After Work~

Michel walked straight home from work, hoping that he doesn't see either Cara or Lorelai. He thought if he saw Cara again,Lorelai might be somewhere nearby like across the street. He wanted to try to pressure them to start dating, even though he said to her and Sookie that he wanted to wait for the perfect time. He was then probably going to ask her out on a date.

While walking across the stores of the neighborhood staring at ever shop he knew and had walked past. He was so distracted while staring through, he was not knowing what is going on right nearby.

"Hey!",shouted a voice that startled Michel.

He almost jumped off the sidewalk. He was walking on that voice turned out to Cara as it appears as so to be smiling at him that almost made him blush

"Oh hey Cara.",said Michel.

The two of them started walking together.

"So what are you doing here?",asked Michel

"Well I was thinking maybe that you and I should go out for dinner.",asked Cara.

Michel's blush all over his cheeks and they became even redder after what she asked for

"Dinner?" He questioned

"Yeah dinner, I've been trying out this interesting diner called Luke's and the food tastes great and..I was thinking of inviting a friend.',said !Cara with a smile.

Michel almost kept quiet not knowing what to say. He had always liked this girl. His cheeks were even more red at the thought of having dinner with her makes him blush as he thinks about it

"Sure I would like to go to dinner with you." He said as he and Cara turned their backs away to walk to Luke's Diner.