Announcer; Here we are at the Sinnoh conference semifinals, Ash versus Tobias

Ash; Alright I know how you favor your Darkrai, so let's go Heracross!

Heracross; Heraaaaaa!

Tobias; Playing type matchups, not bad, but not enough against Darkrai!

Darkrai; … *looks at Ash and seems taken aback*

Pikachu; Pika, Pikachu! *points at Darkrai*

Ash; Huh? *looks closer at Darkrai* hey you're right that is the Darkrai from Alamos

Ash; Hey, how've you been? Well I hope

Darkrai; … *nods*

Darkrai; … *moves besides Tobias and settles down to watch*

Tobias; Oh, I guess… Hold on how did you meet Darkrai anyways?

Ash; there was some stuff that happened in Alamos town and I helped him out, how did you end up with him anyways?

Tobias; There was some unpleasantness on new moon island involving an invasion of clefairy that I helped him out with

Ash; Neat, wait invasion?

Tobias; Proper term for a group of clefairy, anyways it's fine if Darkrai wants to sit this out, I'll just use Latios

Latios; Ash!?

Ash; Latios!? But you died!

Latios; I was only mostly dead, there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead

Pikachu; Pika pikaaa… *buries face in hands*

Ash; Mostly dead is slightly alive, all dead there's only one thing you can do

Ash/Latios; go through their clothes and look for loose change!

Tobias; Oh Arceus now there's two of them…

Ash; But seriously, how?

Latios; Latias found out Tobias had some Sacred Ash and press-ganged him into reviving me, in exchange one of us would accompany him for a year, she's going to be disappointed, she wanted to tell you in person

Ash; Huh, I'll have to visit after the conference then

Tobias; Now how do you two know each other?

Ash; There were some jerks from team rocket that kidnapped Latios and were using him to run some kind of ancient machine, I helped save him and keep the rockets from destroying the city, anyways looks like we have to battle

Tobias; No it's fine, it's a bit of bad luck that you knew my first two, but its not like you can know all of them, I guess now I'll use Lugia!

Lugia; That was fas… Ash?

Tobias; Really!?

Ash; Wow, Lugia, How've you been? The birdbrain trio haven't been giving you too much trouble have they?

Lugia; *chuckles* I'll have to remember that, and not too much, Zapdos tried fighting again awhile back while I was visiting my son and mate, but luckily Tobias was there and stopped him before anything could happen, speaking of I never did get to thank you for saving Silver from team rocket

Ash; Nah, I was just doing what anyone would've done in the same situation

Lugia; Nevertheless you have my gratitude, I don't want to think what could've happened if you hadn't been present

Tobias; This is starting to get a bit surreal, but no matter, I don't see how you could've met Deoxys!

Ash; Alright I should probably check, are you one of the Deoxys I've met?

Deoxys; [Confirmation] [Friendship]

Tobias; Okay… this is fine… *looks stressed*

Ash; Let's see, your core is green, that means you're the one from LaRousse then, you and your friend doing okay?

Deoxys; [Confirmation] [Query]

Ash; I've been doing great, thanks for asking, you ready to battle?

Deoxys; [Declination] [Inauspicious]

Tobias; …what

Ash; Alright then, how'd you end up with Tobias anyways?

Deoxys; [Recharging] [Research]

Ash; I suppose it would take a while to get back to full strength after what happened, well if you're ever in the area feel free to stop by Pallet Town, I'm sure professor Oak would love to swap data with you

Deoxys; [Confirmation] [Happiness]

Tobias; *eye twitching* alright I know for a fact that this one hasn't been before this point yet, go Celebi!

Ash; No, I've definitely met this one before

Celebi; And I've met you, but you don't seem to be displaced in time…

Tobias; *through teeth*…how

Ash; Ilex forest?

Celebi; No, Crown city… I see, we're meeting each other in reverse

Ash; What?

