So, as time had went passed in Luke's Diner, Michel and Cara enjoyed their time eating their food. They were sitting together inside the diner and chatting. Time passed by without either one of them noticing. The more the two of them were talking and laughing about good things and bad things that have happened. All was well, until, Cara started asking Michel a question,

"So Michel.", she began .

She watched as Michel busily sipped on his drink.

"Why did you give me the gift? I mean, it was nice for you, but ,why ? Just asking?",asked Cara.

Michel then had stopped himself from sipping on his drink and started thinking of what could he do to make Cara NOT think that he has a crush on her.

"Well, I thought since you came to Stars Hollow ,I figured it was only right to get you a welcome present.",said Michel.

Cara was silent for a few minutes while as Michel was sweating down from his forehead. He wondered if Cara was going to fall for it, or, not believe in what he was saying. That was until he heard in his head the word, "I like it.".

The idea that came out of Cara that had made Michel smile a little", I said.

" I liked the gift.",said Cara.

That made Michel smile even more as then he took a small breath,

"That was close.", he thought to himself.