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I made a different version of this story and I'm satisfied with how it went.

All of the Z Fighters are going to visit Android 17 to celebrate his victory from the tournament of power. everyone arrived to the island where 17 works protecting endangered species. there is just one problem. someone is missing. Bulma is checking the list of invited people.

Bulma- "I don't get it! I don't see anyone missing."

Vegeta- "hrm! Kakarot's son is obviously missing."

Bulma- "Of course! How did I not see that?"

She turns to Goku who is eating a massive amount of food sitting next to Beerus.

Bulma- "Goku!"

Goku- (Spits food) "Huh?"

Chichi slaps Goku

Chichi- "Have manners won't you? you need to be a grandfather our Pan can look up to."

Goku- "ow chichi."

Bulma- "Goku! how could you forget to bring Gohan?"

Goku- "wait Gohan isn't here?"

Vegeta- "dammit Kakarot. there is no fixing you."

Goku- "What does that mean?"

Bulma- "Goku!"

Goku- "yes what is it?"

Bulma- "Find Gohan already! Wasn't he here with you?"

Goku- "I think so. But why should I look for him?"

Bulma- "Go!"

Goku jumps up and flies 50 meters to the sky, then he tries to sense Gohan's energy.

Goku- "Hm... where is he?... Oh no. He's not here. maybe I should try to sense around the planet. Hm... ?...?...?! What!? I can't feel his energy."

2 hours ago...

Gohan flies to a mountain to meet piccolo who is currently meditating within a water fall.

In in Piccolo's mind he is fighting a mental battle against Kami and Neil. After several combos and attacks he is disturbed by Gohan's presence.

Gohan- "sorry if I interrupted your concentration Piccolo."

Piccolo- "it's fine what do you want? there is nothing else I can teach you Gohan. unless..?"

Gohan- "no Piccolo I'm not here for that."

piccolo- "then why did you interrupt my training?"

Gohan- "I was wondering if you wanted to celebrate our victory in the tournament of power? everyone is arriving at 17's Island."

Piccolo- "hmm... tell him I will only accept his invitation if he fights me For Old Times Sake."

Gohan- "Um we don't have time for that."

Piccolo- "Hrm... Fine I'll go. But make sure that I get a nice place to meditate alone."

Gohan- "Yes. I will!"

Gohan and his teacher Piccolo fly towards Android 17's Island. During the flight Gohan experiences some nausea.

Piccolo- "What's wrong Gohan? Your energy seems odd."

Gohan- "It's nothing. Maybe I should have had a bigger breakfast."

Piccolo- "You Saiyans and your appetite. Its phenomenal."

both Z Fighters arrive early to to the island. Gohan continues to feel odd.

Piccolo- "are you sure you're okay Gohan. your energy is acting strange."

Gohan- "at this rate I think I might get sick."

Piccolo- "what did you do to cause something like this? Gohan?"

Gohan is nowhere to be seen.

Piccolo- "Gohan? Damn it. I'll just take my leave then."

Piccolo flies to a place in the island where he can meditate in peace. What piccolo doesn't know is that Gohan is no longer in universe 7.

Gohan opens his eyes and is baffled. Just a while ago he was next to Piccolo. But he sees himself in a place that seems underdeveloped. There are demi-Humans and commoners minding there own business.

Gohan- "did I pass out?... this place seems real though."

He wonders around the place trying to search for answers. just like in the original story our protagonist walks into a demi-human restroom and he gets slapped. he exits then wanders into a restaurant for demihumans. he is then kicked out. he still can't find answers because people would rather not interact with strangers. Gohan then sees a person who is about to be runned over so with his super speed he saves that person before a knight can do so. anyone who witnessed the heroic act were too surprised to say anything. Gohan has no time to explain so he wanders about his day. so far he has made zero progress so he sits alone in an Alleyway to rethink his strategy. then from the light three thugs walk towards Gohan with menacing looks on their faces.

Thug 1- "Cough out everything you have."

