Omni-Earth Chronicles Prologue – The Convergence

Ch. 2 - Rise of Dragons and Monsters

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Roar (Bold): Date/time, Place, Scream or Battle cry

Roar (Italic): Spell/ Holy, Demonic, or Alien voice

Roar (Normal): Regular talking/dialogue

{Roar} (Brackets): Foreign Language

Chapter two – Rise of Dragons and Monsters

North Korea and Middle East, October 31, 2017. 5:57Am or 5:57 in military time- At the sun rise of both North Korea and Middle East shows a flock/group of mighty and dangerous dragons were fly towards the intended target. The one leading the flock/group of dragons to North Korea is the dragonlord of Mardu, Kolaghan and with one might blow of both her breath and magic to form a special lighting storm to provide cover for her flock. Deep down she still fears for what power this world's humans possess but since she is with her brethren she is less scared and now once she sees the boarder between China and North Korea, Kolaghan is more determined to show this world what Tarkir dragons can really do. To the Middle East is Dromoka's flock/group but the dragons are not alone on this journey because Dromoka flew back to the portal of Tarkir and orders the members of Abzan to assemble a fighting group to combat a new threat that lies behind the portal and to make the process go faster she brought her fellow dragons to the nearest Abzan base and tell the clan members that they will ride them to the Middle East where the terrorists live. Once every well able fighter was situated on a dragon Dromoka and others start flying west and be prepared for battle of dragons and terrorists. The difference between the Abzan warriors and middle eastern terrorists in this fight is one groups has guns but the other has magic and dragons so who is going to the winner?

Back at North Korea a day before Kolaghan's attack the leader of North Korea is angry and having a temper tantrum like three-year-old child not getting what he wants. {"How dare China have betrayed me! Once I deal with these dragons I will make sure that China will burn for this.,"} said with rage and throwing what appears to be an expensive vase at a wall. In his head that if his military were successful in killing these dragons then all of the world should finally submit to his rule and he order his generals to prepare their men for battle. At night all soldiers in North Korea went to their stations on high alert and waiting for the draconic threat. That is when a dark storm cloud moves menacingly close to the north wall of North Korea and what the soldiers see and hear from clouds are not just thunder and lighting but roars and monstrous shadows instead. Only one soldier was scared the most shaking from his head to his toes and in his heart he knows that this will be his last moment alive so to both calm himself down and focus he spoke his final words, {"We're all going to die and it is all because of the stupid leader that we follow. At least I won't go down without a fight."} After the words were said, a dragon's head appears and chomp a huge chunk out of the wall where the scared soldier and his fellow men were at. This is the day where North Korea falls.

To the starving citizens of North Korea, they see the battle happening and they were all crying not out of fear, worry, and despair but of great joy because they are seeing the army that their cruel leader has made them to fighting these great creatures of legend and the soldiers are slowly losing. To the ones fight the dragons they see these creatures as demons made real and trying to kill them for the honor of their leader but to the people who were under the leader's mighty boot they see them as scaly angels who arrived to liberate them from their oppressive leader. As the day went by there was almost nothing left of the once feared country of North Korea. All the soldiers were either killed or eaten and for the citizens they all escaped the country to get their freedom without having a single casualty while escaping. It is almost like a group of angels were looking out for them and thus only one building was left standing and it is the North Korean leader's palace when the leader saw the battles it is awful day for him. All his army ever successfully killed were two out of the hundreds of dragons by the use of both tanks and rocket launchers. The country's leader did order the nuclear strike but once he called to check if the bomb is ready through the radio there was no answer except the sound of static that is where he knew that these beasts have won but like the immature child as he is he grabbed every gun he can carry and prepared for a one final stand. Once the leader stepped outside his palace came the most terrifying dragon that he ever saw with scales red as blood and feathered wings on its back. His only form of confidence left were the weapons he has in hand and screamed his final words saying, {"Burn in hell you damned beast!"}

The leader sprinted with every ounce of strength and rage he has inside of him to kill this winged lizard and many of its kin but to his disappointment the dragon was faster. By just one quick snap of the dragon's jaw it captures the leader of Korea in its mouth chewed him twice and swallowed him. In two seconds, the dragon has the urge to belch and once it was done what came out a boot that the leader was wearing to battle and that truly shows the reign of North Korea is no more and dragons now rule this country.

At the same time the battle of North Korea takes place in the Middle east the dragons in Dramoka's flock/group arrived seeing a group of terrorists attacking a US military base so the flew down to intercept and the battle was intense but the dragons and the desert warriors from Tarkir won in a brutal fashion where most of the terrorists escaped out pure terror except for one who was a suicide bomber jumped inside one of the dragons mouth and killed it from the inside thanks to the explosion. When the US soldiers saw what was happening they were amazed to see actual Dragons fighting the terrorist who attacked their base. Their moment of being bemused was over because even though the dragons are helping them, they do not want them to have all the glory and so they go helping the dragons and their warrior companions.

