Chapter 2 Looking for Someone ?

Finn was lounging in Robert's apartment on 64th St. in Manhattan. They were waiting for Colin to come over before they hit the clubs in the city.

"Have you heard from mother at all since New Hampshire?" Robert asked Finn as he handed him a glass of scotch.

"No, nothing. When I call her cell phone it goes right to her voicemail. Didn't Logan say something about poor cell reception there?"

"I am not sure. He never confided in me about her. So is he really going to marry that plastic French Barbie doll? I don't like her."

"Hmpf, bloody hell she is such a witch."

"I have a better name for her"

"For who?" Colin said as he walked into Robert's apartment without knocking.

All three men had keys to one another's apartments and never thought anything of it when they walked in. They had done that when they lived together at Yale and it didn't stop now that all three of them were successful businessmen and listed as the most eligible bachelors on page six. They dated models, actresses, and royalty but they never found anyone they wanted to stay with. Robert almost got married but at the last minute decided against it. He was not only a wealthy financial analyst on wall street but did photography in his spare time photographing models, and actors, having studios in both Manhattan and in California.

Colin was a lawyer and part of his father's successful Law Firm now called McCrae and Son which recently merged with Hayden and Sons. Seeing his father married to a plethora of women he decided to stay free as a bachelor and never committing to anyone.

Finn was traveling the world, as the face of his father's multibillion-dollar enterprise. Finn had been a model in his high school years and kept his athletic physique, keeping a tight regiment of working out, at the pool and the gym and watching his diet. His drinking had slowed down once leaving Yale, but whenever he was with Colin, Logan, and Robert the drinking would start up again. Recently because of his rugged good looks, he was an actor in a prime-time television series. He didn't have to do it, but he enjoyed playing the character parts on a variety of television shows. He recently completed a series called the Roadies and enjoyed it.

"Can you tell me again why Rory left him?" Robert said

"Because she has more self-respect than being his mistress," Colin replied sitting down on the chair across from Finn. Robert handed him a glass of scotch too.

"So have you heard from Mother at all?"

"No, it's like she disappeared. He really blew it this time. I thought when he found her in Hamburg that they would get together. But his brilliant idea of Vegas.. that was so wrong on so many levels."

"His brilliant idea of not waiting, when she told him not yet, after he proposed to her, was so wrong," Robert added.

"If I had a woman like Rory Gilmore, who was in love with me, I would never have cheated on her in Vegas, nor would I take her for granted and offer her my place in Maine, so she could sit and wait for me. She is not like the other women we know and date," Colin added.

The three men finished their drinks then they took off to the Norwood Club in the Chelsea area.

Christopher was in Boston at a meeting when his secretary interrupted him. He excused himself and walked out to his secretary's desk where he took the call.

"Hello this is Christopher Hayden," he said into the receiver of the phone."

"Hello Mr. Hayden. I don't know if you remember me, but I am Rory's best friend Lane Van Gerber."

"Yes I remember you, Lane. How are you?"

"I'm fine but I am calling about Rory. Rory is in the hospital at Hartford General. She collapsed in front of my house and she is in the operating room right now. I don't want to call Lorelai because she is on her honeymoon in Fiji. I didn't know who else to call."

"No Lane, I will be right there. I am in Boston, but I will get the next plane or helicopter out. I will be there as soon as I can. Lane what is your number." Christopher grabbed a piece of paper off his secretary's desk and wrote her cell number down.

"I will call you as soon as I leave," he added and then hung up.

Turning to Kathleen, his private secretary, he said, "I need for you to call the airport and get my jet ready right away. I have to fly to Hartford."

"Right away Mr. Hayden," she told him.

Christopher strode back in the conference room and said, "Gentlemen, I hate to end this meeting so abruptly, but I have a family emergency and I need to fly immediately to Hartford."

Mitchum Huntzberger happen to be attending this meeting. "Christopher is it your mother?" he asked him.

"No, it's my daughter. I am sorry, I need to leave now."

"Oh I am sorry. Please let me know if there is anything I can do."

"Thank you Mitchum."

Christopher knew that Logan was Mitchum's son but never mentioned to him about his oldest daughter's relationship with Logan after she turned down his proposal. He had some dealings with the Huntzbergers, attended some parties together socially, due to Mitchum's constant travels, however, they never spoke about families. Mitchum was not aware of Christopher having more than one child. He thought he just had the one daughter Gigi who was now thirteen years old.

The men left the meeting and Christopher quickly went into his private office to make a few calls. He had Kathleen place a call to his mother. When his light on his phone lit up he lifted the phone off the receiver,

"Mom, hi, listen there has been a change of plans,"

"What's wrong dear? Did the meeting go as planned are you purchasing those publishing companies?"

