In light of the latest Wings of Fire book, I just got this idea out of nowhere. It just started with the question, "if the HTTYD characters were dragons in Wings of Fire, what would they be?" And the rest was history.

The Three Sisters Prophecy

Blood and tears soak in the sand,
In the fight for an empty throne.
Three in battle, two shall fall,
And one shall stand alone.

Find the eye that sees the worthy.
Fear the dragons of the night.
Fear the ones who seek to conquer.
Find the dragons of full moons bright.

Wings of mud and sea and rain,
Wings of sand, ice, night, and sky.
All seven form the wings of fire,
And the time for peace shall be nigh

An auburn-colored, female SkyWing backed into a corner, holding her egg close. She was surrounded by guards, their spears all pointing at her. A dark orange SkyWing wearing golden chainmail decorated with bright red jewels stood in the middle, behind the guards.

"You know that egg of yours is a oddity," said the chainmail SkyWing. "I'm only offering you a simple task, Auburn. Destroy the egg, kill your dragonet, and I'll let you go free."

The cornered SkyWing, Auburn, looked down at the egg she was holding in her talons. Yes, it was different from the other SkyWing eggs. It was larger, and a much darker shade of red than normal, it even had a few splotches of black.

But it was still her egg.

Auburn had been so happy when she first laid her precious egg. She knew who the father was, and she had spent so much time thinking up the perfect name for the dragonet, providing herself with different options that would depend on the gender.

She was not going to kill her own dragonet.

Auburn lifted her eyes so she was staring into those of the chainmail SkyWing.


No sooner after her shout of disapproval, Auburn spread her wings and took off, barely avoiding the spears that the guards thrust at her when she moved.

The chainmail SkyWing, who was none other than Queen Scarlet, scowled at the retreating mother. "Guards, after her! Destroy that egg!"

All but one of the SkyWing guards obeyed their queen. The one that didn't follow, an older SkyWing with purplish scales, just stood and watched. He knew Auburn well enough to know that she'd refuse to kill her own dragonet, and he wasn't going to be the one to force her to do such a dirty trick.

Queen Scarlet snarled at him. "Typical Osprey."

Auburn didn't stop flying, even when she could no longer see the guards that had been chasing her. She had flown into the mountains, where she knew she could find a safe place for her egg.

She just hoped she could get there before Scarlet's guards found her.

Finding the place was harder than usual, since Auburn was panicking and in a hurry. But eventually, she found what she was looking for - a large rock that was the entrance to a hidden cave she had visited a few times in the past few months. Breathing a sigh of relief, Auburn settled her precious egg near the hidden entrance before reaching into the small, leather pouch she always kept tied around her neck and pulling out a piece of parchment. Dipping one of her claws into a small patch of mud nearby, she hastily scrawled a message on the paper.

Please take care of my baby.


The sound of flapping wings alerted her that the guards were catching up to her. She hid the note near her egg and quickly scanned the area around her. Her eyes landed on a medium-sized rock that was shaped like her egg. Knowing it would have to do, she scooped it up in her talons and flew off in the opposite direction of where she knew the hidden cave was.

"There she is!"

The shouts of the guards and the sounds of powerful wingbeats following her were all Auburn needed in order to be sure her precious egg would be all right.

The three full moons shone brightly upon the mountain, a few beams even casting onto Auburn's egg. The egg wobbled a little in reaction to the light that was brushing against its shell. Then it turned a bright silver as a large crack appearing on its surface. A small snout poked its way through the eggshell, then a pair of bright green eyes. Soon, the whole head was out.

The dragonet didn't stop there. With a few grunts, he pushed his whole body out of the egg, with difficulty since his wings were quite large for a dragon his size. With one final push, he was out. Tumbling onto the hard, rocky ground, the dragonet stood on his shaky legs.

The spikes that ran down from the back of his head to the tip of his tail, and the skin of his wings, were pitch black, but his scales were all dark red in color. Small, white teardrop-shaped scales trailed down the sides of his neck, like drops of water falling from an icicle. His wings were much larger than they were supposed to be, and the undersides had scattered white scales, so when he spread them, they resembled the night sky. Finally, a single silver teardrop scale laid next to the corner of each of his two, emerald green eyes.

The dragonet looked up, hoping to find the eyes of his mother. But all he saw were the three full moons, their reflections shining brightly in his eyes.

A gust of wind blew the note Auburn had left with the egg into the dragonet's line of vision. Thinking it was a toy, he started chasing after it, chirping gleefully. The moment he caught it under his front paws, the large rock sealing a hidden entrance into a cave slid open, revealing a large SandWing with a tattered wing and an injured leg. The older dragon's eyes landed on the little dark red dragon, and he limped forward.

