Prologue, the second rebirth

For those who know me, I want to let you know that I haven't abandoned my GOT fanfic: A game of wolves and bats; this is a hobby and an experiment for me, after playing both Mass Effect and Bioshock again, I could not stop thinking that those fantastic IPs deserve a better ending and continuation, so I have begun working in this story. The problem with GOT is that is too long, while this story will only carry on through the first Mass Effect and before.

So for any fan of Mass Effect and Bioshock I hope you enjoy this, I am on my last year of college so don't be surprised if I cannot update periodically.


Beneath the Atlantic Ocean

He who controls the past commands the future, he who commands the future conquers the past.


Sally Ryan knew what she had to do. She needed to save mankind, and perhaps the galaxy. As the submarine began to descend into the deep of the Atlantic, her doubts were only beginning to increase. She was about to return to the place of the birth of her darkest nightmares.

"Are you sure about this Sally? The illusive man will have both of our heads for this." Her partner Dr. Marcus Sullivan while piloting the submarine.

"He has been indoctrinated, you know that as well as I do, we are on our own my friend. This place may have the key to prevent all of this."

"I actually believe, it is too late" his voice began to tremble with fear. "The Reapers are here, their invasion has just begun. We need to escape off planet and join with the rest of the Alliance in resistance."

For a moment Sally said nothing, her mind wandered off to the horrors up there, all those people in the surface dying by the millions as the reapers were already on the process of destroying all of Earth mayor cities. But then she remembered all that she had seen on her first years of life, if hope lies somewhere perhaps it was on the place where no life remain, the place in Earth where the impossible can happen, even the chance to start a new.

"No, for once I believe time is on our side" as if on cue a swarm of fish clear the way of the vehicle, allowing the remaining lights of a long forgotten fallen utopia to distinguish on the horizon.

Buildings destroyed and flooded ruins composed most of the city, the beautifully designed art deco skyscrapers were covered by sea life, a morbid testament of the ocean reclaiming its territory. Only a few buildings remained on their feet, sustained by repairs made by Cerberus engineers in recent years.

They have arrived at the ruins of Rapture. Just seeing the ruined underwater city sent a shiver down her spine.

What am I doing? Is it right to start the nightmare all over again?

"It never gets old, I been to this place at least four times, and I can still barely believe it. An underwater city built in secret at the middle of the twentieth century, filled with the best and brightest of humanity at the time. How much do you think mankind would have change if the inhabitants of Rapture would have share their new discoveries to the rest of the planet?" asked Marcus with a sad smile on his face.

For a moment, Sally did not answered instead she began to think about the splicers, the little sisters, the big daddies; would the monsters of Rapture have invaded the surface, would Rapture evil have infected the rest of the world like a disease? Perhaps it was time to answer those questions.

The technology and science of Rapture has helped Cerberus to bring back Commander Sheppard. The vita chambers, the ADAM slugs had been critical to the genetic enhancement techniques developed by Cerberus. While the molecular fuse technology once used in the skyscrapers of Rapture had been used in the construction of warships and Space stations, allowing the paramilitary organization to reduce costs and enhance their ships and clandestine infrastructure. All of these technologies had brought Cerberus into the most advanced organization of the galaxy and one of the most powerful. But now it was time to set this right, to embrace a brighter future.

"Take us to the northern part of the city, there is an intact area known as Fontaine Department store, there it is our objective" said Sally.

"Understood boss" Sullivan answered.

A part of Sally was hoping that the underwater building was already flooded, that the device was destroyed, and that this plan was not to succeed. She didn't like to play god in such a way, to change mankind from scrap, she could not stop thinking about that story from Bradbury "A sound of thunder" in which a man accidently crushed a butterfly during a time travel causing a massive change in all the timeline, the story was credited as the origin of the term "butterfly effect" in chaos theory. Who was to say that the events that are about to unfold are not gonna take a darker path, that the one already in place.

She took the highly advance portable computer in her arms, loaded with a copy of every known codex, regarding technologies, historical events, military tactics and messages to serve as instructions. Her own message in a bottle.

"I hope you are ready, all our hopes and dreams lie with you" she said to the machine in a whisper.



