Hey there, and welcome to Slice of Leaf, a series of Happy Tree Friends fanfictions centered around the more normal aspects of life in Happy Tree Town. There's probably still gonna be some gore, though. What did you expect? I'll give heads-up. Anyhoo, read it now.

"Check this out!"

"Nice one!"

Cuddles and Toothy flew through the air on skateboards, staking perfect landings on either side of the skate ramp they were occupied with. It was a perfect day for spending at the skate park, with a nice breeze and a quiet space. No one else had chosen to take advantage of the day like they had, which left them with the park to themselves. At least for a little while.

"Hey, Cuddles. Don't look now, but…"

Ignoring Toothy's advice, Cuddles whipped his head around and felt his face heat up. Sitting on a bench nearby were Giggles and Petunia, smiling warmly at the pair and laughing a little bit.

"Oh, crap," whispered Cuddles, tugging on his ear. This would be a perfect opportunity to impress Giggles, but what if he got nervous? He may have been an epic skateboarder when it was only Toothy he was showing off to, but his girlfriend was a whole different story. He thought fast, hoping he'd be able to pull something off.

"Check out this epic 360 shark grind flip, dude!" he told Toothy loudly, winking at Giggles, who beamed.

"That's not-" began Toothy, before he saw where his friend was looking. He rolled his eyes and smirked, saying "Go ahead," mouthing "be careful."

Cuddles pushed off on his board, trying to ignore Giggles' eyes. He grew in speed as he started up the ramp, making a quick twist and pushing off into the air. For a moment, he was flying, before coming back down-and coming down hard. He felt a sharp pain through his leg and yelped, falling onto the hard concrete and scraping his knees.

His vision went fuzzy, but he saw Giggles running over to him. "Aww, poor thing!" she cried, helping him up and letting him lean on her. "Are you okay? I'll take you to a doctor!"

As Cuddles limped away and Toothy glared at him over his shoulder, he shot back a smirk at his friend. Worth it.

...and then he died because the story is now out of my control and they live in Happy Tree Town. Hope you enjoyed the first Slice of Leaf drabble! Oh, and forgot to mention it earlier, but requests are OPEN. If there's something you want to see in here, drop me a review or a PM! Keep it PG-13 at the most, though.