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Chapter 6 - A Swindler's Diginity

After waiting for the DenLiner for a while, Hana, Harry, and Ryotaro finally were able to board the train and saw Momotaros fighting a blue turtle themed Imagin with red eyes. "Is that the Imagin who took over you, Ryotaro?" Harry asked, Ryotaro looked and scratched his cheek, saying, "Possibly. I can't really recall what happened." Harry looked at him and looked at how tough the two Imagin were fighting, reminding him of how Dudley treated him back in his time period expect he never fought back in fear of punishment from his Uncle and Aunt.

However, Hana hit the both of them and shouted, looking at the two Imagin, "You guys, what do you think will happen if you break the DenLiner?! We would eternally be lost in time! You okay?! If you still want to fight, then try fighting me!"

Harry and Ryotaro looked at her, surprised and seeing her standing on one of the booths and having her foot on the table. Harry decided not to say anything while Ryotaro was almost speechless, "Wow..."

"So cool!" Naomi said, smiling and indirectly punching Ryotaro in the face, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Intense as usual, nosy woman..." Momotaros groaned.

Pouting at that remark, Naomi gave Hana a cup of silverware, Hana grabbed a fork and tossed it, sticking it into the wall. Harry stood frozen in shock, nervously sweating in fear and terror at what he had seen, silently telling himself not to make Hana angry if she can do that. Even the two Imagin were shocked at her accuracy and her strike.

"Don't you think this is a bad thing?" Momotaros said, pointing at the fork.

So, Ryotaro iced his cheek from Naomi's punch and Harry sat in the booth with him, holding the cloth to his cheek. The two kept quiet, still scared from Hana and how she was able to scare the two Imagin into submission. The blue Imagin, who Naomi had named Urataros since it was Ryotaro who gave him his appearance as she claimed, stood up and looked at Hana.

"Hana-san?" He said, looking at her. "I like strong women. Here you go."

He attempted to return her weapon fork to her, but Hana turned away. Not sure why she turned away, Urataros looked at himself, saying, "I guess it's this form. This is horrible." He looked at Ryotaro, he said, "Well. When I go out, I have your body. Guess it's okay. Though I never guess there's a young boy here." 'Ignoring that, does Ryotaro ever get any respect?' Harry thought, looking at the new resident Imagin on the DenLiner.

"Idiot!" Momotaros shouted, looking at him. "Don't you get it?! You're attached to..."

"Yeah." Urataros said. "He's a signularity point, right? As is the young boy."

"Huh?" Harry asked, looking confused. "How do you...?"

"You knew and bonded with him anyway?!" Hana asked, shocked. "Even though you would lose your freedom to move?"

"Without limit, there are no merits." Urataros said, looking at the silverware that had been used against him.

"So why risk your freedom to move around?" Harry asked, looking confused with everyone.

"I think I understand it, Harry." Hana said. "You chose the signularity point for its merits. In other words, you would be safe... But! What about your goal to change the past to change the future?"

"There are some guys that want to do that..." Urataros said, looking at the floor but stood. "But it's more important that I met you, Hana-chan."

"Hana-san." Ryotaro spoke, removing the cloth from his cheek. "I keep hearing that Harry-san and I are signularity points..."

"I'll explain it in detail next time." Hana said, sitting at the booth. "Right now, we have to chase the Imagin that fled. Ryotaro, rest and restore your stamina. Harry, stay with him and talk with him about your problems."

"But what about you, Hana?" Harry asked, looking worried. Ryotaro looked at her and added, "Will you be okay by yourself?"

Hana smiled, "When the Imagin is found, I'll call. The boy who was attacked might be a clue."

So Hana left to find the boy and Ryotaro laid against the wall, falling asleep and Naomi put a blanket over him so he could sleep. Harry sat quietly, laying his head on the table and Naomi covered him with a blanket. The train car was quiet, so Urataros stood up and looked around, he noted, "It's unusually..."

"What is it?" Momotaros asked, holding a book of some kind.

"Should I say it's too quiet?" Urataros pondered. "Or too boring?"

"Hey!" Momotaros said, looking at him. "Let me say this to you. If not for you, this is a fun train!"

"Don't say that." Urataros said, sighing. He went to look out a window and spoke, "I... was in those sands of time. All alone... for so many years... I wandered the sands of time... I thought, someday I will get on that train. With the taste of sand in my mouth, I gritted my teeth."

