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A silouete of low height moved through the woods. It hid between shadows given by the night, until the moon's light illuminated it. It was a kid. No older than 8 years old, he ran with what little strength his legs gave him.

"Have to run, have to run"-. He had to distance himself from the village. Otherwise his parent's sacrifice would be in vain.

They came back like always. Every month it was the same. They asked a certain quantity of what was extracted from the mine with the objective of being given "protection" from other groups like theirs. But this time they couldn't satisfy the quantity required. A plague fell upon the village, there were a lot of sick and some died by lack of medical assistance. The people of the village asked for more time. But they didn't care about the village. Even then, they were given more time... in exchange for an equivalent payment.

Without consideration for the families they took the children as payment. Some parents and younths tried to rebel, only to be killed in front of their families. With their weapons aimed and the death of their aquintances, the trafficants inflicted fear in the other inhabitants. But that didn't do it.

The people rebelled, while the kid ran to the woods. Shots were heard, while the kids could only run in tears. He stopped for a moment, separating from the group, to observe the place that saw him be born and grow. He didn't know if he would ever see his family again. But he wouldn't disappoint them, he would get out of this situation alive.

While in mid-turn to resume his run, the corner of his eyes percieved something for an instant. As if stars fell from the sky, silver light rained over the village.

It was a place far retired from civilization, snow constantly fell over that place. The low temperature would bring death to any human without the necessary protection.

Inside the ruins of a building outside the city, the figure of a male was tenuously illuminated by lamps on the walls as he was descending some stairs to the basement. He didn't look older than 17 years old, his complexion thin, his blond hair wild, garbed in a gray suit. But the smile on his face and the look of pleasure in his eyes made for a disturbing sight.

He stopped in front of a door that indicated the end of his path. Opening the door he greeted his guest.

"Were you waiting for me dear? I couldn't wait to see you again too".- Directing his words to the figure hidden by darkness. -"I had to wait so much time to make sure nobody was looking for you. But now we have all the time in the world."

Turning the switch illuminated the room. At the end of the room there was a girl chained from hands and feet. She couldn't be older than ten years. Her hair, as black as her eyes with a beautiful face. Her mouth was gagged and her school uniform ripped.

"I'm sorry I can't listen to your amorous words dear. But I can't let the neighbors get jelous, don't I?"

"Now dear, why don't we continue with your education?"

His smile widened even more, the door closed at his back.

And like that, a form stayed still, as if the snow or the low temperature didn't affect his barely overed body, a red mantle the only protection he had in place. And then a pair of steel colored eyes opened.

He hid bellow the protection of a tree. Evading the light of the lanterns held by his pursuers. It seems the men that attacked the village sent a small group to capture the children that ran. A lot of his friends found themselves in the traficants truck. He really wanted to help them, but if he was captured he could ask for help to the other villages. No, he would have to hide until it was safe to go out.

Just when he was going to retreat, a sound at his back alerted him of another presence, but it was too late. A hand took him by the next really hard, forcing him to turn his gaze to the agressor. Yellow teeth with signs of rot greeted him.

"I found the last one.".- The man alerted his partners to stop the search. His eyes filled with amusement looked into the eyes of the infant.- "Smart kid. You gave us a lot of trouble to find you, you know?"

"Hey, stop wasting time and bring the kid over. Don't try to hit him, you know that wounded they don't sell well".- spoke the driver. While leaning on the seat he directed his gaze at him.- "I wonder if the others already finished with the village. That will teach them to not fight back."

"Those idiots should already know who owns the place".- answered the first guy, dragging the child, who was resisting with punches and kicks to the air, until one of those kicks hit him. Enraged by the action, he punched the kid's face. The kid was terrorized, he dragged himself by his back in an attempt escaping the captor's ire, only to crash against a tree.

"Hey, I said don't punch."

"I don't care if it doesn't sell well, but this kid has to learn the lesson of going against his eld...".- his voice shut down while stopping a meter from the kid.

