Another day at the Independence Inn.. which means another boring day for Michel. He groaned and grunted through his day. He was checking people in and out, thinking, when will his job be done?

"Next.", groaned Michel.

There was a line of people that he had to check in. This was a task which he hated the most.

"May I have a room, please?"

Michel lifted his head up and said,"Alright here's your room..."

Before Michel could say anything else, he blushed. The female person's face was beautiful. She had ivory white pale skin with black freckles and beautiful ocean blue eyes. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail.

Michel stammered nervously, his face turned red.

In his hand,the room keys in his hand shook making the little jiggling noise. The person giggled.

"I guess that might be my room keys.",the person had a big smile on her face. She took the dangling keys out of his hand and skipped off happily to the room.

Michel watch her go off.

"Enjoy your stay.", he said.

He continued back to work. Before he continued back,he realized behind him was Lorelai. She was smirking at him.

He let a big groan,"What."

As Lorelai steps over to him, still with the big smirk on her face, "You like her."

Michel gasped at the words to what Lorelai just said.

"I do not!",yelled Michel, making his cheeks turn red.

"Oh yes you do,your cheeks are blushing.", said Lorelai.

"Oh,really? Is that how you felt the first time you saw one of your old boyfriends?"glared Michel.

Lorelai annoyed at him mentioning about her previous love of her lives gave Michel a punch in the elbow.

"Get back to work.", growled Lorelai as she turned to walk away. Michel made a fake frowny face while rubbing his elbow.

"Ow,my elbow.", Michel said dramatically.

"Your elbow doesn't hurt, get back to work. Lorelai as she walked away leaving Michel get back to work.

Michel spent the rest of work daydreaming about the girl. He ignored the angry shouting people on the line trying to get his attention, thinking only about the girl he met.