After a couple of weeks of searching Derek, Jayden, James and Noah finally found the right Nightwing costume. Derek looked at the costume and actually liked it other than the mask which he didn't care for. The costume was all black with blue on the shoulders and Nightwing logo was also blue and the costume came with black boots and black gloves. The mask was a lighter blue than the design and logo. "Go try it on." as he handed the costume to Derek. Derek came out of the fitting room after putting on the costume. Everyone in the store stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Some women looked like they were going to faint. "God that guy is gorgeous in that costume." one woman said. "It doesn't matter what costume he wears he'll look gorgeous." said another while making Derek blush."This the one?" asked James as Derek nodded his head. All four boys went to pay for their costumes (Nightwing for Derek, Jay from Descendants for Noah, Winter Soldier for Jayden and Jack Sparrow for James.) Mean while unknown to the boys, the girls were on the other side of the costume store buying costumes. When Jessie spotted the perfect Harley Quinn costume. It was a red and black dress with Harley Quinn's logo on it, black mask and red and black stockings. There was no jester headband though so Jessie had to buy a red and black wig that she can tie into pigtails."This costume is perfect."said Jessie smiling. The went to pay for their costumes (Harley Quinn for Jessie, Ariel for Lydia, princess for Emma and cowgirl for Zuri). They also picked out costumes for Scott, Stiles, Ravi and Luke.