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Chapter 3: Settling In


Freddy's mouth hung open in shock and awe as he took in the vast amount of literature in the Fleming/Scarlatina household's library. There were literally hundreds of shelves, dozens of meters high and wide.

"I am in heaven. No question about it. I died chocking on that fish from a few days ago and now I am in heaven." The bear Faunus muttered as he traced a hand across the various books. "Where should I start? Which should I read? Perhaps I must decide on a particular genre first? Or maybe in alphabetical order? No, then I would have to decide if I start from titles beginning with 'A' or authors' names beginning with 'A'. And maybe continue on with what letter their last and or middle name starts with. So many choices and so much time..."

Silk Scarlatina watched with amusement as one of her new children explores the library. 'Bonnie wasn't kidding when he said Freddy was a bookworm.'

Speaking of the lavender haired hare, he was currently exploring the backyard, which held a swing set, small fishpond, a few wooden benches of the best Fleming quality and several trees. Sigfried Fleming himself was currently lounging around outside, sitting on one of the benches as he watched his other three children play.

Foxy and Chica were each holding onto one end of a jump rope and were swinging it as Velvet jumped and jumped, attempting to avoid it lest she get tripped.

'Only a day after they were adopted and they're fitting in nicely already. Not a single bit of awkward behavior.' The aged man mused as he took a puff from his pipe. He was broken out of his reverie as his wife called them all in for sandwiches. He smiled as he saw the little kids rush into the mansion, eager to eat.

'This will be an interesting few years.'

#a few weeks later#

Sigfried raised an eyebrow at the book Freddy was reading. Usually he read either mystery novels involving murder or the supernatural or academic books with history in them. The book he was reading right now on the other hand was a different sort.

"I'm rather surprised you would be into weapons." The green eyed man said as he sat beside Freddy on the fluffy couch in the library.

The book Freddy was reading was indeed one about weapons. Specifically, the kind that Huntsmen and Huntresses use.

"I just find myself curious as to what kind of weapons these people use to hunt down the Grimm. Such fearsome beings and yet they can be felled by simple blades and bullets?"

"Don't forget that there are Semblances and Dust to take into consideration. A sword on its own is rather useless against a Grimm. One imbued with dust or your own aura on the other hand..." Sigfried trailed off.

"I take it you were a Huntsmen once?" Freddy asked as he lowered the book, an intuitive look in his ocean blue eyes. "Unless that scar you have was from the night of... Velvet's birth..."

Sigfried closed his eyes and sighed. He had learnt early on that Freddy was far too intelligent for anyone his age. It shouldn't be a surprise that there were probably other things that gave it away, like his posture or how he walked.

"I didn't take a single scratch during that night. No, this one was a gift from an Ursa Major that got lucky. So I decided to give it a gift of my own, namely a fire dust imbued bullet right up its backside." Sig said, absently rubbing his scar.

"You used a gun?"

"Heh, everyone does. Lesson number one in being a Huntsmen or Huntress. Everything is a gun. If your melee weapon can't shoot then you better have a gun somewhere else on you. It's an unspoken rule to have both ranged and melee weapons. Having those two can save your life one day. My own weapon is a pump action shotgun that fires off dust imbued rounds that I load in on the go. If I pump the gun thrice then the barrel extends and turns into a rifle with a bayonet on the end. Less power but much more range. And if I turned the handle of the gun a certain way, I could pull it off and it will turn into a small foldable hatchet."

Freddy watched in amusement as his father began to passionately describe his weapon and his conquests with it.

"I called it Sherlock. I don't know why but the name just sounded fitting. Every time I finished a mission, I would sling it over my shoulder and go 'Well that's another case solved Sherlock.' You need to treat your weapon as if it's alive you see, that tends to make it work better for you and it helps you get used to using it until it's practically another limb."

"I will keep that in mind in the future." Freddy said with a chuckle.

"...the future? You're planning on becoming a Huntsmen?" Sigfried asked with a raised eyebrow. "You look more like the type to be a journalist or a writer or maybe even a singer."

"Singer? What gives you that impression?"

"Well for a kid, your voice is pretty deep. I wouldn't be surprised if you could start singing old jazzy blues songs in clubs while wearing a suit."

The two shared a small laugh at that.

"But seriously," Sigfried continued on. "Why would you want to be a Huntsmen? It's a dangerous job and it could cost you your life."

Freddy paused for a moment as he tried to think of an answer. "...let me show you something." He said before taking Siegfried's hand in his. The aged man felt confused until he saw something.

Freddy's body was emitting light.

And then Sigfried began to feel... happy. Elated even. He began to feel as if all was well with the world and he could just close his eyes and sleep.

As quickly as it came, the feeling left him as Freddy let go. The man's Huntsmen instincts then kicked in as he began to analyze Freddy with a critical stare. Any Huntsmen worth their salt would know what that glow meant.

"You can use your aura? Scratch that, you can use your Semblance?"

"Yes. My Semblance allows me to sense and influence people's emotions. What I just did right now was make you feel very happy and calm. So far, I can only do it through skin contact, but with enough practice I should be able to do it without even being near a person." Freddy said with a calm expression.

"...how long have you been able to do this?"

"Since I was five."

Sigfried's eyes widened at that. Now there was no doubt about it, Freddy was TOO strange of a child. He could already use his Semblance and aura at the age of five AND he's so mature and intelligent.

"When I discovered this ability, I looked for any book I could find on what it was. Then I came across a book from Signal academy, donated to the orphanage a long time ago. It was about the Grimm, Huntsmen and Aura. Through that book, I learnt that I had a Semblance. People with Semblances are encouraged to become Huntsmen and Huntresses."

