Soul Seeing Alchemist

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Chapter 01: Journey's Start

Every Alchemist knows that you cannot get anything for nothing, the law of equivalent exchange. Every alchemist knows that it's forbidden to transmute humans as there are things man was never meant to mettle with.

Maka Albarn was a talented alchemist, her mother was a talented alchemist too. She was someone she had always looked up to. Maka remembered her mother's eyes, there was a weariness to her eyes that belied a quiet strength and a wisdom that Maka couldn't begin to comprehend.

Her father was less impressive. Spirit Albarn was a good man, generally. His family had founded the small town of Resembool. His mother died a year after he was born and his father passed from an illness when he was in his late teens. Spirit wasn't particularly greedy or prideful as some rich people were. He was sort of lonely, he spent a great deal of the money they left him drinking and partying. Then he was drinking in the forest and he met Kami, Maka's mother. They shared a few drinks and talked.

This event repeated and for the first time in a long time, Spirit didn't feel lonely. He courted Kami and though it didn't happen right away Kami started to fall in love with him. Spirit sold his family's home and bought a smaller house at the edge of the town. It was a little out of the way but it was truly theirs.

And a short time later Maka was born and for a time they were happy together. But those sorts of things didn't last. They love between her parents seem to fade, or at least for her father, it seems to have. He seemed to sneak out and cheat on her with various women. In a small town, it didn't take a long time for the whispers and rumors to reach them. Maka had seen him walking with a woman, sneaking away and at that point, she lost her childish innocence. She lost her respect for her father but soon gained a greater respect for her mother. Though it wasn't a common thing to do her mother stood tall and divorced her husband. She let him have it, and the townspeople knew it and didn't blame her. The women that slept with him, ah, many decided to leave the town and hope they'd never see Kami again.

Her eyes, when she was angry they seemed to tear into a person soul, and it stayed with a person. When the woman he had loved turned that gaze on him, Spirit felt his heartbreak.

Not long after that Kami left, she said goodbye to Maka telling her she had a rather large alchemical experiment to work on and she couldn't come back for a long time.

Maka was to stay with Spirit, a small child shouldn't be traveling as much as Kami would have to. Spirit promise despite all his fault he'd take care of her.

Years later, he tried. He had tried but he drank and often passed out and left Maka to take care of herself.

Maka had a friend and her life was bearable, she studied in her mother's lap and read her books on alchemy. Even from an age young, she showed great talent in it. Her mother would send her letter to check in on her but she moved so frequently Maka could never send a letter back. Then less than a year ago her father passed away, maybe it was the drinking, maybe it was a disease but he got weak and couldn't out of bed. Maka had called for a doctor but he passed before one could arrive.

His lasts were, "I'm sorry Maka. I really loved you and mama… but I just never thought I was good enough. I know she told me she loved me but… I felt maybe she would have been happier with someone else. But the truth was that I wasn't happier than when I was with you two. If you ever see her again tell her I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry that couldn't keep my promise."

He fell asleep and he smiled. Maka said bye to him and when she came back with the doctor he was gone.

Maka was just fourteen and she lived off the money that her father had left her. She lived humbly with the next door neighbor looking after her. With little to keep her there, she decided to follow her dreams. She began to search for a teacher, there was only so much to learn from books she needed a teacher if she was going to be a proper alchemist.

She sent a letter to many alchemists seeing if they were interested in taking on an apprentice. Many didn't reply, some told her politely they had students or were simply not interested in teaching.

Maka started to lose hope when she received a letter saying they would be glad to meet her. So Maka packed a suitcase and headed off to go to another city.

Sid and Nygus were her neighbors and the town medics. They were like family, Nygus was the one there with her when she found her father dead. They were brave and kind people. They also insisted to see her off at the train station.

"Take care, Maka!" An older girl hugged Maka goodbye.

That was Tsubaki, their apprentice learning to treat people with automail and Maka's best friend.

"If you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask," Tsubaki told her.

Nygus added, "We will be here if you ever need us."

Maka found a lot of strength in the knowledge that they would be there for her.

Maka got on a train and was anxious the whole ride but she found comfort in knowing she was following in her mother's footsteps.

After several hours Maka found herself at the train station platform holding her suitcase waiting. She waited a while before she sat on a nearby bench, she waited watching trains come and go. Doubt started to creep into her mind, afraid that this was all sort of cruel joke.

"Maka?" A soft voice called to her.

She turned to see a young woman with blond hair in intertwined braids. She wore a black dress with a long sleeved brown coat. She smiled warmly at her, "You're Maka Albarn, Right?"

"Yes, are you Medusa Gorgon?"

"Yes, yes, I am. I'm sorry I've kept you waiting," she fiddled with a bracelet on her wrist. "I had to pick someone else up first and it took a bit longer than I expected."

Maka followed her eye line to find a young boy about her age. He had white hair, red eyes, and brown skin. He was Ishvalen. He was from a neighboring nation, one that had been at war with her nation.

"Let me introduce you two." Medusa said kindly, "This is Soul, he's a refugee. I tend to open my house to refugees who need a good home. Soul this is Maka she's come to be my apprentice."

"Hello," Soul said in little more than a whisper.

"Uh, it's nice to meet you," Maka said giving him a small wave.

Medusa continued to smile. "Good, I hope we all get along."

Medusa walked them over to her car and started to drive them to her home. The ride was a silent one, both teens were leaving the lives they had known and there were many big changes.

As they pulled up a large house Medusa helped them out. They both held their belonging close as they followed her.

"Welcome back," A shy whimper of voice was heard.

"This is my child, Crona." Medusa waved them over to a wisp of a child.

Crona had pinkish-purple hair and wore a black robe. Crona couldn't stand to look them in the eyes instead of looking away.

"You will have to forgive Crona, they've always been rather shy."

"No problem." Maka smiled offering a hand, "I'm Maka it's nice to meet you."

Crona just sort of poked her hand.

Soul waved at Crona, "Uh, Hi, I'm Soul. I hope we get along."

Medusa ever-chipper continued to smile, "I hope you can all make yourself home. Crona, please show them to their rooms and I'll get started on make us a large welcoming dinner."

"O-okay" Crona whimpered, "Please follow me."

Maka took a deep breath as she took her first steps into what would be her new home.