Once the terrorist was no long in sight the soldier from the US military start bring in medics and doctor to help the injured of their soldier and the warriors who helped them. After a good explanation to the President of what happen, he ordered the commanding officer to negotiate with these creatures and so he uploaded a Translation app in his phone, the commanding officer of the base talks to the leader of the group and he was surprised to see a huge dragon twice the sized then the other dragons but happy to hear that these dragons and warriors are wanting to stop this madness in the Middle East. The commanding officer give the dragonlord a deal that will be most beneficial for group to help each other the dragon and warriors have the might and knowledge of fighting in the desert, but the US soldier have the medical technology to help them stay alive even when injured. Dramoka already was informed about the strength of the United Stated and has a plan to have them as an alley in this crusade against these terrorists it seems to be the most beneficial. So, she accepts the deal, and This is the day where the Middle East is going to have a new change in attitude but when night fall comes there is going to be another war and this war will make ghost stories as a lullaby.

Karlsruhe, Germany, October 31, 2017. 8:15 pm or 20:15 in military time- It is a cloudy Halloween night and it is the time of masquerades, tricks, and treats. A joyful time for the people of Karlsruhe, Germany to dress up in their favorite costumes, carve pumpkins, and setting up sweet candy treats for the coming trick or treaters but on this particular night on Halloween that time of joy is about to become the time terror for humanity to face real monsters of the night. At nine o'clock some of the adults in this city of Germany are having a grand party at the center of the city dancing, laughing, and drinking while wearing costumes. For the rest of the people they are parents watching out for the glee filled children going out getting sweet treats.

Unbeknownst to all the people in the city that a horde of monsters are arriving where the parent and children are there. At one of these streets is a mother with her only son who has a full bag of candy and were calling it a night, so they can watch their favorite monster movies while snacking on the candy. Until both mother and son bumping into a pale man in complete surprise and causing the mother to lose her balance. Before she hit the ground, the pale man saved her and said with a strong Germane and English voice, "A fine Fraulein such as you should not get herself dirty, no."

Once the mother was properly standing she has a better look at the man who saved her and her clothes. He is elegantly similar to that of duke standing tall and firm, his skin pale as paper, hair black as night, and eyes that are purple and lavender where she most likely believes he is an albino who dyed his hair and dressed to be vampire which is the most popular costume for this year by the looks of other people. After those few seconds the man coughs to get her attention and spoke, "I am most sorry for cause you trouble thi-," "NO, no, it was my fault I was simply not looking while I was talking to my son so the fault was mine," said the mother interrupting the gentleman and it a good thing she took English class when she was at high school. After the interruption the cloud began to part and out came the full moon light but that is where the madness begins. In just under five second a man behind the gentleman about a block away from them begins to convulse, growled, snarled, and grow twice his size with fur and a muzzle. Then just when that was happening the mother hears a scream behind her seeing a pale woman bite down a man's neck drinking his blood. Both the mother and her son were beyond scared by the sights of what is going on. After being tap on the shoulder both the mother and her son turned around and look at the gentleman again this time he looks different by have changed his eye color from a lavender purple to ruby red with have a smile with long pointed canines. That was the breaking point for them and they both started to cry. Seeing this that even though he is a soulless vampire he never liked seeing a woman and a child crying, so he shushes them and said, "Do not cry. Unlike my friend behind you I will make this as quick and painless for you. I may be a monster but at a whole I am still a gentleman and that is a guaranteed promise." Both the mother and son took comfort from that but in the end, they are still going to die so they both closed their eyes and hug each other one last time as a loving family. The moons beauty has no bounds but tonight is the night of hisses and howls with a few groans and moans in the back ground.

At the center of town, a great party is taking place filled to the brim with people wearing costumes and unaware of the coming danger, but they were all having fun playing parlor games, eating food, and drinking which two friends one dressed as a wizard and one dressed as a clown were doing guzzling huge muggle of beer. Now having their fill one of the starts having a look of concern say, {"Hey Gabriel, where is Fred he should be hear by now."} The now named Gabriel heard what his pal said and replied, {"Ah he's probably stuck at the current foot traffic and it makes sense of this huge crowd but hey a remembered one of his texts and it said he is going to be a zombie tonight."}

This reassured him and to their luck have they see Fred with a horde of other zombies and right behind them are werewolves, and vampires. Happy to see their friend they start walking towards him, but they are unaware of his condition because he is not dress as a zombie, he is an actual zombie and these two friends clearly are not aware of it. Just when Gabriel grabbed zombie Fred's arm the zombie instantly bites Gabriel's hand and with the smell of blood in the air it triggered the monsters to attack all the close by people at the party. Unlike the swarm of zombies eating the people, the werewolves and vampires spared a number of humans who will become members of their group. The people were in complete panic few do not know what is going on and many others saw the monsters killing people.

