Derek Hale arrived at the Shiba House with Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore and the rest of the group ready to go to New York. Jayden walked out of the house with James and his cousin Noah Newman behind him. "Where's Kendall?" asked Alison. "Kendall couldn't make it. he had some Big Time Rush stuff to take care of but, my cousin Noah coming instead." said Jayden then he introduced the group to his cousin. "So this is the that bit you and Kendall and made you guys werewolves." Said Noah looking at Derek with a little bit of hate in his eyes. "Noah is very protective of Jayden, Jessie and Kendall in case you haven't noticed." said James still annoyed with Derek over what happened in the woods. Derek noticed but didn't care. "So, Who's going in whose car?" asked Scott. "Stiles you take Lydia, Allison and who ever else wants to go with you. I'll take Jayden, Erica and Isaac. Jackson you ride with Scott." Said Derek ignoring the annoyed looks Scott and Jackson were giving him. "Guess Noah and I will ride with Stiles in his jeep." Said James getting in the back of Stiles' jeep with Noah and Allison while Lydia got in the front passenger seat. Scott and Jackson loaded their things into Jackson's car got in while Jayden, Isaac, Erica and Derek piled into his car. Everyone started their cars and made their way to New York so, they visit Jessie and Jayden can tell her about he and Kendall are now werewolves.