Merry and Pippin come back to Crickhollow after the Quest...(A double drabble -200 words; written in 2005 for Dana.) Book-verse; One shot.


They walked down the lane to the little house shoulder to shoulder, each one feeling the trepidation of the other. Merry took out the key and unlocked the door. "We're home, Pip. Our house."

"Yours, Merry."

They stepped into the hall, and Merry lit the candle by the door.

"Ours, Pippin. Frodo put it in both our names."

Pippin turned to Merry, startled. "But-"

"He worked it out with your father. It's not a problem." Merry lifted the candle to look about. "We will have to refurnish. All of this goes back to Bag End when it's restored. But Mum has said we may have the pick of the mathom rooms at the Hall. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year and a half since that last night we were here." He fell silent, thinking of that last night of innocence.

Now Frodo had gifted this house to them; they could live here on their own, not worry about curious and concerned relations barging in to their rooms every time one of them had a nightmare.

He turned to look at his cousin, unusually quiet for him. Pippin stood with glistening eyes.


"Our house, Merry," he smiled.