Chapter 1: Wishes and Teleportation

Natalie's POV

Summer break was about to start in less than 5 minutes, and as we were trying to make the time pass, me and my best friend decided to talk about our favorite Disney movies. When I told her mine, she asked me with a raised brow, "Really? The Hunchback of Notre Dame?"

I replied shrugging my shoulders, "Well yeah, it's my favorite Disney movie."

"I always thought 'The Lion King' was your favorite."

I explained, "Well, that's my childhood favorite, but 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' is one of my most favorites. Because to me, it's real, it holds great characters and messages, and it's like one of the best out of every other Disney movie."

Irena responded shrugging her shoulders, "Okay, Nat. Whatever you say."

Then the final bell rang and everyone cheered with joy. Me and Irena ran out of the school and I shouted with joy,

"We did it!"

Afterwards, we both went to get lunch and I left for home.

As I was walking home, I still had thoughts of my favorite Disney movie. I then said to myself,

"Oh man, I wish I could be inside of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and be with Quasimodo and tell him how beautiful he is, inside and out. That would be a dream."

I then saw a red truck drive and I saw that it was my Dad. I got into the truck and he started congratulating me on becoming a Junior as we drove home and called Mom. Once we got to the house, I picked up my dog, Janie and I ran into my room. I set my backpack down and fell onto my bed and laughed as Janie licked my face. Then I sat up and said,

"Ah Janie, this is going to be the best summer ever!"

Suddenly, I noticed that my closet light was on. I said to myself as I walked into my closet,

"That's weird, I could've sworn I turned that off."

I used the light switch to turn it off, but the light wouldn't turn off. I kept flickering the switch on and off, but it still remained the same. Then I called to my Dad,

"Hey Dad, I think the light in my closet's busted!"

I tried to walk out of the closet, but then somehow, the door slammed shut. I tried to open it, but all of a sudden it was jammed. I started to bang on the door and shout,

"Dad! Nathan! I'm stuck in my closet and I can't get out!"

Then I saw the light bulb in my closet get brighter and brighter! I started to freak out and screamed,

"Dad, please help me! Please!"

I heard my Dad rush in and shout, "Nat! What's going on?!"

I then screamed as the light got brighter and it consumed me and I blacked out.

Suddenly, I heard these loud 'bongs' as if they were church bells and I opened my eyes to see myself in a different setting, but it was all too familiar. I looked around my surroundings, and I saw large bells hanging from the rafters and saw all these statues and decorations. Then I thought to myself,

Can it be? What? No, i-it can't. I don't understand.

Then I saw the very same model of Paris that I saw before and I realized that I was in the bell tower of Notre Dame!

I was in the same place where Quasimodo lived! Then I realized I was hanging from the rafters and that I was in different clothes! I was wearing an off the shoulder blue dress with long, puffed out sleeves, a dark green and gold striped corset, a green scarf tied around my waist, a golden hair ribbon, and dark green flats. I then cringed from the loud bells as I tried to hold on to the beam. Suddenly, a moment later, I heard a heavy drop to the ground and I saw that it was Quasimodo!

My jaw dropped and I whispered, "Oh my God! I can't believe it's really him!"

Then I saw him stumble outside and I carefully crawled closer to where he was and held onto the next beam. He took a look at his surroundings and he talked to a baby bird that rested in Hugo's mouth,

"Good morning. Will today be the day? Are you ready to fly?"

The little bird chirped, "Uh-Uh."

Quasi said as he scooped the baby bird out of it's nest and brought it to the railing,

"You sure? It'd be a good day to try. Why, if I picked a day to fly, oh this would be it. The Festival of Fools!"

The baby bird gulped and chirped nervously. Quasi said reassuringly,

"It'll be fun, th-the jugglers, music, and dancing."

He laughed with joy as he saw the baby bird flying. I started to smile and laugh quietly while he laughed. Then as the baby bird chirped happily, Quasi said with a sweet smile,

"Go on, nobody wants to stay cooped up in here forever."

And with that, the baby bird takes off.

Afterwards, I immediately thought to myself,

What happened? First I make some sort of wish and all of a sudden I'm here? Gee, I must be dreaming.

I then pinched myself and I knew I wasn't dreaming. Soon, out of nowhere, I heard Quasimodo say,

"Yeah, watching."

Panicking, I tried to back away so he wouldn't see me, but I slipped and found myself dangling from the rafter. Then, after a short struggle to hold on, I lost my grip and fell.

Screaming, I smacked my head on a beam below me and I fell to the ground in an instant. I tried to get up, but I felt woozy and fell back down as my vision blurred up. But I saw Quasimodo looking at me as I blinked my eyes and I saw him walking closer to me. I blinked my eyes a second time and I saw him standing above me and everything went black as I helplessly said,

"P-Please... help me."