This AU is just a crazy idea I had when I was watching an episode. What if they had Mario Cart in space?

Mario Cart AU

Voltron is playing Mario Cart and Zarkon thinks the galra can beat them

Shiro- Dry Bones ("that way I finally look the way I feel inside") (takes him a while to get the hang of but when he does, it's scary to be near him on the track)

Keith- Princess Daisy (Lance made him) (either dead last or close to first. No in between)

Lance- Princess Peach (typically first)

Hunk- Yoshi (always hits the walls or falls off)

Pidge- Bowser Jr. (Loves blue shells with a passion except when she's in first)

Matt- Bowser (very talented, when Lance isn't first, Matt is, and when he's not first he isn't far behind)

Allura- Rosalina (always gets great boxes somehow)

Coran- King Boo

Zarkon- Mario (slow, doesn't like to use boxes)

Haggar- Luigi (cackles when she takes people out with shells and bananas)

Lotor- Baby Mario (likes to bump his father out of the map and call it an accident)

Axca- Baby Luigi (very strategic, never does things without a plan)

Ezor- Koopa Troopa (most unpredictable, absolutely crazy, she will goes backwards on the map)

Zethrid- Donkey Kong (typically close to last, doesn't care as long as she hits someone with something)

Narti- Toad (falls off the map a lot)

Lance calls the cows in moo moo meadows Kalteneckers.

A Sprinkle of Headcanons!

Lance cries when onions are sliced.

Keith and Pidge knew each other as kids because of Matt and Shiro.

Hunk has a mother and grandmother still alive on Earth, but his father is never mentioned or discussed.

The Holts' dog went ballistic when Sam came home like dogs do when soldiers come back from duty.

Shiro can't cook and isn't aloud around the kitchen except for eating.

So here's the first chapter. This story won't be like most of the other ones I post because it's content is different, but I hope you don't mind. Every chapter there should be at least a little bit of variety in what I put in here including stuff like Drabbles, AU's, Head Canons, maybe theories?, among others. For the AU's, I don't plan on writing any of them so far, so if you would like to steal the set up and/or plot, go ahead! Just make sure you comment the title so I can read it :D I will specify the stories that I plan on using, but anything else is free game! That's all I can think of at the moment, but thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! Adios, Pala-Dudes!