Linda laid completely silent in the upstairs bedroom of her aunt Norma's house one breezy summer morning, laying on her canopy bed, and staring out completely spaced out and slightly stoned from the drugs Richard had talked her into doing with him earlier. This had been a monumental event in Linda's life, something she had been holding off on purely on the soul fact she was completely terrified. Richard and her had been officially together going on a good year or so now despite the fact they had known each other and had gone to the same school since they babies. Both had grown up in Twin Peaks, and despite the fact they came from different families, on different sides of town didn't change the fact that the two of them had been fascinated with each other since they could remember. Last week after a very discouraging doctor's visit, Linda returned with her aunt knowing now that the treatments hadn't worked. That any more would simply be too much of a strain on her system and simply speed up the process that she had been fighting with very ounce of her strength since she was a newborn. Her aunt would often remark that a miracle she was. How she had beat the odds, and when she was born the doctors didn't think she would make it through the week.

But she did.

In fact despite the fact she spent basically the first year of her life in the hospital, she had beat the odds, and made it past her first year, and then another...and another.

The doctors in Seattle called it Tetralogy, and then came the leukemia. In total she had eight open heart surgeries, and course after course of chemo. She was thin, and her dark brown, almost black hair was lifeless and thin like straw. That she guessed was from her father...whoever he might be. She had heard rumors of it being some F.B.I agent named Cooper, but her aunt dismissed it and said it was a one night stand her sister had before being committed to the private hospital up state that she had been living in her entire life. The very same hospital she had carried her, and given birth to. Since she wasn't of sound mind, her aunt had adopted her, and had taken her to visit the empty sad and beautiful shell that was her mother once a month until she had so sick, that the doctors advised taking her up to this hospital wasn't good for her immune system. Linda felt guilty, but hated to admit to Richard who she told everything to that she was grateful. Her mother was still such a mystery to her, all she knew was that she had joined the convent before she was born, and had visited Twin Peaks for a brief period time which must have been when she got pregnant with her. Linda had heard the rumors of her grandmother, the abuse, and her mother's first attempt on her life, but since Norma never talked about it she figured it was none of her business. She looked at Norma as her mother since she was after all the woman who had raised her, and stayed by her side throughout all of her illnesses. She respected Norma so much. Not only as the smart business woman she was, expanding her restaurants into a very successful chain, but as a loving tender person. She was a great lister, and always held her hand whenever she was frightened at the hospital. Never once did she look at her as a burden. Never once.

Still, she hated to admit she was relieved when she visits stopped with her mother. She didn't think she could take the long awkward visits of sitting beside a woman who just stared out the window blankly, her gorgeous blue eyes, just like hers staring into space, a creepy small smile flickering behind them. She had heard so many stories of her mother's breakdown, but none of the versions ever matched up. All she knew was that she had gotten kidnapped by some madman, who very well could have raped her mother, resulting in her. The man was never caught, but the FBI agent, who Linda had become so curious about had rescued her, before leaving town for good.

In fact, one of the only photographs Linda had of her mother before everything happened was taken by the Twin Peaks Times, and showed her in a pretty black velvet dress, her dirty blond hair spilling over her shoulders, wearing her crown, and smiling on stage having just won Miss Twin Peaks. In this photo she actually looked happy, before everything happened. Linda wished she could have gotten a straight story of that night, but instead it was yet another mystery. Her mother recovered, and tried to kill herself again resulting in her getting committed. It was there they discovered she was pregnant with her, and Norma legally adopted her, and raised her as her own.

Since then it had been twenty four painful years of illness, surgeries, and hospital stays. Still, she honestly didn't know what she would have done without her aunt, which truly was her only family.

Richard on the other hand was a whole different story.

Today she knew for a fact her aunt would be gone all day visiting the other locations of her restaurants for some publicly stint with her business manager. She of course worried, and even said she would call the hospital service to have a nurse come to visit and check-in on her. Instead, Linda waved her hand telling her not to be silly. She was tired and planned on resting the whole day, staying indoors and out of the heat. She had everything she needed. Her oxygen, her medication, the TV, and plenty of relaxing hours reading one of her mystery books from her collection as she drifted in and out of sleep. Her bedroom was basically a fully functioning hospital room, and she had been home alone plenty of times, feeling much worse. She told Norma a nurse would only bother her, and she would keep her phone on and text her if there was any emergency. Her aunt as always looked at her worried, a look which was worsened since the last doctor's visit, and brushed her dark thinning hair away from her face. Here she picked up her cell just an hour after Norma left, and texted Richard, continuing the talk they had the night before. She told him to come over, she was ready.

