(Alternate End) Chapter 14 - Special End

(Author's Note: This Alternate Ending comes after Chapter 13, but I suggest reading the Original End to Chapter 15, anyways. That would help explain this one better.)

After the Special Battle was over, Dark Pit remained lying on the ground in front of Pit who couldn't stop laughing with that insane expression on his face. I believe I was a spirit, just watching from the sidelines.

Dark Pit didn't get up at all, and Pit stopped laughing for a while. The in front of me, the "I'M FINISHED" screen showed up, with only one option.

"Change Gear"

I selected it somehow, and went to the other weapons I could swap for the Dark Pit Staff.

I was expecting to see all the Cursed Palms like before, but maybe those were only for Pit. The one weapon I could select were the "Pure Claws" that I still didn't know anything about.

Having no other options, I equipped it to Dark Pit. The Staff vanished and was replaced with two plain, white claws. They appeared to be glowing. Then I selected "CONTINUE" and I was spectating them again.

Dark Pit opened his eyes, seeing that he was now equipped with the Pure Claws. He got up rather quickly, despite his previous injuries from the battle. Pit was staring at the new weapon questionably.

"Pit… I won't let this continue any longer... Your tyranny ends today!" Dark Pit shouted.

Dark Pit charged energy within the Pure Claws, Pit did the same with his Cursed Palm. The light shining from the Pure Claws grew rapidly.

Could that weapon be the key to destroying the monster Pit has become? But if Dark Pit succeeds, he'll be dead too! Is it even possible for EVERYONE to make it out alive?!

"Well then. Let's see who's the stronger one here!" Said Pit, in that corrupted, glitching voice. As soon as one of them fired their attacks, it could all be over for one of them.

"AAA- AAGH ! ! " Pit roared in the glitched voice as he launched a series charged shots from the Cursed Palm.

Dark Pit fired his attack from the Pure Claws slightly after. The attack was a beam of blinding white light that streamed out from the claw.

It was a standoff between the two. Pit kept firing attacks while the shining beam from the Pure Claw dispelled them.

The clashing attacks were equally powerful for much of the time. But then Pure Claw's beam was getting closer to Pit! Maybe there was a chance it could destroy Pit and the Cursed Palm!... But if that happens, Dark Pit would die too. Leaving only Magnus left...

"Grrr… AAAAGGHHH ! ! ! "

Pit yelled as his Cursed Palm launched one of those huge charged shots again. It quickly matched up to the Pure Claw's Beam. A burst of energy from both weapons shrouded the battlefield, making it impossible to see. I anxiously waited for it to clear away…

Dark Pit's body was sprawled out on the blood-stained floor, he was heavily damaged and Pit was still standing there. Those blackened eyes and the beady red pupils just stared without any expression.

"Pittoo… I've won…" He said, while walking towards him.

"Aren't you proud of me now?..." Dark Pit wasn't moving or saying anything.

"... Pi-Pittoo?! C'mon! Wake up!" Pit ran over, gently shaking Dark Pit's lifeless body. But it was no use, Dark Pit was dead.

"No… NO! PITTOO! I'M SO SORRY ! !" Pit screamed in his normal voice. The Cursed Palm started taking over the rest of Pit's glitching body, but he tried to brush it off with his other hand.

"GET OFF ME! WHY CAN'T I GET RID OF YOU?!" Pit yelled at the Cursed Palm while he kept trying to detach it from his arm.

I thought for sure that the Pure Claws would've won. Though because of this, Pit seems to have woken up from his insanity. At the cost of killing his twin by his own hand.

Pit kept yelling in agony and rage, he couldn't get the Cursed Palm off. He teleported himself to a floating platform with water in the game. I was brought along still as an invisible spectator. I didn't play all of the game yet, so I had no idea what this place was. Suddenly I heard Pandora's voice in my head.

"He's gone to the Rewind Spring. The place that'd turn back the hands of time and restore my body. It returns ANYTHING to its original state. It appears Pit is trying to undo himself. But I don't know how this will end..."

The Cursed Palm had already spread over half his chest. Pit ran to the edge of the spring, constantly glitching out of form.


Pit thrusted his whole arm into the Rewind Spring, it started to destroy the Cursed Palm. But it also appeared to be destroying Pit as well.

"AAGH- ! AA- AAAGH ! !" His voice was breaking up so much it was beginning to sound like static.

His body was slowly disintegrating away, and so was the Cursed Palm. I could feel this world breaking apart.

"THIS IS FOR LADY PALUTENA, AND PITTOO! EVERYTHING YOU CAUSED, YOU DAMNED WEAPON ! ! I DON'T CARE IF I DIE, YOU'RE GOING ME ! ! ! " Pit screamed at the degenerating weapon still attached to his arm.

But his hand was already gone, then his wrist, then his whole arm. The Cursed Palm kept spreading over his body to avoid it's destruction. So Pit kept forcing it into the Rewind Spring, eventually he threw his whole body into the water. Both Pit and the Cursed Palm disappeared in an instant, then that whole game vanished.

I woke up after that, at the table with my head down and the 3ds in my hand. I saw my friend next to me. I woke them up, relieved that we both made it out alive. The 3ds screen had some text on it:

"Pit . exe has been terminated."

