Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Eastenders, but I do own the fictional character of 'Sarah Maxwell'

Bex Fowler was having a coffee at the Victoria Road Cafe after visiting her friend, Louise Mitchell in the hospital. Louise had been pushed over some hot candles by resident school bully, Alexandra D'Costa during the Walford High Prom. Alexandra's best friend, Madison Drake, was also there when Louise got shoved. The police ended up charging both Alexandra and Madison with grievous bodily harm and were expelled from Walford High as a result. Bex was relieved as she no longer had to endure the relentless bullying from those two girls any longer, but at the same time she was worried about the injuries Louise had suffered as a result of being burned.

As Bex sipped her coffee, a young girl around her age entered the cafe.

"Rebecca Fowler, do you remember me?" the girl asked her.

Bex looked at the girl and immediately recognised her as Sarah Maxwell, an old friend from Walford who moved out of the area for unknown reasons.


Bex gave Sarah a hug. It had been a long time since Bex had seen her old friend.

"I just heard what happened to Louise." Sarah told Bex. "Is she alright?"

"They reckon she's got first degree burns from those candles." Bex replied.

"Those evil little cows!" Sarah said, angrily. "I still can't forget what Alexandra and Madison did to me!"

Bex looked shocked.

"Did they bully you as well, Sarah?" Bex asked.

"They sure did." Sarah replied. "They made my school life a living hell for two years with their vicious insults and physical attacks. I was so glad when I moved to Birmingham. Mum and Dad kept reporting the bullying to the headmistress, but she did nothing about it!"

"So that's why you moved away from Walford?"

"That's correct, Rebecca."

Bex felt sorry for Sarah. If only she had known years ago what Alexandra and Madison did to her, she would've stood up to their bullying sooner.

"All I can say is that those cows got exactly what they deserve!" Sarah said. "I can't wait to see their faces when they go to court for the sentencing."

"I did feel a bit sorry for Madison, though." Bex admitted. "She was very remorseful as the police lead her and Alexandra away."

"Alexandra showed no remorse, I'm guessing?"

"She was scowling the whole time." Bex said.

"Justice at last!" Sarah said, smiling.

"I'll have to come over to Birmingham and catch up with you one weekend."

"Sure and when Louise gets out of hospital, she can come too."

Sarah and Bex gave each other a hug.

"Bye, Rebecca." Sarah said, as she left the shop.


Bex then managed to smile for the first time since the prom. She was glad to know that her and Louise weren't the only victims of Alexandra D'Costa and Madison Drake's vicious bullying campaign and another victim was coming forward.