DBS X Re:Zero

A remastered story was created. Gohan isn't weak and Subaru makes a return/ the writing format is remastered too.

Goku- Gohan! I will fight Vegeta! Protect your friend!

Gohan- Alright!

The Zfighter faces Emilia but she refused to look at him.

Gohan- If this has anything to do with the blank message, it's all a misunderstanding!

Puck- Let's just trust Gohan for now Lia. We should get away from here.

Vegeta keeps trying to get to Emilia but Goku continues to push him back.

Vegeta- Why wont this body Bend to my diligence? because it's my body you fool!

Goku sends a barrage of punches to Vegeta. it seems Betelgeuse doesn't know how to use the new body. In fact, Vegeta won't let Betelgeuse do anything at all.

Vegeta- Why?! Even with this powerful body I still can't use it!

Goku- if you think that body will surrender to you then you are wrong. Vegeta is the most stubborn person I know. he would die before you get a chance to control him. but I'm surprised you managed to go super Saiyan 2 by accident.

Gohan flies Emilia away from the fight between the two Saiyans. Vegeta noticed Gohan and shoots a Ki blast at him. Goku deflects the Ki blast away.

Goku- Don't tell me he's learning how to use Vegeta techniques?!

many unseen hands pry out of Vegeta's back reaching for the sky. the unseen hands become visible and glow with a golden light.

Julius- Those are what the Archbishops use!

Vegeta- Now bend to my diligence! The Witch's love shall prevail! As her disciple I will see this through to the end!

Goku- I won't let you learn how to use his body!

Goku flies at Vegeta but is pushed away by the now visible Golden unseen hands. Goku lands hard in a forest destroying several trees when landing.

Vegeta- I now have full contr- No you don't bastard! Do I need to show you- Such Pride! This body is overflowing with PRIDE!

A blinding blue light appears from the Forest where Goku landed. Goku flies out as a SSJBlue.

Vegeta- My brain trembles! I tremble with excitement for battle!

Goku- looks like the crazy guy now has Vegeta's love for fighting. I know this is bad, but this is getting exciting!

Vegeta sends Golden unseen hands at Goku but are obliterated by coming into contact with the Blue energy surrounding Goku.

Vegeta- What?! even with this power... even with my diligence... HAAAAAAAAA.

Goku- hm?

Vegeta keeps powering up.

Goku- It seems he doesn't know how to go SSJBlue. Aw man! I was just getting excited.

Vegeta flies at Goku throwing poorly coordinated attacks. Goku has no trouble dodging without trying. Goku sends a hard punch to Vegeta's stomach. The pain doesn't bother the madman and allows for Vegeta to land a hard hit on Goku. Goku then smiles.

Goku- that's the spirit!

Goku slams Vegeta to the ground. The impact of the fall made all trees in a hundred mile radius bend in half. A lot of property in the Village was now destroyed. the capital of Lugunica can feel the shock waves of the fight as it continues. Even other nations can feel the shock waves.

Roswaal's meeting at the Capital

Roswaal is in a conference room with other officials. the people there can feel the shock waves and the ground shaking. a glass of wine tips over spilling liquid on documents. Roswaal walks up to a broken window.

Roswaal- Oh no...

A Neko maid (Cat person maid) brings a crystal ball to the office desk. The ball projects the Fight between Goku and Vegeta to a wall for all of the officials to watch.

Goku- I know you are still in there Vegeta. You would never take orders from anyone so why start now?

Vegeta- Shut up Kakarot! This weakling somehow puts up a good fight! Insolence! insolence! insolence! insolence!

Vegeta bites his own fingers.

Vegeta- All of my faith! All I have done! And yet! yet! yet! yet! yet! yet!..

the madman regains his composure.

Vegeta- Forget this fight! I'm coming for you witch!

Vegeta flies with Super Speed to where the villagers are evacuating.

Goku- No you don't!

Goku blocks the way and slammed Vegeta back on to the ground. the Shockwave was stronger than last time. Vegeta continues to try and get to the half elf but Goku stops him again. and again. and again. and again. and again. rinse and repeat.

Goku- why don't you just give up and get out of that body?

Vegeta- Good idea!... My body! it's mine again! what happened Kakarot?!

Goku- What do you mean? Wait... Do you feel that?

Vegeta- Feel what?

Goku- do you feel Gohan's energy acting weird?

Vegeta- Damn it! That bastard is taking Gohan's body!

Goku- Damn it! Gohan is heading towards the evacuating Villagers!

Vegeta- Let's go Kakarot!

Vegeta grabs Goku's shoulder and waits. Goku is having trouble trying to instant transmission to Gohan's location.

Vegeta- What is taking you so long?

Goku- I don't know. I feel Gohan's energy but I can't get us there for some reason. His energy is acting weird and wont let me lock on to it

Vegeta- Damn it! You're useless!

