Banjo and Kazooie were in a haunted Mansion that seemed like the Mad Monster Mansion, but it was made very clear that it was anything but, with different generic ghosts popping up everywhere as the bear and bird had to traverse the area while pelting the ghouls with their attacks, with plenty of eggs and yellow feathers going all over the place as they occasionally used their invincibility.

"This mansion seems as mad as the one we've been to... and there's plenty of monsters here too!" Banjo exclaimed as he exited the foyer to enter a hallway, hearing the thunder boom outside.

Kazooie rolled her eyes as she looked at all the red feathers within the blue backpack. "They might be spirits, but I wouldn't call them monsters... even if some of them look disgusting."

The animal duo heard something knocking from the outside, causing Banjo to go right through the door that lead to the balcony as they looked around. Kazooie squinted her eyes at the two Pegasus statues as she didn't know what to make of them, when suddenly a bunch of ghosts appeared nearby in a corner, all huddled up as Banjo and Kazooie eyed each other, wondering what was going on as they slowly approached the ghosts, only for the ghouls to laugh as they turned around and taunted the two, disappearing in a flash.

Back at the top of her lair, Gruntilda Winkybunion was laughing as she was watching Banjo and Kazooie trek through another annoyingly creepy mansion, tapping her green fingertips together in glee as she began to cackle.

"In another mansion that seems so cheap? I'll make both of them feel like a creep!" Gruntilda said as she snapped her fingers, turning them through her witchcraft into a pumpkin as she laughed, enjoying this too much.