Popo and Nana were used to weird things on the various icicle mountains they climbed, but neither of the Ice Climbers would expect various different colored vibrant Tetris blocks to be falling around them alongside the snow. The red birds flying around didn't bother to show up as the Tetris blocks proved to be too heavy for them to deal with.

"Huh... I wonder if these weird blocks are made of ice..." Popo said as he rubbed the back of his head with his right gloved hand. "They seem strange."

"Maybe we should smash it to confirm it." Nana commented as she let out a loud smelly fart, fanning the air of her stinky butt gas. "...For laughs."

And then the Ice Climber duo revealed their wooden mallets, spinning around and smashing the Tetris blocks with ease. They then got rid of all of them, cheering as they danced at the peak of the snowy mountain... until they got squashed by a fast falling red square block of Tetris. Popo and Nana squeezed their Eskimo heads from underneath the square, groaning as they both had anime swirls in place of their eyes, with neither of them feeling so good.