A few months after Jurassic World's Indominus rampage,a team was sent in on a stormy night to retrive the now dead Indo-Rex.

"There she is,Indominus Rex."

The bones of the hybrid sent chills up the men's spines,then they cut off a rib-bone.

"Got it,now let's get the hell out of here."

"C'mon that Mosasaurus' dead,chicken."

"Ya calling me a pussy?"

While to two men argued, a huge sihlloette slowly emerged behind them.

"Let's stop arguing and get out of here just incase it is alive."

The guy in the yellow coat,(I'm gonna call him Yellow Coat.) heard some rustling in the trees,he thought nothing of it until Rexy bursted out roaring.

Yellow Coat screamed as he ran from the Tyrannosaurus Rex behind him.

He climbed up the ladder of the helicopter before Rexy chomped down on the ladder,stalling the chopper.

She eventually let go and gave a loud roar.

The chopper saw the container holding the I-rex bone and retrived it.

Before they could leave,the Mosasaurus leaped out and chomped down on the ladder,swallowing Yellow Coat.

Mosa let go before diving under the water and escaping her enclosure.