, his clunky helmet not allowing him to see the branch. By the time he'd reached it, he'd found the bottom half of his armor being torn off and the top half falling down the hill as well.

As Shaggy and Scooby hit a tree at the bottom of the hill, they found themselves in another open area. "Ouch…" Scooby said as he looked over to the winded Shaggy.

"Like that...hurt…" the hippy said, both of them jumping in shock as the Black Knight hit the ground a few feet away from them.

"AHHHHHHHH!" They'd screamed st the top of their lungs, looking at him. Their screaming ceased when they came to the realization that the Knight was missing his legs, green eyes glaring up at them.

"Like hold on.." Shaggy said as he stood up, Scooby-Doo following him over to the Knight.

"We did it!" He shouted happily as he turned to his best friend, watching as the dog kept up and the two bumped chests!

They then began to dance around the Knight's torso. "We did it! We did it! We did it!" They chanted together, leaping back as the Knight began to spark ad speak, in a slurred and ineligible speech


He'd said, the green light in his eyes finally fading like a dying light.

The two blinked as the sound of grass shuffling drew their attention now. They looked on, holding close to one another as another figured approached. This figure was soon made out to be Sheriff Bronson, who looked at them in shock

"You kids actually did it."" He said, turning to see Fred, Daphne and Velma walking over.

"Sheriff? What are you doing here?" Daphne asked while Fred and Velma gave the Knight a look.

"After Glasses little outburst in the CPD building earlier," he said, motioning toward Velma who merely rolled her eyes "I figured you kids would try something against the Knight. I just didn't know when. So I set up a stakeout op. Been here since 12."

"You've been out here for 8 hours?" Fred asks as he pulls the Knights helmet off, revealing a head made of circuitry and loose metal.

"Yup.,all apart of the job." The Sheriff responded with a tilt of his hat. The teens cast a knowing look at one another before looking back to him.

"We caught the Ghost, but we still had to find who's been controlling him." Fred says as he looks into the detached helmet. Velma smirks while removing one of the lenses covering his eyes.

"Easy." She said while ripping out the lightbulb and wiring. "There's a remote beacon built into it, we just have to trace it back." She says, attaching a small USB into her laptop that was at the other end of the bulb. She typed away at the device for moment

"And we have our Knight." She says as the other teens crowd around her to view the screen. They looked at a map that had been pulled up, pinpointing one area.

"Old Man Withers!" They said collectively.

Bat Swarm Transition

The teens , alongside many members of Coolsvile's upper class society and the CPD watched as the old man was handcuffed and carried to a cruiser by Sheriff Bronson. He stopped over at the teens.

" I don't get it. Why would the old man do this?" He asks as Velma steps up.

"I believe we have the answer." She says.

"Old Man Withers was going bankrupt. He needed money and he needed it fast. He'd invested the last of it into an amusement park, and they payoff hadn't come through." She began

"But he found something new, a way around it all. After heavy research of his estate and having a few hired men scour the area, he found a large collection of gold, diamonds and pearls buried deep within the Coolsville woods." Fred said

"But the treasure was about twenty feet out of the radius of his estate, meaning he legally had no right to dig there." Daphne added

"So to like privately dig it up without going through the state and having them tax him or claim it themselves, he put on the ruse of the Black Knight. Which was really an old animatronic from an amusement park that was shut down years ago". Shaggy said whilst petting Scooby.

"So to dig freely, he scared off any and all trespassers with the Ghost and dug on his own time. He'd finally had it, until the CPD began snooping around and made his estate a hotspot." Velma said as Fred threw an arm around her and Daphne's shoulders

"So he opted to try to scare them off and hide any evidence of it before t was too late." He concluded, everyone casting a look to the Old Man in question.

"Yeah, yeah. And I would've gotten away with it too. If it weren't for you meddling kids! And that dumb dog…" Withers said, being ushered into the back of a police cruiser.

"Not kids.." Daphne said with a quick eye roll. The people of coolsville were left astounded by this, and soon swarmed around the teenagers with cameras flashing and questions being flung


"What led you to this mystery?"

"What do you put in your hair!?"

"Did that dog just talk or did I forget to take my meds!?"

"Where's the missing kid!?"

They all paused, that last question silencing everyone and causing them to look at the teens.

"Oh right. He was being held up in Withers basement." Daphne said as she cast a well trimmed thumb towards the house, everyone watching as the missing boy walked out and gave a wave.

"Huh..okay then."

The Next Day

The group of teens stood on a stage in front of town hall, the Mayor Fred Jones Sr. Currently giving a speech to the masses.

Each teen was dressed up for the occasion, Fred wearing a white suit with a blue button up shirt and orange tie, Daphne wearing a light purple dress with pink shoes, Velma wearing an orange skirt with a burgundy long sleeved top and Shaggy wearing a green suit with a red button up shirt.

"It's with great, great pleasure that I present these medals to these teenagers- who bravely took on the case of the Black Knight Ghost and solved it within record time." The mayor said, a smile plastered upon his face as he walked over to the teens, one of his bodyguards following and carrying a case.

He stopped at Fred, pulling his son into a hug before pinning the medal to his coat and moving onto Daphne.