"That can't be the only reason why you wished to become a Huntsmen." Sigfried said.

"...Bonnie wants to be one as well."

"Somehow, I am not surprised."

"And so does Foxy and Chica."

"All of you!?" Sig exclaimed in shock. "Why?"

"Bonnie may not look like it but he loves fighting something challenging. Foxy wants an excuse to be able to wield a weapon. Chica just wants to follow us. There are many flimsy reasons why they wanted to become Huntsmen but we all share one thing in common. We wish to change the world." Freddy said as he leaned back in the couch. "For as long as humanity remembers, the Grimm have caused pain and devastation. Not only that, Faunae are discriminated against so cruelly in Remnant. If we could become Huntsmen, we would be one of, maybe even the first team consisting solely of Faunae in Remnant. We could kill monsters AND prove that Faunae deserve as much respect as humans do."

"So you basically want to become famous enough to become the symbol of Faunus power?" Sigfried asked.

"I guess you could put it that way. If we can become famous enough by saving lives... people may start seeing Faunae differently. It will take years, decades even. But they will see us differently."

"...you're a very good kid, you know that?" Sigfried said with a smile as he pat Freddy's head. "Well, I support you. I'm sure Silk does too. And Velvet will be thrilled to know that you're all going to be with her in a few years."


"Oh, didn't you know? She's been planning to become a Huntress as well. Heck, in a few years she's going to apply for Beacon academy."

Freddy's slow blinking was the only reaction Sigfried got as the brunette raised an eyebrow. "Not to call her weak or anything but isn't Velvet a little too soft to be a Huntress? Does she even have any combat training?"

"Silk trains her in hand to hand combat every now and then. Eventually she's going to up the training a bit. We haven't been able to hire a formal instructor lately but eventually we will."

"That answers the second question but not the first."

"Ah. Well, hopefully she will grow a little more assertive in a few years. Silk used to be just like her as a teenager." Sigfried said wistfully. "Years of fighting Grim have honed her into a bit of a firecracker."

"How long have you known her?"

"Since we were students in Signal academy. We've always been close friends. It wasn't until the day we became a team in Beacon that I realized that she's been having feelings for me. We didn't get married until a few years after graduating."

Freddy listened with a curious expression as Sigfried went on about his times growing up with Silk. Their relationship was almost like one of those romantic novels he once read to Chica before bedtime.


"You want to be a Huntress?" Silk said with a raised eyebrow as she sat next to Chica under one of the trees.

"Yep! I'm gonna be the best girl Faunus huntress ever!" the blonde bird Faunae declared as she puffed up her chest in pride with her hands fisted on her hips, making her do a strange impression of a preening hen.

"Heh, you're gonna have some competition there. That's Velvet's dream too." Silk said with a smirk as she turned her head to see Velvet making small talk with Bonnie as they jogged around the small garden. Foxy was jogging alongside, or rather, ahead of them with much more vigor as he hummed a sea shanty.

"No problem, we'll both be the best!" Chica said with a beaming smile that had so much innocence, she was practically radiating light.

"I'm curious though, why do you want to be a Huntress?" Silk asked, leaning back to rest against the tree.

"Cuz Bon-Bon, Captain and Fred-Fred want to be ones too!"

"Somehow I'm not surprised that Bonnie wants to be a Huntsman..." Silk muttered as she glanced at the lavender haired rabbit Faunus before returning her attention to Chica. "But Foxy? And Freddy too? He doesn't look like the fighting type."

"Fred-Fred is really strong! Stronger than Bon-Bon and Captain combined!" Chica exclaimed with sparkling eyes, surprising Silk a bit. "One time, I went off walking on my own and some mean grownups were gonna do bad things to me. I was really scared. They were all smelly and one of them was taking off his pants."

Silk's eyes widened considerably as she bristled in anger. 'She was assaulted by pedophiles..?'

"But then Fred-Fred came and made them gone!"

"Gone..? What do you mean gone?" Silk asked with a confused expression.

"I wasn't really watching because I was scared and had my eyes closed, but I heard some yelling and some squishy and snappy sounds and when I opened my eyes, I saw Fred-Fred covered in lotsa red goopy stuff! Like tomato sauce! It was everywhere, on his clothes, face, and hair and all over the place! And then he told me to go home while he went to take a bath in the river. And I promised never to go on my own ever again!"

Unbeknownst to Chica, Silk's face had twisted into a look of shock and horror at what the child described. If what she said was true...

Then there was something very, VERY wrong with Freddy.

"Oi, first mate! Git over here and help me hold this here jump rope! Velvet's gonna start doin' the bunny hop!" Foxy shouted from across the backyard, one end of a jump rope in his left hand.

"Aye aye captain!" Chica replied as she took off towards them, leaving Silk sitting in shock on her own.

"You wanna know the whole story?"

Silk's Huntress instincts kicked in as she snapped her head to her right, her eyes landing upon Bonnie who had sat himself on the grass next to her.

'How did he sneak up on me!?' Silk exclaimed in her mind in shock.

"We're not normal kids. You know that much, right?"

Snapping out of her bewilderment, she gave a slow nod, even though Bonnie wasn't even looking at her.

"Well, Freddy's different. He's weirder. A whole lot of weirder. I can't tell you much since I don't really get it myself."

