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Chapter 7 - Jealousy Bomber

'My body feels heavier than usual...' Harry thought, laying in his bed under the stairs. He was unable to sleep and spent the night, thinking about everything that had happened to him so far.

Since he couldn't sleep, Harry decided to review recent events. 'Okay, so a new Imagin has appeared on the Den-Liner. A blue turtle themed one who likes to lie and loves to impress women with those lies. I don't know whose worse, Urataros and his all lies or so Momotaros and his stubbornness. But still, Momotaros gives a sword and Urataros gives a rod. Not sure who I really prefer.'

Turning his light on, and grabbing a blank notebook that Hana had given him, Harry began to write everything about the task he knew and about the people he knew. He thought about the forms both Momotaros and Urataros could give him and those forms did with the Den-Liner. He wrote how he and Ryotaro could use the forms together and wondered how he could use Urataros taking over his body to help them though he shivered at the thought.

Being so focused on his notes, Harry stayed up the entire night and was starting to nod off when he heard Aunt Petunia knock on his door. He yawned and stretched, getting dressed in his oversized clothes and rolling the sleeves up so he could use his hands. Before he stepped out, he grabbed the clock and the Rider pass in case he needed to head for the DenLiner.

Making sure they were hidden on his person, Harry stepped out of his tiny room and went to the kitchen. He immediately went to the stove and helped make breakfast, mixing the eggs and putting the toast in the toaster. While he was busy masking breakfast, Dudley came in and sat at the table, waiting for breakfast to be served. After checking to be sure the food was prepared right, Harry put them on plates and carefully placed them on the table.

Then he sat down with his own plate and began to eat, thinking about how the Imagin might be doing and wasn't listening as the Durlseys just talked. Vernon and Petunia still thought it was strange how quiet and seemingly obedient Harry was but they hoped it wasn't a omen of strange things to come. However, they become more occupied with Dudley wanting to go to the park. So they took Dudley and Harry to the park and as soon as they got out of the car, Harry went somewhere to be by himself.

Leaning against the tree, he breathed and heard Urataros, 'Hello, Harry. Why are you here alone?'

"I'm not alone, Urataros," Harry said lowly so no one heard him. "I'm here with my adopted family, my uncle, my aunt, and their son, Dudley. But they don't consider me much as a family member cause I'm odd." He pulled out the pocketwatch that Hana had given him.

'Hmm, what's that?' Urataros asked.

"A pocketwatch." Harry said. "Hana gave it to me, I suppose, to have a way to see when I'm able to board the DenLiner. Wait, why are you talking to me?"

'I was bored and wanted to have some fun with you after I had fun with Ryotaro." Urataros told him, but Harry wasn't amused, guessing that he was lying. Urataros said, "Who knows? With my help, you'll become the best ladies man in a few years."

"Yeah, right." Harry said, not amused with him. But Urataros began to think and suddenly took control of him as his aunt approached, angrily asking why he was alone. When Harry turned, he suddenly had sea blue eyes and a blue streak in his hair as well as taking on a cool and calm presence that Aunt Petunia was surprised to see how charming he looked.

Pushing some hair back over his head, Urataros said, "I am so sorry, Aunt Petunia. I was thinking about how to thank you for taking care of me all these years and teaching me the important basic skills a adult needs now." Taken in by his lie and charm, Aunt Petunia smiled and walked away, holding her cheeks as she blushed.

Harry was utterly shocked, 'What just happened?' "You need to provide the right bait to catch the best fish." Urataros said, smiling. "Now, let's go and find some more suitable fish to catch." He walked to find a new poor unknowing girl to woo. Harry just kept quiet and seemed worried as Urataros walked to find his next fish to catch.

After walking for a while, Urataros saw a girl who was reading. While Harry didn't know it was the bushy brown haired girl that saw him getting followed by Dumbledore, Urataros obversed and smiled, "Not my usual type of fish, but for you, it's a start." 'Gee, thanks.' Harry said, crossing his arms while watching the blue turtle themed Imagin approach her and smiled.

"That's a rather interesting book there, miss." Urataros lied to her, trying to looking charming and sway her to his lies. "Maybe we can read together or maybe even take turns. Maybe we could encourage our imaginations." He smiled and tried to look cool, smiling at the bushy haired brunette who was steadily getting concerned and worried as well as confused. As Urataros tried to get closer and closed his eyes, the girl closed her book and raised it.

When he got closer, almost kissing her, the girl smacked him across the face with her book and got up, leaving him with a nice red bruise on his face. Then she got up and walked off, pouting while Urataros rubbed his new bruise.

'Wow, thanks for the new wound.' Harry said sarcastically and a little mad at the Imagin.

"Obviously that wasn't the right bait for a girl like her." Urataro said, smiling as he rubbed his new red mark and looked around for a new target. Hana, who was watching him from afar, grumbled, wondering what that lying blue Imagin was trying to do with Harry. Harry also pondered what Urataros was doing with his body while he walked around, trying to charm every girl that he met. And there were plenty of girls who were charmed by his lies, both young and older.

