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The droplets of crimson coloration fell to the ground in silence, one by one, bathing the landscape with the blood of those that fell in battle, their bodies were disintegrating slowly.

EMIYA could only look with sadness the scenary that he himself had created. One more punch to the morals of the false Hero of Justice. As a Beast of Alaya he was nothing more than a tool of the collective unconscious of humanity, and over him fell the responsability of preserving the human race in a more direct manner to threats.

He didn't know about the beings he just killed, only that the conflict they were involved in would be the cause of an event of such level that would not only affect humanity, but all the species. That is why he was summoned by Alaya as per his contract, to eliminate this possible disaster and all the involved.

Nevertheless, he couldn't stop feeling uncomfortable. By being summoned over and over he became used to the presence of his contractor over him, taking control of his body, transforming it in a machine that only brings death. But this time it wasn't like that. For some reason he couldn't feel the chains that bind him like a puppet to the human collective. No, that wasn't it, the chains were still there, they were just... loose.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, EMIYA disobeyed the original order and limited the killing are to this battlefield, being the only judge and and executor. He took advantage of every last drop of energy provided by Alaya without it noticing. Or at least until the chains were dragging his body, making it's wrath be known to him.

While his body vanished from the world he crossed looks with the only witness of this masacre, who, even though was hiding her presence didn't escape his vision. The one that gave him company while he was confronting and exterminating those beings. Gray eyes gazed into black before disappearing in a blink.

The little figure wrapped in shadows observed how this unknown being disappeared from that war zone.

She never took interest in the happenings of the world. She only wished to go back to the silence of nothingness that was granted by her previous home. Only when she felt the unknown energy that could coincide with her own did she develop a small interest, of knowing what or who it was, this being the reason of her prescence in the encounter.

When she found him on top of the hill she couldn't help but feel intrigued. At first glance he didn't look like someone special, if she didn't count the aura released by his red armor. But there was something in him that reminded her of the noble human Heroes that she met once upon a time.

She was witness of how the red warrior ran towards the battlefield. She saw him divert a treacherous attack from a spear to another of his opponents, while his other hand buried a sword borne from nothingness in the throat of another.

She saw this being, that could only be a hero, confront superior forces without fear. Taking advantage of the energy and number of enemies in his favor, no movement wasted, every action calculated.

She saw him create two black spears from nothing, different but with a similar feel, when they began to glow he buried them in the ground. The explosion propelled him in front of the governors of the devils and angels. Without stopping he kept running towards the Biblical God and the Devil Kings just before a ring of fire sorrounds them, all of them disappearing from the battlefield.

The surprise from this act halted the conflict. Silence and stillness reigned over the warriors. The only sound heard in the zone was caused by the overflowing energy from the spears, buried by the one in red. That is until the sound of a dimensional tear took their attention.

The hero in red was the first to appear. His aquiline eyes observed the army sorrounding him and the battle area. There was uncertainty at his presence, it sorrounded the combatants. At his back, a smoke screen the color of steel was dissipating. It was then that they managed to see the hidden Biblical God and the four Devil Kings.

The momentaneous relief was substituted by surprise and fear.

The feet of the five governors didn't touch the ground. Drops of blood fell from their bodies, splashing against the ground. Their faces disconnected. Their bodies were only held aloft by chains of gold while speared through by a great variety of weapons.

The warrior in red created two black spears, each the same as the buried one, overflowing with energy to the point that one could see the fissures of rupture within them. With a pulse he threw both weapons in the direction of their equals, causing a collision of powers that preluded an explosion.

A wave of red energy followed the explosion. Expanding all over the area until crashing against an invisible barrier that locked in the combatants. Panic followed chaos. In an instant more than thirty thousand warriors were dead, their bodies suspended in mid-air, perforated by spears. Fear. The only emotion that the survivors felt at seeing their allies and enemies alike falling in just a moment. The presence of the spears emitted and amplified this primitive emotion in them.

Without losing any time the one in red was heading to fight the rest of them. Acompanying him was a great quantity of weapons at his back, giving a step to a unilateral battle. She saw him demonstrate sadness for the ones he killed without hesitation. She saw him looking where she was hiding, showing that he knew of her presence, just before disappearing as if he was never there.

Her dark eyes kept looking the place of battle. Analizing the possibilities. Maybe, yes, maybe this unknown being would be able to help to retrieve her home and evict her own enemy. For just a moment, she let a small smile grace her features before her body vanished wave of energy taking the form of a snake.


An arm was twisted in a way that wouldn't be useful to any common human.


The leg was twisted, it made him fall to his knees.


His head whipped against the blank nothingnes, a trickle of blood rolled down his forehead.

But EMIYA only smiled, without showing any sign of pain. Because the result didn't matter, his ideal wasn't wrong. That's why he refused to show any weakness before his executioner. The pain didn't matter. The wounds didn't matter. He wouldn't show any remorse.

A pause was permitted in his punishment. His executioner observed. Even thought there wasn't any face to show such act he knew that's what it was doing. EMIYA only widened his smile. Because he wouldn't show any fear towards this unknown being that was passing itself off as Alaya. No, that wasn't totally correct. This was Alaya, but not at the same time.

Every time he was summoned to the world to take over the responsability as a Counter Guardian, Alaya was one of the two goberning existances. Being Gaia, the terrestrial world consciousness, the other force that saw humanity as a threat.

Of what little information he has obtained by being in the presence of this being he knew he was summoned in a mutation between worlds. Without a doubt. This was a world where the Age of Gods and the Age of Man coexist. This being the reason the two dominant consciousness, Gaia and Alaya, didn't exist as a distinguishable consciousness, but as power distributed between gods and a form of recently born energy, just in the process of separation.