"It's Rory."

"What's wrong with Rory?"

"She is in the hospital. I just got a call from her friend Lane. She was rushed to the hospital this morning. She collapsed in the street in front of her friend's house. She needed an emergency operation. I am flying into Hartford and I will have the car pick me up and take me directly to the hospital."

"Dear, do you want me to meet you there? Is Lorelai with her?"

"No, Lorelai is on her honeymoon with Luke. They are in Fiji or on their way to Fiji. You stay home with Gigi and as soon as I know what's going on I will call you."

"Alright dear. But call me as soon as you know what's going on. Christopher please send her my love."

"I will mom, thanks."

He hung up the office phone and gathered his briefcase, and coat. He quickly left the office to the waiting car that would quickly take him to the private hanger where the company jet was standing by.

4 pm at the hospital

Rory was drifting in and out of sleep. She had been in her room for an hour now, and Jess sat quietly in a chair watching the monitor and her sleep. She would stir every once and a while and say, "this wasn't supposed to happen. I said goodbye."

Jess heard a knock at the door and turned and saw Dean standing there. He was still in his EMT uniform. With his hands in his pocket he walked in.

"How is she?"

"Better. They stopped the bleeding and they are keeping her overnight for observation."

Rory mumbled in her sleep, "This is goodbye."

There were tears coming from her eyes and Dean and Jess didn't want to wake her.

"Do you know if she is in a lot of pain?"

"I am not sure. She has a low-grade fever and they gave her something for it. They are not sure if she has some sort of infection too."

"Are you and Rory…"

Jess didn't let him finish, "No Dean, we are just close friends. She was dating someone from Yale, but they broke up when she graduated. I am not sure who she is dating now. I remember my Uncle and Lorelai mentioning a Peter, or Patrick or Paul, but we never talked about those things."

"Oh, when I saw you here I thought you two were," Dean said.

"Nope. How about you? Still married?"

"No, that ended a few months after it started. I never should have married her. I wasn't in love with Lindsay. I was always in love with Rory." He sat down on a chair on the other side of her bed.

"Dating anyone in particular now?" Jess asked to be friendly.

"No not really. Occasional dates nothing serious. You?"

"Same here, she's a hard one to get over. Once you kiss a Gilmore you don't want anyone else."

Jess looked at her and shook his head.

"Yeah, I know. If I could do it all again, I would have gone to college first like she suggested."

"Yeah, me too."

"So what are you doing now, Jess. Do you live around here?"

'No I live in Philly. I came up to help Luke while he and Lorelai are on their honeymoon. I head back tomorrow, but I will be back later in the week. You?"

"I live here in West Hartford. I am an EMT and firefighter. I am part owner of the Pigs Eye Pub. We make our own craft beer. You should stop by sometime."

"I just might do that."

Dean's radio went off and he checked it. "Listen I have to go. I just dropped off someone down in ER, so I thought I would come and check to see how she is. I will be back when I am off my shift tonight."

"Good to know," Jess replied.

Dean left and took the green elevator to the ER Department. Coming up the Blue elevator was Christopher. He quickly entered her room.

Jess stood up and went over to Chris.

"How's she doing?" Chris asked him as he shook his hand.

"The doctor wants to speak to you. Let me go out to the nurse's station and let them know that you are here."

Jess walked over to the nurse's station and happened to see Tristan get off the elevator.

"Dr. Dugray, hey. I was just coming to let the nurses know that Rory's father is here."

"Oh good, thank you, Jess. Jess do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"No go ahead."

"Are you the author J. Mariano from the Subsect?"

Jess gave him his crooked smile. "Yes, I am."

"I liked your book. How do you know Rory?"

"From high school," Jess responded.

"But you didn't go to Chilton."

"Nope, I started in the city then moved to Stars Hollow when I was a sophomore. Dropped out and ended up in California and got my GED."

They walked back into Rory's room. Christopher was sitting in the chair that Jess had left, holding on to his daughter's hand. She opened her eyes and saw him there and smiled.

"Hey Kiddo, how are you feeling?"

"Tired, sore, thirsty."

Christopher looked up and saw the young doctor and smiled.

"Hello, I am Dr. Dugray, I operated on your daughter," Tristan introduced himself to Christopher.

"Nice to meet you. Can she have something to drink? She said she was thirsty," Chris asked him.


Tristan walked over to the side table and checked to make sure the pitcher had ice water in it. It did so he poured some in the cup with the straw. Placing his hand gently behind Rory's head he lifted it and put the straw in her mouth.

She looked up at him and smiled. Their eyes met again, and she felt something. She thought it was the medication she was on. She took some sips of the water and he lowered her head back to the pillow.

