Hey all! Taunt here! Listen, I know that you are probably eager to get into the story but first, I should explain a few things.

First and foremost, this story is NOT my idea. Chapters 1-3 and 5 are the work of the writer Salvator Tepes, who may or may not have passed on due to illness years ago. I found his unfinished story while browsing FNAF stories and crossovers and found what little of it there was to be exceptional. I well and truly believe that it could've been a great story had it been completed.

Which is why I wish to try and continue Salvator's work.

Now this isn't the first time I've seen people write continuations or spin offs of other fics. This IS a fanfic website after all, but this is the first time I've actually done it myself. To be perfectly honest, I'm a little afraid that people will think that I am trying to plagiarize his story for my own benefit, but I am not like that at all. I know how to respect others and their work/property. This story is just my thoughts on how his story could've gone. All credit to the first few chapters and elements from it that are used later on are to go to Salvator Tepes and him alone. Any original ideas or elements I add in here are mine, but everything else is belongs to him. Period. Chapters 1-5 have been taken directly from his story and I will be writing out the chapters that come after them myself. I'll leave his Author's Notes as they are so you know what is his work and what's not.

I also feel like it's important for me to point out that I am an amateur writer, so I apologize in advance if my writing style doesn't match Salvator's and throws you off a bit. Please leave me a review on whether or not I should go through with this idea, I'd like to know what others think.

Now then, without further ado, enjoy the show.

Greetings, it is I, Salvator Tepes. I have decided to bring about the birth of a new fanfic.

You see, I am a rather avid fan of the series RWBY created by Monty Oum (God bless his soul) and the horror game trilogy known as Five Nights at Freddy's.

I decided to create a crossover.

Now, the idea of this crossover would never have come to me if I hadn't seen a particular piece of fan art on Gelbooru. Now, I know that site is mainly a pornographic site (as I'm sure most of you are aware of as well.), but it actually contains very exceptional art at times. You just need to filter your search.

Either way, I found an image of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, all as humans but with animatronic parts such as ears and teeth (in Foxy's case, his hook as well). They were all dressed accordingly to what a an employee at an old fashioned diner would wear in the 80s, except for Foxy and Freddy, as Foxy is a pirate and was dressed as such and Freddy looked more like the host of a gentlemen's club.

I was practically smitten with the style of the art, as not was the coloring, shading and design of them perfect, it also kept the horror feel in their facial expressions. Bonnie had a sinister grin with his blood red eyes, Foxy was giving a toothy smirk and had his arms crossed with his yellow eye glinting dangerously, Freddy was holding up a microphone to his mouth while his deep blue eyes were staring right at the screen, his mouth curved into an amused grin and his eyebrows quirked in the same fashion.

The most intimidating was Chica, who had her eyes open wide, pink pupils dilated and she was giving an open mouthed smile, revealing her very sharp looking teeth.

They all had one thing in common and that was the dark outline on their eyes that signified a lack of sleep.

In a way, that picture both scared and enticed me.

The reason why I wished to cross this over with RWBY was pure coincidence. A simple fleeting thought as I imagined the Fazbear gang facing off the Grimm.

Anyhow, I am sure you are all tired of this authors note or have already skipped to the story so I will just start it now.



Chapter 1: Prologue: End of a Nightmare


(Insert song: Pop Goes the Weasel, Laughing Jack version)

Let me tell you a tale. A tale of tragedy and horror.

In a small town, in a large country, was a restaurant. Specifically, a pizzeria. It went by the name of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. It was once a place of joy and laughter, as kids played around, ate cheesy morsels made of dough and tomato sauce and sang along with the animatronics that were the icons of the pizzeria.

Freddy Fazbear, Chica the Chicken, Bonnie the Bunny and Foxy the Pirate Fox.

Children loved this place, adults enjoyed how cheap the prices were and the manager enjoyed making easy money.

But then tragedy struck, during 'The Bite of '87'.

