I bring you a The 100 AU, which I'm not completely sure it makes sense to people who haven't watched the show; besides there's also spoilers for the show, but it won't be obvious to which character on The 100 would it happen to. Short description of the show: the apocalypse happened and some people escaped to space, living in the Ark which has multiple rules to make sure the last of humanity survives, like "one-child" rule to prevent over population.; and without this group's knowledge, people have survived on the ground.

Second warning, I do not intend to make this in any way romantic between Gendry and Jeyne or Willow, so don't worry. If you have read my other stuff, you know I just love writing them as his family :)

Also this is my fill for the first day of Gendry/Arya Week 2018, which the prompt is "Eye Contact". So enjoy! And happy Gendrya Week to all of you!

Arya was the second one to be born this way and tonight Robb was less scared than he had been the first time, when Sansa had been born. He still didn't like seeing his mother in pain, but this time he knew not to offer to get help – there was no help to get besides Dad and he was already here.

"Cat, you can do this," Dad whispered into her hair as he held her hand and herself against him, just then Robb ventured a look, away from his job of looking over Sansa, but turned his eyes back t his sister quickly after.

Robb went back to tickling his sister and helping her sing, that would cover Mom's screams. Every time they stopped, even if just for a bit, they could hear another scream, but this time a cry started – a different one.

"Robb, Sansa, come here," Dad called from the other room, looking in their direction, through the open door, between the rooms. Robb took Sansa's hand immediately, standing up and walking into their main room.

Dad was still holding Mom, she had her head on his shoulder and she looked tired and sweaty, but she was happy, looking down at their new child.

"Come here," Dad said with a smile and Sansa ran to their mother immediately, "Be careful," he warned.

"It's okay," Mom answered and Robb was now on his Dad's other side. "Come meet your sister."

"Another girl?"

"Yes, Robb."

"Grey…" Sansa whispered when the baby opened her eyes accompanying another strong cry.

"She has your dad's eyes," Mom whispered smiling at Dad, before contracting her face in pain again.

"You okay?" Dad asked worried.

"I'm fine," she said arranging the sheet on top of her legs. "Why don't you take our girl and clean her up."

"I don't want to leave you alone," Dad said, but Robb was too distracted with their new baby to hear what else was being said between the adults.

"Sansa, give me your finger," Robb asked her, taking her hand and then giving it to the new baby who immediately squeezed it. "You did that when you were born."

"I did?"

"Yes, you squeezed your brother's finger so hard, that he almost cried," Dad said turning back to them.

"I did not."

"I know, I was kidding. But he loved you from the moment he laid eyes on you," Dad said, "But now get up and help me clean up your sister, after, you can both play with her in your room while I help your mother."

"Okay," Robb said, helping Sansa to stand as Dad got the baby, and then he remembered to ask, "What's her name?"

Dad shared a look with Mom, waiting for her to speak and through a tired smile, she spoke looking at the new baby.

"Arya. Her name is Arya Stark."

Gendry's life didn't start easily. He didn't have a father – Mom said he had been a great warrior and had probably died in battle, but that story was never confirmed, there was no way to know for sure what had happened. And then his Mom died too, he was six and there was some disagreement with a neighboring village and they sent the sickness in before a battle and it took her.

Gendry was then raised by the clan, with other children who were victims of war, most of all he grew up with the sisters Jeyne and Willow, who were the daughters of Heddle who had run the trading post – a trade Jeyne intended to follow, as well as training to be a healer. Willow instead had become a warrior, being trained by Brynden and having become his second at the age of eleven.

"Focus, boy," Brynden yelled at him as he oversaw training. Being a can leader now, it didn't leave Brynden much time for teaching, but he still liked making time for that, especially since he was leaving for the capitol later today.

Gendry made it towards Willow again, she was already facing two other people.

"You're too loud, Gendry," she said, taking cover from his hammer, ending up with him hitting one of the warriors that Willow had been fighting.

"Good move, Willow. And get him to the healer," Brynden yelled, "Gendry, stay and continue."

He fought only with Willow now, and she was still the best. Always had been. Once, his tall build had let him overpower her, but now at fourteen, she had learned to use her small build to her advantage, so he had none.

Gendry only needed to keep himself alive and fighting, long enough to distract her and run away.

"You're a big man, boy. Gonna be taller than me, and you can't beat a little girl."

"I can kick your ass to, Brynden," Willow argued and the conversation threw Gendry off his game, and she hit him with a slash to the leg, just as Brynden said.

"Beat him, and we will see." Now with Gendry kneeling on the floor, she put her sword to his neck.

"Look into the eyes of your killer. Don't show weakness," she whispered to him and with his blue eyes, he looked directly into her. "Really you look at them with those eyes, they may change their minds about killing you?"

"Would you?"

"I would kill you for sure, but I also know how much of an ass you are," she said with a laugh, extending a hand to help him get up.

"I need to go see your sister now."

"Stay for a bit. I'm fighting Brynden for your honor."

"You've left me bleeding," Gendry argued.

"Okay, okay… remind Jeyne that I'll stop by before I leave."

Despite what he told her, he didn't leave immediately, curious to see the fight between Brynden and Willow – it would be a good one. She continued to use her size to her advantage, but he, unlike Gendry, knew how to contra-attack that. He observed them getting a few hits and blows on each other, before the blood started flowing too heavily out of the cut on his leg, and it became a serious possibility that Jeyne would yell at him over risking infection.

"My sister again?" she asked as he entered the healer's tent, before telling the other healer that she would take him.

"She's fighting Brynden now."

"Tiring themselves before they go," she commented, before starting to look and feel the cut on his leg.

"She told me to tell you that se would stop by before she goes."

"I would hope so," she answered. "Your leg is okay – it will heal quickly," she said as she cleaned it and then moved to the fire to get a knife to close it. "I know the drill, Gendry, I know you don't like it, just look into my eyes."

He did as she said, looking directly at her, that's why he always preferred to be treated by her – she didn't mock him.

"You're not going with them."

"No, Brynden is taking the new trainees. Long time ago, he figured I wouldn't be a good second."

"You were a good fighter-"

"So were you. But next to Willow, we're both bumbling idiots," Gendry added.

"So you make weapons now. And I heal warriors," she said with a smile, before patting him on the leg, "You're all done now." As always he had been distracted enough to not feel the pain of the heat on his leg, so now ready, he got up and went to his forge.

I promise tomorrow there will be more Arya and they will actually interact! Also let me you need more details about The 100 for the story to make more sense