Popo and Nana were pooping themselves in fright of the Tetris blocks, with the situation being so scary that they may need to change their pants. But while the Ice Climbers were in desperate need of new clothing, they were quick to slam the colorful Tetris blocks away with their mallets, freezing them with their icy power as they then used their snowy power to build up an igloo around them to protect them from the blocky onslaught.

"What the hell do we do?" Popo said as he was feeling all the sweat accumulated within his parka. "There's only so many blocks that we can ward off!"

"Maybe we should try volcano climbing instead?" Nana asked as she felt a sloppy fart escaping out of her rear, also being soaked in her sweaty substance. "You think they would mind the heat?"

There was an awkward silence besides Nana farting, with Popo deciding to peek outside to see if the blocks were still there. Much to his worry they were, and he screamed as she decided to look for herself, peeing herself in the process as the Tetris blocks smashed up the igloo, leaving the Ice Climber duo buried in pieces.