Goku- Looks like we need to fly. Let's hurry Vegeta!

Flügels Tree (Lifaus Highway)

While flying, Gohan is carrying Emilia in his arms to where all the Villagers have evacuated. as soon as he lands next to his comrades (Felix, Julius, Wilhelm, Mimi, Etc,) Emilia pushes Gohan away signaling that she wants to get away from him.

Gohan- What's the matter?

Puck- Get away from Emilia you witch lover!

Gohan- Huh?

Puck blasts Gohan several yards away.

Gohan- What's going on?...! ah! How did... Why me?!

Gohan runs away at high speeds. He can feel Betelgeuse taking control.

Felix- You felt it too Miss Emilia?

Emilia- Yes. I can't believe this would happen to Gohan.

Old Man Wil- I don't think we can protect you Lady Emilia. Gohan-san is too strong.

Puck- stand back everyone.

Emilia- Wait! You aren't going to transform?

Puck- It's the only way.

Authors Note: Puck is the Giant creature that sat on top of Roswaal's Mansion, and Froze the protagonist to death.

The environment becomes cold as Puck Grows into a fearsome beast. The size of Puck frightens the villagers, Merchants, and Soldiers/Mercenaries. the once adorable Puck is now a scary Beast. Snow begins to rain down heavily.

The cold is so strong, that Knight Julius needs to create a barrier of warmth around everyone using his spirit arts. so nobody would freeze to death.

Gohan- Ah, My brain trembles... This body seems to suit me well. Ah, and it doesn't put any resistance.

Gohan's head turns in an unhealthy position.

the madman Powers up to ultimate Gohan.

Gohan- this vessel has vast amounts of power and knowledge. Ah, how refreshing, refreshing as the love. The Witch's love!

Puck sends a massive glacier sized Crystal (2 miles large) at Gohan. The possessed Zfighter Stops the glacier with one hand.

Puck- What?!

Gohan- (smiles evilly) SLOTH!

the glacier erupts with bright light, exploding in all directions. chunks of the Glacier damage the Flügels Tree. Other chunks land on the leftover blood of the White Whale. Knight Julius and Wilhelm have to slice Glacier Chunks in half before they fall on the Villagers and Merchant carriages.

Possessed Gohan flies up to Puck punching the poor beast across the landscape. The giant beast lands hard on the Flügels Tree, this caused the massive Tree to almost brake in half. More ground shaking etc.

Emilia- Puck! No!

The possessed Zfighter now stares at Emilia with tears dripping down his eyes. He walks slowly to her in a creepy way. He is now dangerously close to the Half Elf.

Gohan- Why do you flee from my love? (tongue flies out like a madman) My precious Witch! I now have you, all to my self!

Emilia- Aahhh!

Emilia charges up a magic attack but Mimi and Trivey shoot a breath beam at Gohan and it does nothing to the possessed warrior. the Madman now stares at them.

Gohan- Getting in my way?.. Don't test my faith... I will hurt you children.

Golden unseen hands pry out of Gohan's back and try to reach for Mimi and Trivey. Wilhelm cuts the hands before they could come close to the children.

Old Man Wil- I know I'm no match for you. but I won't let you do as you please.

Gohan- How commendable. You fight for love as well? As a true disciple of love, you have my respect. But nonetheless...

Gohan slaps away Wilhelm. Julius is quick to attack Gohan but he stops his Magic blade with two fingers.

Julius- What? Last time my attacks could hurt you? Gohan still has more power?

Gohan- Ah, so you previously experienced this power?.. Hehe! DIE!

Julius dodges the unseen hands but then has to block a Ki blast with his own sword. His weapon is now broken and his arms are burnt crispy.

Felix- Julius!

Everyone standing close to Emilia start to back away from the half elf. They don't want to get in the way of the possessed Z Fighter. Emilia backs away from Gohan as he tries to reach for Emilia. The half elf shoots magic ice attacks at Gohan but the ice melts away at making contact with the Possessed warrior's Mystic Aura.

Gohan- You have no choice but to love me witch! hehehe!

Emilia- Noo! Stay away!

Out of nowhere Goku and Vegeta attack Gohan sending him across the landscape.

Goku- it's okay everybody Vegeta is not possessed anymore. It's Gohan over there!

Vegeta- As the Prince of all Saiyans, I would never let anyone control me! So the bastard took Gohan's body instead!

Emilia- No! Not Gohan! You two have to help him!

The Massive Cat beast (Puck) soars across the sky and Lands on Gohan. Puck uses his magic to Freeze Gohan alive.

Gohan- Naive!

An energy attack from Gohan pierced through the ice and went through Pucks Stomach up to outer space. The Special Beam Cannon

Goku- uh oh. He's gotten much worse now.

Vegeta- Hey! You! (points at Julius)

Julius- What is it?

