Chapter 1 - Recurrence

My hand was shaking holding my phone which was showing me a picture of my best friend with that Uprising game copy. I has just gotten on the bus leaving that mall with the game store where I just sold it back minutes ago. It was too coincidental, almost as if HE caused it to happen. Could Pit somehow have been able to manipulate the real world as he did the other games? But why'd it have to be my best friend?

It's all gone bad from the moment I started playing. First the game gave me more than enough hints which I foolishly ignored. Then that dream, it was directly communicating to me and I should've known. I was so lost in thought, that I missed the bus by mere seconds and lost my job. Now my friend would witness the same nightmare that happened upon me. This is not bad luck to just brush off my shoulder and pass to another. There's a higher power at work here...

The game- no, Pit was alive. And he was sick of all the bullshit he's been forced to tolerate in the game, being played over and over. Used as a tool and forced to keep a smile on his face. Then keep fighting to no end because that's how it was scripted.

I was in no way prepared for any of this, and I would not idle while there was still time to act. I had to make sure my friend would not play that game.

I called them on the bus, steadily driving away from the game store. I was watching for a place to get off to meet just in case they haven't left yet. When they picked up I frantically asked "Where are you? I need to tell you somethin-"

They cut me off before I could finish what I was saying. "Hey! So I left, heading home, gonna play this game as soon as I get back!"

Trying not to stutter, I said "No wait- I gotta tell you something. I'm not making this up. The game is cursed and-"

My friend, with their happy-go-lucky demeanor, burst out laughing in response. "Haahaha! Cursed game ya say? Ooooh! Now I'm really interested in playing it!" They continued to laugh.

Instantly, the disappointment struck. I knew they'd think it's a joke but I still didn't want them to play it. They were always very silly and hardly took me seriously, but this friend is really the only one I got. I won't let this happen if I could do something about it. "Li-listen, pleaseā€¦ Just promise me this one time, you won't play it?"

They stopped laughing on the phone and said paused for a while "Okay... I'll not play it. Even though I want to, I'll refrain... Just for you..." They said in a more serious tone.

"Thank you." I said, then I sighed loud enough that they could hear me. I just hoped they really meant what they said. But if they did play it, that's beyond my control. "Hey are you free tomorrow? Wanna meet up to talk about this face to face? This bus is kinda noisy too, it's making the phone cut off a bit." I asked.

"Not early in the morning but around noon." My friend replied.

"Alright. Later pal." I hung up and waited on the bus until I was close to my home.

When I got off the bus, it was almost night time. I could see the rays of the setting sun which painted the scenery a vibrant hue in the cloudless sky. I decided to stand there and enjoy the view while it'd last. Soon the sun would set. Night would blanket this land in it's stillness, waiting for the sun to take its place again tomorrow.

I often wonder what my future would have in store for me. Things like: "What career would I pursue? What kinds of people would surrounded me? Would I still play games or grow out if it? Where would I live? Could I still enjoy everyday of my life as I do now?"

With all these questions circling in my head, I cast them all aside and began to walk back home. It was dark but the streetlights lit the way and I got home safely. As soon as I put my things away, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth, I went to bed. I fell asleep and let whatever dreams I'd have take me away from real life until morning.