"Why did you go quiet? Hey, anwer. Have you seen something?"

Seeing no answer from his partner, he came down from the truck and began walking to the place the other found himself. While growing closer, he saw the look of surprise on the kid at looking at his partner's face. It was too suspicious.

Just scant few steps from his partner, he retrieved his gun. He didn't have to get closer. His partner was dead. The head was impaled by a thread of steel, that originated from the trees and went through the ground, stopping the corpse from falling. The metal was so thin that he wouldn't be able to detect it without the shine of blood droplets illuminated by the moon.

"Bastard, show your damn face. Otherwise I'll look for you and make you regret it."

He pointed at the trees from were the thread originated. But there was no movement, he began to lower his weapon until it was level with the kid's eyes.

"You came for the kids, didn't you? I'm going to count to three, if you don't appear I'm going to blow his head. Then I'll start with the others."

"Brave words for a coward."

He couldn't even react to the voice coming from his back. The only thing he could do was see as a sword went through his chest; only to be retracted violently, leaving him on the ground. He turned his body with the objective of shooting his agressor, only to see his hand separated from his body, flying with the gun.

He looked into his executioner. Gray eyes looked into his own. Then he buried the sword in his head and everything turned dark.

"It's a shame you had to see this, but, are you alright?"

The kid could only nod while looking at his savior getting closer. Even though his sword was stained with blood from his victim, and his red and black shape was intimidating, the voice was genuinely concerned.

"It's good to know. Now, let's start moving. I'll take you and your friends with your family."

And while looking at his savior extend his hand to help him stand, he couldn't help buy envy the smile of genuine happiness gracing his features.

His body crashed against the ground. He was dead before noticing. His killer, hidden behind another door, sealed the end of his life by separating his head from the rest of his body.

He didn't lose any time starting to check the corpse's pockets to find his objective, a little key for a lock. Once found he walked to the chained girl. She was pale from fear, at witnessing the scene and horror at what he could do.

He stopped in front of her and took her hand gently, she trembled at the contact.

"Don't fear. I'm here to help.".- He tried to calm her while unlocking hands and feet. Seeing herself free of restrictions, the girl started to cry, the feeling of freedom overwhelming her. The male in front of her only rubbed her head to calm her.

Once the crying stopped and breathing normalized, her savior made four daggers appear from nothing before throwing them, these digging into the ground. Taking her gently in his arms, he began to walk to the stairs with her.

"What's your name?".- She asked.

"Emiya".- was the answer she got.- "And, what's yours?"

"Airi... wait, Emiya? Like the superhero Emiya Shirou? I imagined you taller."

"Sorry for not being taller"-His sarcasm made contrast with the low voice tone.- "Anyways, I am just an Ally of Justice, not a superhero."

"But your name is famous. Every time the bad guys are stopped you are mentioned. And your name is heard a lot in the news. But you don't look so old."

"As interesting as discussing my age would be, let's make distance from the area".- he answered while opening the exit door. And when he was 20 meters from the building, it blew up, throwing rubble and dust everywhere.

Alerted by the explosion, patrols began to swarm the are of incident. The officers getting off their vehicles while taking their guns in case of being necessary. In contrast with the deploying orders and agitation, Emiya walked calmly towards them until he was just in front of one of the uniformed men.

"You're late.".- the commanding tone of the comment made the officer straighten. The hero just exhaled at his behaviour.

"Please take this girl with her parents, they must be very worried".- while passing off Airi to the officer, who recieved her without hesitation.

"It's time I go, take care".- caressing her head for a moment.- "And don't follow people you don't know."

Emiya looked to the end of the patrol vehicles, over the closest building where golden light and dark feathers vanished; not noticing any other movement, he retired from the scene while passing through the police, who only stopped to look at him before continuing securing the zone.

