Well, this ought be to a interesting story. Welcome to the Child of Time, a pre-Hogwarts HP/Den-O story. This is not connected to my other HP/KR stories as it is set in a different timeline, if possibly the HP canon timeline with Den-O. I just wanted to try something with little Harry rather than teenage or grown up Harry, so I figured maybe have him explore with Ryotaro, the Imagin and Hana on the DenLiner. He'll likely become the official mini Den-O if the Owner will allow it.

Summary: When Harry discovers a strange black train pass, he is suddenly taken into a adventure where he helps a young time traveler named Hana and a unlucky accident prone young man named Ryotaro Nogami. With the odd company of the Imagin and his uneasy life at home, Harry decides to help fight against evil Imagin and protect the flow of time.

Pairing: Nothing but family-like relationships and friendships

Disclaimer: I own none of this, Harry Potter is part of Bloomsbury Publishing and J. K. Rowling, Kamen Rider is owned by Toei TV and Shotaro Ishinomori. If I owned any of this, I would make Ryotaro less cowardly and accident prone.

Child of Time

Chapter 1 - I Have Arrived

The sounds of a clock ticking rang out through the ears of a young six year old boy running from another six year old. The six year old running was skinny, having messy raven black hair and emerald green eyes, wearing old over sized clothes and round rimless glasses held together by tape, the other six year old was overweight, blond haired and had watery blue eyes. 'How did I get into this?' The raven haired boy thought, hearing his chaser call out his name, Harry. Harry gasped and ran faster, thinking, 'I am so gonna get it from Aunt Petunia if she hears about this.'

He looked at what he had in his hand, a black ticket pass that he had found while wandering around the park. 'I have no idea where it came from, or why he would want it.' Harry recalled that anytime he would find something unique, his cousin, the blond haired boy chasing, Dudley, would take it and claim it as his own, denying Harry anything of his own. But Harry had a feeling that this was one thing that he wouldn't give him, he wasn't sure why but he felt like it was something that Dudley wouldn't understand and would be not normal, something his Uncle detested so much.

While running, Harry couldn't get rid of the sound of a ticking clock that started to get louder and louder as he ran more to get away from his cousin. Making a very sharp turn, as he was careful not to slide while Dudley's weight caused him to trip and fall as Harry continued to run from him, Harry knew he had to get away quickly, looking around. Seeing a door to a abandoned building, Harry head to the door, and opened it, quickly closing it and keeping it shut.

Holding himself against the door to keep it from opening when his cousin tried to open it, Harry didn't notice the new area he was in, which was a vast desert with canyons and a rainbow colored sky. After Dudley left, possibly to get his companions to hurt Harry more and start a new round of 'Harry Hunting', Harry breathed and finally noticed his surroundings. However, he had no time to admire or wonder about it as he was so tired from running, Harry fell to the ground, unconscious with the pass tightly in his hand.

Suddenly, coming up from nowhere, train tracks continually forming appeared and a bullet train appeared on the tracks, stopping for a moment at the location where Harry was passed out. A door opened and someone hopped, a young woman with long black hair and in a white and black outfit. She ran to him and saw he had a train pass, concerned that someone so young had the pass and picked him up, taking him on-broad.

She placed him on a train bench and let him rest before hopping off the train again and stepping outside of the building from the strange landscape, looking for something. While she was looking around, Harry woke up and sat up, looking around and a strange looking stewardess gave him a cup of juice. He was confused and speechless, not sure what to say and sipped his cup. When he finished, the girl came back in and looked at him, asking, "Are you alright?" "Yes, but where am I?" Harry asked, confused. The girl pondered to explain it to such a young child and said, "This is a place where people who are lonely find and go to a place where they're not so lonely."

Harry seemed to believe it and looked at the time on the clock on the wall. He gasped, "I have to go! If I'm late, I don't want to know what Aunt Petunia will do to me." "Before you go." The girl said, stopping him. "Take these." She gave him the train pass and put a necklace around his neck with a pocket-watch, kneeling to his level, she said, "These will help you find this again and we can meet again. But make sure to hide them. By the way, I'm Hana." "I will, thank you, Hana." Harry said, looking at her. "I'm Harry. Well, need to go. Bye."

As he left, Hana looked worried, "I hope he will be okay." The stewardess gave her a cup of coffee to calm her down while Harry ran home to Privet Drive, House 4 and hid his items before getting dealt his punishment by his Aunt, which was hit him and give proof of what he had found which he couldn't since he hid it and made sure that they couldn't find it. So he was sent without food and he looked at what he had been given, wondering if what Hana said was true, before falling asleep.