"Why didn't the NightWings tell us they delivered their egg?" he asked himself. "This little one should be inside with the others!"

The little dragonet looked up at him, his eyes showing fear at the older dragon's sudden yells. The SandWing looked down at him before noticing that the dragonet had something under his paws.

"What have you got there?"

Unable to answer verbally, the dragonet lifted his paws, revealing the paper. The SandWing picked it up and read what was written.

"Windracer and Skyhigh?" he muttered to himself. "Must be the names they picked for you. Better to discuss this with the other guardians inside the cave."

With that, he scooped up the dragonet into his talons and made for the cave entrance, which sealed shut behind them. Within moments, the two were in a cave room with a nest laying in the middle, a trio of differently colored eggs laying in wait. The SandWing had just placed the dark red dragonet into the nest when a grumpy-looking SkyWing barged in.

"Has the NightWing egg come yet?"

The SandWing pointed one claw at the dark red dragonet. "Apparently so."

The SkyWing's eyes flashed with anger. "Why didn't those half-brained toads tell us they dropped off the egg?! He was supposed to hatch with the others inside the cave, not outside by himself!"

The SandWing chuckled a little. "Tell that to him, Kestrel."

A cracking sound brought their attention to the pale white and sandy-yellow egg that was lying in the nest, among one that was colored of dragon blood and another that was an oceanic blue.

"Looks like the SandWing is hatching," Kestrel observed.

"It can't yet," said the older SandWing. "We have only four!"

Kestrel sneered at him. "Tell that to the egg, Dune."

All of a sudden, a third dragon, a SeaWing, flew in with a rainbow-colored egg in his claws. "I have it!"

Dune and Kestrel both turned to the dragon, their eyes landing on the egg he was holding.

"Webs," Kestrel snapped, "That's a RainWing egg, you brainless salamander!"

Webs shook his head. "It was all I could get!"

Dune pointed to the nest with his claw. "Put it with the others, quick!"

Webs didn't need to be told twice. He hastily placed the rainbow-colored egg with the other three eggs and the dark red dragonet, who was watching the white and yellow egg with interest. The SeaWing was about to question about the little dragonet when Kestrel started yelling at him.

"The prophecy calls for a SkyWing! And you bring us a lazy, stupid RainWing?!"

Webs hung his head. "Queen Scarlet destroyed all the SkyWing eggs that were due to hatch tonight. And we need five dragonets for the prophecy!"

Their argument was interrupted by Dune.


Both dragons turned their heads in time to see the baby SandWing break her shell and poke her little head out.

Dune gave a small smile. "She's hatched."

Soon the baby SandWing had pulled herself free of her eggshell prison, her unusually bright blue eyes landing on the NightWing dragonet that had been watching the whole time.

Webs' eyes shone for a second. "She's actually kinda cute. Besides the scorpion tail, that is."

Kestrel sneered. "If you ask me, she looks just as I expected."

The SeaWing ignored her. "We need a SandWing name for her."

Kestrel snorted. "Well, Dune's a SandWing. He should name her."

Dune nodded in acceptance to the proposal and stared intently at the SandWing dragonet. He thought hard for a moment before finally suggesting a name. "How about Arid?"

The word "arid" was an adjective, describing something too dry and barren to support life. The perfect SandWing name.

The newly-named Arid suddenly hissed, startling the NightWing dragonet. Squeaking fearfully, he jumped away from her, but ended up stepping on one of his own wings and falling over onto his back.

The three adult dragons stared at the poor little fellow as he tried and failed to flip himself over onto his stomach so he could get up. Webs tilted his head to the side. "Have you ever seen a NightWing with such large wings before?"

Dune shook his head. "No. None of the NightWings I've seen had wings like that."

A concerned Webs turned to Kestrel, who was picking up the NightWing dragonet between two of her claws. "Do you think there's something wrong with him?"

Kestrel scowled at the little dragon, whose bright green eyes widened at the sight of her. "He's just what we need," she said, sarcastically.

"A little weirdo."

Well, there you have it. The prologue. And I typed it all in just a couple of hours. It's amazing what you can do when your imagination is running wild. Here are the dragon-turned characters I've shown so far (in order of appearance):

Auburn - Valka
Windracer - Hiccup
Arid - Astrid

The similarity between the names of the last one was simply a coincidence. I was looking for a good name for a female SandWing and found "Arid" on the list of names, and decided that I liked it enough.

So, yes, Windracer is a SkyWing-NightWing hybrid and has NightWing powers. Too bad the guardians don't know that.

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