And here's my first attempt at a non-script story

The sun is shining, the sky is black as night and the various legends of the world have gathered to "deal with" (beat up) the jerk that decided to interrupt their important "work" (sleep). At the lead is Arceus, god of Pokemon and bringer of divine retribution to the poor fool who interrupted his dream of se-*Ahem* let's just say a good dream and move on, shall we?

"Alright Necrozoma, we're all here, you're going to give us back the light or… Hold up, where's Ash?"

A murmur spreads through the group of assorted mythical creatures as Reshiram steps out of the crowd

"dunno, but why does it matter? All of us are here, let's beat him up and take back the light."

The murmuring intensifies as Darkrai glides up to the assorted legends and speaks


the silence deafens those present


Arceus's shout proves the deaf can hear regardless if you're loud enough.

As the ragnarock of legendaries "discuss" ("debate" (hit each other)) over this recent turn of events Celebi pops into existence

"alright you lot, GUYS, HEY IDIOTS! (of course THAT got their attention) Ash dying is nobody's fault, Hunter J turned him to stone and he shattered like an hour ago, the only reason we haven't all been captured by now is that was the distraction Pikachu needed to fry her."

Silence reigns

"well how'd we miss that then?"

Arceus asks, sounding more than a bit miffed

"so what, your pet human is dead, we can still-"

that's as far as Groudon gets before being interrupted by a frantic Girantina

"THE HELL DID YOU DO GUYS!? the reverse realm is unraveling at the seams, I can hold it together for a bit but this is very stressfull."

As Palkia falls unconscious while muttering something vaguely eldritch, Dialga curses

"YOU-DAMMNIT DAD, you said you'd stop doing this after Pokemonopolis"

"this is nothing lik-"

"THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE… huh the timeline isn't fully read-only yet…"

Arceus looks smug

"see, I told you"

Dialga facepalms, err facehoofs?

"you left enough leeway to where I can maybe send two Pokemon back with enough accuracy, IF they have a strong enough connection to Ash"

Dialga closes his eyes and sighs

"go get the others to empower Pikachu and Charizard, Ash is going to need all the help he can get against J."

Of course things being as chaotic as they are nobody notices Latias arguing with Mew.

Dialga stands above the Pikachu and Charizard, his glowing blue lines beginning to turn purple as the timeline collapses

"alright, I'm going to be sending you about a month into the past, that should be enough time to change things and prevent Ash from becoming masonry again, you got it?"

Both of them nod

"alright, now let's get this started"

a bubble of blue energy appears around the two chosen mons, as it starts to spin a roar is heard, startling Dialga

"Charizard? But then who?"

the form of the Charizard in the bubble shimmers revealing Latias, startling Dialga and causing the bubble to spin faster

"what, but the- WAIT"

as he struggles to stop the bubble it quickly spins out of control, the last thing Pikachu and Latias hear is Dialga yelling


I might eventually take this further