So,as Michel worked and worked he didn't notice that Lorelai had snuck up on him to scare him. After she scared him, he was able to stay on the ground with his two feet because he held onto the counter and tried not to faint.

"So I heard you were on a dinner date at Luke's, how did that go?",asked Lorelai curiously.

"First of all, it wasn't a dinner date, we were just hanging out.",scolded Michel.

"Aww but I heard from Luke it was a dinner date.",countered Lorelai.

"No it was not!",yelled Michel, stomping his foot.

"Is so.",said Lorelai as she gives him the puppy eyes, making Michel turn away.

"Come on! Can you at least tell me!?"demanded Lorelai.

Michel looked back at Lorelai

"Fine! It was good!" Michel shouted back as he turned back to his desk.

"Really, that's all you have to say?",asked Lorelai.

It wasn't until Michel let out a sigh as he looked back at Lorelai.

"Fine! It's just I can't let her know that the reason why I gave her the gift was because I liked her.",whispered Michel which made Lorelai blink two times.

"Why?",asked Lorelai

"Because I want to wait longer... then to confess that I liked her from day one.",explained Michel. Lorelai was silent again.

"Okay, I see what you meant.",said Lorelai

"Good. Now can I work at my desk?", pleaded Michel "

"Sure.",said Lorelai as she walks off leaving Michel at his desk.