Oop we got a bit of an angsty one here. This idea was from mugiwara-no-lucy so thank you for the promt!

The song is Best Years by 5sos and its basically about the Bella's being a family to Emily

Emily is in her... i guess 70s in this one

Hope you enjoy it and not cry because I kinda teared up writing this...

You've got a million reasons to hesitate
But darlin', the futures better than yesterday
I wasted so much time on people that reminded me of you
Gave you a million reasons to walk away

Over the past few weeks, Emily has been staring at the two large boxes sitting in the corner of her study room. Both labelled in large letter's 'BELLAS'. She had taken them from Beca and Chloe's house after she had read their last message to her. She knew what contents it held though. Photo frames and albums filled with photos Chloe had taken over the years. The red head had loved to take photos to keep as a memory. She collected them all, even asked the Bella's to send over their photos to print out. But ever since Emily had received the 2 boxes, she hadn't had the strength or courage to open them up and look inside, she was hesitant. The memories seemed too painful to reminisce at the time. But after glancing at the boxes every time she walked into the room, she decided that today would be the day to go through the boxes.

Emily's finger glides across the old picture frame, displaying her young 18-year-old self on stage with the girls she called her second family. She smiles softly at the memory, remembering the feeling of excitement and adrenaline coursing through her veins after their performance at the worlds.

"Holy shit we did that!" She squeals in disbelief as they run off-stage.

"Hell yeah we did, all thanks to you Legacy." Beca grins at the younger girl.

"To me?" Emily tilts her head in confusion.

"Sure was. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten any inspiration for this set."

"We did it!" Chloe barrels into both of them, a beaming smile plastered onto her face and arms wrapped around both of them. She kisses them both on the cheek. Soon after, all 3 girls are surrounded by their fellow Bella's in a celebratory group hug. Emily looks over at Beca from the middle and the older girl gives her a wink.

"I love you awesome nerds."

But I'll build a house out of the mess
and all the broken pieces
I'll make up for all of your tears

She moves onto the next photo, a picture of herself, Beca and Chloe at their graduation. Chloe had practically dragged both of them into the selfie, stating that they needed a family photo. Chloe and Emily were grinning brightly at the camera and Beca stood in the middle of both of them, squirming under Emily's hand which was tickling her.

"Beca! Come quick, I see Emily. We need to take a family photo!" Chloe grabs onto the smaller brunette's arm and pulls her away from the conversation she was having with Stacie.

"Chloeeeee, it's not necessary!" Beca whines, still letting herself get dragged anyways.

"Shush, it's for memories with our favourite aca-child." Chloe stops behind Emily and taps the younger girl on the shoulder. Emily spins around and smiles, opening up her arms and wrapping them both in a tight hg.

"Oh my stars! Congrats you guys! You're finally graduated!"

"Thank you, sweetie! Now get in here and join our family pic." Chloe pulls out her phone and flips it to the front facing camera. "Smile!"

Emily notices Beca isn't smiling at the camera and giggles as she brings up her hand to her neck and tickles her. Beca cringes under it and swats Emily's hand away. She turns around with a playful glare and Emily shrugs, sticking out her tongue.

"I'll get you back for that, Junk."

"Sure you will, Becs. I don't even think you can reach my neck." Emily teases.

"Is that a challenge?" Beca raises an eyebrow and Emily smirks. Beca reaches up to tickle Emily but the younger girl takes off before Beca could even reach her neck and calls after the taller girl, chasing after her.

I wanna hold your hair when you drink too much
Carry you home when you cannot stand up
You did all these things for me when I was half a *girl* for you

Her eyes land onto Aubrey and Stacie's wedding picture. It was Aubrey and Stacie having their first dance, well, trying to anyways. Beca was in charge of the music and in the background, she's seen fighting with a drunk Amy over the laptop.

"Amy! Stop!" They overhear Beca whisper-shout to the blonde.

"This song is too slow and boring! Let me choose the next song."

"It's supposed to be slow you idiot!" Beca slaps Amy's hand when she sees it not so subtly reaching for the laptop. Beca looks over at the other Bella's for help but finds them all hopeless. Chloe is crying her eyes out, looking like a proud mother watching her children be happy and finally married. Emily was dabbing away her own tears next to Chloe while also rubbing a comforting hand on the red head's back. Jessica and Ashley were staring into each other's eyes in a sickly-sweet way that makes Beca want to gag. Lilly was rearranging the knives and forks and Flo was talking to one of the servers. CR was busy checking out some of the guests. Beca rolls her eyes. "Amy please! This is meant for Staubrey, not for you!"

"I'm about to fall asleep if you don't change the song soon!" Thankfully, the song was closing, and Aubrey and Stacie ended the dance with a sweet kiss. The next song that came on was more upbeat and Beca let out a sigh of relief when Amy grinned and moved away from Beca to the dance floor. She queues up the next few songs and heads over to the table to get a drink, only to find herself being dragged onto the dance floor by Chloe. Emily watches her fellow Bella's, her family having fun on the dance floor and is content to sit back. But when Benji drags her to dance with them, she happily follows, feeling lucky just being a part of them.

I wanna hold your hand while we're growing up

She opens up a photo album and almost cries at the memories. The photos were of the Bella's at Jessley's baby shower. The couple were surrounded with blue balloons. The Bella's were throwing blue confetti at them, screaming in excitement. It was the first baby boy that was going to be a part of their Bella family. Bella, Stacie and Aubrey's daughter had been the first girl.

"It's a boy!" Jessica squeals after 10 blue balloons fly out of a decorated box. Ashely tackles her to the ground and the rest of the girls twist open their party poppers at them. An explosion of blue confetti flies out and, of course it's Amy, starts throwing confetti at them and it turns into a war.

Bella wriggles in Emily's lap with a little giggle and the girl coos at her. "Do you like confetti?"

Emily sprinkles a small handful onto the girl and she claps her hands. Emily's heart melts at the cuteness. When she looks up, she sees Benji across the room already looking at her with a soft smile. She returns it and gestures for him to come over. He does and they both play with Bella, oblivious to the knowing looks of the other Bella's.

I'll give you the best years
I'll give you the best years
Past love burned out like a cigarette
I promise, darling, you won't regret

Just as she keeps the album, she comes across a photo she's never seen before. It sits outside of the frames and albums. It's a selfie of Chloe and the Bella's that takes up the bottom half of the picture, standing in the audience at the front. The top half of the photo is her on stage. Her first performance live, as a solo artist. She sees writing through the photo and curiously flips it around. Emily doesn't even notice she has tears in her eyes and that it's falling down her face uncontrollably until it hits the photo. On the back, it says 'Our little flashlight.' Obviously, it was Chloe who wrote it, she could tell just by the handwriting. She laughs at herself and wipes the tears off her face and the page. She comes to the realisation that she's the last of the original Bella's to live. Her first family. Her everything. They supported her through everything. And in return, she supported them.

Beca and Chloe were the first to be there for her and she was the first to be there for them when they passed on. The last of the Bella's to go, besides herself. Emily misses them all so much. She misses the fun they all had. The craziness. Everything. She wishes they were still here with her but at the same time, they're in a better place now. The only thing she has left of them are the photos and memories. But also their families, their kids which she had promised to look after until it was her time to join them.

The best years…