He could see the people enjoying their moments of happiness with their family or friends, he could feel the sea breeze over his skin, even though it was two fishers who were really experiencing this sensation. He could feel the adrenaline running through his body because of the feeling of a girl in Asia trying to escape her captors in an attempted kidnapping, she was in troubles... well, that problem was already solved. In Europe, a young physist felt panic while trying to contain a nuclear reaction generated by inexperience that could affect more than a million people... the problem was contained. Inside him, the feeling of opression clashed against rebellion, while a small population in Africa was dragged out of their homes and subjugated by a convoy owned by the human trafficking mafia... the criminals were subdued. He could feel the anguish of a youth while he looked through his eyes, the inside of a bank in las Americas, the clients and employes were hostages in a robbery, the robers were threatening with killing the hostages one by one in case the police didn't give in to their demands... the group was subdued, no casualties. These and more events were happening at the same time, but he could contain them from his place of observation.

And it was from here that the young Emiya got up from his throne, made from snow of the top of the Everest; the inaccessable cuspid by normal means, but to him it was an ideal place to observe the world and be hidden from the majority of the supernatural forces. This is the place that was below the dimensional bridge, it connected with the dimensional plane in which the power of Alaya resided, and the dimensional plane known as Dimensional Breach.

Ever since he took the mantle as responsible of protecting humanity's survival, his mind was updated with information from the world. A world in which the first pantheon of primordial gods took the King of Heroes threat seriously, which prevented his death by Ea and the consequent activation of the consciousness of Gaia and Alaya, which started the decline of the age of gods and the diminished human potential like how it happened in other worlds. In this world divine spirits didn't lose their powers and became elementals once humanity stopped worshipping them, they isolated themselves in different dimensional planes that coexist over or below the Dimensional Breach, which at the same time is the bridge that connects the different alternative universes.

It seem that the being that he eliminated to prevent a war on a world level were a divine spirit, perfect sacred spirits, degraded sacred spirits, devil incarnations and four devil incarnations with the responsibility of becoming authentic Demons. Even while solving problems around the world he contacted diverse supernatural agents, like the valkyries he manipulated because of their honor code, while pretending not being part of the supernatural world.

"Seriously, what a complicated world I fell into. If only I was given the power of backing up my obligations, and not a damn daily headache. Ah well, whatever."

And this is the reason why he was below the dimensional plane of Alaya. Ever since Alaya's policy is not directly interfering in Gaia's business, unless it represents a threat to humanity, or in case the chosen of the Counter Force failed in his objective; which is why his powers and age were sealed in the dimensional plane, leaving him in his power level of Counter Guardian, and he could only access it in case he recognized a big scale threat to humanity. Even with the power limitations imposed by Akasha there were benefits, one of them being the ability of deploying his own Counter Guardians, which were copies of himself sustained by the human collective with the servant equivalent strength. They could be deployed over the world without the need of waiting for the threats aggravate. The second was the connection with the human collective unconscious, with which he could deploy the Counter Guardians anywhere humanity existed and required to be preserved; ironically, this also allowed him to exploit the restrictions on him, since he only had to move on the limits under his jurisdiction, places where the laws of science didn't apply and where Gaia doesn't impose the restrictions explicitly over humanity's power. He obtained other benefits of course, but the most important of them forced Archer to modify the shroud's attributes, like a battle suit that protects him from outside energies with an accesory diary that lets him supress the prana released by his body, to coexist with other beings.

"Looks like it's time to go back to work. It's not like I can complain, I started this plan in my favor after all."

And while he was vanishing he looked at the sky, no, a place even deeper and mysterious, the Dimensional Breach. And for just a moment, his eyes find the draconic ones that observed him since his return to the human world since the GOB, and for just a moment, he was sure that the owner of hose eyes returned a smile.

"Are you sure of this?"

"We assure you the data doesn't lie Lord Michael."