"Is what Chica said true? Did he... kil-"

"He saved her. That's all that mattered to him." Bonnie interrupted with narrowed eyes. "He's very protective of her. He's protective of all of us but Chica especially. He didn't care that they were humans, or even adults. They were going to hurt her and he got rid of them."

Silk's face kept its shocked expression as Bonnie continued talking. He took a deep sigh before closing his eyes. "It was a year ago. I followed him that night when he went to look for her after she decided to go for a walk. When we got there and saw what they were going to do..."


The air was thick with the smell of garbage in the alleyway. It was in the outskirts of town, near the river. In the middle of the alleyway was a little blonde girl, on her back on the pavement, her eyes shut in fear. Two men were holding her down and a third was unbuckling his belt.

Bonnie's eyes widened as he came upon this scene with Freddy. Cursing, he bent his legs and prepared to rush there and kick them off.

But the brunette next to him snapped first.

Suddenly, Freddy rocketed off the ground and headed straight for the men, the pavement cracking under each step he made.

Freddy grabbed the arms of the two men holding Chica down and squeezed, not letting go until he felt the bones shatter under his hands. Then he yanked with strength that no child should possess and ripped their arms clean off before kicking the third man in front of him in the leg, snapping it, and then using both his hands to push the man several meters back.

He then made quick work of the two men who he just injured.

He grabbed the first one by the ankle and lifted him above his head before smashing him down into a dumpster and then swinging him into a wall, over and over again until he was nothing more than paste. Blood splattered over his clothes but the boy didn't care. He then walked over to the whining second man and began to stomp his back into the ground, until his foot made a nasty hole in his body.

He then turned to the third man, the man who was about to defile his sister. The man was currently shivering in fear and had lost control of his bladder, if the pool of liquid under him was any indication. Freddy then walked towards that man, who screamed and tried to stand and hobble away.

Freddy got to him first and broke the other ankle.

And then he proceeded to mutilate him.

First his fingers.

Then his hands.

Then his forearms.






Every body part the man owned was crushed or ripped out and then stomped under his foot.

Bonnie could not stop staring at the scene. Even as Freddy finished, he could not stop staring at the violence he just saw.

Blood was everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

The walls and floor were covered with blood. Blood soaked into Freddy's clothes and his hair. Chica surprisingly had little blood on her.

That night, Bonnie witnessed the truest embodiment of terror.

And it took the form of Freddy Fazbear, who stood there on top of the lump of bloodied and mangled organs with clenched fists and glowing blue eyes full of rage.

#end flashback#

Silk has never been so horrified.

To think that such a calm and mature boy like Freddy had the strength to not only overpower three adults, but also completely annihilate them. It was scary. It was disturbing.

"Well? Say something. Are you scared of him?" Bonnie asked nonchalantly as he leaned back on the grass.

Silk remained in her spot, shivering a bit before swallowing her saliva and slapping her own cheeks a bit with both hands and letting out a frustrated sigh. "Oum Damn it, if I had known I was gonna be treated to this kind of story this early in the morning, I would have brought some whiskey."

"Morning? It's four in the afternoon." Bonnie replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Still too early for this kind of shit..." Silk grumbled.

An awkward silence enveloped them both for a few moments, the only sound in the garden being the chirping of birds and the sound of Velvet's shoes kicking off the ground and over the jump rope, again and again and again.

"..." Silk bit her lip before sighing again. "Look, I get it. Freddy isn't normal. Hell, he acts like he's twice his age. So do you, although in a more 'look at me, I'm a badass' way." Silk said, ignoring the half-hearted glare her adoptive son sent her. "But frankly, I don't want to care if he's killed someone. I should care, hell I should be more downright disturbed and scared of that fact... but he was defending his sister. I don't approve of it but it happened. I refuse to let that change how things are in this family."

Bonnie stared at her for a few seconds before giving her a genuine smile. "Thanks mom."

"No problem kiddo."

#two and a half years later#

It was in the middle of the day and the train station was bustling with activity. Bonnie was walking around, bored as hell. His entire family had went out on a small outing for the day to go shopping and what-not and then later at night they were going to some kind of party hosted by some rich so-and-sos for a few hours. Of course, Sigfried knew that Bonnie absolutely HATED parties. Unless it had rock music. In which case the party would be awesome.

In order to placate Bonnie, Sigfried allowed him to go off and do whatever he wanted for the entire day (provided it was legal) until it was time to head to the party.

Which left Bonnie with a few hours to just window-shop and wander around the city.

Why he ended up at a train station of all places, where the noise would no doubt aggravate his sensitive rabbit ears?

Call it fate.

"Seriously... why does this place smell so bad?" Bonnie grumbled and held his nose with his fingers. "You'd think with the amount of money these damn trains must've cost that they would at least use some kind of nice smelling fuel."

Bonnie continued walking and staring at the trains, ignoring the unpleasant or hateful looks most of the other people there sent him.

The White Fang, an organization that protests against the unfair treatment towards Faunus kind have recently become a bit more drastic, causing riots and vandalism in populated areas. Rumor has it that these more violent approaches towards equality for Faunae is being directed by another leader inside the group, who's trying to undermine the current leader. But of course, those were just that. Rumors.

"Hey, you!" a voice called out.

'Just ignore the noises Bonnie, they'll all go away. Christ I sound like I'm fighting off having voices in my head. Wait, who the hell is Chri-'

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" the voice called out again, only much closer and louder, causing Bonnie to hold a hand over his Faunus ears in pain before glaring at the source.

The source of the loud voice was apparently a young girl, about his age, with long and wavy black hair and was wearing a rather tattered brown long sleeved dress that looked like it had seen better days.