Hana sighed and grabbed him, taking him away. When Urataros saw who it was, he said, "Oh, Hana-chan, hello. What brings you here?"

"I'm here to take you back to the DenLiner and free Harry from whatever this is doing you're doing." Hana said, glaring at him. She led him to a empty storage room and opened the door, entering. As soon as they got on the DenLiner, Urataros left Harry's body and the young boy breathed in relief. However, there was a angry Momotaros ready to wail on Urataros for putting him to sleep so he could go out and mess around.

Harry went to sit with a sleeping Ryotaro while Momotaros shouted, "Why you... you damn lying turtle!"

The red Imagins tossed various things at the blue Imagin who jumped around in the car to avoid getting hit, Momotaros shouted, "Wait! You really did this time! Stop there!" He went after Urataros, as Urataros told him, "Senpai, I thought you were feeling tired! Looks like I'm not catching you! Right, Naomi-chan?"

"Cut it out!" Hana shouted, hitting Momotaros in the face and knocking him out. At that moment, the Owner came in and spoke, "I told you before that fighting in the car is a problem. This place is for all DenLiner passengers. Don't forget that I have a card of denial of passage."

As soon as he revealed the card, Harry looked at Momotaros and Urataros and sweatdropped, seeing them standing with their arms over each other's shoulders, swaying to convince him. Urataros said, "No way. This is just a bit of execise. Right, Senpai?"

"Yeah." Momotaros said, trying to sound happy. "How refreshing."

Harry sighed, while the Owner talked with Naomi about the flag in the meal she gave him, but she told him it was fine and it was sportsmanship, while he understood, Owner didn't seem get the idea of sports. Waiting til he had stepped of the train car and out of sight, Momotaros and Urataros quickly went back to trying to strangle each other.

"How dare you!" Momotaros shouted. "I'll get you back! Why don't you disappear?!"

"Stop it!" Ryotaro told him. "Momotaros, come with me outside. All you do is fight. I'm the one who was hurt more."

After Ryotaro walked with Momotaros, Hana dropped off Harry back where his family was waiting. He calmly approached, making it seem like he wasn't gone long. 'Hope Ryotaro will be alright.' He thought, seeing as his uncle and aunt didn't notice he was gone. As he approached, there was a sudden explosion that was a small distance from their location.

"What did you do?" Uncle Vernon shouted at him as he gasped for air.

"I didn't do anything, it was probably someone else!" Harry said, looking scared as he looked at his uncle. "I was nowhere near when it happened!"

His uncle grumbled while his aunt went to check on her son, Harry looked at the small fire that the other people at the park were trying to put out and find out where and how it happen. Harry put his hand in his pocket, gripping the pass and bit his lip, thinking what must have of happened and wondered if a Imagin was contracted in his time or if it was the start of a ripple effect between his time and Ryotaro's time.

So the police came by and took questions, when they questioned Harry, he told them, "Well, I was wandering around and coming back to my guardian family when it happened. I couldn't hear much but I think a bit of the music that was playing, it was one of the pieces of that old time composer. It could be possible that whoever did it didn't like that particular piece of music."

Nodding, the police thanked Harry for his answer and they left. Harry tried not to look concern and knew that he had to head to Ryotaro's time to see if something similar had happened. Seeing that his uncle and aunt were busy making sure that their precious little boy was okay and not scared from the incident, Harry turned and ran into the worrying crowd, heading for the restroom and opening the door, stepping into DenLiner.

Hana looked at him confused and asked, "Harry, what's wrong?"

"I'm not sure." Harry said, looking at her. "You think you could drop me off near Ryotaro in his time? I need to check something out."

"Okay." Hana said, still confused.

While the DenLiner went to Ryotaro's time, Harry changed into new clothes and noticed that Momotaros just arrived as they got close to where Ryotaro was. Harry stepped out and looked at for Ryotaro, bumping into him and causing him to fall into a trash can.

"Sorry, Ryotaro." Harry said, looking embarrassed.

"Harry-kun?" Ryotaro said, looking as he managed to get out. "It's fine, but what is it?"

"Do you know anything about something strange happening with a particular piece of music?" The young boy asked. "Like a attack or a explosion?"

"No." Ryotaro said, answering simply. "But I did recently fight a Imagin. Why do you ask?"

"Well, something did happen in my time and I wasn't sure why it would suddenly happen." Harry said, looking down. "I thought if I came to check on anything similar in your time, we might know."

"Well, I was looking for the Imagin contract holder but my sister called me and told me to come home for something." Ryotaro said. "Why don't you come along and we can figure it out?"

Harry nodded, staying close to him as they walked to the building where Ryotaro and his sister lived, he said, "I'm back."