The next morning, Harry was waken up by Aunt Petunia and he sighed, taking a look at the train pass and watch that he had gotten the previous day, wondering how they could get him to see Hana again. As soon as he got dressed, he was put in charge of making breakfast and Harry quietly obeyed, making the food and didn't watch as his aunt spoiled his cousin like always. He sighed and did his chores, eating the small amount that he was given. Before heading to school when he changed into his cousin's overweight clothes, Harry put on the necklace, hiding it from his cousin.

He quietly exited his room under the stairs and didn't look as Dudley got a big kiss from Petunia and she just sneered at him before sending the two out to school. Harry stayed behind Dudley cause he knew he wouldn't like it if he went ahead of him and looked at the train pass he had, wondering about the place he had ended up yesterday and Hana, wondering who she was then he put it away to hide it from Dudley. While walking to the front door of the school, Harry thought he saw Hana, recalling her long black hair and her white and black outfit.

'Is that...' Harry thought, looking surprised. 'No way... How did she get here?' He looked away when the person looked at him and he entered, going to his classroom.

Entering his classroom, Harry went to his desk and kept quiet, feeling alone since no one was his friend at school. Harry took a quick peek at the watch he wore about his neck, thinking about what he saw and almost felt hopeful that he did see Hana, but didn't express it since if his cousin saw that he was actually happy, Harry didn't want to imagine the punishment if his Uncle and Aunt learned that he was genuinely happy about something.

As his teacher entered the classroom, Harry took out his notebook and listened to the lesson, taking notes as the lesson went on. When the teacher asked a answer, Harry didn't raise his hand cause he didn't want seem like he was smarter than Dudley and just kept quiet, not looking at the teacher as the lesson went on.

Gym wasn't any better, no one picked Harry for their team and he was targeted by Dudley and his gang. While trying to survive during the brutal game, Harry thought he saw Hana again, standing outside a window of the gym and she looked sad, seeing how he was treated and that no one went to his side or tried to befriend him cause they were all afraid of his cousin who was a bully. Harry seemed to be the only one who could see her cause everyone else was busy.

After the class ended, Harry stayed in gym for a while and Hana seemed to approach him, having a first aid kit. She cleaned and bandaged his wounds, the two keeping quiet as she wrapped a bandage on his body. 'Meet me on the train after school.' She whispered, getting up and leaving. Harry tried to follow her but Hana seemed to have disappeared. Harry smiled, glad to know that they would be meeting again but he had no idea where.

During lunch, Harry sat by himself and ate his lunch. He looked forward to seeing Hana again and wondered where he could meet her. He avoided contact with Dudley but still no one came to sit by and he sighed, quietly eating his lunch and wanted to try that juice the strange stewardess gave him before he left the train. Harry finished his lunch and stood by himself, waiting for the school day to end and he could see Hana again.

Making sure the clock was hidden, Harry looked at it and watched the time go by as he waited for the bell to ring and the school day to end. He closed it and hid so Dudley wouldn't know he had something that was his. Staying hidden, Harry waited til the bell rang and he headed to the classroom, not saying anything.

The rest of the day was quiet and boring. Harry didn't say anything and kept quiet, wishing that would be enough to keep Dudley away from him, but it was for not. As soon as the school day ended and Harry packed his school bag, he saw the look in his cousin's eyes and noticed that he had already gathered his gang. Harry sweatdropped, 'That was quick... Better run.' He began to run, with his tormentors following close behind.

As he ran, he could hear the clock ticking and looked for a place to hide, heading outside, not seeing a train that had appeared and he was grabbed by someone before the train went off and disappeared before Dudley and his gang got him. Upon seeing their prey having suddenly disappeared, Dudley and his gang looked around and began to wander around to look around.

Groaning, Harry looked and saw that he was on the train again as well as Hana who approached him. "Hi." She said, smiling. Harry was surprised, managing to say, "Hi..." "Here." She gave him a new set of clothes, in his size. "Change in these. There's something I need to do." Harry nodded, speechless and went to change as the train began to move. Harry changed out of his cousin's oversized clothes and into a set that fitted him better. It was a white and black set of clothes, like Hana's, along with a red and white muffle scarf.

When he finished changing, Harry went back into the room and noticed Hana deep thought about something, wondering what happened. He saw a well-dressed gentleman at the end of the room, who was quiet but held a lot of respect. Hana suddenly spoke, "Harry, come with me." Harry was confused, but nodded, following her into a new city and looked around, following behind her as she ran somewhere.