What stood out about her wasn't the dress though, nor was it her piercing yellow eyes.

It was the pair of cat ears atop her head.

"What?" the lavender haired Faunus asked indignantly.

"What are you doing here? The train is leaving in fifteen minutes!" she exclaimed, her hands on her hips.

"Uhh, I think you have me confused for someone else." Bonnie replied, confused. "I'm only here to see trains. And walk around."

Now it was her turn to look confused. "You mean you're not leaving this place?"

"Why would I leave?"

"You're a Faunus."

"So are you, the hells your point?" Bonnie said with a raised eyebrow.

"The humans here treat us badly, in case you haven't noticed. But the White Fang set up a camp for Faunae to live in a few miles off, near the border. The train I'm on is going to head there." The girl said.

"Is this the terrorist White Fang or the pacifist White Fang because honestly it's kinda hard telling the difference these days." Bonnie said as he stared at the girl to see her reaction.

Which came in the form of a glare.

"It isn't their fault! It's that stupid vice-leader's fault! He's the extremist who keeps saying how we should resort to force to get equality. Our leader's is kind and compassionate, he'd never encourage such barbarity!"

"Geez, no need to yell at me! Keep in mind that my ears are sensitive!" Bonnie exclaimed and pointed at his lapine ears, causing the girl to turn red in embarrassment.


"No problem just tone down the volume." Bonnie said before walking off in a random direction, away from the noise, the girl following him. "Why're you following me?"

"Because I want to know why you're not going?"

"I got family here."

"They can come too!"

"One of them is human."

"T-... oh." The girl trailed off. "A-are you treated well?"

"Obviously, or I'd have gone with you the moment you said the train led to a Faunus camp. He's my dad and he's cool with Faunae, otherwise he'd never have married mom."

"W-well... he can come too if he's that kind to you. T-there are a couple of normal humans coming with us."

"Yeah, but how many of them own large businesses?" Bonnie said as he walked with his hands in his pockets.

"How big?"

"Furniture Company."

"But the only furniture company in Vale is... oh. Oh!" the yellow eyed girl exclaimed with realization. "Your dad is-"

"Shhh, keep a lid on it!" Bonnie hissed. "He's kind of kept us a secret for two years now, and the last thing he'd want is for the news to get out so early."

"What do you mean?"

"Me and my siblings have never really left the manor with him. We're a secret. He wants to reveal us tonight at some fancy party."

"As a publicity stunt?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

"No, to show that he doesn't give a crap about how other people think of him. Quite a few people already think badly of him for marrying a Faunus and having one daughter. He's just gonna show 'em that he doesn't give a crap."

"Won't that be bad for his business?"

"He's got it all planned out. Don't know what he's got planned, but he has one." Bonnie shrugged.

"Why are you telling me so much?" the girl asked.

"You asked. Plus, I'm bored." He replied before stopping and looking at the station clock. "Say, what time does your train leave?"

Her eyes widened as she stared at the clock in horror. "Oh no, it's leaving in less than a minute!" she exclaimed before looking the direction that her train was in. "I won't make it in time!"

"Not with those skinny legs."

Suddenly, she found herself being lifted up bridal style by Bonnie. Her face burned red in embarrassment at the position she was in. "W-what are you-"

"Hang on tight."


She was cut off when Bonnie suddenly began to spring and leap up over people's heads and he went up through a gap in the station's ceiling and onto the roof before bounding over to the direction she was looking in. "Point out which train it is."

"T-t-t-the black one with the White Fang logo!" she nearly shrieked in fear as she held on for dear life.

Eventually, Bonnie saw the train she was talking about, already in the process of leaving. Targeting one of the roofless carriages, he leapt up from the roof of the station and landed right in the middle of a group of Faunae and boxes.

"This girl yours?" he asked casually to the shocked group of Faunus people.


Bonnie turned his head towards a boy, a few years older than him, with red hair with brown streaks and a pair of bull-like horns on his head and red eyes, rush straight to the girl with yellow eyes.

"A-Adam!" she exclaimed as Bonnie let her down. She ran right up to the boy before he suddenly gave her a mean head-butt which knocked her onto her rear.

"Where the hell were you!? Do you have any idea how worried I was!?" he said with a glare.

"I-I'm sorry! I-I lost track of the time!" she said, holding onto her forehead in pain. She sent a glare at Bonnie who burst out laughing the moment she was hit.

"And who's he?" Adam said with narrowed eyes.

"Name's Bonnie, professional acrobat, musician and delivery boy via leaping." The bored looking rabbit Faunus said cooly.


"Hell no, how old do you think I am for that crap?" Bonnie said with a mock glare. "And who're you?"

"My name is Adam. I'm Blake's brother."

"You don't look related."

"These days, family isn't always limited by blood. Especially when you're an orphan and have no one else." The red haired boy said, striking a chord within Bonnie.

"Heh, I know what you mean. Well, I'm just dropping her off and then I'm heading back home."

"Wait, aren't you here to come with us?" one of the other Faunae asked in surprise.

"Nah, I've got things to do in Vale. Don't be surprised if you start seeing me on the news." He said with a grin before walking to the edge of the train, before noticing how far he was from the station. They were already incredibly far and had left the town entirely. "Well shit. My mom is gonna kill me if I'm late."

He put a foot on the edge of the train and bent low preparing to leap again before turning his head to Blake. "See you around Kitten"

"My name is Blake!" she retorted with a small glare, blushing in embarrassment.

