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Chapter 1

I stood under the hot stream of water coming from the showerhead. Memories flashed by me quicker than lightning. I saw the battle mostly, but other things ticked by; the troll swinging it's club at us in first year, the eyes of the basilisk in our second, and third year when Remus Lupin turned into a werewolf right before our eyes and the dementors guarding the school, swarming us by the hundreds. Other memories rippled through my mind that were more recent; Harry returning from the maze with a body, Deatheaters raiding the Quidditch World Cup, fifth year detentions with Umbridge and that fatal night in the Department of Mysteries. My fingers absently traced the scar that covered my chest, the crazed look of Dolohov's eyes haunted me still. Sixth year was a blur, fighting Deatheaters outside the astronomy tower, Dumbledore dead, dragging our hope with him to the grave. Our year on the run, being tortured at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange. Memories of my entire life suffocated me as I just stood there. Tears, rolling down my cheeks but I couldn't tell, I was too far off into my past to realize. My eyes scanned the scar that donned my left arm which read "MUDBLOOD" in a childish, crude font. I hated that word, with it being the main insult used against me my entire childhood at Hogwarts.


Time caught up in a instant, the sound of my cousin Isabella knocking in the door impatiently broke me from my past. I hastily turned off the water and charmed myself dry. I grabbed my bathrobe off the hook on the wall and slipped it on.

Opening the door, I spoke, "Sorry Isabella. It's all yours"

"It's Bella, how many times do I have to tell you?" Was her response. I mentally flinched when she said her preferred name. It is too similar to HERS, so similar that I refuse to use it.

I shrugged in response instead of speaking, not trusting my voice. She huffed and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I continued on my path back to my room, to finish getting ready for my first day as a muggle since I was eleven. I had decided to attend muggle High School in America with my cousin for her junior and senior years. Being nineteen, I looked young enough to be able to join in the same year as her. Isabella and my Uncle Charlie knew about my magic and were okay with it, and I trusted them to keep my secret.

Breaking from my inner musings, I looked through my closet for an outfit to wear. First impressions were the best way to get someone to like you, my father always told me. I eventually decided on a burgundy dress with flowy long sleeves and thick leggings for warmth. Black booties completed my look and I pulled my curly hair into a tight ponytail. I pulled on my wand holster onto my forearm and slipped my vine wand into it, waving my hand over it to make it invisible. Satisfied with my look, I opened my door and walked downstairs in search of food. Isabella was not in the bathroom anymore so I assumed she was in the kitchen. I was right, as always.

"Morning... what's for breakfast?" I spoke, my voice cheerier than earlier.

"Good morning Hermione, I made a full English Breakfast and tea" Isabella seemed to be in a good mood as well, her excitement for the new year shined in her eyes.

"My favorite! Thanks Isabella" I grinned

"Bella" She corrected, rolling her eyes. I flinched internally again, but she didn't know so I kept my mouth shut and just kept on smiling.

We ate our breakfast hastily before walking outside to Isaella's orange truck. She was the only one between us who could drive, having grown up in this world completely.

Upon arrival at school, Isabella and I set off to the front office to retrieve our schedules. We walked in the musty front office and spoke with a lady seated at a desk near the door. My eyes scanned the room for possible escape routes and found that the only exit was the one behind me. I forced myself to stay calm and collected.

"Hello, Hermione Granger and Isabella Swan for our schedules." I gestured to each of us as I spoke, a charming smile upon my face.

"Oh yes! The chiefs niece and daughter, how is he by the way?" She rambled on as she got together some papers and handed them to us.

"He's good, yeah he's good. Well thanks" Isabella spoke up this time, she blushed as she spoke and awkwardly smiled.

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you! On the back of your schedules, you'll find a map of the school and the attatched page needs to be signed by all of your teachers and turned in after school."

"Great... thank you!" I turned and walked briskly from the enclosed room, wandlessly casting a warming charm on my dress as I hit the cold morning air.

"Ugh now we have to actually talk to the teachers, what next? Are we expected to make friends?" Isabella complained and I couldn't keep in my laughter in response to her comment.

"Yes we are, Isabella. Good to know you've caught up. Come on, we have to go to class. I have..." I glanced at my schedule "English III."