At one of the buildings at the top floor an old man on a wheelchair and his thirty-five-year-old son were look down see the monster attacking the people below. The old man does not have any fear on his face like the people down below instead he has the face of understanding like he seen the all this before. The old man broke the silence between him and his son saying, {"The time has come."} After that was said the old man wheeled to a nearby chest with his son giving him a perplexed and said, {"What are meaning father? You know this is going happen?"} Once that was said the old man grabs the key that was tied to his necklace and used it to unlock the chest while replying, {"Yes. You may not know this son, but do you remember all those stories I told you when you were little."} With that said the old man's son's eyes were widen by shock and said, {"You trying to tell that all those stories about monsters and monster hunters… are REAL?!"} The old man turns his head to his son and said, {"Yes Alex and our family has played a critical role to those stories may I tell you why? Because I was that hunter in those stories I am a Van Helsing the great monster hunter who has ever known and you too inherit this bloodline son."} When that was said the old Van Helsing opened the chest and Alex looked what's inside seeing the proof that his father was speaking the truth because inside that box lies a silver chest plate with the cross on its front with gauntlets made of the same metal that can covers the knuckles to the forearm, a black leather jacket and hat, and finally an assortment of weapons used for hunting. Alex was in complete shock, but it does not last because they hear the front door was broken and the old Van Helsing knew what was going to happen to him. {"Alex take the chest and go. I will slow them down. Keep humanity safe,"} order Alex's father with a voice of determination. {"No dad I won't-."} {"Do it son there is no other choice but do not worry. I believe God has plans for your future now go,"} he demanded.

Once his son was out of sight and the vampires was slowly tearing down the door. Old Van Halsing has a smile on his face because under his coat is three pounds of C4 read blow both his and the vampires to the sky. Van Helsing closed eye and gave one last prayer before dies, {"Lord hear my prayer. Please watch over my son and bring forth a new holy protector to keep humanity safe. I will be with you soon Anna, my lovely wife,"} said Van Helsing just as the first three vampires pounced and the trigger was pushed.

A loud boom was heard at a near by church a little girl running away from zombies screaming out of pure fear. That scream and also explosion was also heard by the church's priest and said, {"What in lords name is going on?"} That is when he starts running towards the noise. The horde was drawing near her and the girl was push to a wall of tombstones and starts crying, but her moment of dread was cut short until she hears the sound of a man's voice to behind her saying, {"Evil is amongst us."} When the girl turns her head towards her soon to be hero the priest said, {"Stand back child. This calls for divine intervention!"} Once that was said the priest jumps towards the horde of zombies punching and kicking like a kung-fu master with each of the zombies incapacitated for the moment and the priest says with pride, {"I kickass for the Lord!"} The with all of his strength he downward axe kicked all of the zombie's heads open which killed them permanently and grabbed the little girl while ran away from these dark beings.

This night is the night when the monsters attacked the humanity of earth and dubbed this night the first night of the Hallow-wars.

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Name: Kolaghan, the Conquering Blight Leader

Color: Gold (Black and Red)

Mana cost: 3 BR

Image: It shows Kolaghan swooping down towards the ground shooting lightening at silhouettes shaped as soldiers with silhouettes of other dragons above her.

Type: Legendary Creature- Elder Dragon

Rarity: Mythic Rare


Flying, Haste, Flash

Kolaghan, the Conquering Blight Leader and other dragons will have flash and Haste if you did dealt damage at any turn.

2 R: Kolaghan, the Conquering Blight Leader deals three damage to target creature or player.

2 RB: Return up to creatures in your graveyard.

"At first I feared this world's humans of what power they possess but once we attacked these lands they indeed have taken a few of us but slaughtered the rest. Maybe there is nothing afraid."- Kolaghan

P- 7/D-5

Name: Dramoka, True lord of the sands

Color: Gold (White and Green)

Mana cost: 3 GW

Image: Use the same image of Dromoka but looking straight forward with her clan and dragons to her left while United States soldiers with guns and tanks on her right.

Type: Legendary Creature- Elder Dragon

Rarity: Mythic Rare


Dramoka, True lord of the sands cannot be countered if you control a desert.

Flying, Lifelink

When opponent cast a non-creature spell that deals damage to you that damage instead hits the dragons.

All your creatures you control will have Lifelink during your turn.

"These sands feel just the same back at Tarkir almost like home and these terrorists. All they do is make this wonderful place a nightmare. Now they will know who is truly the ruler of these sands"- Dramoka