"Yeah, but Kitten sounds cuter. Ciao." Bonnie said with a smirk before leaping off the train and onto the grass below, rolling as he landed before standing up and sprinting off towards Vale, before beginning to leap again.

Blake watched him go before smiling lightly. "Yeah... see you around."

#several hours later#

"I can explain." Bonnie said with panic filled eyes.

"Five seconds." Silk said with a frying pan in her hands.

"I was talking to this Cat Faunus girl who was going to leave for some kind of safe camp for Faunae and she ended up being late so I had to help her get on the train and then I ended up being talked to for a few minutes and y the time we stopped talking the train was already pretty far from the station an-"

"Alright alright, I get." Silk said with a small groan, lowering the frying pan. "You're lucky the party isn't for another hour or so, so you still have time to get ready. Now get your ass upstairs and change into your suit."

"Yes ma." Bonnie said with a sigh of relief. As he walked upstairs, he passed by Freddy who smirked at him.

"Mother chewed you out for being tardy?"

"Shut it Fazbear."

#an hour or so later#

The party was being held at a rather large building with multiple purposes. Sometimes it is a theater for important speeches, performances and the like, sometimes it is used for art exhibitions and other times it is used for large scale parties held by incredibly wealthy people. Like tonight.

The five Faunus siblings were all wide-eyed as they stared around them. The room was full of well-dressed individuals, tables covered in white cloth with various assortments of food on them, men and women in butler or maid outfits with trays of small snacks and/or alcohol, smooth classical music playing in the air and of course, the chatter of "nobles", as they talked about things ranging from gossip to business plans.

Sigfried grinned at his children. This is the first time they've seen a party like this. "Now remember kids, stick close to me until I say so and try to be polite to everybody." He directed his eyes to Bonnie as he said the last part, the lavender haired boy simply rolling his eyes.

As they walked, they drew the attention of most of the people in the room who began to whisper to each other and point discreetly.

"Ah, if it isn't Fleming." A rather haughty voiced called out.

A rather thin looking man with brown hair wearing a grey suit and a snide grin on his face walked towards the family, a glass of wine in his right hand.

"Orleans, good to see you again." Sigfried said with a faux smile. 'Oh God, not this idiot.'

"Yes yes, a pleasure. And it seems you've brought your... lovely wife this time too." The brown haired man said with a grin as he looked at Silk, who tried not to shudder in anger at the man's tone.

"Indeed, this is a rather important party, celebrating the anniversary of Vale's victory over that Grimm attack so many years ago, so I decided to bring my whole family with me." Sigfried said with a calm tone.

"Your... whole family? So then these children really are..."

"Yes, they are all my children."

Orleans stared at the Faunus children, his eyes narrowed. "And yet several of them don't even look like the same type of animal as your wife. Oh wait, she can't give birth now can she? These must be adopted."

Silk felt anger begin to well up as she heard the man say that.

Unfortunately for her, the incident where she was attacked was quite well known, as it was spread by the more gossipy nurses in the hospital and a few doctors. Somehow, word had spread about Sigfried Fleming's Faunus wife getting attacked while pregnant, though the details about if any child or children survived were kept under wraps.

"Indeed, and it was the best decision I've made since marrying Silk." The ex-huntsman said, his tone beginning to sound rather dangerous.

"Hmph, somehow I'm not surprised at this. It was bound to happen that you would find a way to increase the amount of animals in your little zo-akh!" Orleans was cut off as his right arm was bumped into, causing him to spill some wine on his shirt.

"Oh, terribly sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going." A young man with grey hair and amber eyes said all too smugly. He wore a pair of small and round spectacles and was wearing a dark green suit. He had a cane in his right hand and, strangely, a mug of coffee in his left.

"Tch, you-" Orleans began with a growl.

"You should probably get that cleaned up, I heard wine smells absolutely dreadful when it's fully seeped into cloth like that. You sure wouldn't want to embarrass yourself in a party smelling like that now would you?" the bespectacled man said calmly. Orleans stared and spluttered for a moment in anger before storming off. The grey haired man then turned to Sigfried and his family and looked at the children with a grin. "Don't take anything he says seriously, nobody really does anyway."

"Ozpin." Sigfried said with a smile. "It is good to see you my friend."

"O-Ozpin? As in Professor Ozpin, the principal of Beacon?" Velvet said with awe. The man gives her a nod before drinking from his mug. Velvet just stares at him, her eyes practically sparkling as she approaches him. "I-it's an honor to meet you sir!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you too." Ozpin replied, raising an eyebrow at how star struck she looked.

"Don't mind Velvet, she's planning to enter Beacon once she's old enough." Sigfried said with a chuckle.

"Oh? Do you think you are skilled enough to enter my academy?" the grey haired man says with amusement.

"I-I believe I will be skilled enough in a few years, sir!" Velvet declared.

"Well then, good luck to you. You seem very bright so I will look forward to seeing what kind of Huntress you become."

"She won't be the only one though Ozpin. The other four want to as well." Sigfried said, making Ozpin raise both eyebrows in surprise.

"An entire sibling group of candidates for my academy? Now that IS interesting. What makes the four of you think you can become skilled enough to enter?" he said as he stared at Bonnie and the other three.

"We don't think. We know." Bonnie said with a smirk before getting whooped on the head lightly by Freddy, making him glare at the bear Faunus. "What!? I was just stating a fact!"

"That doesn't mean you have to sound so arrogant." Freddy said with a sigh before looking at Ozpin. "I apologize for Bonnie's behavior Professor Ozpin. It is an honor to meet you."