Isabella looked at her schedule and nodded "Same here. Let's go I guess" I grinned and we began to look for Building 2, where our class is located. "What else do we have together?"

"Not sure, give me your schedule" She handed me her schedule as we approached the front entrance to the Building. I scanned our surroundings for immediate danger and found only students staring at us and whispering as we passed. I sighed, i never seem to be able to escape the spotlight. The door to the building was not the only one I noticed and relaxed as we kept walking in search for the classroom. I flicked my wrist, cancelling my heating charm and began to read:

Hermione Granger Class Schedule:

Period 1-English III AP

Period 2-US History

Period 3-Trigonemtry AP


Period 4- Chemistry AP

Period 5-French (Native Speaker) III

Period 6- GYM

Isabella Swan Class Schedule:

Period 1-English III AP

Period 2-Trigonemtry

Period 3- US History


Period 4- Biology

Period 5-Spanish III

Period 6-GYM

"We have English, Lunch, and Gym together. That's it" I spoke and handed Isabella her schedule back. She took it from my hand and turned a corner, glancing at her map as she walked. I followed her, not used to the plaster walls and tile floors, I missed Hogwarts more than anything at the moment. Isabella found our class and we walked inside, finding it half empty as the bell has yet to ring. Isabella followed me to the Teacher's desk. "Hello, I'm Hermione Granger and this is Isabella Swan. We're your new students." A false smile donned my face as I spoke to the older man.

"Yes. Hello I'm Mr. Mason. Please take a seat in one of these seats here" He signed our schedules and pointed to a row of desks against the back wall. We took our papers back and walked over to our seats-to-be. Isabella seemed happy about the seating arrangement while I was irked. I always sat in the front in all my years of schooling. However, I kept my mouth shut and chose the seat closest to the door. The lesson began after a few minutes and it was about as exciting as a lecture from Professor Binns on the Goblin Wars of 1602. I took notes and eventually class was over. Isabella and I parted ways, promising to meet up for lunch together.

My classes leading up to lunch were okay. History was confusing, who the bloody hell George Washington was seemed to be the topic, but I was confused. I never learned American History, I grew up in England and attended a school of Magic my whole life. I decided to try my best but my grade in that class will not be a priority of mine. I liked trig, it reminded me of Arithmacy, a lot of the mathematics are similar. I was able to get a seat in the front, by the door in both classes which was a blessing. My old war instincts are still clinging to me, I'm jumpy and constantly looking for an exit. My wand, hidden in its holster was constantly checked upon. One loud noise and I have a shield around my body, wandlessly and wordlessly. As Mad-Eye Moody used to say, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Eventually I met with Isabella for lunch. Apparently she had made friends before me. People tried to talk to me but I ignored their attempts. But, if she has friends, I'll be nice to them for her. When I sat at their table, she introduced me to Jessica, Angela, Mike, Eric, and Tyler. "Hello. I'm Hermione, but my friends call me Mione." I spoke to them, a friendly smile on my face. My eyes glazed over each of them, finding them all relaxed and carefree. The girl Jessica seems to ooze gossip while Angela seems quiet and shy. Mike is obviously a creepy flirt, the way he looks at Isabella confirms it. Tyler and Eric seem like they're nice enough, the kind of guys who live in the friend zone.

We all chatted for awhile before Isabella and I noticed a group of students walk into the dining hall. They were all perfect, too perfect. Each one of them has bloodless, pale skin and golden eyes. They all walked with grace, practically floating to their table. Something was odd about them. There were five of them, two girls and three boys. They all sat at a table together, the blonde girl practically on top of the big muscular boy, the pixie looking girl sat between the blonde boy and the handsome bronze-haired boy. An ethereal beauty seemed to hang in his aura and I felt drawn to him, like my magic is telling me that he can protect me and something else, something terrifying. He looked up at me and glared, not a hateful glare but something I do all the time. He was confused, like something about me alluded him. I recognized 1him from somewhere, I just couldn't place it. I arched a brow, staring into his eyes. That's when I noticed the gentle probing of legimacy, searching for a way into my head. I immediately strengthened my occulemency wards. Something about them screams magic. 'I can't go anywhere without my world following me, can i?' My internal musings were interrupted when I heard Isabella ask Jessica:

"Who are they?" I looked away from him and glanced at Jessica.