The game wouldn't load when we tried anything, it was broken for sure now.

I thought to myself "I guess Pit was still the hero he used to be all along."

My friend said "Man, that was one hell of an adventure... Wanna go return the game now?"

I said "Yeah, and let's never buy used games ever again."

We went on the bus together and walked to the store that sold us this game. The man at he counter was there, he recognized us and greeted us with a big smile.

"Oh hello! I remember you two, you were here just days ago! What brings you back?" The store's cashier said.

"I think this Kid Icarus game had something wrong with it so I sold it back-" I was explaining, but my friend cut me off.

"I literally bought it right after they returned it. That was some coincidence I tell ya." Said my friend.

"... Yeah, my friend over here bought it and uh, they also noticed the game was bad. We played it more today and I think it's broken now." I finished explaining.

"We wanna return it, soooo… Can we get a FULL refund this time?" My friend asked smiling.

"Hmm, let me see… I'm going to put this in a 3ds, and if it won't play, I'll give you the full $10 back. Sounds good?" The clerk said positively.

"Deal!" I said.

"Sounds great!" My friend agreed.

He took out a 3ds from under the counter, pushed the cartridge in the game slot, and turned on the power. He pressed a few buttons, tapped the screen a few times, and turned it off. He took the cartridge out and put it back in the case.

"You're right, the game IS broken... I'll go ahead and refund you both $10! Because I remember you both purchased this old, used game. I'm sorry you had to deal with this flawed merchandise." Said the clerk.

"Aw yeah! I get a full refund!" My friend exclaimed.

"Thank you so much!" I said, he seemed to be in a much better mood today. I wonder why?...

He opened the register and gave us both $10, then he took the cursed Kid Icarus Uprising Game and smiled at the both of us.

"Now it's broken, we can't sell it anymore. So I'm going to dispose of it! Thanks for bringing it back! I hope you two have fun playing your other games now!" He waved to us as we left, and he went to the back of the store to throw out the game.

My friend and I walked through the the mall together.

"Ahh, I'm so glad that's over. I don't wanna play games for a while, heheh…" I said.

"You're tellin' me! I'm layin' off the video games for a loooong tiiiiime!" My friend and I laughed together.

Eventually, we saw a really a traditional styled cafe that served coffee and tea in actual teacups. There was a sign outside the door.

"Special Deal! $10 for one Pastry Item and all you can drink Coffee or Tea! Today only!"

My friend and I looked at the sign, then at each other.

"Hey bud, we both had an exhausting day… Wanna grab a bite to eat in there?" My friend said, gesturing to the open doors.

I smiled and said "That's a $10 deal worth getting. So hell yeah I wanna grab a bite to eat in there!"

We walked in and a server greeted us. Giving us a table with two chairs and two menus, we asked for the $10 Deal for our orders and soon enough we had our pastries and drinks. We enjoyed spending the afternoon together, as if it was our last.

Though I still wondered what happened to Dark Pit, Magnus, Pandora and everyone else in the now broken game. But considering the way it was before, I'm sure it's better now. At least Pit had a change of heart and woke up.

So in the end, pretty much everything turned out fine. Just like my grandma said, we can put it all behind us now that it's resolved. And the curse of that game sure wouldn't bother us ever again!

(Store Clerk's PoV)

Those two... so they finally put an end to it all… Or was it them? Was there another, who broke the cycle just enough?... Regardless, it doesn't matter so much. I'll be finally free from those nightmares. And I'm seeing familiar faces of old customers who 'mysteriously' returned. That's good.

After my shift ended, I drove home. Went inside and threw myself on the bed. I was so relieved, now I could sleep easy again.

Tomorrow I was off from work, maybe I could ask my two friends if they wanna see a movie or something. That'd be nice, like the good old days.

That night I had a dream, not a nightmare, but a familiar dream like first one I had years ago.

I was in that white space, very bright and clean this time. No blood, no bodies… except for the bodies of two angels. Pit and Dark Pit were lying on the ground next to each other. Pit didn't have to be alone anymore now that he's with his brother. What a relief.

They were sleeping, but they may never wake up again. Now Pit's wings and clothes were clean, no longer stained with blood and no Cursed palm in sight. It looks like now their souls could finally rest.

The dream faded out and next thing I knew it was morning. I haven't slept straight through the night in years. I wish I could take back everything I did to Pit, but now I really can't talk to him ever again. But that's for the best. It's time to move on.

Now to spend time my two friends again. I want to thank them once more for getting me that birthday present of Kid Icarus Uprising.

The End, For Everyone.

(Author's Note: So, I'm finally finished with this story! Thanks to everyone who read it till the very end!

I personally like this Alternate End over the Original End. I wanted to call it "Dark End", but this isn't 'Dark' compared to the Original End. Oh well.

I'm certain I'll never make another sequel of this story, but I might upload these fics to Archive of Our Own sometime later. Though I'm so glad I put this online for everyone to see. Otherwise it'd just be idea in my head.

It's been a real journey in the making. My first fanfic ever has finally come to an end after all the time I spent on it, see you in the next story if I write again!)