"Do I know you?" she asked him, her mind still cloudy from the anesthesia.

"Yes, Mary you do, " he whispered. He then turned to Jess.

"Jess, she can have some more sips of the water if she wants. I am going to be outside talking with Mr. Gilmore?"

"No, it's Hayden. Her mom and I were divorced a few years ago."

"Hayden? We have a wing in the hospital named after Straub Hayden, the Cardiology wing."

"Yes that's my father, Rory's grandfather."

They went out to a conference room on the surgical floors where the doctors could talk privately to the patient's family members. Tristan looked at him and thought he better talk to Paris, he never knew that Rory was a Hayden. Well it really didn't make any difference to him.

"Mr. Hayden, Rory had a laparoscopic operation today. She came in with her abdomen full of blood due to a cyst that ruptured that had been growing on her uterus and fallopian tube. I was able to successfully remove it, but she will need to stay with someone while she recovers."

"That's no problem. She can come to my house, I live here in Hartford, with Rory's younger sister and my mother. The house is big and there will be someone who can take care of her."

"Good I am glad, I have a feeling she will want to return home alone. I don't advise that. She just had major surgery and will find it difficult to move around. Plus her driving restriction will be for at least six weeks. If she returns to Stars Hollow she would be stranded there and that would not be a good situation."

"Will she be okay?"

"I would like to keep her here for a few days. She now has a fever and she is very weak."

"Fine, can I go back to see her?"

"Yes go ahead."

Christopher returned to the room and Tristan walked over to the nurse's station. He looked at Cassandra and said, "Has Miss Gilmore's temperature gone down at all?"

"Just to 99. I am going back in to take her temperature now."

"No never mind, I will do it."

Tristan returned to the room and looked at Rory. She had her bed slightly inclined and she was listening to her father and Jess talk.

"Mare, are you okay?" Tristan asked concerned.

"I have a headache." Tristan picked up the thermometer and took her temperature again. It was now up to 101. He checked her pulse and noticed it was high. He rang the buzzer for the nurse and Cassandra immediately came in.

"Are you allergic to anything?" he asked her.


"Cassandra give her cephalexin and page Dr. Gellar. She might have an infection. We might have to take her back to the OR if her fever doesn't go down."

Cassandra entered with the medicine and Rory took it orally. They kept the IV fluids in her to make sure she didn't become dehydrated. Rory became sleepy and began to fall asleep again. Tristan looked at both Christopher and Jess.

"You two might want to go and get something to eat. She will be sleeping for a while. Cassandra will be monitoring her."

Chris looked at Jess and they agreed. Chris bent down and kissed her on her forehead and then he and Jess left. Tristan stayed a few minutes longer and gazed at her. He wondered how she found herself in this situation and who the bastard was that she had been with.

Tristan was checking the monitor when Rory opened her eyes again. He turned around and smiled at her.

"Hi, would you like some water?" he asked her.

"Yes, but I would like to go to the bathroom."

"Ok, let me get the nurse to bring you a bedpan."

"No please can I use a toilet?"

"Mare, you have had major abdominal surgery, you can't get up and sit."

"Why do you keep calling me Mare or Mary. My name is Rory."

He chuckled, "No you will always be a Mary to me."

Suddenly she recognized him. "Tristan?"

He nodded his head and smiled.

The nurse came in and got the bedpan for her. Tristan stepped out giving her some privacy and she used it. Rory was mortified but she felt better. He returned and stood by her bed.

"Do you feel any better."

"I am sore, and why do I feel so fat?"

"It's normal to feel bloated for a while. It will go down in a few weeks."

"A few weeks? When can I leave?"

"Mary let your body heal. Your dad will be back. He and Jess went to get something to eat. Do you know what happened?"

"I had cramps for the last few days. I thought it was food poisoning then I collapsed in front of Lanes house."

"Mare, you had an ectopic pregnancy. You were about six weeks pregnant."

"Six weeks...I really was pregnant." she started to cry.

"So you and Jess," Tristan said trying to find out if there were something between them.

Rory looked at him in surprise. "Tristan what do you want to ask me?"

"He's not the father?"

"No! Jess and I are just close friends."

"Where is the father?"

"Gone, it's better this way. Why are you asking?"

"Rory, you just lost your baby. It is an emotional time. He should be here with you. You two need to go through this together."

"I will be okay."

"Do you want to call him?"

"No there is no need. He didn't know, I didn't know. I just found out a few days ago. I never told anyone. So please don't tell anyone else. Does Jess know what happened?"

"He just knows that you had an operation. I never told him what kind."

