Omni-Earth Chronicles Prologue – The Convergence


Disclaimer: I do not own any creatures, spells, weapons, or characters from Magic the gathering which they are owned by Wizards of the Coast. Except my own original characters and cards. I hope all of you enjoy the story.

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Kaladesh home to a city the practices the use of both magic and science with the help of their energy source aether. An energy like mana but in a gaseous form which is used as gasoline or electricity to power everything from weapons to vehicles. Kaladesh is prosperous and has a government to the order of the land to sustain peace. That is until a tyrant takes control of the government and rules the land in an iron fist and this despicable person's name is Tezzeret the Planeswalker.

He is a cruel dictator who made the live of the people a hell. He restricts the use of aether, so the people cannot power their houses, arrest innocent people who are falsely been accused and he used fear tactics to keep the people in line. He even has forceful taken every scientist in Kaladesh to make him a machine to have people and objects travel the multiverse without the use of a planeswalker spark and the machine was made by the hands of Rashmi an elven scientist who crafted the lager version of the machine Tezzeret was looking for. The original version was a lot smaller and Rashmi's invention, Tezzeret did not have to look far to find what he was after. He was simply at the right place at the right time.

When the machine was being made a revolution began and the people of Kaladesh starts fighting for their freedom with the help of Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, Nissa Revane, and Ajani Goldmane. A team of Planeswalkers named the Gatewatch, who will do everything they can to keep the multiverse safe but once they arrived to stop Tezzeret he activated the machine and started to fuse the machine with himself. When the process was done Tezzeret escapes by planeswalking and in doing so the machine released an extreme burst of energy and the gatewatch made a last second barrier to protect not just themselves but also the people.

Once the explosion has passed the gatewatch lowered their shield and see the machine was destroyed beyond repair. Tezzeret has escaped and some of the members of the gatewatch chased after Tezzeret unaware that the explosion has caused far more damage than what was anticipate.

In the blind eternities or the space between universes a wave of great energy wash over the multiverse and in the blind eternities time flows differ in each universe and the wave crashed into all the universes. This wave is made of pure mana and with each universe hit by this wave drastically increases each universe's amount of mana in the world. Most have taken the hit but kept themselves together but to some it was too much, and these universes begin to collapse on themselves.

Then suddenly a bright light appeared inside the blind eternities and this light was no ordinary light it was god, the holy one, the one and only, the creator and destroyer. When they saw all the damage that was caused by one of their children he/she spoke and said, "So my plan has begun, I am truly sorry for all the pain I have caused on all of you my children but do not fear this all within my plan." With that said god found the worlds that cannot sustain the strain of so much mana and waves his hand to each and ever one of them. "Your homes cannot handle all of my power but not to worry there is a world who can lighten your burdens and help you all to stay together," God spoke again and what world he spoke about is a world who lacks the amount of mana to use his/her power but enough to keep it alive. A world whose people believe magic, elves, wizards, and magical creatures were in stories and myths. A world who's dominate race are humans the world we live in…. Earth. "My first world is going to have a big surprise," God finishes with a smile.

A/n: And here is the preview of the series I am writing. If any of you are reading this for the first time, then welcome. I had this idea for a straight year and I am a big fan of Magic the gathering and this idea came to me when I was exploring the lore of magic the gathering with the gatewatch and the machine in Kaladesh. This my first story and writing this takes a while so to any of those who want to see the next chapter please be patient. Rome is not built in a day.

Any ways if any of you have questions please put them in your reviews and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities and at the end of each chapter I will show you, the readers, one or to original cards I have made in my head and here's one of them now.

Name: Multiverse Quake

Color: Colorless or grey

Mana Cost: 5

Image: A huge light made of the color of mana spread throughout colorful stars.

Type: Legendary Sorcery

Abilities: (You can cast Legendary Sorcery only if you control a legendary creature or plansewalker)

Choose one out of these three choices:

Both players restart the game by shuffling your graveyard, exiled cards, creatures, artifacts, and enchantments into your library without the land from your battlefield while returning both players life back to 20.

All players lose half their life.

You gain X life and mana of any color. X is how many lands you have in the battlefield.

"So my plan has begun, I am truly sorry for all the pain I have caused on all of you my children but do not fear this all within my plan."- God