The sun shines brightly through the window of Emily's room, waking the tall girl up from her sleep. Emily rubs her eyes, sitting up slowly in her bed. She looks over to the other bed to see Stacie still asleep, half hanging off the bed and half hugging a pillow. She looks at the time to see it's only 9 am in the morning and decides to go down and see if anyone else is awake. She drags herself out of bed, putting on one of Stacie's hoodies from the ground and making her way down to the kitchen of the Bella's house.

Reaching the kitchen, she sees Chloe sitting at the counter top, coffee in one hand whilst scrolling through her phone.

"Morning Chlo" Emily smiles as she walks around the kitchen to find her box of cereal.

"Morning Legacy!" Chloe grins brightly, always super bubbly. "Ready to go to the studio with Becs today?"

"Yeah! I'm so excited! This is gonna be awesome!" Emily bounces excitedly on the spot, some of her cereal flying out of the box. "Oops"

Chloe smiles at the younger girl's excitement and watches as she eats the pieces of cornflakes off the ground. "When do you two leave?"

"Well Beca said when she wakes up…" Legacy frowns, not knowing when Beca would actually wake up.

Chloe rolls her eyes, of course Beca would say that. "That may be a while, you know Beca, she loves her sleep"

"Yeah, I thought so" Emily grabs a bowl and pours her cereal into the bowl before adding milk and grabbing a spoon to sit next to Chloe. Chloe puts down her phone to pour herself another cup of coffee, sitting down just as Stacie makes her way down into the kitchen.

"Hey guys" She says, going to make a cup of coffee. She then pauses when she looks at Legacy. "Isn't that my hoodie?"

Emily looks down at herself before shrugging. "It was on my side"

Stacie nods, standing in front of them and taking a sip of her coffee. "Aren't you supposed to be heading out to the studio with Becs today?"

"I have to wait until she gets up" Emily shrugs again, just as Fat Amy makes her way into the kitchen, straight towards the food cupboards and completely ignoring the three other girls in the kitchen.

Once she's satisfied with her breakfast, she turns around to find all three girls looking at her. "Who has to get up?"

"Beca, we're recording today" Emily says, frowning as she realises Amy took her cereal from her box. "That's my-"

"Oh! I can wake her up!" Amy places down her bowl, completely ignoring Legacy and runs up the stairs. Chloe and Stacie smirk, knowing what's about to go down with Fat Amy and Beca. Emily on the other hand is still slightly disappointed that Amy stole her box of cereal.

A few moments later, they hear a familiar shout of Fat Amy and a squeal from Beca. "Amy! What do you think you're doing! It's too early!"

"Come on DJ! Legacy is waiting for you!"

They hear a thump and then squealing again. "Amy! Put me down! Put me down!"

"No can do cap!"

The three girls watch as Amy comes down the stairs with Beca over her shoulder, squirming around. Amy then puts Beca down and moves back to grab her cereal which then reminds Emily again as to why she was disappointed. Emily frowns as she watches Amy walk off with her cereal into the living room and sighs, knowing she would have to go get herself more cereal.

She then turns her attention back to Beca who looks a little grumpy, fixing her tangled hair before shuffling to the coffee machine. Stacie smirks walking over to Beca and ruffling her hair up again. "Morning grumpy!"

"Fuck off" Beca grumbles, swatting Stacie's hands away as Stacie just laughs.

Chloe grins and hops off her chair, moving around and wrapping her arms around Beca, nuzzling into her neck. "Morning sweetie"

"Morning" Beca sighs, leaning back into Chloe.

"Oh wow! Why don't I get a morning? Why do I get a 'fuck off?'" Stacie whines, moving to take Chloe's spot next to Legacy.

"Because I have to be nice to my girlfriend." Beca flips her off and Stacie only snickers.

Beca moves around in Chloe's arms and leans in to kiss her. Stacie, seeing this, covers Legacy's eyes. "Emily don't look! Your aca-mums are doing gross stuff"

Beca and Chloe break apart, Beca rolling her eyes whilst Chloe only laughs. "Very funny Stacie"

Stacie grins in return, uncovering Emily's eyes. "You shouldn't be doing things like that in front of your innocent aca-child"

Chloe lets go of Beca and moves around to pull Emily into a hug. "Sorry my aca-child"

"It's fine aca-mum 1" Emily giggles in return. Beca, hearing this, frowns.

"Why is she aca-mum 1? Why aren't I number 1?" Chloe smirks, still wrapped around Emily and looks at Beca over her shoulder.

"Because she met me first? And I looked after her most of the time while you were sneaking around doing your interning stuff at the studio" Chloe tells Beca.

"But I'm the one who's taking her to the studio and I'm the one who's been with her the most" Beca argues back.

Emily rolls her eyes at both of them, arguing again but still smiles because she loves them. Stacie then cuts into the argument. "It was actually me who was looking after Emily most of the time. For one, we share a room. When Chloe was busy worrying about Worlds, Emily hang around with me and when Beca was busy interning and making a set list, I was there. So…."

Beca turns her gaze to Stacie. "You are more like her sister, you don't count"

"More like the hot older sister, right Em?" Stacie smirks and Emily grins, nodding in agreement. Beca and Chloe continue their argument over being who's number one as the rest of the Bella's slowly make their way downstairs.