UNN Building, New York


"This is Mira al-Jilani for the CNN transmitting the first public speech of The Rapture Objectivistic Republic's Prime Minister Jack Ryan on the UN, as the once secret nation founded by the famous scientists Dr. Robert Lutece and Professor Nikola Tesla in 1919 as a secret research community outside any government oversight and later re founded by industrialist Andrew Ryan and Dr Brigid Tenenbaum in 1947 has finally presented itself to the worldwide community. Many questions had been asked about the 2 million inhabitants self-proclaimed Utopia located in the heart of the Antarctica. Meanwhile some claim without hesitation that the self-sustainable city that has been known for the past 6 years since their intervention in the North Korean nuclear attack on the United States in 2012, stands as the living prove that without religion, massive state control and the embracing of both individuals and collective achievements humanity can produce the closest thing to a real utopia."

"Now in 2018, finally after secret discussions with the UN Security Council the ROR has claimed that it is to be ready to present the greatest of its discoveries to humanity as a whole. In these last six years Rapture's technology now shared and co-develop with not only the five nations of the UN Security Council (USA, Russia, China, UK, France) but with several of the most important countries of the world (India, Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, South Africa, Israel and Nigeria) has changed the world; with the medical industry achieving enormous leaps in curing the most dangerous diseases, and genetically inherit conditions. Construction and manufacture industry are improving with the new metal alloys develop by Rapture's industry and even agriculture practices all around the world have been changed completely with genetically engineering plants capable of providing nutritional content while growing in the most inhospitable environments replacing previous crops."

"Also around the world a growing list of nations had begun building their own neutron-void energy generation power plants, with the aid of the Rapturian corporations Wardenclyffe and Ryan Industries."

"However Rapture's impressive rising to prominence in the international stage has not been without conflicts. Rapture's constitution forbids the settlement of religious institutions on their soil, that and their completely atheist population and society has brought them in tension with the Vatican."

"The pope himself called the Rapturian people, a nation who had absolutely renounce faith and compassion while completely embracing the cult of themselves and the illusion that science can brought all the mysteries of the universe to light, Rapture national Motto: no gods, no kings, only free men and free minds, is a profane ideology, that replaces the sanctity of god's grace with the absolute lack of moral and divine attachments."

"Also Rapture has refused to establish business with conflicted totalitarian nations, like the already weaken states of North Korea, Cuba or Venezuela, although they have made some commercial and diplomatic agreements with China."

"Yet for those who had seen Rapture in person, like this reporter herself, the secluded metropolis where crimes are almost inexistent and the distance between the low and high class citizens is very short, the city is not only the image of a high tech utopia, but it is an idea, an idea that we can achieve the impossible if we make an effort to reach our greatest dreams."

The camera switched to the conference room of the UN, where a fifty year old man and a thirty year old woman reached the podium escorted by four bodyguards.

"Finally it seems that Jack Ryan and his vice Minister Alys Tenembaun seem to be ready to give their speech."

"Good morning, my fellow men and women of this planet. My name is Jack Ryan prime minister of the Rapture Objectivistic Republic, but today I am not here as the chief of state of the world most secluded nation, but as a citizen of mankind." He made a pause to study the effect of the representatives of every nation and to allow his words to sink in the people watching his transmission.

"For decades Rapture and its people stood secluded from the rest of humanity because of the fear of fascism, totalitarianism, religious fanatics and nuclear war. We stood watch as The Cold War rage on, waiting or fearing the death of the entirety human civilization in nuclear fire. My father Andrew Ryan escaped from Russia during the bolshevist revolution, he came to America to start a new, but as he saw the atrocities of War World Two: the atomic bomb, the holocaust and the death of millions; a deep disgust and distrust of mankind was instilled into him, and he became obsessed with building an utopia free of what he considered the source of all evils: Altruism." Whispers of confusion exploded in every corner of the room, as Jack Ryan allow a moment for his words to sink in.

"Please don't mistake me, I am not my father and he did not refer to compassion or generosity but rather his believe that the masses as a whole can become ignorant and easy to sway, allowing for people with sweet words and charisma to control them by what they believe is the greater good. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? He asked every day. When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing - When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don't protect you against them, but protect them against you - When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice - You may know that your society is doomed. That were the basses of his ideology and his ideals" he made a pause once again.