Thug 2- "yeah if you don't want to die."

Gohan looks up to them.

Gohan- "Hm? so you three are thugs. just walk away and no one will get hurt."

The taller shit face looks at Gohan with a fierce look.

Thug 3- "You look strong. But you can't do anything against the three of us."

Gohan- "Sigh. I don't want to hurt anyone now."

Thug 2- "the only one who will get hurt here is you!"

All three of them pull out their weapons and attempt to attack Gohan. the Z fighter disarms all three of them and lightly pushes them away with his ki.

the three thugs are baffled. they quickly pick up their weapons and stare down the Z fighter.

Thug 1- "I don't know how you did that but you won't get to do it again."

Gohan- "sigh. Looks like I will need to end this now."

just as Gohan puts on his fighting stance a girl runs towards them signaling the four men to get out of the way. they waste no time and they let her leave. just when the thugs were about to attack Gohan a voice is heard.

Emilia- "give me back what you stole and none of you will get hurt."

Thug 3- "Eh? We did not take anything from you. you were looking for a girl that just ran past us."

Thug 2- "yeah she went over there."

Emilia- "Thank you. Please step aside!"

she runs up to where Gohan is then stops.

Emilia- "however what you 3 are doing cannot be overlooked. you're trying to rob this man."

Thug 2- "it's none of your business get out of here."

Gohan- "please stay out of this I don't want to drag you into my problems."

Emilia- "don't be foolish you are outnumbered so let me help you."

1 thug points out that they are still outnumbered three against two.

a small cat appears from thin air.

Puck- "then it's three against three what do you think Emilia?"

Thug 1- "A spirit?"

the thugs are surprised. as soon as the thugs attempt to fight, Gohan uses his speed to knock out each one of them with non-lethal hits.

Emilia- "what just?"

Gohan- "I can explain but not now. you seem to be in a hurry."

Emilia- "ah yes. I am searching for a thief that stole my insignia."

Gohan- "I saw a girl running past this place. if we hurry we can still find her."

Emilia- "you don't happen to know where she went do you?'

Gohan- "No. but I can try to locate her ki."

Emilia- "ki?'

Gohan- "Ki is Life Energy. all living beings have it so I can use that to trace where she is."

Emilia- "can you really do that?"

Gohan- "yes."

He puts two fingers on his forehead and closes his eyes to focus.

Emilia- "what are you doing? are you just stalling for time to let her Escape?"

Puck- "I don't sense him lying he may be telling the truth."

Gohan opens his eyes. He puts on a look in his face that makes it seem as if he is certain where the thief went.

Gohan- "follow me."

she blindly follows Gohan because she has nothing to lose. well except for her insignia. they both run past traffic and travelling pedestrians until Emilia stops Gohan.

Gohan- "why did we stop? I'm losing track of the thief."

Emilia faces a child who seems to be lost.

Emilia- "this kid seems to be lost. what do you think?"

Gohan- "indeed this kid is lost."

Emilia approaches the child. happiness can be seen in the child's eyes but then turns into disappointment.

Emilia- "Hi. are you lost? where are your parents?"

the child gets saddened because of this question.

Emilia- "oh I didn't mean to make you cry I don't mean you harm."

Gohan approaches the sad child and attempts to cheer her up.

Gohan- "hey there kid look at this."

Gohan makes a small ball of ki and it catches the attention of the kid. it becomes about the size of a tennis ball.

Gohan- "here try to hold it."

the ball of Ki is transferred to the hands of the child. Emilia's eyes widen as she stares at the ball of ki. the kid stares at the ball with unexpected joy and surprise as it disperses into many small marble-sized particles.

Gohan- "do you know what just happened?"

child- "no sir."

Gohan- "you just received good luck so don't worry you will eventually see your parents."

the child becomes happy and thanks Gohan and the half elf.

Gohan and Emilia accompany the child to help find her parents. the child's mom quickly recognizes the kid and then the kid replies by running towards her parent.