Fred could never fake the smile that arose as he looked at the item, then out at the crowd. He gave a wave to the people as cameras flashed and leaned over to whisper to Daphne "I could get used to this."

She smirked upon hearing that "Don't let it go to your head now."

Fred feigned am insulted look "Me? Never." He said before chuckling as the mayor returned to his podium.

"And now , a word from our heroes." He says, moving aside to offer the microphone to one of them. They all looked to another, Shaggy and Scooby both shaking their heads at the idea.

Velma looked down, gulping gently as Daphne rubbed at the back of her neck awkwardly.

Fred bit his lip for a moment, then finally moved over to the podium.

He let out a breath as he placed his hands on both sides of the podium.

"Um...hey." He began, watching as the crowd went silent. He coughed softly before continuing. "The Black Knight Ghost was a terror upon anyone who entered the forest- a known sight for picnics and hangouts around here. But more than that, he was a threat to Coolsville in general."

He stopped for a moment and looked back to the others, who merely showed their support with smiles and thumbs-ups.

He moved to the microphone once again and continued on. "But do to the combined efforts of I, Fred Jones Jr, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and of course Scooby-Doo . We solved this case and the Black Knight was no more." He gulped before carrying on.

"And we're thankful for that. Because in doing so, we've found something. A bond that we never saw coming, a van we never expected to use so much...and a friendship, that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world."

He smiled as he turned to his friends. "So thanks to Daphne's confidence and quick thinking, Velma's science skills and wit, Shaggy's running ability and disguises." He pauses as he turned to Scooby

"And Scooby-Doo's ability to keep us going. We all did it. And we did it together."

As he said this, he was gently nudged from the microphone by Shaggy, Velma and Daphne.

"And Fred's leadership." Velma said with a smile as Shaggy grabbed the mic "And his fashion sense."

Daphne then took to the microphone "And his driving and trap making skills."

"Re never rould've done it." Scooby says before licking Fred's face, getting a chuckle from the teen in response.

Fred smiled hard and let out one more breath. "So remember. If there's a ghost or ghoul causing trouble in your home."

"Or a vampire running wild in your neighborhood."

Daphne added

"Or a zombie interrupting your beauty sleep." Velma said with a smile as she giggled.

"Or like a robot running wild in your theme park." Shaggy said as he wrapped his arms around his friends

"You can count on us to be there!" Fred concludes, looking on as the crowd became livid once again.

Many questions were tossed around, but one stood out to him the most

"What do we call you?" One of the reporters asked, getting a smirk from Fred.

"We're Mystery Incorporated. And we're happy to serve the people of Coolsville!"

At Coolsville High

As the teens stepped through the doors to He high school, they were immediately met with cheers and rounds of applause from the students the flooded the corridor. Smiles were once again plastered upon their faces, same as yesterday at town hall when they were awarded for their efforts.

Fred continued to wave to everyone and received a few high fives as he made his way down the hall with his friends. Finally they reached a clear area in the cafeteria

"So...pizza at Ragu's after school?" The blonde asked a she looked to the others

"Definitely." Daphne replies as Velma nodded and Shaggy smiled

"Like you has me at pizza." He says, looking down to the quiet Velma.

They all bid their farewells as Fred and Daphne walked the opposite way, leaving Shaggy and Velma to head towards their class.

"So like...after Ragu's would you like to go do something together?" He asks a bit shyly, rubbing at the back of his head to avoid the awkwardness.

Velma's cheeks began to flush as he asked this and she nodded once again. "Statistics show that group activities due to tend to build friendships quicker." She said, throwing him off guard for a moment.

"No Velm. I mean like..just us." He says finally.

She pauses upon hearing that, tucking her chin into her turtleneck gently "I'd like that. I'd like that a lot she says with a smile as Shaggy gives a goofy grin.

"G-great! I'll uh...see you at lunch." He says as he begins to back away down another hall, bumping into a wall before changing his path.

This cause Velma to giggle before waving at the tall teen and carrying on

After School

The students all made their ways to the buses and respective vehicles. Chatting about their plans for the weekend. Fred smiled as he drove up to the others in the Mystery Machine, honking the horn gently to alert them.

"So I know pizza was the plan. But there's been some strange things going on at the Coolsville Art Museum." He says as he open the passenger door for Daphne and Velma, Shaggy and Scooby sipping into the back

"You guys wanna check it out?"

"Always down for another mystery!" Daphne says with a bright smile as Velma nods while pulling out her laptop "And a chance to show up the police again."

The three then turned and looked at Shaggy and Scooby, who had hesitant looks upon their faces.

"Get chased by another creepy monster throughout a place we don't know? I dunno."

"Reah." Scooby says

The other teens merely smirk at the two.

Shaggy chuckles as he rubs Scooby-Doo's head. "Like it's scary but I'd go anywhere with you all."

"Great! Looks like we've got another mystery on our hands." Fred says with a smile as he begins to drive off.

Scooby peaks his head out of the drivers side window and lets the Coolsville breeze blow through his fur as he happily shouts "SCOOBY-DOOBY DOO!"

AAAAAND that concludes that little section of my Scooby-Doo story. And I've got plenty more to come, despite how long it toook to update. As always thanks for reading!