"You..." Momotaros choked, trying so hard not to cry and looked away to make sure that he looked tough, Harry and Ryotaro looked at him and kept quiet.

Urataros said, "I've finally obtained it. Freedom."

Harry shook his head at Urataros and sighed, Ryotaro looked at him and asked, "Harry-kun. What did Hana mean by talk with me about your problems? What's wrong?"

"Well, you see." Harry said, looking down. "I have been having worries about transforming into Den-O again. After that first transformation, I don't know if I should transform into Den-O again and just let you fight as Den-O while I stay on the sidelines. I mean, I haven't fought as much as you and being possessed by Momotaros during the fight, I was so scared I was mentally frozen while Momotaros fought in my body. I don't know what to do anymore."

Ryotaro kept quiet and suddenly spoke, "I think you should continue to transform to Den-O." Harry, the two Imagin, and Naomi looked at him, Ryotaro thought and said, "Well, now that there are two Imagin on the train, we can transform together and fight together. I have to admit, I still get scared when I transform to fight. But the only way to get it over is to keep doing til it no longer scares you. While I do understand why you're having these worries, I would like it if you continue to help Hana and I."

Harry was awed and surprised at Ryotaro's reponse and thought about what he said, after a while, Ryotaro left the train and Harry slept at the table. The phone rang and Naomi answered, "Yes... Ah, yes, Hana-san. Ryotaro-chan is out. With Ura-chan."

Harry woke up and rubbed his eyes, as Momotaros spoke, "Hey, don't blow your top. I understand how Ryotaro feels." Harry looked at Momotaros as he tried not to cry, "He's suffered quite a bit from wandering. He's gritted his teeth with the taste of sand in his mouth."

"You idiot! Stupid Momo!" Hana shouted. "You Imagin came to 2007 by flying, right? Why would you wander for years?!" Momotaros finally realized how stupid he was as Hana continued, "The taste of sand in his mouth? He didn't have a body til he possessed Ryotaro! Just how was he supposed to bite?!"

"That bastard!" Momotaros said, now angry at being tricked.

Hana said, "He might drive you out of Ryotaro. Bye!"

After hanging up, Momotaros groaned, "Completely unforgivable! That turtle bastard!" He tried to call Ryotaro but got nothing, Momotaros groaned, "Completely shut out again!"

"Without Hana-san all we can do is wait, right?" Naomi said. But suddenly Momotaros got a idea, "Hey, wait! Harry!"

"What?!" Harry said, shocked. Momotaros grabbed the shocked boy, "I can go out in your body to find that turtle punk and learn him a thing or two!"

"I can't do that!" Harry said, terrifed at what Momotaros was planning. "In case you forgot, I'm just a little kid! I can't do much damage!"

Groaning, Momotaros shouted, "He mocks me!"

After a while, Hana called and Harry ran out to meet her and Ryotaro. Running to meet her, Harry saw a young boy on a bench looking down. Hana saw him at the hospital and he seemed to know something about the Imagin that was attacking his soccer team but he wouldn't say anything about it.

"I see..." Ryotaro said, understanding everything now. "The soccer team..."

Hana nodded, and explained, "Many of them have been hospitalized. I think someone connected to the team formed a contract with an Imagin."

"Eh?" Ryotaro said suddenly, looking down. "Really?"

"What?" Harry asked, looking at Ryotaro confused.

"Urataros says he knows the contract holder." Ryotaro said. "I'm switching over."

"Wait a moment," Hana said, but it was too late. Ryotaro closed his eyes and suddenly he got a blue streak in his hair, black rimmed square glasses appeared on his face, and when he opened his eyes, they were a bright blue. Harry was surprised to see what Ryotaro looked like while under Urataros' control and wondered what he would do under his control, getting worried.

"Leave it to me, Hana-san." Urataros said, smiling. "I'll guide you, let's go. If I recall, he's in an amusement park..."

Before he could lead her away, Hana tore her hand from his hand and asked, "Do you like lying?"

"Hana?" Harry asked.

"Oh?" Urataros said, amused. "Looks like you didn't take the bait."

Harry just kept looking confused as Hana said, "At this point, it's not possible. All you do is lie."

"One lie makes life more interesting than a thousand truths." Urataros said. Harry began to ponder if he was living a truth or lie while staying with the Dursleys since Momotaros believed that he was placed there to make him timid and shy along with the way he was being treated.