Emilia- "now that we have that out of the way we can continue with searching for the thief."

Gohan- "uuh about that..."

Emilia- "what is it?"

Gohan- "I can't sense her energy anymore."

Emilia- "what!?"

Gohan- "if there weren't so many people here then I could easily find her but I sense too many people. sorry."

Emilia- "oh well. thank you for trying to help me anyways."

she turns away to leave but she is stopped by Gohan.

Emilia- "what is it? you can't help me now that you can't sense the thief anymore."

Gohan- "that's true but we can still ask people for her whereabouts. and I recognized her energy waves so if she's nearby I will know where to look."

Puck- "I don't sense any lies from him. we can still trust him."

Emilia- "well okay but why do you still insist on helping me?"

Gohan- "well you did stop to help me so what I can do is repay you."

Emilia- "but you didn't even need my help. you knocked out all of those thugs."

Gohan- "that's true but right now I'm the only one who can help you find your insignia. I can't rest until I know you have your belongings returned."

Emilia blushes and tries to hide her face.

Emilia- "okay then. let's go."

they search far and wide across almost every corner of the town but have no luck in finding the thief that has stolen the insignia.

they both stop to ask a sales man some questions.

Salesman- "if you don't have any money then get out of here."

Gohan- "please help us out we are in a hurry."

the salesman stares at Gohan with an angry face.

salesman- "your problems are none of my concern if you're not going to buy anything then leave me be."

the salesman's wife arrives the child is happy to see her dad again. the child recognizes Emilia and Gohan and thanks them for helping her.

the sales man turns to Gohan.

salesman- "what exactly happened with you and my daughter?"

Wife- "well these two were looking after our kid while she was lost until I found them."

the salesman looks back at Gohan with a grin.

salesman- "well looks like I'm in your debt. ask me anything."

Gohan then explains the description of the thief that stole Emilia's insignia. the sales man recognizes the description and then explains that he doesn't know where she is but he knows where she went.

Gohan- "thanks that's all I needed to hear. now lets find that insignia."

just as Gohan and Emilia walk away the salesman and the child wave their farewell's to them both. it is now getting late. Gohan and Emilia arrive at the slums. they notice how depressing the environment is and the people in it. a man walks by and Gohan ask him about the thief.

Peasant man- "ah, you are talking about felt. well good luck trying to get back what she stole. you will need to negotiate a price at the loot house."

Emilia- "I don't want to have to buy back what is mine."

peasant man- "well good luck with getting back what she stole."

The Peasant man walks away just as Gohan and Emilia continue with their path.

Puck- "hehe! Do it already!"

Emilia- "?.?..."

Gohan- excuse me?

Puck- "oh, I should just explain. you have been spending the whole day together and didn't bother sharing your names."

Gohan- 'really wow I guess time just went by very fast."

Emilia- "Well I was preoccupied with trying to find my insignia. so of course I was distracted."

Gohan- "well then my name is son Gohan but son is just a family name so call me Gohan."

Puck- "my name is Puck! Now introduce yourself too."

Emilia- "ok... my name is Satella..."

Gohan frowns at her.

Emilia thinks to herself. "He might reject me if I use the name of the Witch of Envy."

Gohan- "That is not your real name."

Emilia- "What?... yes it is."

Gohan- "no, no it isn't. you don't like that name and I can sense that you are lying to me."

Emilia is surprised that Gohan can see right through her lies.

Emilia- "okay. my name is Emilia."

he changes his frown to a smile.

Gohan- "nice to meet you Emilia."

Gohan can feel the Killer Instinct of an assassin nearby.

Gohan- "someone is in trouble."

Emilia- "how do you know?"

Gohan doesn't reply. He sprints toward the loot house. she chases him.

Emilia- "wait for me please!"

Gohan breaks down the doors and faces the female Assassin with an angry face.

Assassin- "oh who might you be?"

Gohan- "that doesn't matter right now. what matters now is that I won't let you hurt anyone."

Assassin- "oh really?"