It was the idealized by humanity. The place where the souls ot the good people resided after death. Heaven. The place where the power of God and his angelical army resides. The place where the celestial forces where deployed to protect the children of Man from the malicious interference that would want them out of the good path that the holy lord wanted for them.

Or at least that's how it was when God lived.

"Detail the sucess, then we can know how to take this situation."

With the death of the biblical God and the responsibilities and divine mantle that were given to the archangel Michael, who in turn formed a counsil with the rest of his archangels. The firm decisions were taken with the end of preserving the biblical belief.

"Upon returning from my mission I felt attracted by a saintly aura in a human city, but I didn't remember any other angel assigned to a mission close to my area. This set me on edge, because it was possible that a fallen had the gal of being at that place."

The angels only called them fallen since they were unworthy of being called angels, for them that was something only servants of God had.

"So I closed in on the location, and there really was fallen at that place, in the middle of human law enforcement, but for some strange reason, his aura was eclipsed by the saint's own, it was even bigger and the one I percieved the whole time."

"When I reached the place where I felt the the saintly aura, I noticed that one of heaven's angels was on top of a building... but, lord Azazel, the grand saint aura I felt was not from that angel."

"Oh? Really. Don't stop, proceed."

His words were delivered with amusement. The owner of was a male of a graceful face, thin complexion but noticable toned muscle, his black hair had golden strands that gave attention to his dark eyes, shining in amusement. He was Azazel, the governor of the fallen angels and a being such power that he was registered in the bible. Those that were at his side were registered too though. Barakiel, Kokabiel, Shemzahai, each one a subleaders were meeting in the Grigory Institute, the fallen's centre of power that found itself on the underworld, the place where their enemies the devils lived too.

"Azazel, stop interrupting every minute and let him end his report. And you, continue".- Shemhazai, being the most serious of the fallen decided to put an end to Azazel's interruption.

"Tsk. As boring as always."

"Thank you lord Shemhazai. As I already mention, the saintly aura didn't come from the angel, but from a building where a kidnapping had been thwarted, so I focused in detecting who was giving off such aura. I found him, it was him who stopped the kidnapping and saved the hostage."

He took a moment to give the correct information to his superiors.

"It was a kid no more than 10 years."

And like he expected, this took his bosses attention.

"He was who emitted such aura. And he detected the angel and me, if the direction of his gaze was any indication."

"His characteristics coincide with those of the hero that we heard from the human news for over a year, lord Indra."

The person he was talking to had a hawai shirt and sunglasses, very informal for someone of his station. Indra, a god of a supreme class. He found himself sorrounded by his personal guards, each one of them with their own legend.

"It didn't take him more than 12 second to defeat those criminals at Bangkok. I really felt my blood boiling from excitement at seeing so much discipline in someone so young."

"Did you discover something interesting?"

"Not much mylord. But what I found was substancial. It seems the young hero and the young businessman that recently rised to notoriety are on and the same."

"That kid has a brain for tactics."

"As you say lord Sun Wukong." Talking about the first generation of monkey yokai known as wukong throughout time, also known as the sage that equals the heavens.

"But leaving that aside, at the beginning the sacred aura released by his body was attributed some type of sacred gear."

"And what type of sacred gear is the young hero carrying?"

"That is the most interesting thing mylord, you see..."

"We couldn't detect the presence of any sacred gear in that kid's body, lord Odin."

The young woman held herself firm while giving her report in the nordic god's chamber. Acomplishing her job as a valkyrie at their service.

The god she was talking to had a face weathered by age. On his face he had a eyepatch for his left eye, which he gave to Mimisbrunnr for knowledge, and made a set with his large and gray beard and hair. His presence is that of a great sage, as is worthy of the nordic gods governor. But for some reason it felt as if he was pervese.

"And where does this aura come from?"

"We don't know lord Odin. We could only take residue of his aura before he took the scientist to a safe zone, and he came back to correct the nuclear reaction problem. He retired from the scene before we obtained any more data."