As always he parked his beaten up used Saturn down the street so nobody could spot it, and he climbed up the maple tree which stood just outside of the back of the house where her bedroom window was. This was a task he had mastered as a boy whenever they hung out. Usually Linda was forbidden to go out and play while going through treatment, her aunt always so worried she was too fragile. Richard being one of her only friends, always snuck up, and the two would spend countless hours watching TV, playing boardgames, and laughing.

Things had certainly changed now that they were adults.

She knew Richard was troubled, but somehow she could see what others couldn't in him. She knew Norma didn't approve, but she had fallen hard for Richard, and watched as this relationship blew up into a full blown obsession for him. She saw a side nobody else saw in town. A gentle kind side to the so called "unstable" Richard Horne. She knew his triggers, knew his history, and the painful past involving his mother who took off years ago. The two were each other's best friends growing up, and shared their deepest darkest secrets. Well, at least Linda thought so.

When this blossomed into a full blown relationship Linda tried to tell Richard to go out with somebody healthy. Somebody pretty that he could take out to parties and have fun with. Instead he snapped, claiming he didn't care about these dumb ugly bitches in town. All he cared about was her.

Today she decided if she was in fact going to die, something that Richard refused to even talk about...she didn't want to die a virgin.

Laying flat on her back in bed, she stared up at the thin netting of her canopy, legs spread, and the baggy T-shirt she wore to bed slightly pulled up. She hadn't worn any panties when he texted back saying he would be over right away. This had been something they had talked about for sometime now, something that she knew frustrated Richard to no end. Finally today it was happening. With the A.C loudly humming, she laid there, no longer feeling embarrassed. Richard had undressed, never taking his vivid blue eyes off her as she sat up in bed, still with her oxygen tubes going up her nose. When he pulled down his boxer briefs, she saw his erection spring out from his light colored pubic hair. She had been his penis plenty of times before, had even touched it before and tried it in her mouth. Trying not to show how nervous, she stared at his naked thin frame, and gulped as he approached her. She was happy they were doing this in the comfort of her bedroom during the day. Somehow with the warm July sunlight spilling in she felt safer.

He slowly lifted her legs, and laid her back, gently kissing her, and working his way up. He lifted her T-shirt, and bunched it up around her breasts. She had taken her sports bra off, and now laid there, hating how flat she looked laying there. She knew she could have freshened up, or at least tried on some makeup. Instantly she blushed, at the long crude ugly purplish scar that ran down her chest from the countless surgeries. Richard hovered over her, sensing her embarrassment and smirked before leaning down and gently kissing her scar. Something he did whenever she felt sad. Feeling color fill her cheeks, she laid there, trying to focus on breathing, knowing the last thing she needed was to have a heart attack. Earlier after he arrived, he had given her a pill and sprinkled a little blow on the back of his hand, instructing her on how to snort it, claiming it was just a pain pill crushed up and perfectly safe to take the edge off. Richard continued kissing the side of her face and neck, feeling his slightly scratchy pale skin, and smelling his shampoo from his wavy hair. Finally she felt his penis gently graze her inner thigh. Looking up nervous, she held onto his thin shoulder blades.

" you have a condom?"

Richard shook his head, looking very serious into her eyes.

"Don't worry about it spread your legs."

Linda took a deep breath and did no, allowing him to lay between her thighs.

"Like this?"

Richard nodded before he reached down and gave his penis a few quick tugs. With that he stared forward and stared forward at her headboard, focused and serious.

"Hold on..."

He whispered, before he bit down on his bottom lip, and slid forward entering in. Instantly Linda stiffened, gasping at the sharp discomfort pain that filled her. She looked up, before shaking her head beneath him.

"Take it out Richard, take it out..."


He whispered, before gritting his teeth and pushing further down. Linda stiffened, crying out at the pain before Richard's brow wrinkled and he brought his hand up, spitting on it, before traveling back down between her legs were his penis was buried deep inside of her. Feeling him touch her down there, she tilted her head to the side too embarrassed to really do anything. Richard told her to relax, and to breath, before he withdrew sightly and thrusted into her more roughly. Linda cried out, shocked at the pain. When she tried to lift her head to look down and see if she was bleeding? Richard blocked her view and started thrusting away at a quickened frenzied rate. The bed beneath them started to slightly creak as Richard's hand reached up and cupped one of her bare breasts. Staring up, Linda suddenly became lost. She knew it was better to just lay still, and let him finish whatever he was doing. Her entire body gently jingled with each one of Richard's fast thrusts. He buried his head against her shoulder, breathing hot deep breasts as his bare ass continued to pump up and down inside of her. She felt him in her, moving quickly as she stared up listening to his breathing, the creaking of the bed, and the A.C. She had wanted her first time with Richard, something she knew he wanted actually more than her. He had been really on edge since he had been told the news from the doctors, and seemed on the verge of having a complete mental breakdown. She knew the sheriff was keeping a close eye on him, and no matter how much she told him it wouldn't make a difference, he continued selling drugs from across the boarder, saving up claiming his family could buy the best treatment in the world. That her stupid slow doctors didn't know a thing, and once they got her better he was going to marry her, and take her far away from this stupid little town...