"Who? The Cullens? Oh they're really weird. They showed up last year with their parents. They're all adopted, their mom, Mrs. Cullen couldn't have kids or something so they adopted all those teenagers. And they're like, together. The blonde girl, Rosalie is with that big guy Emmet and the small girl, Alice is with Jasper, the guy who looks like he's in pain."

"And the other one?" I asked, glancing at him again. He had turned back and was speaking with Rosalie.

"Edward. But don't even try, he doesn't date. Apparently no girl here is good enough for him." Jessica seemed irritated as she spoke. Obviously she had been turned down by him.

"They're very nice-looking" Isabella mumbled. Jessica and I looked at her, Jessica looked like a child on Christmas.

"That's just it, their dad, Dr. Cullen is like the best doctor in the US. Rumor has it, he practices his plastic surgery on his kids to make them look perfect." I laughed at her comment.

"That's illegal and highly unlikely" I shook my head "I think that's just a rumor Jessica" Just then, the bell rang. "I'll see you guys later. I have chem" Isabella waved and began to talk to Angela who has Biology with her next period.

I grabbed my things and walked to my Chemistry class. I only took Chemistry because it's similar to potions and might be useful in creating hybrid potions. When I got to class, I found only one seat available, right next to Edward. I mentally flinched and walked up to the professor. "Hermione Granger, I'm new."

"Oh yes! Hello, welcome to AP Chem. I'm Ms. Schoniger, your teacher for the year. I trust you have basic chemistry knowledge?"

"More or less" I smiled.

"Good. okay I'll have you partner up with Mr. Cullen over at table 3, were doing a lab today so just have him explain to you the instructions and you can get started." I handed her my slip and she signed it.

"Okay, thanks" I took my paper back and walked over to Edward's table. "Hello. I'm Hermione and I'm supposed to be your lab partner for the year."

Edward looked up at me and smiled a very dazzling smile. "Hello Hermione, I'm Edward Cullen. Please, have a seat" He pulled out the chair beside him with a flourish.

"Thanks." I flash him a small grin and deposited my things beside my chair. "So Edward Cullen, what lab are we doing today?"

"Please, just call me Edward." I nodded and he continued, "Today we are completing a food caliometry lab. So basically we weigh the foods, burn them in here, then weigh them again and complete some conversions to determine the caliometry of said foods."

"You lost me at caliometry. What is that?" I began to reach for my textbook across the desk, next to Edward. He passed it to me and shook his head.

"Have you ever taken Chemistry before?"

"Erm... not exactly, what page is the chapter on?"

"394. So you don't know the difference between thermodynamics and thermochemistry?" I arched a brow at his question. The page number he mentioned resurfaced memories of the dark defense classroom and Severus Snape teaching us about werewolves. I blinked my eyes, clearing my head and pushing back my memories for later review.

"Sorry? What?"

"Nevermind. I'll help you through the year, but that means you need to study if you want to pass the AP Exam. Maybe we can meet up after school sometime?"

"Well, all I do is study so that'll be fine. And sure, I'd love to meet up sometime, just send me an o- a call. Thank you, I really appreciate your help, Edward." Part of me was shocked that he offered his help with chemistry when I'm obviously a dud at the subject. I'm completely lost and I'll admit, I was wrong in thinking that chem and potions are similar in any way.

"No problem. So what led you to come here to Forks?" Edward casually asked me. If it wasn't for his tense shoulders and slightly perked ears, I would have thought that he was just trying to make conversation. In reality, I deduced that he was trying to figure me out, learn about my past, so I devised a plan. I'll tell him half-truths, see if he knows about the war that just concluded in the UK.

"I had to get away. Europe wasn't safe anymore so I packed my bags and came here to see my cousin."

"All of Europe wasn't safe? What do you mean? There aren't any wars happening there, not since WWII." He seemed alerted by my excuse. Definetly a muggle, but what about his legimacy... even now I can feel his presence outside of my barriers.

"Oh erm... there was a serial killer after me and my two best friends, Harry and Ron. He had a bunch of lackeys who were extremely loyal to him, even after his death. So, we scattered across the world. The aur... police are working on the case, but until then we have to stay away from our country."