Emilia finally catches up to Gohan. she then recognizes the thief.

Emilia- "you! you stole my insignia!"

Felt- "How did you find me?"

Assassin- "oh now the owner is here looks like I'll have to kill everyone."

Felt- "what, why?"

Assassin- "consider this punishment for bringing unwanted attention."

Gohan- "you think I will let you do that!? you're wrong."

the female assassin then licks her lips while she checks out Gohan's body.

Assassin- "you look very strong and handsome. it's a shame I have to cut you open now."

she quickly thrusts towards Gohan to cut open his stomach but he grabs her hand and squeezes the knife out of it. she then pulls out another knife and quickly attacks Gohan's throat but he grabs the dangerous part of the blade and crushes it into pieces.

the female assassin is surprised that this man is very strong. Gohan now let's go of her hands and she jumps back several feet away from him. she pulls out two more blades.

Assassin- "you are very good. please entertain me."

she uses super speed to run around Gohan in circles to try and make Gohan lose sight of her but his eyes never leave her at any moment. this angers her.

Assassin- "can he see me? no. that can't be right. well, I'll just cut out his eyes."

she tries to attack him again but Gohan pushes her away with his ki barrier. he is just standing in the same place not moving a muscle and staring at her with an angry face.

Assassin- "are you not going to fight back? if you wont, then I will attack the little girl."

the female assassin tries to attack felt but Gohan takes the full force of the attack shattering the knife. the attack did nothing to him except for cut a hole into his orange Turtle hermit Gi. the female Assassin cannot believe this. no one can survive that attack. and they especially can't break her blade just by making contact with skin.

Assassin- "what are you? you surely cannot be human."

Gohan- "do you now realize that you cannot hurt anyone while I am here?"

the Assassin throws her remaining blade at Emilia. Gohan appears right in front of it shattering it with his hand.

Gohan- "you no longer have your blades so you should stop this now and leave. never try to hurt anyone again because so long as you continue to carry that Killer Instinct with you, I will always know where you sleep..." (Damn that's a bad ass quote from my boy Gohan!)

The female Assassin threw several punches and kicks at Gohan. She tried to hit his pressure points to knock him out but that won't work.

Gohan- "you must think I'm an amateur. I trained all my pressure points along with my muscles. You can't win."

Gohan softly punches the Female warrior on the stomach then lifts her from the ground to slam her back to the floor. The wooden floor brakes.

Gohan- "enough of you! leave now."

the incredible amount of strength frightened the Assassin so she painfully got up and took her leave and declared that things won't end the same way when she meets Gohan again. She leaves...

with a smiling face Gohan turned to Emilia and Felt.

Gohan- "is anyone hurt?"

Old man Rom- "Thanks to you none of these girls were hurt. The moment I saw your strength I realized I didn't need to interfere."

Emilia approached Felt. The small Thief is frightened by the half elf.

Felt- "I'm sorry! if I knew this much trouble would come from the insignia I would have never taken it. I swear."

Emilia- "it's okay in the end nobody got hurt."

Felt- "you're not going to do anything bad to me?"

Emilia- "No. of course not."

Old Man Rom- "I think we are all exhausted after what today had to offer."

An off duty Knight entered the house.

Reinhard- "Yes including me."

Old Man Rom- "Huh? The monster Slayer Reinhard?!"

Reinhard- "Don't worry. I won't arrest anyone. I'm off duty. but I overheard something about an insignia."

Felt- "I thought you said you won't arrest anyone."

Reinhard- "don't worry I won't arrest you. so please return that insignia."

Felt- "Fine."

felt shows the Insignia on her hand but it glows for some reason. and Reinhard takes notice of this. He quickly grabs Felt's hand and that frightens her.

Reinhard- "I'm sorry but I'm going to need to take back that statement. I cannot ignore this."

Felt- "Don't touch me!"

Gohan then grabs Reinhard's hand.

Reinhard- "what are you doing?"

Gohan- "I know you are with the authorities but she doesn't deserve to be taken away."