"Polite one aren't you?" Ozpin chuckled. "You even sound a bit like your father does back when he was a teenager."

"You've know father for that long?"

"Of course, we were in the same team. Him, me, Silk and-" Ozpin turns his head towards the side. "-you. Were we not?"

Following the direction he was looking in, the group saw a middle aged man with shocking white hair and pale blue eyes, along with a young girl about the Faunus siblings' age with the same colored hair and eyes. The man was wearing an expensive white suit and his hair was cut into a short and neat haircut, whereas the girl was wearing a white dress.

What stood out about the man though, was that he had a scar going down the side of his throat and disappeared under his shirt.

"Indeed we were Ozpin. Suffice to say, none of you have changed in the slightest in all these years." The man said stoically before turning his head to Silk. "Except you, you got taller."

"You haven't changed much either, you're still the stoic and stiff guy from our team, Schnee." Sigfried said with a small grin before turning to his children. "Kids, meet the big cheese of one of the richest companies in Vale, Krei Schnee."

Velvet's eyes were wide with shock that she was standing in front of one of the richest men in Vale. Possibly even the world. Freddy had a calm look on his face, trying not to worry about Bonnie and praying that the lavender haired Faunus wasn't going to say anything snarky. Bonnie however had a deadpan look on his face. The two remaining siblings just stared and looked at each other in confusion, since they don't exactly know what to do in a situation like this.

"Fleming, my company isn't one of the richest in Vale." The Schnee head said calmly before a slight smug tone entered his voice. "It IS the richest company in Vale."

"What's this, a Schnee getting all arrogant? Somebody check the sky, the moon must be falling." Sigfried said with a smirk. Krei simply let the smallest of smirks reflect on his lips before he turned to the girl next to him.

"This is my daughter, Weiss. Weiss, why don't you go and chat somewhere with those kids. It would be good for you to hang around people of your age." Krei said with a calm tone.

"B-but father, they are-" his daughter whispered out before she was silenced by a stern look from the icy eyed ex-Huntsman. "Yes father."

The Schnee heir stepped up to the Faunus siblings and motioned for them to follow her. Freddy looked at Sigfried, who nodded with a smile, before following after the white haired girl, his brothers and sisters following him.

"That daughter of yours sure looks a lot like you Schnee." Sigfried said. "Wonder if she acts like you too?"

"She ought to, a Schnee must always have a calm and calculative persona. It is how we have been for decades. Though I will admit that she's a bit hot headed at times." Krei Schnee said, shaking his head slowly with closed eyes. "Hopefully as I train her, she will outgrow that trait."

"I don't suppose you will be planning on entering her into my school as well?" Ozpin said before drinking from his mug.

"Of course I will, it is the best Hunter and Huntress academy I know, even if you of all people are the one in charge now."

"Scalding." Ozpin chuckled.

"I try." The blue eyed man said, his face straight as he turned to the Fleming head. "I find myself curious though, why would you wish to enter all of them into Beacon? Do you not wish for one of them to lead your company when you finally retire?"

"Ah, the thing is, I'm already retiring."

Schnee's eyes widened by a fraction at this. "Already? You aren't even forty yet."

"I want to use the rest of my time training them. Silk can't do it alone and being the boss of a furniture company, I won't really have time. Especially considering that not many people buy furniture anyway. So I'm going to sell the company and use all the money I've saved up to help train my kids. Once all that is said and done, well, I'll think of something." Sigfried said with a smile. "The only reason I've even kept the company is because my father asked me to run it in his stead before he passed away. Now I'll be able to do what I want. Maybe write a book. Or even get a job as a teacher. I have a lot of knowledge and it would be best to use it for something that other people can benefit from."

Sigfried felt a hand upon his own and turned his head to see Silk smiling softly at him.

"Wise words." Ozpin said, smiling at his friend. Krei was silent for a moment before he straightened up.

"In that case, I have a preposition for you."

"Oh?" Sigfried tried to mask his surprise.

"You can sell your company to me and accept a job as the head of security in my company." The white haired businessman said, briefly smirking at the shocked expression on his friend's face. "I need a new one after the last one resigned due to a crippling accident on his vacation to Atlas. A head of security I can trust who is also an ex-Huntsman will be beneficial to my company and the pay is impressive."

"This is unlike you." Ozpin remarked before drinking from his seemingly bottomless mug of caffeine. "You wouldn't normally offer such assistance to your "rival" like this. I remember when you both annoyed each other so much that you would be at each other's' throats."

Krei said nothing before his voice took a somber tone. "Do you remember that time, all those years ago, when I foolishly went out into Forever Falls on my own?"

"Yes, you wanted to prove that you didn't need teammates." Sigfried said.

"Yes... I was arrogant at the time, thinking that as a Schnee, I would not require help from anybody. I have never been so wrong since that day. If it weren't for you, that Ursa Major would have left more than just a scar." Krei Schnee said, lightly tracing the scar on his neck that went down and ended under the right side of his lower ribs. "You saved my life that time and I never managed to repay you for that. I probably never will. But I swore to myself that whenever you would need my assistance, I would give it. Helping you keep a steady income is the least I can do."

Sigfried Fleming was silent for a moment before asking in an uncertain tone. "Are you sure?"

"A Schnee never forgets an oath, whether they make it to others or themselves."

"...then I guess I had better start calling you 'Boss'?" Sigfried said with a smile, getting a smirk from Krei in response.

"Finally, I have been waiting to be treated with some respect by you."

The two chuckled at that, Ozpin and Silk smiling softly at the scene.