"But thanks to the efforts of those standing with him, people like Anna Dewitt and Bill McDonagh he was able to realize that in there is no root of all evils, nor an unique set of truths to guide the path of every human. There is no better way to achieve our best and help ourselves than to work and struggle to do better and those who stand by our side. In the words of Ernest Hemingway: There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. As a result he worked together with his fellow industrialists, scientists and artists to turn Rapture in what it is today, a gleaming beacon of technological progress and culture." A little applause came from the crowd as he allowed a new pause.

"But now, as we stand at the dawn of a new age, and we see our world suffering the effects of climate change; social, political and religious conflicts; and overpopulation, we search for a new beginning, yet once again we embrace the idea of becoming better than ourselves and together with our fellow men work, we strive to continue to improve ourselves and our societies as a whole." many nod their heads and smile to the prime minister as he approach to the main subject of his speech.

"And so, I will just go to the point of this, or we will be here all day" A few laughs came from the crowd, but cease at the moment Jack Ryan's face turned deadly serious. "A few years ago, Rapture Space Exploration Initiative (RSEI) launched a prove to Mars in an effort to study the planet for terraformation and colonization" he turned to the screen, which soon began showing images of the red planet and sensor readings, before stopping in a point of the planet where a 3D scan began taking form. "This probe found evidence of a construction on Mars, an alien construction" Gasp of surprise and fear filled the chamber and no one could take their eyes away from the screen where the scan show the image of a ruined complex that according to the prove readings was thousands of years old.

"Together with the US, Russia, UK, China and a dozen other countries the RSEI has begun design of a ship known as the Prometheus Flame to carry a team of scientist to Mars, where they will began a study of the ruins. So now as the question of: are we alone in the universe, has been answered, I send a message to every men, women and child of this Earth: It is time to realize we are but one people, one human race, we cannot continue to cling to ancient hatreds and distrust, we must move forward, we must work together as one and claim a place among the stars." He made a pause. "Only together then we shall build a new beginning for our children by working as one nation, one species. And I know that if we embrace our better selves and stand side by side then we will reclaim our future and the stars."

As he finished his speech, every representative of every nation began to stand up and look each other still trying to process what they just heard. Soon a few began to applause then, a few other, finally the whole room stood up applauding and smiling. For millennia humanity had stood divided by hatreds, but know perhaps because of fear or perhaps because of the love for their own who will soon face uncertainty they now stood silently united.


Codex - Timeline:

1919 – A group of scientist led by Robert Lutece and Nikola Tesla establish a small research community in an unknown part of Antarctica. Lutece stays there while Tesla returns to the outside world, he returns later after faking his own death in 1943.

1947 – Disappointed with the state of the world after WWII Andrew Ryan and thousands of other industrialist, engineers, researchers and artists are recruited by the Atlantis Project an Initiative to see the new development of the small community of 20000 living in Rapture.

2012 – During the massive hysteria for the so call end of the world, North Korea invades South Korea and launches several ballistic missiles to the continental USA, all of them are intercepted by an unknown satellite with electromagnetic weaponry and cloaking device.

2013 – Rapture officially introduces itself at the UN, several government officials of every nation are invited on a tour of Rapture. In the Korean peninsula, US and South Korea troops push back the KPA invasion. China, busy with a join agrarian development with Rapture refuses aid to either side.

2018 – The existence of the Mars Alien Ruins is known to the public

2021 – Construction of the Hephaestus station, a massive orbital construction dock tasked with the fabrication of the Protheus Flame and every other space ship is officially over.

2023 – An observation post is set on the moon

2024 – The Thinker Mark 8 the most advance computer and AI on the world, is put in service as the Hephaestus station overseer.

2025 – Dr. Benjamin Lutece descendant of the legendary R. Lutece, develops the first Rift Portal system, a gateway capable of generating a tear in the fabric of space connecting two stable points. It is use to create a stable portal between Luna's outpost and the facilities in the US. A second rift portal is constructed on Hephaestus station.

2026 – The Prometheus Flame construction is finished. A crew of 25 is prepared, 5 are from Rapture, 3 from the US, 2 Russians, 1 German, 2 from China and the rest from several nations.