Celebi; Merlin

Ash; Ooooooh, so next time I meet you it'll be your first time, guess we should avoid spoilers then

Celebi; I don't think it should matter? Sorry I'm still a bit new at this, I just got to the point where I can timejump without leaving rifts everywhere

Ash; Alright, feel free to pop by any when you want after you figure that out

Tobias; *resignedly* I suppose it would be too much to hope that you don't already know Shaymin…

Shaymin; What!? I need to fight? *sniffs Gracadeia corsage then freezes* wait, Ash!?

Tobias; of course, of friggin course, he somehow is friends with every legend… *fades into annoyed muttering*

*referees begin arguing*

Ash; Yup, wasn't expecting to see you here, Girantina's not still giving you any trouble is he?

Tobias; *freezes and jerkily looks at Ash*

Shaymin; Nah, he hasn't been around, how about you?

*Cynthia enters discussion with referees*

Tobias; wat…

Ash; Pretty good, this is the semifinal and I haven't had to fight anyone yet, normally I'd be annoyed but this is at least as sporting as leading with a TEAM of legends, I mean at least have one mon you've trained

Tobias; what…

Shaymin; yeah, but you have to cut him a little slack, he didn't earn the respect of everyone else lightly

Tobias; What…

Ash; yeah, but as cool as it is it also seems cheap, I mean if he only asked you guys for help with the final few matches I'd be fine with it, but EVERY match up to and including gyms? That's overkill


Ash; Nah, I'm not besties with him


Ash; Just acquaintances, possibly friends

*Cynthia, referees, and everyone within earshot freeze*

Tobias; * has crashed please reinsert disk and try again*

Tobias; WHAT!?

Ash; well I mean I saved his life just like pretty much everyone else here, so I assume he at least wouldn't be hostile, everyone else is friends though, so maybe…

Tobias; … you know now I just want to know why you don't also have a team of legends

Ash; well for one it just seems like a cheap way to win, I mean using one I could see, but never as the first pokemon you use, and never more than one unless you're facing someone of Elite Four caliber

Ash; for two none of them ever asked, and I wasn't about to ask them to leave their responsibilities to go with me, and if they wanted to go I assumed they would've asked, right guys?

Darkrai; …*shakes head in surprise*

Latios; well with me that wasn't really an option, but my sister… I think she wants to tell you that in person actually…

Lugia; I actually intend to send Silver to train with you once he grows enough

Deoxis; [Denial][Curiosity]

Celebi; Actually… *another Celebi appears*

Celebi2; Dibs

Celebi; what? But I was…

Celebi2; shhhhh, I am you, now go have fun in the past *pokes Celebi on the head and Celebi vanishes*

Shaymin; That was an option!? *grabs pokeball and tosses it to Ash*

Shaymin; I'm with you now

Ash; *speechless*

Tobias; *facepalming*

Tobias; *sighs* well I guess that's it for my challenge then, unless there's some obscure rule allowing me to continue? *looks at Cynthia hopefully*

Cynthia; *blinks a bit in surprise* *ahem* no, I'm afraid not, the closest would actually mean we have to disqualify you for throwing the match and bar you from entering again, but this was ruled unintentional

Tobias; of course…

Ash; why did you end up challenging the Sinnoh conference like this anyways?

Tobias; a friend bet me that I wouldn't be able to become champion within the year, and since I had a favor with Lugia I could call in it seemed like it would be easy, then I met Latias on the way back from Shamouti, we found Darkrai immediately after that during the new moon…incident… Deoxis was hanging around Mt. Coronet, then Celebi crashed in front of us and by the time we met Shaymin I decided I would be able to live every kid's childhood dream and field a team of legends in a tournament

Ash; well I still think it isn't very soprt, spurt, sport? It's not very nice

Cynthia; Anyways congratulations Ash for making it to the finals of the Sinnoh conference, and beforehand I feel I should ask, have you ever met an Entei?

Ash; Nah, the closest thing was a projection by a bunch of Unknown that kidnapped my mother, granted if he does somehow show up Charizard wants a rematch where he can't cheat by rearranging the battlefield

*A red-brown blur is seen followed by a crash that can be heard from the back of the stadium along with a distant voice yelling nope repeatedly*

Cynthia; Was that...?

And this is the first thing I've written outside of a school assignment, I think it didn't turn out terribly