What is the most important thing to women? Social standing, personal accomplishments, equality with men, power or is it children? Does achieving this important thing satisfy women? Does it fill them with happiness and joy to have this important thing? How far does a woman go to get it? Would they rather work for it or have it handed to them?

Queen Hippolyta, a woman who had it all. Power, high social standing, wealth, you name it, she had it. Well she was missing something and that caused her great grief. Was it love from a spouse? No she had no need for that she was an Amazon and Amazons needed no male to seek happiness. What she was missing was something most women desired to have, something that was inscribed into her very own DNA like any women. And that was to have a child of her own. This was the price of being an Amazon, amongst other things.

Sitting in her palace staring at the night sky, Hippolyta thoughts dwelled on her greatest desire. She was so far deep in her thoughts that she did not hear someone enter the room until she heard her name.

"Hippolyta!" a voice shouted. Turning towards where her name was being shouted at, she saw one of the people she trusted and it was her beloved sister, Antiope.

"What is it Antiope?" Hippolyta spoke calmly as though she had not been found deep in thought.

"I wanted to know if you needed anything before I retire to my quarters for the night?" Antiope asked as she had a concerned look on her face.

"If you could miraculously make a baby for me than would be more than happy to accept your help." Hippolyta answered before looking back at the night sky, grief gripping her harder everyday she went without her desire.

Antiope just sighed as her friend was filled with sadness before speaking "It's been months now since you've asked for a child now, Hippolyta. With the gods taking their time or even not considering it at all I you should consid..."

Before Antiope could finish Hippolyta interrupted "Absolutely not, Antiope! That would make me a hypocrite of the highest order. How could I even consider doing something I set laws against."

"I apologize my Lady. I shall not bring it up again. By your leave." Antiope apologized before taking her leave.

Queen Hippolyta just sat there for a little longer before also heading into her bedroom. When she arrived she was met with the surprise of her life in the form of the King of Olympus, Zeus Lord of the sky.

Zeus is grown man with a beard and longer curly hair, holding a thunderbolt. He wore white robes and golden arm bands.

Quickly bowing after recovering from shock before speaking "Lord Zeus, I wasn't expecting your arrival or I would have looked more presentable to you. What can I do for at this time, my Lord?"

Standing up and admiring Hippolyta's body within her night wear, Zeus spoke "Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons stand up. Bowing to me even within your personal quarters speaks volume of your loyalty, however, it shall not be necessary as I didn't come before you as the King of Olympus, but as someone willing to help."

"My Lord?" Hippolyta asked standing up as she couldn't understand what Zeus was getting to.

"I heard your cries for a child and would have come sooner if the duties as King of Olympus allowed me to. However, dispite our delay in answering your plea, you have still kept faith in us dispite easier ways being available to you. If you had wanted to you could have ventured to the man's world and none of us would have faulted you as your desire to conceive." Zeus stated still looking at Hippolyta's body, but less obviously as Hippolyta could see now.

"Thank you for your praise, my Lord." Queen Hippolyta replied bowing her head slightly.

"However, there is one thing I would like to know. What are you willing to do to have a child Hippolyta?" Zeus asked barely stopping himself from grinning.

"Whatever it is that I have to accomplish, I shall do it." Queen Hippolyta replied with her resolve set in stone.

"Even if it goes against your people's belief?" Zeus pressed on questioning Hippolyta's resolve.

"What do you mean my Lord?" Queen Hippolyta replied with her own question.

"For you to have a child you would have to participate within a certain ritual for a week to increase chances of success." Zeus answered.

"I do not see where the problem is, my Lord. Devoting myself towards this ritual for a week is of little consequence." Queen Hippolyta said.

"The time is not the reason I see a problem in this situation, but the ritual itself. You see this ritual requires the participation of both you and me. In other words you'll have to lay with me for a week. So I wanted you to be sure of this as it compromises your beliefs and I can not force that on you." Zeus stated.

Had Hippolyta been a young woman she would have blushed at the thought of being intimate with the King of the gods, however, as the grown woman she was she schooled her facial features. Giving it some thought, Hippolyta saw this as a chance to be the mother she has always wanted to be and it would not hurt having the father be Zeus. Although, if word got out things would be catastrophic with the Amazons seeing her in different light or even denouncing her as a queen. Even though that seems bad, that wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. Hera is the worst thing that could happen to her and her child if she found out.

"I see what you mean about it clashing against my beliefs, however, my beliefs are the least of my worries. What would happen if word got out or if Lady Hera found out? I would be fine with the consequences, my child on the other hand would not. So before I begin this ritual promise me you are going to protect our child from her." Queen Hippolyta replied concern painting itself on her face.