"Damn. That's intense... well I hope, for your sake, that they get caught and sent to prison." He seemed to not know what to say, but a protective gleam in his darkening eyes told me everything I need to know. Definetly magical.

"Yeah... me too. So! Let's get started with the lab, yeah?" I shook my head slightly, clearing away the memories that seemed to creep up on me. For the rest of the period, we focused on the lab and making small talk about school. The topic of my past never came up again, thankfully. At the end of class, Edward gave me his cell phone number and I gave him mine before leaving to go to my next class, French.

Edward's sister, Alice ended up having the same French class as me and we became quick friends, to the surprise of the rest of the class. She also has Gym for sixth period so we walked together to the class to meet with Isabella.

Alice informed me that the unit that we are starting today is Volleyball. I vaguely remember it from primary school so I asked her to teach me the basics.

As we arrived to the locker rooms, Alice was concluding her explanation, "...and if one side drops the ball, the other team gains a point."

"Okay... that seems simple enough. Thanks Alice!"

"No problem" She smiled brightly at me and I returned it with a grin of my own. We found Isabella rather quickly and she had already gotten our assigned lockers, which were both conviently next to Alice's. We all changed into the odd clothes designated for the gym hour. Small talk flowed freely between the three of us as we walked out to the gym. We reported to the teacher, he signed our slips and set us up in court three, waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive.

After five minutes, every court was full and the game began. Turns out I was rather good at it, given my quick reflexes from the war. Isabella was tripping over thin air so she wasn't much help while Alice was just as good as I was. We won the game 5 - 2.

Once class was over, we all changed and headed to the parking lot, Alice had to find her siblings so she bid us farewell once we got there. Before walking to the truck, I reminded Isabella that we needed to turn in our slips.

"Crap, I forgot, thanks Hermione" She facepalmed and looked around. "Where is the office again?"

"This way. I'll take you two there" A voice I recognized as Edward's sounded behind us. I smiled and turned around. Isabella whirled around, stumbling in the process.

"Thanks Edward. By the way, this is my cousin Isabella Swan"

"Bella, pleased to meet you" She spoke, correcting her given name.

He smirked "Likewise, now shall we?" We both nodded and Edward guided us back into the school, taking us towards the front office. Once we reached the doors, he held one open for us like a gentleman.

"Thanks" I smiled and walked inside the stuffy room, my back immediately stiffened and my alertness heightened, being in such a tight space. Isabella followed closely behind me and we placed our signed slips on the receptionists desk. That's when I noticed it, the aura behind us reeked danger and had my skin crawling, I also recognized the overlay of alluring charm. Edward. Isabella seemed not to notice and chatted with the woman seated at the desk. I subtly pulled my wand and kept it invisible and trained on him. A shield formed between us and I watched his every movement in the reflection on the glass trophy case. Isabella said goodbye to the receptionist and we turned to leave. I felt more at ease with my back not turned to him, a spell was at the tip of my tongue, just waiting for a reason to fly from my wand.

Oblivious as always, Isabella smiled at him. "You waited for us, how nice." She seemed genuinely surprised at his kindness. I, on the other hand, saw it as something predatory, the urge to run flooded my consciousness.

"Of course, I can't have you two getting lost on my watch." He chuckled. "Hey, Hermione, are you okay?" He looked at me in fake concern.

Something told me he knew I was panicking, despite my entirely neutral exterior. Quickly, I came up with a lie, "Er, yeah. Just got lost in a, um, memory. Yeah, you know how it gets..." I did my best to appear sheepish and calm, despite my racing heart. He arched a brow, not believing my story. That's when I recognized him. Cedric Diggory, the first to die in the war against Voldemort. Except Cedric is dead and in the ground while Edward is here... strange.

Surprisingly, he let it slide, only after several seconds of staring into my eyes, his legimacy probing was quite noticeable and my grip on my wand tightened. "Okay... Well, I'll just show you both to the parking lot then"

"I'm sure we can find our way out, besides, I have to use the loo." It was a lie, I just needed an excuse to get him to leave us. "Thanks."

Isabella looked confused but smiled anyways, being polite.

"Well, I'll just leave you to it, uh till tomorrow then" Edward caught the hint gratefully and left without another word. Once he was out of earshot, I dropped the shield and dragged Isabella with me to the ladies room, pushing her inside and locking the door behind me with a flick of my wrist. I quickly cast muggle repellent charms and several muffilatos.