"You lie to run away from the truth!" Hana said. "I hate those kinds! It's cowardly!"

"It's fun to be cowardly." Urataros suggested.

Harry suddenly dropped, 'Is this one serious?'

"You suck." Hana said simply. Harry was amazed at her calmness and how she turned the tables on Urataros.

"I'm sorry." The boy said, standing and looking at the trio. Harry, Hana, and Urataros looked at the boy, he said, "It's me. I made a wish to the monster."

Urataros sighed and returned control back to Ryotaro who looked at the boy surprised. Even Harry was surprised to see someone that young would made a wish with a Imagin. Ryotaro said, "You made a contract with an Imagin?"

"Why?" Harry asked, walking up to him.

"I..." The boy started, "at the final tournament last year... I messed up the final kick... After the match, I've always been on the bench. So I want to return to be a regular. But I... I didn't want everyone to get hurt."

"Acting selfishly is what the Imagin is like." Hana said, looking at him. "You should have said so!"

"I was scared." The boy said, looking down. "Of the monster... And you too Oneesan."

'That's kinda like I was feeling...' Harry thought. 'I was scared of transforming into Den-O.' "I kinda know how you're feeling." He said, having them look at him. "I do feel a little scared of Hana, but there is something bigger that I'm also scared of. In fact, where I'm living, I'm never allowed to ask questions or go to anyone for comfort. The way Hana talks sometimes does scare me, as though my Uncle is yelling at me."

"I'm sorry." Hana said, looking at them both. "This is the only way I know how to talk. I'm not mad... I'm sorry."

"Me too." The boy said. "I'm sorry."

Harry and Ryotaro smiled and the boy looked at them and said, "Lets save the remaining regulars. I know their houses."

The trio looked at each other and nodded, running with him. While they were running to find the rest of the regulars on his team, they heard something and looked over a bridge, seeing the Imagin attacking another member of the boy's team. They quickly ran to the area and Ryotaro ran in to fight the Imagin, Harry gasped as the Imagin jumped to them and pushed him and Hana to the side, looking at teh boy.

"Your wish has been granted." It spoke. "Now it's my turn."

He opened the boy and went into his memory, Ryotaro ran to them, asking, "Hana-san! Harry-san!"

Hana pulled out a card and placed it near the boy, getting the date of 2006.10.15, soon after, the DenLiner appearead, Harry, Hana, and Ryotaro boarded the DenLiner and it headed for the date on the card. Once they were onboard, Momotaros tossed Urataros to the floor, shouting, "You bastard!"

Harry held onto Hana, hiding behind her, Momotaros looked at the blue Imagin and siad, "How dare you give me your lies!"

"When fishing, the bait must look tasty." Urataros said, holding his head.

"Don't say things I don't understand!" Momotaros shouted. "Get away from Ryotaro and Harry!"

Suddenly, the Owner appeared, hitting his cane on the floor. "Quarreling in the cars puts me in a tough position." He said. Then he began to walk toward them, saying, "The problem is whether you have a pass or not. Ryotaro-kun." Harry and Ryotaro looked at him.

"If you say you do not wish to share the Pass with this Imagin, then I will immediately remove him." The Owner said, looking at the older boy. Harry kept quiet and looked scared, while it was apparent Urataros was a lying and awful Imagin, he wouldn't want Urataros to be left to wander all by himself.

"Of course!" Momotaros said, sounding hopeful. "Ryotaro. Drive this guy already."

"If I do... what'll happen?" Ryotaro asked, nervous.

"He will wander inside time... eternally..." The Owner said, Harry was shaking, holding Hana's hand tightly. There was a moment of quiet as the train rode to the date in the past, the Owner said, "We are about to arrive. Please decide."

Harry looked at Ryotaro, wondering what he was going to decide with Urataros. Ryotaro said, "Okay. Urataros... will stay."

Harry and Hana were surprised. Momotaros was shocked, "Ryotaro!"

"Daiki-kun told the truth because he saw Hana-san angry at Urataros." Ryotaro explained. "Not to mention, having two Imagin for Harry-kun and I to both transform would be nice. You knew all along, didn't you? That's why you purposefully lied in front of Daiki-kun. So that Daiki-kun would start talking." Urataros was surprised, Ryotaro continued, "It's true lying is bad... But if you lie for people, then you're probably not a bad Imagin. That's why."