Twenty minutes later...

Linda stared off into space, down below no longer hurt. She laid there, still beneath Richard as he swore, and began sweating badly still thrusting into her completely exhausted. She told him it was okay if he couldn't finish, but instead he grabbed her by the wrists and told her to just lay still and shut up. Since then, she just laid there like a dead fish as he bucked his head, staring down at her with insane eyes.

"Who fucking owns you bitch?"

Linda knew this might be the only way to get him to finish. She knew with her luck with the amounts of blow he was doing he might never finish. Whatever she had snorted and had taken earlier was making her fell nice and warm and soupy. She felt high and relaxed, and laid there with her legs still hanging gently in the air as his ass kept bouncing up and down. His hands grabbed a bunch of her hair and pulled as he glared his teeth.

"Who owns you?"

"You do..."

She said, feeling her words slur.

Richard slammed his hips down, she could faintly hear his balls slap against her ass as he kept thrusting.


He snapped.


With that Richard cried out, giving one last good thrust, as his ass tightened, and his penis twitched inside of her. Instantly his semem leaked out of her thick, and running down onto the sheets below her. He wrapped his arms around her tight, emptying himself before there was silence. After a good minute or so, Richard lifted his flushed face, sweating, and hair a complete mess, before he lifted her T-shirt, bunching it around her neck. He stared down, and gave her a good thrust again. Instantly Linda looked up drained.

"What are you doing?"

Richard reached and began cupping and feeling her breasts.

"Trying to get hard again...hold on, give me a second..."

Linda stared up at him as if he was crazy.

"Richard...I need a break. It hurts..."

Richard stared down at her, that insane look flashing in his eyes again for a second, before the flicker went again. Looking down he nodded, before pulling himself out

Rolling over, Richard caught his breath before turning slightly and hiked himself up on one elbow. Laying there, slightly embarrassed, Linda carefully pulled her T-shirt down to cover her breasts before glancing over at him. Feeling his eyes on her, she sighed and nervously chewed her lip. She was no longer a virgin. She knew if she hadn't of agreed he eventually would have taken it himself. She knew their relationship was far from healthy. Her aunt disapproved and called it an obsession. Still, she knew the other side of Richard Horne nobody believed existed. The side she felt was slowly starting to crumble away as his mental illness took over.

Still, she couldn't help but love him.

"You sore?"

"A little..."

"Come here..."

He motioned slightly with his head, making her slowly slide over against him. He told her to relax, before his hand went down and three of his fingers slid inside of her. Slightly stiffening, she muttered before he softly whispered for her to relax. With that his fingers began to move quickly in and out of her, rubbing. Linda began feeling the building heat down below as well as the tingling that started to swell inside of her. Sweating, she licked her lips. Tossing her head she began to squirm. Richard meanwhile watched her smiling, enjoying this sort of control over her.

All the while a gentle breeze blew outside making the branches to the tree outside slowly rock back and forth.


Linda had fallen asleep, completely exhausted by today's activities. Richard tried going down on her after making her strongly orgasm twice in a row but instead, she blushed asking if they could wait to do that? Richard was frustrated, but settled on having sex again instead despite the fact he tried telling her not to be embarrassed, and that he could make her feel even better than she all ready did.

He asked if she wanted another hit? Linda politely refused, worried it was too much for her heart. This time Richard entered her quickly and roughly. He sprinkled some blow on top of Linda's breasts and even her scar. When she blushed after he snorted, he sniffled and actually tenderly kissed the side of her mouth telling her how beautiful she was. Less than ten minutes later he climaxed and squeezed Linda's hand, his fingers laced with hers.

He kissed her, dressed, and frowned as she took her afternoon medication and settled down. She looked pale...too pale. He smoked his cigarette by the open window so the smoke wouldn't bother her and watched as she drifted off, her oxygen tank right beside her. He sat on the edge of the window, taking long drags, hating how sick she looked. Once he finished his smokehe flicked it out the window and walked over to her. Leaning down, he pulled up her light throw to cover her legs. He hated to go, but knew that bitch aunt would be home later. Gazing down at her, Linda's heavy purplish sickly eyelids fluttered open as she stared up at him, half asleep.

"Was I any good?"

Richard smirked and brushed her bangs away.

"You were fucking amazing kid. Amazing."

"I'll get better, you just gotta teach me okay?"

She said softly shutting her eyes, settling into her pillow. Smiling, Richard stared down.

"You bet kid...we'll have a blast. I promise."

Leaning down he gently kissed her clammy forehead before standing up straight and staring at her, knowing very well that the only person he could ever love was dying...and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.