2027 – The UN Security Council transitions into an executive council that takes the role of a provisional One World Government and an overseer for the space exploration development. Works of infrastructure all around the planet commission by the UN began to reverse the effects of global warming and contamination.

2028 – The Prometheus Flame arrives on Mars. A permanent outpost is constructed while scientists began unraveling the mysteries of the alien ruins.

2029 – The Rift portal system connecting Mars's new permanent settlement known as Delfos with Earth is finished. The Delfos outpost begins to grow into a facility of 200 permanent crew. The joint engineer corps begins construction of a massive Orbital Rift Gate: a ring 3 kilometers of diameter capable of generating and stabilizing a gateway, and sending a ship towards any known coordinates.

2030 – The data store in the ruins determines that the aliens known as the Protheans used the outpost as a research station for their observation of a primitive humanity. It is establish that the ruins are almost 50000 years old.

2031 – Rift Gate 01 is finished.

2032 – The Orbital Rift Gate 01 is use to send a survey vessel known as pathfinder to Alpha Centaury in order to determine if the system has any continental world capable of sustaining human life. After a week of uncertainty, the Rift gate opens again as schedule and the pathfinder returns with survey data of the world of Chiron in orbit of the Alpha Centaury main star.

2034 – An endless stream of new technologies comes into existence; mass effect fields, element zero drive cores, kinetic barriers, and long distance communications.

2036 – A group of private companies and nations put their resources together to build the Atlas, a massive colony ship determined to take 100000 people to the Alpha Centaury system.

2037 – Mechanic and genetic augmentations become common place all around the world, laws regarding the limit of implants and gene therapy are established.

2039 – The first praetorian augment suit is develop by Ryan industries. Based on the old Big Daddies suit, used by the workers of Rapture to operate in extreme environments, the praetorian augment suit is composed of a cutting edge nano fiber, highly advance subsystems and synthetic living tissue all of which work in combination with an user's implants to give anyone enhanced strength, stamina, and protection to any radiation, blunt force trauma and even the massive G force. Designed to be the new deep space workers, praetorian users can work for hours repairing or building space stations or spaceships, in only six months after their deployment of a praetorian workers crew, Hephaestus station is doubled in size, while any outer problem is constantly repair and refitted.

2043 – The Atlas is finished, after the activation of the Rift Gate 01 the ship travels through the tear to the Alpha Centaury system.

2046 – The Atlas capsules descend on the planet Chiron establishing the first human extrasolar colony in human history. The construction of two new atlas class colony ships begins on Hephaestus station.

2048 – Delfos City now with 2500 inhabitants celebrates its first decade of existence, five years before a baby girl called Alice Moreadu was born passing into the history books as the first human born outside planet Earth. It is discovered the map of a network of mass effect relays build by the protheans to travel from system to system.

2049 – Translation of Prothean data leads humans to the Charon mass relay. The relay is left alone for now.

2050 – A shipping accident at New York International Spaceport exposes downwind communities to containers of dust-form element zero.

2052 – Roughly 30% of the children born in New York after element zero exposure suffer from cancerous growths. Rapture's department of genetic enhancements, implants every single child suffering from the element zero exposure with Adam symbiotic slugs, in order to prevent any deaths and observe the interactions between the two living organisms.

2052 – Three new extrasolar colonies are established, while the eleventh journey of the Atlas transport brings another 100000 colonist to the New Rapture main settlement on Chiron. The so called unchained protocol is put in effect, which forbids any colonization or survey effort near the relay network as in order to avoid any space faring superpower from discovering humanity, yet. In order to connect those systems the construction of a Rift Gate network begins, with each system carrying its own Rift Gate.

2054 – With over 5 extrasolar colonies established and 16 systems surveyed with research and mining outpost in each of them, besides the permanent settlements on Luna and Mars and the facilities in the belt, the UN executive council and the colonial local governments establish the Systems Commonwealth organization as the main economic, military, exploratory and scientific body of Earth and its colonies.

2055 – The construction of the Rift Gate network Hub in orbit of Jupiter begins: several Rift Gates are built to permanently connect the closest colonies and systems.