Suddenly, stopping as she stopped, Harry looked and saw a teenaged boy who had spiked up with a red streak and red eyes, shouting, "I... have arrived!" "I knew it." Hana said, shocked. Harry asked, "What's going on?" "This guy holds the contract." The boy said, his voice sounding odd. "I just can't watch ya beat 'him anymore. Got it? No warning shots." It seemed the people who were beating him up got scared as he approached, continuing, "Right from the start, we've hit the climax. Say your prayers."

Harry watched him beat the guys as they tried to get near him, speechless. As he grabbed a pole and swung it, cracking a stone, Harry gulped, scared. It seemed the teenaged boy was enjoying himself, saying, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" "Hana, what are we going to do?!" Harry asked, as he showed a red aura and was about to hit them, but suddenly stopped, smashing the concrete. Then he began to talk to something, attempting to hit them again but suddenly stopped again and groaned, his hair flattening and his eyes changing to brown.

The boy suddenly seemed confused and shocked, Hana was amazed, "He did it?! He's holding him back!" "Huh?" Harry asked, seeing him run off. Hana pondered, "Could he be..." They follow him again and found a gray like creature. Hana explained, "That's not a demon you've got inside you." Harry and the boy were confused, the boy said, "You're that girl from the train..." "I'm amazed I didn't realize it at the time," Hana explained. "But you are something exceptional. A Singularity Point." Harry, the boy, and the creature were surprised, Harry guessed he was one too as Hana looked at him.

However, the creature seemed unhappy that he was one, Hana looked at the boy and said, "I've found you... I think you can become Den-O!" Suddenly there was a wind and someone new appeared, seeming in a daze, saying, "Give it back..." Harry went to Hana's side, holding her as she said, "This guy..." Sand fell from his clothes and a dark blue bat-like creature appeared, as he went unconscious. The creature approached them, the boy said, "It's a monster!" "Ah, I see." The creature said. "A Singularity Point, you say? Even two. It must be destroyed." The other creature tried to protect them but was seemingly destroyed.

Hana grabbed Harry and rushed to the side, as the boy was about to faint, Hana went and grabbed him, "Hey, you still have the pass, right?! Use it to transform!" Harry watched the boy brought out a similar pass, and Hana explained, "You can fight him!" The creature sent a soundwave attack and Harry gasped, "Hana!" Hana waved and looked at the boy, telling him, "You have to fight!" He watched Hana and the other creature argued with him about something and he shouted, "Transform!"

From where he was, Harry was surprised to see a belt appear around his waist and Hana groaned, buckling it properly and the boy absent-minded moved the pass over the center of the belt, changing into white and black armor themed after a train. Harry was awed to see him in his new form though he sighed as the boy just ran away, following him with Hana. She shouted, "Come on! Just fight it!" "That's easy for you to say!" The boy shouted, Harry ran with Hana and he was trying to figure how to let the creature fight the monster, Hana said, "Press the red button on the belt!"

Curiously pressing it and moving the pass over the buckle, the belt spoke, "Sword Form!" Suddenly, he got a red vision and red pieces of armor, speaking with the different voice from before, "I have arrived yet again!" With his new personality, he formed a sword and slashed at the monster, it shouted something about a mission, the boy said, "Didn't bother to learn it in the first place. You got me good back there. But we're gonna have us a bit of fun this time. Which reminds me... This is the kind of stuff I wanted to do when I came here! I don't care who I'm fighting against!"

Harry watched with Hana as he began to attack more aggressive and knocked him out of the building. They ran out of the building and saw him having charged his sword, which was extended by a string of electricity and swinging it as a finisher to the monster, destroying it. He chuckled, "And we're done here." The creature disappeared from his body and he detransformed, collasping. Harry and Hana approached him, Hana said, "That was Den-O. I've been searching so long for someone who can use it. Fight with me and him."

She helped him and Harry looked at him, the boy amazed that someone so young was helping as she explained, "Invaders are coming from the future. We have to protect the flow of time!" The three of them watched as the train appeared, stopping and a door opened. Hana said, "Just get on." "I don't even have the energy to faint..." The boy said, shocked. Hana grabbed his hand, "Come on! It'll leave without us!" The three of them boarded the train and it left, heading to a unknown time.

I can't wait to write Momotaros possessing Harry and scaring the pants off Dudley to help him, not that Harry wouldn't mind the help. Though I personally think that Ryuutaros would possess him the most to give him a more exciting life. And if he is to become mini Den-O, I imagine Dudley would be the kind of person who can't tell that the person he hurts is the the same person he admires as Den-O.

Next chapter, Harry and Ryotaro are formally introduced, Momotaros finally defeats the Bat Imagin, Harry and Ryotaro meet the Owner and travel to the past, more of Hana's mission is revealed. Next you in the next chapter. Please R&R if you liked it