#elsewhere in the room#

In one corner of the large hall, right next to a large window stood Weiss Schnee. And she was not happy.

Halfway to the window, the purple haired and the red haired Faunus boys had wandered off, taking their little sister with her. It took the remaining three children several minutes to realize that they were gone, which ended with Velvet deciding to try and find them.

Leaving the Schnee heir and the second eldest Fleming child standing near the window.

"I can't believe they just walked off... of all the nerve..." Weiss muttered to herself.

"Do not feel too frustrated by it, they do that all the time." Freddy chuckled. "Frankly, I'm surprised they let their boredom last this long. Some people just aren't meant for parties like this."

"And you are?"

"Perhaps." Freddy said as he smiled at the white haired girl. "I must say that parties like this present all kinds of opportunities. First I met the headmaster of Beacon academy himself, and then came face to face with the head of the renowned Schnee Company and now I am having a conversation with the lovely heir of said company herself. Quite an honor."

Weiss blushed a bit before crossing her arms and huffing, turning her head away. "Y-yes well you should be honored. Not many people of your age have the privilege of speaking with a girl of my standing."

"Quite." The bear Faunus said as he turned to stare at the sky from the window.

The two were in a rather comfortable silence for a few moments before surprisingly, Weiss spoke up again.

"So... you are planning on going to Beacon as well?"

"Indeed. My siblings and I have a feeling that it is our calling to be Huntsmen and Huntresses."

"Why is that?"

"We just do. We want to become the best that Beacon has to offer. And it would be good for Faunae around the world to know that some of the strongest slayers of Grimm in the world are Faunae like them. Entering Beacon academy is just one step closer to bringing equality, in a way." Freddy said calmly.

"...You aren't what I expected..." Weiss muttered quietly.

"What were you expecting?" Freddy replied, startling Weiss a bit. "I'm a Faunus, my hearing is obviously sharper than humans'."

"W-well... from what I have read and seen from the news and from what my mother tells me, all of Faunus kind are like the White Fang. Brutes."

"Ah, she does not like Faunae?"

"She honestly doesn't... that's why she's not with father right now, since he's talking to your parents." Weiss said.

"Well, don't let propaganda and biased opinions affect your thoughts. Faunae are so much more different when you look at them with your own eyes. Some of us may be brutes like the ones in the more violent side of the White Fang, but other than that, we are just like normal humans."

Weiss stared silently at Freddy before her eyes turned downcast. "I-I'm sorry. I honestly prepared to go into conversation with you, thinking that you would be like a brute. I honestly didn't think I would like you."

"Oh? So you like me?" Freddy said with a smirk.

"Wha-bu-" Weiss immediately stuttered and backed up, her face slightly red. "T-that's not what I meant! D-don't get cocky, just because y-you have the privilege of speaking to me doesn't mean that you have the honor me liking you!"

"Ah, apologies." Freddy said with a slight bow.

"U-ugh, if you're that polite then it just makes it harder to stay mad at you..." Weiss groaned. "I-I meant that I wasn't expecting you to be so... easy to talk with. I don't talk a lot with children my age so I wasn't sure how you were going to be. Add the fact that you are a Faunus and I just felt even less sure."

"Ah, I see. I felt a bit unsure as well, initially I was expecting an arrogant and uptight child who whines whenever she doesn't get what she wants." Freddy said, garnering an anger vein on Weiss' head.

"And now?"

"Well, I find you easy to talk with. I'm not really sure what to think just yet, I would need to converse some more with you to find out." The sapphire eyed boy said to the icy eyed girl. The Schnee heiress just crossed her arms and looked away.

"...I guess... I could ask father to make you my official playmate so I can have another person my age to talk to."

"Can't you just say friend?" Freddy said with a smile.

"Hmph, you have a long way to go before becoming that! For now, you are just an acquaintance."

#an hour or so later#

At the entrance to the hall, stood the four ex-Hunstmen plus Huntress and the children. The party had ended and now they were giving their farewells.

"I will look forward to working for you, my old friend." Sigfried said to Krei as they shook hands.

"And I will look forward to having you as my underling." The Schnee head said with a slight smirk.

Ozpin chuckled looking at the two. Off the the side, Silk was scolding Bonnie, Foxy and Chica for running of and making Velvet have to find them. Near them, Freddy was standing in front of Weiss.

"I look forward to talking with you again, lady Schnee." Freddy said with a light bow.

"As do I." she said with a slight smile before extending her hand to shake his.

To her surprise and embarrassment, he took her hand and placed a quick and light kiss on her knuckle.

She blushed before turning her head around at the sound of chuckling, which came from the parents and Ozpin.

Even her own father was trying to suppress a grin.

Parting, the Fleming family got into their car and drove off to return home. Ozpin himself also excused himself before walking off to find his own transport, leaving the Schnee head and heiress on their own to reenter the hall and find Weiss' mother.

"...father, may I see that boy again? He's an interesting person to talk to."

"Of course, just make sure to tell me when you finally begin entering a relationship with him."

Krei Schnee continued to walk, ignoring his daughter's embarrassed splutters of denial.

#Fleming family car#

"So..." Sigfried started as he briefly glanced at Freddy in the back seat, who was reading a book while Chica slept with her head on his shoulder. "You're putting the moves on the Schee heiress huh? That's a rocky road if she's anything like her father."

"She is a rather interesting person." Freddy said as he continued to read. "I find her eyes very enchanting as well. She's rather pretty now, so I imagine that as a mature woman she will be very beautiful. I look forward to getting to know her better and hopefully build a lasting friendship with her."