[NOTE: the Rift Gate works as a tear on the fabric of time and space, so a rift gate can sent a ship to anywhere after setting the coordinates, however the longer the distance, the greater is the energy consumption while the precision becomes lower. A connection between two rift gates (for ships) or two rift portals (small scale; for people) is cheaper and much safer than an unstable tear crack open from only one side]

2056 – Onboard the Hephaestus station the Thinker 8 asks its engineer: I am alive? The station is closed for a few hours before Dr. Marian Porter granddaughter of the legendary engineer and creator of the first Thinker tells the Machine that by asking that question, following the principle of 'Cogito Ergo Sum' then it is alive. Dr Porter also activates a special code that allows the AI to have full access to its root files, in which a several personality traits of Marian Grandmother, Pearl Porter wife of Charles Milton Porter are accessed. The Thinker 8 renames itself as Minerva adopting a holographic look of a black woman similar to Pearl Porter. The new AI source codes laws are imposed, establishing that every AI is to be based around the personality of a tested human candidate in order to prevent a possible AI rebellion. Several people volunteers for the psychological test, and brain scan to become the new source code of every new AI.

2057 – Eldfell-Ashland Energy Corporation demonstrates helium-3 fuel extraction from the atmosphere of Saturn.

2058 – Production a new form of androids begins in the city of Detroit, the new Synths as they are called are develop with synthesized bio components achieve through Adam steam cells.

2062 – Construction of Gagarin Station (Jump Zero) begins beyond the orbit of Pluto.

2065 – The "zero generation" as they are called proved to have remarkable powers, most important minor telekinetic abilities and the ability to generate their own mass effect fields. A file from the Prothean ruins confirms the theories of the researchers; these children are what from now on should be known as biotics.

2066 – A group of voluntarily test subjects develop biotic powers when they are implanted with an Adam slug exposed to element zero. The Commonwealth's biotic department is established.

2068 – Terraformation efforts on Mars successfully achieve a nearly breathable atmosphere. Plant life begins to grow all around the planet.

2071 – A new translation of the Prothean ruins is achieved, revealing that the protheans were destroyed by a race of synthetics known only as the reapers. The information is not revealed to the public until the end of the year, immediately all synths and every AI above level 5 intelligence is forbidden on the outer colonies. Military technological development becomes a priority. Development of ion cannons and plasma lancers.

2072 - Earth's twelfth colony in the Tartarus System is established. As a trinary system, Tartarus has 8 planets and several asteroid belts, making it a center for industry and ship building. With a steady supply chain of resources and trade and a population of 11 billion as a whole the Commonwealth orders the creation of a military fleet in order to protect them from outer and inner aggression.

Also several new military ramifications are established: The Commonwealth's Marine Corps; The Commonwealth's navy; The Commonwealth's Starfighter corps; The Commonwealth's Intelligence Bureau and The Commonwealth's Special Forces Corps: composed of The Naval Special Warfare Command (N7), The Biotic Enforcers Corps and finally The Praetorian Corps (enhanced infantry with military grades Praetorian suits).

2078 – With a powerful fleet in service, the Charon relay is activated. Several systems are colonized, and a military and technological development is set in motion. The Commonwealth's operations net is put in place: system connected to either the mass effect relay or the rift gate network are mapped, giving some central systems the role of hubs for either network, for example the Arcturus cluster serves a relay hub, while the Sol or Tartarus systems serve as rift gate hubs for nearby systems.

2079 – The Commonwealth begins construction of the Arcturus Station, a massive structure located in a relay hub to serve as trade and military post. Several asteroids are transported to the Arcturus cluster by the use of rift gate systems, to be exploited and fasten up the construction.

2080 – Colonization efforts are halted until the development of the Commonwealth's over extended infrastructure and fleet is completed.

2098 – The Commonwealth's population reaches the 14 billion inhabitants.

2100 – Construction of the Arcturus station is finished, the entire commonwealth celebrates the turn of the century.

2105 – New developments in AI, energy weapons and kinetic barriers force the entirety of the Commonwealth's navy to engage in retrofitting and enhancements, while also a few ships are decommissioned, to be replace with several more advance versions.

2108 – Deep space exploration of a survey ship establishes the first contact with an alien species.