Vegeta- How do you kill someone who just takes control of someone else's body.

Julius- You can't.

Vegeta- What?!

Julius- you need to deprive them of potential hosts to properly kill them. therefore you Saiyans must die.

Goku- I think that's going to be a problem.

Vegeta- Don't make me laugh. nothing in this world is capable of killing us.

Julius- I'm not going to sit back and allow this to continue. Now stay still so can chop off your head!

Vegeta- Ha! Try it fool! your blade would break on making contact with my skin!

Felix- Julius! have you forgotten your fight with Gohan? these guys are unkillable!

Goku- okay I will fight Gohan, Vegeta, go find Whis.

Vegeta- No! You go find Whis!

Goku- fine! Then let's do Rock, paper, scissors!

Both Saiyans begin their rock, paper, scissors, contest.

"rock paper scissors!"

"rock paper scissors!"

"rock paper scissors!"

Emilia- Are you guys for real?! Go help Puck before he dies!

Whis and Beerus arrive at the scene.

Whis- My, my, look at the mess you are in.

Emilia, Felix, Julius, and others stare at the funny looking Angel and the Purple, Hairless, Egyptian Cat.

Beerus- what are you all looking at?

Goku and Vegeta stop their Rock Paper Scissors contest.

Goku- Whis! Lord Beerus! Have you come to help?

Beerus- no. I'm not here to help, I never help. why do you always ask for help?!

Goku- aw, come on! we're fighting someone who takes control of people's bodies as soon as he dies!

Whis- there isn't much we can do right now.

Vegeta and Goku- What?!

Whis- however, if you can manage to force the Cultist to come out of Gohan's body, then Lord Beerus can destroy the soul as it exits Gohan.

Beerus- hey! I said I'm not going to help!

Whis- then I guess you don't want to enjoy the food I packed from Bulma's place.

Beerus- I'm not falling for it. you think I can easily be bribed with food?

Whis- But I thought you were looking foward to eating Ramen Noodles. Oh well, I'll just have them all to myself then.

Beerus- wait! you had ramen noodles the whole time! why didn't you say that from the beginning?!

Felix- I can't believe we have to rely on people who complain about food.

Beerus- I heard that!

Puck reverts back to his small body falling half dead to the ground, blood covering his small cat body.

Gohan- even with your power, you're no match for my new body! Hahahahh! Wonderful! Wonderful! this body is strong enough to kill spirits!

Vegeta- Hey! Remember when I said I'm not done with you yet?!

SSJBlue Vegeta sends a barrage of attacks at Gohan. the possessed Z fighter seems to not care about pain and delivers a hard attack to Vegeta's stomach.

Vegeta- Uuhh!

Gohan- Begone! Inferior!

Golden unseen hands grab Vegeta and squeeze the life out of him.

Vegeta- since when was Kakarot's brat this strong? ahh!

Goku frees Vegeta by Destroying the Golden unseen hands. Vegeta is now free, and pissed off at Gohan.

Vegeta- what type of training did you do, you little brat?! Final Flash!

Goku- KamehameHAA!

both of the energy attacks fuse and hit Gohan. the fused energy beam sends Gohan across the landscape. Gohan tries to push back the energy attack but without success. Both SSJBlue warriors overwhelm Gohan. More unseen hands reach for the sky then attempt to grab Goku and Vegeta but fail to do so. Both Saiyans destroy the Golden hands.

Gohan- Damn it! This body has weakened too much!

The possessed Zfighter lies weak on the ground. He then looks at Goku, Betelgeuse could probably try to possess Goku. It's worth a try.

Gohan- (Breaths heavily) What happened? Ow, why does my body hurt? Where is Emilia?

Whis- Do it now Beerus!

Beerus stops the soul of Betelguese from coming any closer to Goku. The soul becomes visible. It looks very ugly. Looks just like Betelguese first body. disgusting. Beerus holds Betelgeuse throat.

Betelgeuse- No! This isn't the end! The witch shall give my reward!

He looks at Emilia

Betelgeuse- Come to me witch! I have been faithful! I have always gave you my undying love! I have given it all! LOVE! Generous love, Respectable love, Pure love, Tender Love, Familial love, Erotic love, Friendly love! Love... love... love...Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! LOVE!¡!¡!

Beerus- Shut up. You are a pain. Hakai.

Betelgeuse- Witch!

The Madman no longer exists. Everyone watches with horror at how easily the Cultist Madman was destroyed by a Purple Egyptian Cat.

Emilia- Please stay dead. Witch lover.

Goku flies to Puck. He gives some of his Ki to the cat the keep it alive.

Goku- I hope Gohan told you what a Senzu bean is. Eat this. It makes all the Pain go away and fixes you up real fast!

The little cat eats the Senzu bean. The cat is healed up nicely and flies up energized!

Puck- Woah! That's a Senzu bean!? It actually works!