"No one would ever find out if that is what you are concerned about. Although I still swear on the River Styx I will protect our child, Hippolyta." Zeus promised moving closer towards Hippolyta and gently caressing her cheek, which caused Hippolyta to lean into his hand whilst closing her eyes.

"Alright, should I have my guards leave the palace before we begin?" Hippolyta asked looking into Zeus' eyes as she still had not moved back from Zeus' touch.

"That will not be necessary as I had already sound proofed the room before you entered by using the wind within the room to make a barrier to block sounds from going in or out. I did this so our conversation would stay between us regardless of your decision, Hippolyta." Zeus answered and leaned forward, after Hippolyta nodded her head accepting Zeus' explanation, kissing her deeply.

They would spend the rest of the night making love to each other, something both secretly enjoyed more than they should. More so Zeus than Hippolyta, due to him putting more passion into the love making than when he slept with anyone else, including Hera and that scared him a lot when thought about it.

Next Day Early Morning

Zeus was laying down with Hippolyta snuggling into him sleeping next to Zeus. Looking down at Hippolyta he couldn't help but witness how beautiful she was as he thought to himself 'When I started this, it was about me having another woman to sleep with, but now I feel more than that. One night together and here I am the almighty Zeus developing feelings for a mortal. If I were asked if I'd fall for someone besides Hera yesterday, I would have erased them with my lightning for blasphemous talk. Now though...' Zeus finished leaving the bed and dressing up.

Leaving a letter and a kiss to Hippolyta forehead, causing her to smile unconsciously, Zeus left with a crackle of lightning returning to Olympus.

Two Weeks later

It had been a two weeks since Zeus agreed to father a child for Queen Hippolyta and things were back to normal in Themyscira. Well in the queen's perspective, as her fellow Amazon noticed her smile a lot and glow. Had it been a different place the Amazons would have figured out that their queen had been with a man, however, due to the lack of sexual intercourse they did not know.

Philippus being as close to the queen as a best friend, she had questioned herself as to what the cause of the glow, the smile, the daydreaming and the constant giggles the queen would let out when she was in her quarters within the palace. She had guessed multiple times on multiple things that would cause this strange behaviour from her childhood friend, but always came up blank. So she confronted her queen on the matter.

"Queen Hippolyta, may I have a word please?" Philippus requested as she entered the room Hippolyta was in.

"What is it Philippus?" Hippolyta asked without even looking at Philippus seemingly concentrated on the weather than her friend.

"Well it is just that you've been in an unexplainable mood recently and I was curious?"

"Oh really?" Hippolyta's interest was peaked after hearing what Philippus said.

"Well yes, my queen. You have been joyful lately and glowing with such happiness, and that is not counting the occasional little laughters that you let out." Philippus replied.

"Hmm, I was unaware that I was this expressive of my emotions. Well the reason I am in such a mood would be due to the feeling my wish has been granted. It is part of the reason I have taken to storm watching as the god of gods will have the final say and I am waiting for a sign from him." Hippolyta explained to Philippus the reason for her behaviour.

"I see. Well I hope the gods grant your desire my quee..." before Philippus could finish she was interrupted by Hippolyta.

"Philippus, I will not tolerate my own friend addressing me with a title." Hippolyta stated glancing at Philippus, who had a small smile on her face.

"Of course, Queen Hippolyta." Philippus answered as 'informally' as she could.

Hippolyta just sighed as she thought too herself smiling 'I guess that is the best I will get from Philippus. Sometimes I think she just does it on purpose. To think the roles could have been reversed had she not declined to be queen. I will never fully understand the mystery known as Philippus.'

Pleasant silence descended upon them as both awaited the approval of the future princess of Themyscira. Suddenly the sky and clouds went through a multitude of colours before ending on blue clouds and a red sky. The clouds had a star shape that was silver in the middle. Hippolyta seeing this smiled before leaning back on her chair with a pleased smile as Zeus kept his word. Philippus on the other hand mirrored the expressions of her fellow Amazons, that being pure shock. As Hippolyta was about to take her leave large thunderous lightning bolt flashed in the sky, but shocking the Amazons further was that there was no thunder to accompany the lightning bolt.

'Well he always had a flare for dramatics' Hippolyta thought giggling to herself silently.

Mount Olympus Moments Later

Within a building that was meant to hold meetings between the gods on the council for important situations or events of the past, present or future. Twelve gods are part of the council, with them being Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Demeter and Hades. Although Hades is absent due to being sealed within his domain permanently, preventing him from interacting with the world and Olympus.

"There is a new prophecy regarding the future of Olympus." The Three Fates stated. Once the words were processed loud shouts erupted within the council room, preventing The Three Fates from continuing.