Because it didn't have enough strength to deploy it's own agents over it's control, it requested one soul at the service of it's parallels that had enough experience to prevent the possible future cataclysm. It is why the copy of a soul was taken from the Throne of Heroes and enlisted at the service of this mass of thinking energy.

For a moment the punishment ceased, allowing his wounds to be healed. EMIYA expected it to start the cycle of torture again, just like it had already done three times. Just to feel a sudden pressure in his brain, it bombarded with the intent of lowering his mental defences.

"What an anoying being"-EMIYA maintained a small smile.-"So you abandoned the physical pain because it doesn't work, eh?"

If the mass of thinking energy had the experience and the defined relation with humanity, it could have broken his mental defences without a fight. But it didn't identify itself as Gaia or Alaya. That's why EMIYA would not let it know his thoughts and how to use them against him. Not when that stupid boy made him remember why he continued until the end.

The mental battle was prolongued for hours, until the prototype of Alaya stopped it's invasion of his mind and eliminated the invisble chains that held him subordinate of it's parallels. EMIYA fell to the ground while trying to stabilize his breathing.

He didn't know what would happen from that moment on. Maybe his contractor would upgrade the chains of his servitude and he would be obligated to finish what he started. Maybe another Counter Guardian of this parallel world would be called to complete the mission while he would be forced to see his desire crushed. So many possibilities and tragic results.

His thoughts halted at noticing his contractor moving to be face to face. He could feel how he lost the conection to the mass of thinking energy. He saw it extend one of it's hands and touch his tanned face. EMIYA felt his skin burn while fragments of himself detached and evaporated like motes of light, absorbed by the prototype of Alaya.

"Tch. You won't even send back my soul to the throne or your counterpart's service".-EMIYA cursed.-"You'll transform me into energy and knowledge to create your new Guardians? So you only want obedient dogs at your service."

While his existance was drained, the white haired heroic spirit could only curse his stupidity when he made a contract with humanity. And while strength was beginning to leave him, in the deep recesses of his mind an idea started to take form. It was madness. But he was fed up with the cycle of death without end. He was a desperate man which was hit really hard with the reality of his naive ideal, once and over and over until the point of hating himself. There was nothing to lose anymore.

In an act of madness and desperation EMIYA pounced on his executioner, while his arms immobilized it's movements. He almost hesitated when he felt his chest explode with the energy released by his captive. It would have stopped the majority, but the door to salvation was just in front of him, so he wouldn't do it. Using his status as an ascended spirit to the throne in the Akashik Records he began to devour the mass of energy.

He could feel his arms break while it was trying to free itself. His reddened skin was trying to resist the pressure. How his internal organs collapsed while trying to contain the force of Alaya in his being. His blood boiled melting his veins. His eardrums blowing up and his vision becoming blurry. Blood flowing out of his ears, nose and eyes. His vision blurr. Even in this state his consciousness and will of life held on. He couldn't desist, freedom was at reach, only a little more and he would be free, just a little more and he could finally do i...

"Mom it hurts, it hurts so much. Help me mom"-the bawling of a kid rang off in his head.

"My head, oh lord my head hurts"-the voice of an adult woman clamored in her prayers.

"God, forgive me if I didn't behave," -the voice of a girl plead for mercy between cries.- "but it hurts my lord, my head hu..." -the explosion of a head interrupted such laments.

He could hear one and more voices in his head. Voices that clamored for help and voices that complained to the divinities for such punishment. The headache and the voices didn't let him think with clarity. It only took a moment to know what was happening. It scared him.

Law of equivalent exchange. In exchange for a miracle, he staked his entire existance. And now the payment was being collected.

And humanity in cunjunction was the payment. He was the killer.

He could only lament the stupidity of his actions and what his madness caused humanity.

While he was lamenting himself an idead passed through his mind. If it worked humanity would survive. Because Alaya was connected to this space-time that at the same time was connected to humanity. Then he would cut the conection.

And so with what little strength was left in his body, he forced himself to crear to create his last dream for the good of humanity. He remembered the image that he saw in one of his many summonings to eliminate the threat brought about by the fourth Grail War of Fuyuki, in which Emiya Kiritsugu failed. His circuits burned while they synchronized to bring to this world the sword with a key shape. A sword of gold that opened the door to the treasure of the most ancient human hero king.

The sword of gold appeared in his hand, without wasting any time he made it turn. He could feel how he was rejected by the lock, but even then he did not desist and sent every drop of prana available to the sword until it creaked, trying to resist all the power. Little by little a dimensional fissure in the form of a golden flash opened in front of him, but the key finally broke down into pieces, not able to resist the rejection of the security system of the Gates of Babylon. Dragging his weak body to the border of the doors, EMIYA let himself fall to the void, doors closing just behind him.

EMIYA bit his tongue to tearing to stop himself from screaming in agony, falling to the abyss. The Gates of Babylon would be his tomb since it only existed to store weapons, living beings would simply stop doing so because of how harmful it is to them. He felt the skin on his arms and legs be separated from his body. The skin of his body was teared apart slowly, only leaving his exposed muscles as these themselves were disintegrated. He was in the middle of deep darkness. There was nothing that could save him. One by one, images were overflowing, memories, good and bad were erased from his fragile mind. His existance was vanishing slowly in this time and space.

However, he was still pursuing the light at the end of his path.

And only one memory remained in this man...

The memory of a kid with an adult man, both illuminated by the moon while they shared a beatiful dream.

And while he was vanishing, Emiya smiled.

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