One of the animatronics, Foxy, malfunctioned and bit the skull of one of the children, tearing out the frontal lobe. Till this day, nobody knows exactly WHY it did that. Foxy may have been an old animatronic but there was no programming error that should have made it do such a thing.

But there is a reason behind it. And with the reason comes a long and horrible story.

In the pizzeria, a group of children were once murdered. Lured by an adult wearing a Freddy Fazbear mask, they were all cut up into pieces with a knife. Nobody found the murderer. Nobody had a chance. The deed was done quickly and there was no evidence. No witnesses. It was almost a perfect crime. Therefore, it went unpunished, unrectified.

Or it would have if Karma didn't exist.

The children were not ready to die. They were not ready to leave their family. They were not about to just roll over and accept their death. They felt unholy rage fill them as all sense of humanity left them.

And along came a puppet without strings, granting upon them a chance for vengeance.

That night, the animatronics became possessed. The children became wraiths, with no semblance of humanity nor coherent thought, only rage and killing intent. During the day, they were harmless but at night, they wandered the halls, searching for their killer.

But the soul inside Foxy was jealous. Jealous of all the children who lived with their families, all happy without a care in the world.

So when a child came up to him, laughing and jeering at him for his rather damaged state and ignoring the mother's chiding words, he lost control and attacked.

At first, the souls of the children were full of despair, for the chances of coming across their killer became slimmer due to Foxy's rage.

Until the very man that gutted them was enrolled as a night guard.

He just appeared one afternoon, dressed up in night guard uniform and proceeded to sit in the monitor room and not leave until 6 AM.

The children rejoiced and then began to extract their revenge.

Unfortunately, their animatronic bodies had many limits and rules. The endoskeletons were jerky and stiff, making movement difficult. They were certainly more powerful than normal humans, but they were not as versatile. Foxy was the only one who could actually run due to his structure being much more nimble around his legs, but because of his attack on that child in 1987, he was abandoned in his curtained stage at 'Pirates Cove' by the workers and had been left in disrepair. His animatronic body could only move after certain periods of time, so he had to time it properly when he was going to make the kill.

However, their murderer was still as tricky as the day he slaughtered them. He knew exactly when they were going to attack and timed everything properly so he wouldn't run out of power to shut the doors and keep an eye on the cameras.

When he left, the dead children wept at losing their only chance to get revenge and become free.

And then the second night guard came.

A man who was very different compared to his predecessor, he was edgy and nervous for the first two nights. The look on his face when Bonnie appeared near the door to the monitor room was priceless. Had the children any humanity left, they would have laughed.

Unfortunately, in their current state, they could not tell the difference between adults, as most children at very young age. So they thought him as an enemy and proceeded to try and kill him.

Unlike their murderer, he was more intuitive about their actions. When he shut the doors once in Foxy's face, he moved to the window to observe Foxy retreat to Pirate Cove. He was a curious man.

On the third night, the possessed animatronics realized something. There was a voice, every night at 1 AM, talking to the new guard. Their degenerated minds recognized it as the same voice that lured them into the back room where they were killed. With their animatronic bodies having more advanced hearing capabilities compared to normal humans, they could even make out the voice coming from another room in the building. A closed off room.

However, that room was not accessible to them. It had some sort of electronic configuration that kept them from entering it. It took a lot of effort just to even get near it.

So a few hours before the start of the fourth night, the decided to drop everything and just wing it. They pounded at the door mercilessly, all the while hearing the man give out instructions nervously to the phone's recorder. Then, they finally knocked the door down. The man was still dressed in that accursed purple clothing and still had those damn white pupils.

The four of them used their animatronic bodies to block the doorway and keep the man in there. Seeing that they weren't making any move to enter the room, the purple man laughed at them. However he forgot one important thing...

There were FIVE murdered children.

