After Work~

Michel was walking home. Suddenly, he bumped into someone!

"Oof I'm so sorry.", he apologized.

"That's okay.",the voice responded.

Michel recognized the voice. It was the same voice as before. He looked up. It was the same person from the Inn. His cheeks blushed red. His imagination has him seeing her with a background of pettles from daisies blowing in the wind behind her. He knew that was all in his head.

"Oh,uh,hi.", Michel nervously greeted her.

"Hi.", said the smiled and giggled adorably.

Michel sees that she has a pair of binoculars on her neck.

"Why do you have binoculars?", asked Michel.

"Oh I'm just going on a late night bird watch.",explained the woman.

Interesting.",said Michel. He stared at the binoculars.

"Perhaps I can lead you to our fascinating trees that have birds in them,hm?" suggests Michel. He lifted one eyebrow up making the woman giggle.

"I'm Cara ,by the way , since we haven't introduced ourselves yet.", Cara introduced herself.

"Oh yes,I'm Michel, it is nice to meet you Cara.",introduced Michel.

"Well ,are going to see the birds in the trees or what?" Cara with a dorky smile,was very huggable.

"We are going to watch you say the magic password.", said Michel.

"Please.", giggled Cara as they started walking to an area that has trees nearby.

A minute later they got to an area that has trees~

Michel was already searching for birds.

They are already in their trees while searching Cara was distracted by something. Michel went to go see it was a beautiful sunset that brought a tear in Cara's eye.

"That is the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.", said Cara. Michel takes a look at it "You're right it is beautiful." Says Michel as the sun finally sets.