"Right, 'friendship'." Silk said as she chuckled. 'Heh, he's only 9 and he's already got his sights on a girl.'

That night, two children slept peacefully, idly thinking about the other as they looked forward to the future.

#elsewhere, small bedroom#

A young boy was having a not so peaceful slumber. His dreams were being wracked with nightmares of things he shouldn't know, shouldn't remember and shouldn't hear.

-he man in p_ple j_st cleaned his hands after stuffing the muti_ted chi_d into one of the s_s. He then turned his g_stly wh_te eye_ to the last c_ild, his grin growing so _uch wider.

"W_ll isn't that a shame? I've run out of s_its!" he gig_ed before tu_ning towa_s one in the corn_r. "Oh, but th_re is THAT on_! Since it has _thin' in it, I won_ have t_ c_ you up so mu_ to fit you in!"

He then grabbed the c_ying b_ bef_re slam_g him on the t_ble.

"But th_t doe_'t mean I c_n't do it for sh_ts and gig_es anyway!"

The scr_ams of that po_r child were hear_ by non_.

The poor boy in bed was crying as he saw and felt the images, clutching his head as they played like a broken video.

And then he saw something new.

-urple man was standing in front of four large robotic suits. Each of them were designed to look like animals, a bear, a rabbit, a chicken and a fox. They all stood at the entrance of the room, watching him, guttural growls escaping their throats.

"Heh...hehehe... You can't get in here now can you?" the Purple Man said, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "Your programmed to not be able to enter this room right? Hah! So you can't get me!" he taunted as he pointed at the animatronics.

They simply stared at him silently. He shrugged before looking at his watch. "Hehehe, just six hours till you guys get shut off huh? Heh, bet poor Mike won't be expecting that you're all here instead of trying to kill him!"

The animatronics said nothing. However, the Purple Man didn't care, he just talked and taunted them.

And then, they stepped aside.

And the FIFTH child came into the room.

The Purple Man stared at the floating suit, its once golden color now moldy yellow. It just floated with limp arms and legs and its head cocked to the side.

And its empty black eyes stared into his shocked white ones.

"No... nonono, what the fuck is this!? How are you doing that!?" the murderer panicked as he backed away from the floating suit. "What the fuck are you!?"

"_s m_..."


The floating suit just levitated their silently until suddenly it's head snapped up straight, a pair of glowing white orbs visible in the eye sockets.

"IT'S ME." Golden Freddy said with pure rage as he began to float towards the Purple Man.

"SHIT!" the white eyed man swore as he ran, dodging the repeated lunges of the empty suit, running around the small room as the other animatronics watched, screaming at him to throw him off.

This continued for a few moments until the Purple Man saw the spare suit. The old suit.

The Spring Bonnie suit.

Panicking, he rushed towards it and got inside, quickly putting it on. To his relief, the Golden Freddy stopped and then cocked its head at him.

"Heh...hehehe... HAHAHAHAHA!" the Purple Man laughed. "You can't touch me now can you? You're so dumb that you can't even tell me apart from the other idiots now!"

Golden Freddy just watched as the Purple Man laughed.

Neither noticing the small and skinny figure with a cracked and dirty mask, slowly floating in the shadows of the room.

"Hahaha, this is priceless! It's gonna be a pain in the ass waiting for six AM but I'll be fine knowing that you idiots screwed up so bad! You want to kill me so bad, huh? You want me to pay? Well guess want! You can't-"

The Marionette snapped its fingers.

And the spring lock went loose.

With a horrible squelch, the Purple Man felt his body being crushed, his organs getting pierced by the mechanical servos and his own face being pushed into the metallic parts of the mask.

"A-agh, f-fuck! It hurts! It hurts! WHAT'S GOING-AAAGHH!" the Purple Man screamed as he fell over, his back slamming against the wall as he slid down it, blood pouring out of him. He gurgled as he stared at the floating Golden Suit and the glowing white eyes of the figure in the shadows.

"Y-you will pay... I'll fucking get you for this! I'LL FUCKING GE-GARGH!" he cried out as the endoskeleton pushed into his body, crushing his vital organs. Blood pooled on the floor and soaked into the suit as he lay there, choking on his own blood.

Slowly, his gargling and jerking grew weaker until he was finally silent.

Golden Freddy stared before floating backwards and then slowly setting down, going limp and sitting in the corner of the room.

It was over.

And then Springtrap's eyes snapped open as his head slowly turned to look at Golden Freddy. "Suuuurprissseeee~"

"AAAAAAGH!" the small blonde boy screamed as he sat upright, clutching his chest. He panted for breath as his blue eyes darted around the room in terror, searching for that bloody yellow figure with white eyes.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" a kind and concerned voice called out from the other side of his door before entering.

"I-I had a nightmare mom..." the boy said before slowly breaking into tears.

"Aww..." his mother went before sitting next to him on the bed and hugging him. "Shh, it's okay honey, it was just a nightmare. It isn't real."

"B-but it felt so real! I felt pain! I felt scared! I-I-"

"Shhh..." his mother cooed as she stroked his hair. "Here, I'll stay until you fall asleep, okay?"


And so the boy just laid there in bed, his mother next to him as she stroked his hair softly, hugging him.

"Just sleep... just dream... it's only a nightmare..." she said before kissing her son on the forehead. "And soon you'll be set free..."

Several minutes passed until the boy was sound asleep. His mother smiled softly before slowly getting up and walking towards the door. Slowly, she opened it and then turned to her son before leaving.

"Goodnight... my sweet Jaune."

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