"Thank you, please Tristan. No one needs to know. Please promise you won't say anything." Rory grabbed his hands and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Tristan looked down at her and saw the sadness in her eyes. "I promise," he told her. He then squeezed her hand. "I will be back before I go home to check on you. Now get some sleep." He then left the room.

Rory looked at the tv hanging across from her bed. She took the control but decided not to turn it on. Instead she closed her eyes and lying in her bed she thought about what had happened to her.

She wondered why she was so weak when it came to Logan. He could convince her to do anything. When she asked him if he was going to marry her his reply was "it was the Dynastic Plan", so she couldn't tell him not to marry Odette. She realized that she was not going to be the other woman, she said no and left. But by leaving him, she had to leave her friends. She no longer could see Stephanie who was going to marry Seth. She and Steph had stayed close. She was the only one that knew she was seeing Logan. She warned Rory to break up with him. Now she wouldn't be able to attend that wedding because she knew he would be there. It would hurt too much. At least she had Lane and Paris, they were always busy, but she also had her mother. She then thought about Lucy and Olivia, maybe she could move in with them in Manhattan. They had offered her a bed in their loft before. She then thought about the baby. A baby that she had created with Logan, a child that was no longer, just like her relationship. She began to cry quietly in bed. The tears came streaming down her face and she couldn't stop. Slowly she began to sob. She let it out, she let out the loss that she felt, the anger she had, and she cried because she suddenly felt all alone.

Dean had finished his shift and came back to the hospital. He stopped at the nurse's station and asked Maggie, the evening nurse how Rory was doing. He told her that she had a slight fever and she was awake. He then walked down the hall. He knocked on the door and pushed it open when he heard her crying,

"Rory, hey, what's going on?" Dean asked her and went to her bedside. She was sobbing hard now, and he held her in his arms. She put her head on his chest and sobbed. He held her in his strong arms reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. She finally settled down and he sat back in the chair and held her hand.

"Do you want to talk?"

"Thanks Dean, could you call the nurse I need to go to the bathroom."

Dean left the room and went to the nurse's station. He spoke to Maggie and she went in. Dean waited outside at the nurse's station when Jess and Christopher returned.


"Jess, Mr. Hayden. I just came to check on Rory to see how she was doing. I brought her to the hospital in my ambulance."

"Thank you Dean, it's good to see you again. It's been a long time."

"Yes it has. Listen I better go. Tell Rory that I will stop by again."

Chris shook Dean's hand and smiled. He walked down the hall to the elevator and the door to Rory's room opened. Maggie the evening nurse came out.

"You both may go in now. See if you can get her to eat. I took out the IV and her temperature seems to have gone down. We will continue to give her the antibiotic just in case she has an infection."

"Thank you," Chris tells the nurse as he and Jess walk into the room.

The head of the bed is at a slight incline and Rory seems to be resting comfortably. Her eyes are closed but she quickly opens them when they walk in.

"Hi," she speaks softly to them.

"Hi, sweetie. Listen I spoke to the doctor and you are going to need help. Before you say anything, your grandmother and I discussed it. We want you to move in with us while you recover. Gigi wants you there too."

"Dad, really that isn't necessary. I will be fine on my own."

Paris walked into her room at that moment. "Gilmore, listen to your father. You can't be alone. If I didn't have such crazy hours I would have you move in with me. If you are here in Hartford it will be easier for me to check up on you. Don't you agree Jess?"

Jess gives Paris a crooked smile, "Yes. This will take a while."

"Rory for the next 6 - 8 weeks you will need to take it easy and recover. You will need to have your blood taken once a week, no driving so it makes sense you stay in Hartford."

"But what about my job at the paper?"

"Don't worry about the paper. You need to recover. Listen, I can have you edit for me. We can pay you, it will be a big help, " Jess suggested.

She looked at Paris, her dad, and Jess she didn't know what to say. She smiled weakly at them. She felt tired and sad. Christopher looked at his daughter, she looked broken, she lost all her fight and he hoped his mother could help her. Maybe being around Gigi could help too.

Paris went to the bed and took Rory's hand and squeezed it. "I'm here if you want to talk."

Rory squeezed her hand back. "Thank you."

Chris went over and kissed her forehead. "I'll be back tomorrow, kiddo. Get some rest."

"Thanks, dad."

"Ror, I'll be back on Wednesday. I'll bring some manuscripts for you to edit. If you need anything call me."

"Jess, don't call my mother or Luke, please."

"Promise you will stay with your father?"

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Rory, you can't be alone, " Jess said holding her hand. "I promised your dad that I will help you get through this."

"Okay, " she whispered. She was too tired to fight, all she wanted to do is sleep and put this nightmare behind her.

Jess kissed her forehead and he followed Chris out of the room. She was alone now, and she closed her eyes. She took a deep shaky breath and tried to sleep.