Emilia is seen running to her cat spirit. Puck flies to Emilia's arms.

Emilia- Are you okay? How are you not hurt anymore?

Goku- Senzu bean. Provided by your local Bean Daddy, aka Yajirobe. Does anyone else need a Senzu?

Vegeta- You idiot Kakarot! Give one to Gohan!

Goku- Oh right!

Goku flies to Gohan who is still lying down hurting like hell.

Goku- Gohan! Quickly eat this. I don't need to explain what it is.

Gohan eats the Senzu bean. He is now fixed up. Well, his cloths are not fixed though. He looks like he's in rags. His favorite outfit from Piccolo is now destroyed.

Goku- Don't feel bad Gohan! Whis still has your orange Gi. You can try it on later.

Gohan stands up and stretches his muscles.

Gohan- Sure dad. And I should apologize to you for attacking you for no reason the other day.

Goku- It's okay. I know you just wanted to protect everyone in this word.

Beerus flies to Goku and smacks his head.

Goku- Ow! what was that for?

Beerus- Where is my thank you huh? I put a stop to a weakling you Saiyans couldn't even kill.

Gohan- Of course, thank you Beerus-sama. (bows respectfully to Beerus)

Whis flies to them.

Whis- Now, Now, Beerus. you can calm down now. You can have the Ramen I promised.

Beerus- Really?

Whis- But it's for later. We still need to introduce our selves.

Beerus- Ah, What a pain.

Later that day

(temporary ending)

All witch Cult activity has been neutralized... For now... The Villagers are now allowed to Return to their homes. Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta are all in the Mansion's bathroom enjoying the huge bath tub. When Roswaal returns from his conference he is going to receive a ton of complaints. Roswaal might have to stop paying Gohan until he feels the punishment can be lifted.

The Zfighters including Beerus enjoy the pool sized bath tub.

Beerus- I can't believe you were hiding these pleasures away from us Gohan. This place has a magnificent Bath Tub!

Goku- Yeah! It's like a swimming pool.

Vegeta- You idiot. This tub is for bathing, it's not a swimming pool.

Goku splashes some water at Vegeta.

Vegeta- What are you doing!? Stop doing that!

Goku- Don't be a killjoy Vegeta. Come on Gohan let's defeat Vegeta.

Gohan- Okay dad.

Both Goku and Gohan splash tub water at Vegeta.

Vegeta- Stop it you fools! I swear I'll blow up the Mansion!

Knocking can be heard on the bathroom door. The water splash fight stops.

Gohan- I think the Maids are here.

The door opens, the twin maids and Emilia are seen in towels. Are they naked?

Ram- Gohan-kun? Can we join you?

Ram- Gohan-kun? Can me and sister join you?

Emilia- um... can we?

Gohan- What?! No! There are men here!

Goku- Sure why not?

Beerus- I don't really care.

Vegeta- You idiot Kakarot. We shouldn't integrate men and women in baths!

Goku- Why not? I don't see anything wrong with that.

Ram- sister, sister, I think they have the wrong idea.

Rem- Sister, sister, they think we will take off our towels.

Emilia- Such pigs.

Goku- Nothing bad will happen. It's not like Master Roshi followed us here.

Gohan- Please don't Jinx that.

Emilia- Gohan you still didn't tell me about Master Roshi.

Gohan- uh...

Everyone laughs

Night time

Beerus and Whis stand in front of the Mansion. They are expecting Lord Roswaal to return to the Mansion. Roswaal indeed arrives. he stops at seeing An Egyptian Cat person and a funny looking attendant.

Roswaal- Hm? Who might you be?

Whis- Greetings Roswaal-Sama we were eagerly waiting for your arrival.

Roswaal- Forgive me but what do you want with me?

Gohan's bedroom

The tired Zfighter lies on his bed.

Gohan- Now what? The witch cult is gone for now. The White Whale is dead. So what now? Maybe one day we might have to fight the Witch that summoned me here.

Roswaal enters Gohan's room without knocking.

Gohan- Can I help you?

Roswaal- You have my thanks, Son Gohan.

Gohan- Hm?

Roswaal- I had faith you would handle things if I were gone. However, the shock waves and earthquakes you and your Comrades caused are getting me into trouble.

Gohan- I was worried we would having this conversation again.

Roswaal- What do you have to say in your defense?

Gohan- Um.. I...

Roswaal- I'm kidding with you Gohan-kun. Have a good night. I will explain with more details tomorrow. By the way, your Father and his friends are staying in the Mansion

Gohan- What?!

Roswaal- Good night! Sweet dreams my boy!

Roswaal respectfully exits the room.

Gohan- I wonder what tomorrow has in store...

A remastered story was created. Gohan isn't weak and Subaru makes a return/ the writing format is remastered too.

I found the Light Novel!

Now I can continue this someday!