"What did you discover from the samples? If his aura is as strong as you say, then he must be the bastard of one of the higher class fallen, or saints from one of the angels.

"We made the comparisons of his aura with those emitted by the church's saints and the fallen, no positive result, but we did find something, even though the aura is sacred, it is not the same as those already mentioned."

"Then what does it look like."

"To that of the few that had engraved their names in human history, mylord."

"A hero's precence? That's how you percieve him?"

Meeting in the underworld, in the chamber of old devils and their governors, the new devil kings, Lucifer, Belzeebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus. From all of them the one that expressed his doubt was a young man, a redheaded youth with an appearance suggesting someone in their twenties, known as the Crimson Satan, he is the leader of the Four Great Satans that govern the underworld, carrying the tittle of "Lucifer".

"You are correct lord Sirzechs, so we compared the sample with the register of human heroes... unfortunately, the results were negative."

"Negative? Are you telling me that he has been under observation for close to a year and you have no results!"

One of the old devils made his annoyance known by this lack of information.

"Old man, you're making too much noise. You're not letting me rest in peace."

"This is not a place for sleep! Damn it, the young doesn't behave to the stature of their post!"

"Silence old man, your feelings are not advancing this meeting no matter how much you express them."

The male stopped the old devil's tirade was a king with the tittle of Belzeebub.

"And you. You mentioned something about being a businessman, under what company does he work? We could use our infiltrators in the human world to obtain more concrete information."

"About that, lord Belzeebub. He doesn't work for any company, he has the company under his control. It two years ago that this company was formed. And it has rapidly become for their advances in medicine, and technological development in the market."

"What is known by our spies?"

"That is the problem lord Ajuka, every time one of our spies try to enter, be it their hub or branches, as a human worker they had been rejected by not having the necessary qualifications."

"And why haven't you used powers. They are simple humans, hypnotism could have them and for the Devil kings, they could have just used a teleportation spell to enter."

"Old man, stop interrupting."

Seeing no other interruption, he signalled to the mesenger once more.


"That is another incovenience. Every time we try to enter the building by force, be it inside or outside has been stopped by a strange barrier, invisible even to our sight, it nullify any use of magic and absorbs it to fuel itself."

"Hahaha. That sounds like you Ajuka-chan."

"So, we have a hero of first generation that is also a businessman. Really interesting, I really want to make him a test subject."

"We won't do anything for the moment Ajuka. We will observe and find anything useful to make him comply under our ranks."

The blood slowly flowed out of my body as my life ended. I found myself on the ground, dragging my body to flee from that place and contain the bleeding from my stomach. My struggles were stopped by a kick on my back, breaking my spine and cutting any feeling from my legs. I held in the scream in my throat, not wanting to give satisfaction to my agressor but he that didn't stop him, he took me from the head and slammed me against the ground repeatedly. My face was deformed by the continuous punishment, but not once did I beg. I could feel my head being lifted once more, face held towards my executioner, his smile wide as someone that recieved the best gift, his gray eyes shining with happiness.

Then I said that he wouldn't listen, that even with my death he wouldn't be free.

His face scrunched up while he giving a look of hatred. A scimitar of dark coloration apeared in his left hand, the yin-yang symbol on the pommel, he retracted his arm to take enough impulse. And while the sword with the objective of taking my life descended on my throat, I smiled.

The sound of the tea awoke him from his dream. The woman of aproximately fourty years in front of him smiled, placing a boiling cup of tea on his desk.

Since he was a spirit that ascended the Throne of Heroes he couldn't dream, so the only thing he saw while closing his eyes were the acummulated memories in Akasha, the origin and End of everything.

"I'm sorry I had to disturb you mister Shirou, but I have come to alert you about the reporters that came for the conference you programmed."

"Thank you Meri. What do you have in respect to the new alloy in development?"

"Mister Emiya, reports from the lab are already on your desk."

"Alright, I'll see them after the meeting. Let's go Meri."