Old Man ROM- "yeah she is going nowhere."

Reinhard- "we don't have time for this. do you have any idea what you are doing?"

Gohan- "No. and it doesn't matter because she doesn't want to go anywhere."

Reinhard- "fine. then are you willing to defend her?"

Gohan- "yes."

Reinhard let go of felt. and so Gohan let go of Reinhard.

Reinhard- "meet me outside where we can do battle."

Emilia stops Gohan.

Emilia- "Are you seriously going to fight him he is a Knight."

Gohan- "don't worry everything will be fine."

Gohan exits the loot house with Reinhard. they both face each other in an open field.

Reinhard- "Won't you use a weapon?"

Gohan- "I don't need it."

Reinhard- "So be it. I'll give you one last chance to surrender."

Gohan- "Not going to happen."

Reinhard- "Then Here I Come!"

Emilia stands back as she and Felt Watch the fight. Even Old man Rom. But Puck decides to take a nap.

Puck- "Tell me who the winner is okay? Bye Emilia."

Emilia- "Goodnight Puck."

Reinhard moves swiftly towards Gohan to deliver an attack with a stray sword he found on the ground. (He won't use his real sword) Reinhard aimed the blade where he can do non lethal damage to his opponent. Gohan then stopped the sword with his two fingers.

Reinhard is surprised that Gohan can stop the attack with his fingers. so he stepped back to charge up a magic attack.

Reinhard- "sorry for me to do this but it seems you are too strong for me to take lightly. this attack will surely knock you out with one blow."

Gohan- "then use it. hit me with everything you got. Don't hold back."

Reinhard- Are you sure? I could accidentally kill you.

Gohan- just do it anyway use your strongest attack on me.

Reinhard- okay but I won't be held responsible for your death.

Reinhard charges his attack very quickly and the sword he holds becomes as bright as a star. He then swings the sword at Gohan causing a bright explosion that makes a crater on the ground. as soon as the smoke clears away Gohan is with no injuries. and his turtle hermit Gi is still intact.

Reinhard- How?

Gohan- Do you give up? I won't attack you unless you are persistent.

Reinhard- Impressive. I am confident with my strength and abilities but you far exceed my expectations. I can't fight you and I won't fight you anymore.

Reinhard drops the broken sword to the ground and smiles at Felt.

Reinhard- it looks like you have a strong protector.

he then looks to Gohan.

Reinhard- We will need to protect this girl at all times because she is special. there's a reason why I wanted to take her with me. she happens to qualify as a candidate for a royal election.

Emilia- Her too?

Felt- What? Me?

Reinhard- yes you do. Gohan should be your Knight and your protector. He Must accompany you to the Royal election.

Felt- hold on I did not agree to this!

Gohan- hold that thought Felt. you won't need to steal anymore if you are elected to be the leader of... hold on what is this place called?

Reinhard- Eh? we are in the kingdom of Lugunica.

Gohan thinks to himself...*I may not be dreaming. everything that happened today seems very real*

Reinhard- you don't seem to be from around here. what is your name?

both fighters introduce themselves properly.

Reinhard- that is a strange outfit you have and your name seems foreign. where are you from?

Gohan- I live in Mount Paozu.

Reinhard- I never heard of that place. where is it?

Gohan- I suppose it's very far away now. I don't know how to get back and neither do I have any money on me. you could say I'm lost but...

A loud growl can be heard and it came from Gohan's stomach.

Gohan- dammit I have not eaten the entire day. Curse my Saiyan metabolism! I'm starving!

Gohan passes out.

That's it for part 1. I hope this was just as entertaining as the original manga or anime. This part wasn't too long because Gohan didn't have many set backs as Subaru did. I tried to take my time and make Gohan at least do one of the side quests like Subaru did.

If this chapter is read by at least a few people I will make part 2. Who am I kidding i'm still making part 2. XDDD

A remastered story was created. Gohan isn't weak and Subaru makes a return/ the writing format is remastered too.