The fifth one was the one killed last and most brutally. However, there were no suits left to possess. So he instead made a home in the empty suit of a Golden Freddy, the very first animatronic suit, made many decades ago in the late 70s. And since he had no endoskeleton, he had no physical limitations as he floated limply into the room, parts of the suit falling off in the process. It began to float after the purple man, causing the murderer to scream and run as he evaded the persistent specter that haunted the suit. In a moment of panic, the purple man saw another animatronic suit, similar to the Golden Freddy, except it was of Bonnie. He remembered that the first two suits were configured to have a lock inside that could move the endoskeleton to the side and let a human enter it. With that in mind, he entered the suit quickly and sealed it shut on him. The primal mind of the Golden Freddy then became confused, as suddenly the purple man became something just like them. Noticing its confusion, the purple man began to laugh at them.

And then the spring lock came loose.

With a horrible squelch and the sound of grinding flesh and bone, the endoskeleton pulverized the body of the purple man, somehow avoiding his vital parts as it activated and its cables began to entwine with the murderer's body and shock him. Slowly, he bled out on the floor, gasping and wheezing in agony as the animatronics watched on in, albeit confused, joy.

With that, the murderer died.

However, they were not free. Realizing this, they boarded up the room's door again, in a much messier fashion than before, and returned to their spots, as they remembered something important.

There was still another security guard.

If the purple man was giving instructions to him, then that means he was the purple man's friend and thus needed to die. That was the thought that ran through the children's primal minds as they continued to attempt to murder the night guard. However by now, he had gotten used to them and managed to evade his demise.

They were surprised that he came back on the night after the fifth night, but they didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth as they attempted to kill him.

Only this time, he fought back.

He managed to procur some weapons such as iron rods and a pistol as they tried to attack him. However he was human and thus was quicker than them. Foxy was unable to get near him since he was taken out first, when the guard smashed his legs in with the iron rod.

After that night, the man disappeared, never seen by them again.

And on the seventh night, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria went up in flames.

Despite the fact that their animatronic bodies were heavily damaged and unable to even function properly, the children found themselves still trapped. Only this time, they could not even move. Instead, they were confined in their bodies, trapped in an endless hell as they screamed and cried for freedom.

30 years. That was how long it was until they were salvaged by people. They were placed as mere props within a new building built just like the old pizzeria, but it had a horror touch to it. There was another night guard. Whether it was the same one or not, they couldn't tell. But they had no way to approach him. Whoever he was, he was absolutely terrified of his situation, constantly panicking.

Then the children discovered something that scared them.

The purple man was not dead.

He was now just like them, confined within an animatronic. The only difference was that his actual body was also inside it, all rotten and decayed. The animatronic, whom they called Springtrap, named after the very lock that killed him, was a monster. More so than they. It stopped at nothing to kill the night guard, trying to use every way possible to enter the monitor room and kill him.

The children didn't want that. Years and years of being stuck in those bodies made them a bit apathetic to the world. However, they would not let the man who killed them get the satisfaction of doing it again. So they attempted to help the guard as best as they could.

By influencing his hallucinations.

They made him see strange dreams, ones of the animatronics giving crying children cakes to make them happy.

After three nights, the guard became curious and tried to focus on those dreams and research everything that happened in the pizzeria before it all hit him. The murder decades ago, the dreams and the hallucinations of animatronics. They were all connected to his situation. Especially when he saw the dream of a purple man die inside the Springtrap suit. He knew that the children were still stuck. He had to free those children, still trapped in their animatronics' individual masks.

On the end of sixth night, he gathered up the masks and he prayed to God and hoped that the children's' souls would be freed before he set the masks on fire. He then left the horror attraction, vowing never to return as it burnt down, praying that Springtrap went down with it.

With that, after 30 years, the children's souls were freed and given long overdue rest...

And a second chance.

In another time, another land known as Remnant, there were many things. Humans with animal traits, powder that could create natural elements, advanced machinery and weaponry and monsters of pure darkness known as the Grimm. These beasts ravaged the world, until the discovery of Dust and the rise of huntsmen and huntresses. The Grimm ravaged humanity and then humanity fought back.