It was aproximately three years ago that he reincoporated in the human world. Because the majority of his energy was sealed, his body was forced to a younger point with the end of adapting to the energy that would come back in time.

Making use of his connection with humanity, he created the documentation that reported him as a young genius that at seven years ol already finished university and thrawled through the business world. At the begnning nobody payed attention to his ideas because of his apparent age, but some time later "voluntary" investors supported his projects and, in little time, he started a company that ascended into a global scale.

The sucess of his company was because of the introduction of new technology and medical advances that were presented to the world. So he had to give recognition to Gilgamesh; The king of heroes could be the most despicable being he has ever met, but when the king affirmed that his treasures weren't only the riches, but also all the origin of human knowledge, he really meant all the knowledge. The only exceptions were if the knowledges or weapons were of foreigner origin or if humanity evolved into a new species.

Including all of this, he obtained information of the development in other worlds. But it would look strange if he "discovered" all of those advances, so personal meetings with each and every one of the scientists or doctors that were at his command were held, where he could subtly give ideas and concepts to support their investigations.

"Mister Emiya, the chied of the medical branch is asking for a meeting, what date would be agreeable?"

"Programm it for tomorrow noon, after the meeting with our inverstors. I'll travel ealy and I'd prefer that you move all appointments for that time."

From the corner of his eye he could see his assistant giving him a sad look. She really treated him with the respect deserving of someone of his stature, different from others that thought they could manipulate someone of his age, only to notice that they were on the lowest part of the food chain.

However, she never critizes his passtimes, after all she is one of the people that he saved when a robber killed her husband, leaving her with the responsability of taking care of their only son; it was by randomness of life that she presented herself to one of the interviews when he started the company. He knew from the sadness of her gaze that she was sad for someone so young taking such responsibilities in the world, even then covering the minutia of his travels and directing his orders to the branches of investigation in his absence.

"Are you sure of this mister Shirou, you don't have to answer the questions if you don't want to. We could even spin it as another company's move against you."

"Enough, I already too a decision."

Because he never considered to protect his face or hide his abilities like in his first life, and the counted occassions that he or his copies stayed at the crime scene, his clothing and physical characteristics were associated with the same person; which is why all over the world he was known by the nickname "Hero of the Forge".

It was really his fault that all this sensationalist show was unleashed. It was a simple mission in the arabic frontiers, an assault group had taken over a village and he sent one of his Counter Guardians to deal with it. The situation was under control and without victims. But when the Counter Guardian was retreating he was swarmed by the village's people.

"Thank you for your help kid. But don't throw your life away for something so stupid."

"I know that my dream is too childish, and that you really can't save everyone. There will be moments in which I'll have to pick between one life or the other, and that there are lives that don't deserve being saved. But knowing the fact that I can't save everyone doesn't mean that I'll stop trying... because the ideal of wanting to save everyone is not wrong."

The people sorrounding him was surprised by the words of someone so young.

"Kid -no- young hero, what is your name?"

For a moment, the Counter Guardian hesitated to answer. But, should he really doubt? Wasn't mistrust the cause of his fall in his past life?

"Emiya... my name is Shirou Emiya."

And it ended up biting him in the ass. The information of his name extended fast all over the world and it wasn't a lot of time before the name and physical characteristics of the young hero were associated with the young businessman and transformed into paparazzi chum.

And while he was entering the conference, he could see how he was the object of the attention of the reporters.

"We are grateful for your presence in this conference. We begin the questions season, once own president and founder finishes his speech."

His assisstant Meri was as practical as always. She retired from the podium while placing some stairs fro him, no matter how shameful it was, so that he could have the right level to make visual contact with the audience.

"Thank you for coming. I am the founder, president and CEO of UBW Advance..."

He maintained his shiteating grin before the chaos he was going to cause the world.

"My name is Shirou Emiya and I am known over the world as the Hero of the Forge."

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