"Okay, Hermione what's going on"

I didn't answer for a minute, I just focused on calming myself and clearing my head.


I shook my head, Isabella wouldn't understand. I'll just send a patronus to Harry later. I'll have to tell her something, maybe just a little bit about my years at Hogwarts... yeah, something to make her think I was reliving a horrific memory. But which one? I looked into her concerned eyes and I immediately knew.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I am now, sorry... it's just I was reliving a part of my past"

"Oh, care to elaborate why we're locked in a bathroom then?"

"At lunch today, I recognized Edward, it just never clicked. Just now in the office, I realized who he looks like. My dead friend, Cedric. I watched him get murdered in the memories of my best friend, Harry Potter. I panicked a little, that's all" Not to mention the taunting and dangerous aura that hung in his presence. Maybe Harry was never the danger magnet, maybe it was me all along.

"Oh, oh my god. You watched him get murdered!? Edward looks just like him, like exactly or just similar?"

"Exact, like they could be twins"

"Holy crap Hermione, are you... are you okay?"

"I think so, we should go. We've been in here for awhile"

"Oh, okay. You're changing the subject, but I'll let it slide just this once" I just nodded and dropped my wards, letting Isabella guide us to The truck. By the time we got into the parking lot, it was empty save for the nice silver car in the corner and a few cars in the teacher section. We climbed into our seats and isabella drove us home. Upon arrival, I quickly went up into my room, mumbling something about homework.

I whipped out my wand and locked my door, warding it so that if one were to listen, they heard the sounds of pages turning and a pen scratching on paper. Then, I cast my partonus "Expecto Patronum!" the other materialized before me and I smiled, comforted by it's presence. "I need you to tell Harry this, There is a family of dark creatures here, they're alluring and charming at first, but I was in a closed space with one and noticed something else, a sinister darkness that had my instincts screaming to run. I don't know what it is but, you said to tell you if there was something magical here, I guess I owe you and Ron Ten Galleons. Anyhow, I'll describe them so you can check the ministry library, I would but I can't leave without arising questions. All of them are pale, like bloodless almost. They all have dark golden eyes and look as if they haven't slept in days. They are all beautiful, it's scary in a sense, they're too perfect. Erm, quick reflexes and graceful. I also noticed that one of them has a strong form of legimacy, even without eye contact I could feel him right outside my occulemency walls. The same one also is a carbon copy of Cedric, right down to the crooked smile. I don't know what they are but definetly magical creatures of some type. I'll check the books I have here but it would be fantastic if you could help me out, after all, you are the only one of us who stayed home. I love you! Until next time"

I waved my wand and my otter zoomed out of my room, headed east. I watched it go for awhile before summoning my beaded bag to my person. I quickly opened it and summoned my defense books from school as well as my books from the Care of Magical Creatures class. I took my books to my bed and began to search for information.

Several hours later, in the middle of the night I found something that caught my eye. I had opened my sixth year defense book to find a slip of paper fly out, it was an invitation to the Slug Club Christmas party. What caught my eye was a mention that Sanguini the Vampire would be in attendance. I remember him vaguely, but more importantly, I remember finding the information about Vampires to be mediocre and scarce. Back when I got the invitation, I remember wanting to know all about the mythical creatures, researching them for days in the Library between classes, spending late nights reading into them. All I could find was basic information about the private creatures. They were all human before getting bitten and transformed into the blood-sucking monsters that hid in the shadows. Once bitten, their blood turns into venom during a three day torture, described as a hellfire. When they awaken, they have extremely heightened senses, speed, and reflexes. They also never sleep and must drink blood to survive.I also learned that they are immortal, unless ripped up and burned to ash. They sparkle in the sunlight and have very enticing auras. It seemed to match perfectly, the only thing that didn't add up was the legimacy. I wrote it down and continued to read through my books, soon it was well after midnight and I decided to sleep, foregoing dinner. I waved my wand and my books disappeared, all of them banished to my beaded bag.

I used magic to transfigure my clothes into pajamas for the night, I was too exhausted to get up. Tiredly, I wrapped myself into my blankets and drifted off to sleep, letting the memories take hold of my mind.

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