However let us not focus on these things, for if you knew what the land of Remnant was then you know enough about its history. Instead let us focus on a small orphanage in the kingdom of Vale, where a strange event is about to transpire.

"Sister! Sister!" a young girl of roughly 9 years of age, with orange eyes and black hair called out as she ran into the orphanage.

"Hm? What's wrong Mellum?" A young woman responded. She had chestnut brown hair and dark green eyes and wore a nun's outfit as she was sweeping the kitchen. The kids were feeling very playful so they trekked everywhere, outside and inside, leading to lots of dirt and dust getting all over the floors.

"There're babies outside! Babies Sister!" the girl exclaimed as she waved her arms around excitedly. Hearing this, the nun frowned before placing the broom in the corner of the room and hurrying outside with Mellum.

They arrived at the front of the orphanage, where several of the other kids were already sitting down and poking something that she couldn't see.

"Mellum said something about babies?" 'Sister' said as she approached the small huddle of children.

"Sister Bell, lookie!" one of the boys said as he poked a small bundle in a basket.

Bell's eyes widened as she saw the basket. It was a rather large basket and had four small bundles inside it. Each bundle had an opening which revealed the faces of four babies, at least a few months old.

"Oh you poor things..." she muttered as she knelt down to make sure they were alright. Each bundle of a baby was behaving differently from the other.

One baby wrapped in a purple cloth was sleeping soundly. Another in yellow cloth was looking around and laughing in that high pitched baby voice. The third in red cloth was crying very, very loudly. The fourth and final baby wrapped in brown cloth was sleeping soundly like the first, only it had a very tiny smile on its lips.

"They are so beautiful..." Bell said as she cradled the babies one by one, the crying one first to calm it down. "This cloth looks very expensive... who would throw away their babies like this?"

She then noticed that the red cloth had some sort of faded writing sown into it. She had to squint to read it properly. "Fo... Fo...xy... Foxy? Is that your name?" the brown haired nun asked to the baby as she cuddled it, causing it to calm down a bit.

"Sister, these have writings too!" Mellum exclaimed as she held the yellow bundle. "This one says... Chi... Chica."

"Bonnie, this says Bonnie!" a young boy said loudly as he stared at the sleeping purple bundle.

"And this says... uh... flabby?" another boy said.

"No dummy, it says flappy." A young girl refuted.

"No, it's Peppy!"



"Actually, I believe it says Freddy." A small boy with grey hair and swirly glasses said.

The children began to bicker again as Mellum and Bell put the babies back in the basket and carried it to the orphanage, Mellum giggling all the while. "They only just got here and everyone's already fussing about their names."

"Indeed... for the children to have names written on their own bundles, yet given away to an orphanage... what kind of parents would do that, I wonder?" Bell said as she gave a sad smile.

"Maybe God put them there!"


"Maybe these babies are special! They have their own names, their own colors and they're all in one basket! Maybe God thinks they can do something special and amazing when they grow up!"

Bell looked at Mellum with raised eyebrows before smiling and shaking her head. "Are you sure you aren't the nun around here? Sometimes you sound like you would do a better job than me."

As the two laugh and begin to tend to the babies and the children outside forget their argument and follow them into the building, the sky darkens as night begins to fall.

Their five nights in hell have ended.


Their first night in Remnant begins.



I'm sure some of you are more familiar with the lore than me. Let me make something clear, as this is a fanfic, the plot of FNAF is being told from my perspective of understanding. If you all have your own ideas or other theories, keep them to yourselves. This is a fanfic, not a discussion forum.

Also, I am willing to accept ideas for pairings, so long as it isn't anybody in the Fazbear team having a relationship with another in the same team.

For example, Bonnie and Chica cannot be a pairing, as they are siblings in this story.

I am willing to accept any pairing so long as it isn't too outlandish or yaoi.

...I may accept yuri if you can be convincing enough.

Either way, I hope you all will enjoy this fic and await the next chapter patiently.