"Ah, Ryou-chan." His sister said, looking as he came through the door and saw Harry who noticed her. "And you brought the young boy from before. Nice to meet you again."

"Uh, pleasure is all mine, miss." Harry said, bowing.

"Anyway, this is Oobayashi Tomoya-san." Ryotaro's sister said, introducing the burly angry looking man who came at them. "He's been waiting all this time."

'What do you do?' Harry whispered.

Ryotaro quietly wept, 'I don't know...'

Tomoya put something small and black against his chest, Harry noticed it looked like a wallet, Ryotaro was surprised, "This is my... Thank you for going to the trouble to..."

However, before he could continue his thank you, Tomoya shouted, "You left it in front of Yumi's apartment!"

Ryotaro was confused and tried to recall the Yumi person that Tomoya was referring to while Tomoya was grumbling about what he saw and punched Ryotaro in the face, shocking everyone in the room.

"You can face a woman," Tomoya said, dragging him around the room while Harry left at the door, confused, "but when you face a man... Be a man!"

Harry just stood at the entrance, confused as Ryotaro's sister went to hide and the other person got their face covered in cake. The young boy wasn't sure what to do til he saw Momotaros take over Ryotaro's body in hopes of beating this person and sighed. He thought, 'This is gonna be bad.'

"You bastard!" Momotaros shouted as Harry closed his eyes, ready for what would happen but before Momotaros could hit him, Ryotaro stopped him.

Momotaros groaned, "Hey!" But after a moment, he grumbled, "Do what you want!" and left Ryotaro's body. So Tomoya hit him again but Ryotaro's sister hit Tomoya on the head with a broom and said, "This is a library! Calm down and talk it out." That reaction shocked Tomoya while she turned to her little brother and said, "Ryou-chan too. Getting knocked down from just that is no good."

"How can you say that?" Ryotaro said, weeping.

So Ryotaro and Tomoya sat at a table to discuss the problem while Harry sat at the counter with a cup of warm milk and Ryotaro's sister, who he learned was named Airi, was making a fresh batch of coffee. Ryotaro had a hard time trying to answer Tomoya's questions since he couldn't say that his body was under the control of a otherworldly being that could travel through time.

Harry didn't like the sudden silence and wondered if Ryotaro would be okay when a new voice came in, "Airi-san, hello! I got a good story I'm researching right now! I have to see Airi-san at least once a day!"

Harry looked at the man in the suit who came and think he might have seen him before while he just sipped his warm milk. Seeing that Airi was busy making coffee, the man said, "Ah, my usual blend."

He noticed Harry but paid him no mind as he continued, "It was really interesting. A person suddenly disappeared." That caught Harry and Ryotaro's attention as Harry wondered if what happened in his time wasn't just a random attack but something like what the man mentioned.

He just continued, "I, Oozaki Seigi, will find out what's going on! My magzine is going to go up again."

"Oozaki-san, is that true?" Ryotaro asked, getting up to walk over to him.

"Oh, Ryotaro-kun, you're here." Oozaki said, looking at him surprised. He looked at the other person, "Huh? Miura-san too. I thought you were a hakata doll."

Then Oozaki began to laugh so annoyingily, Tomoya shouted as he shot up, "Bastards! Are you mocking me?!" He hit one of the pillars with his weapon, saying, "I thought I'd settle things with Yumi... But that woman has completely forgotten me! A whole year wasted. Because she won't see me!" He began to saw the pillar.

While the boys tried to stop him, he tossed them off and shouted, "Bring Yumi! I want to talk! Bring her!" He took his coat to reveal he had something in his shirt, making everyone panic. Ryotaro wept, "I get it!" He grabbed Harry and ran out.

"Sorry, everyone!" He shouted and looked around. "We better hurry and handle the Imagin too."

"Yeah..." Harry said, not sure what would just happened as he just followed Ryotaro.

The two ran for a while and stopped for a moment when someone ran past them, Ryotaro gasped and shouted, "Yumi-san! Yumi-san, wait!"

As they ran after Yumi, the Imagin appeared, this one resembling some kind of crow or bird. Harry and Ryotaro gasped as Yumi ran off. he said, "Imagin?!"

"You again?" It growled.

"But if that's the Imagin, that would mean..." Harry realized.

"Yumi-san is the contract holder?!" Ryotaro said, shocked.

The Imagin tried to attack them, but they pulled their belts ready to transform. But it was hard to get the belt on while the Imagin kept swiping at them. But they managed to transform, Ryotaro in Sword Form and Harry in Rod Form. They dodged a frontal attack by jumping over the Imagin and Momotaros was gleeful.

"You left things half done last time." He said, getting his weapon ready.

Urataros stood by with his arms crossed, just watching Momotaros make a fool of himself as he tried to slash at the Imagin while it flew around them. When it seemed Momotaros got him, the Imagin disappeared. Harry was worried as Momotaros grumbled. But the Imagin sent a powerful attack from above, blasting them.

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