"Ryotaro..." Harry said, the car was quiet til they had arrived at the time in the past, seeing that the Imagin was already causing trouble. Ryotaro and Harry brought out their belts, Ryotaro said, "Momotaros, let's go."

"Guess it's my turn with you, Urataros." Harry said, the two of them wrapped their belts around their waists, Harry still shaking but looking ready to fight.

"Yeah, you're really a strange guy." Momotaros said.

"This ought to be interesting, controlling a child." Urataros said, amused.

"Really?" Ryotaro said, smiling.

"Just deal with it. Sides, it's better than sitting on the sidelines," Harry said, Ryotaro pressed the red button and Harry pressed the blue button, and they spoke at the same time, "Henshin." Then they swiped the passes over the belts, Ryotaro changing into the familiar red Sword Form while Harry changed into the blue turtle-themed Rod Form.

"I... have arrived!" Momotaros declared.

"Hey, you, won't you let me string you along?" Urataros asked, looking cool.

The two were unaware of someone watching them who walked away, the Imagin shouted, "I told you! I don't have time to fight you!"

The two ran to the Imagin and began to fight, Momotaros said, "Well I have plenty of time!"

The two ran to a shoreline and the Imagin jumped into the water, Momotaros groaned, "Bastard, again?!" He turned away but the Imagin used its ribbon to grab him and bring him underwater, Harry gasped, shouting, 'Momotaros!'

'What am I going to do?!' He wondered. 'I can't swim and I don't know how well swimming in the water will be with this armor!'

"Sounds like it's my turn to shine." Urataros said. He called out to Ryotaro. "Ryotaro?"

'Urataros?' Ryotaro asked, surprised.

"I won't let you trivialize my lies." Urataros said calmly.

'What are you saying at a time like this?' Ryotaro asked.

"I lie so that I can lie." Urataros said, simply.

"No... like I said...' Ryotaro tried to say.

"But... my ability to swim isn't a lie." Urataros said. "Hmm? Shouldn't you press the button? If you do, I'll come to you. I'd rather not fight in the body of a child."

Harry felt Urataros leave his body and Momotaros entered his body, changing into the Sword Form. He ran to where he saw the Imagin jump out of the water. All of the sudden, Urataros jumped out and landed next to Momotaros, asking, "Hey, you, won't you let me string you along?" The Imagin was shocked to see that the two had swapped positions and tried to jump back into the sea. But Urataro grabbed him.

"Don't run!" Urataros said, holding the Imagin as he tossed him to the ground. Momotaros gave a happy shout and formed his sword, slashing at the Imagin, Urataro joined after forming a rod to fight the Imagin along with Momotaros. The Imagin jumped back into the water, but Urataros said, "Sorry, but you can't get away from me again!"

"Are we going in the water again?" Ryotaro asked.

"It's okay." Urataros said, as a car from the DenLiner came out of the water, creating a turtle-like board which he hopped on. Urataros looked around for his target and found it, lying about a whirlpool and sent him flying back to the land. Momotaros and Harry watched how Urataros fought the Imagin. For his final attack, Urataros tossed his rod into his chest, then kicked him into the water which the Imagin changed into a sea creature.

The DenLiner appeared, Urataros' car connected to the rest of the train and Momotaros' cars appeared, Harry once again manning the rocket launcher to help the blue Imagin defeat the enemy Imagin. After a blast from Urataros' car destroyed the Imagin.

"Daiki-kun worked hard and became a regular." Ryotaro said, smiling after some time passed. Harry looked, holding a cup of hot chocolate which didn't taste like hot chocolate. Ryotaro said, "Looks like he's been running away and lying to himself."

"Self-depection... lying.. fabrication is life..." Urataros said, looking at him. "Teaching Ryotaro and Harry that is my job."

'That would make me no better than Dudley.' Harry thought, looking down.

"Ura! Stop it!" Hana told him.

"You turtle bastard!" Momotaros said, standing up. "I still haven't forgiven you. Don't act big."

"You need no bait to deceive a fool." Urataros said, laughing.

"You bastard!" Momotaros groaned. "I'll turn you into turtle soup!"

"I'll turn you into canned peachs!" Urataros said, more threatening.

"I'll turn you into hodgepodge next!" Momotaros shouted, grabbing him.

Harry watched as Naomi gave them themed after themselves and they actually liked it, agreeing on that. He smiled and held his cup, wondering what will happen now that there were two Imagin on the train.

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