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"oi! fucker! watch where hell yer goin'!"

"Shit! sorry dude, it's hard to move here with all these people dancing together on the floor!"

It was a Saturday night in the Caribbean islands. It was a party that was held by my friend's sister as a congratulations for getting married, and to celebrate their wedding, they decided that having their wedding on a medium sized boat that custom made to have a bar and a dance floor, and a limited living space. It was like a compact cruise ship, but like the size of a shrimp boat. Honestly, I do not know the couples to a deep level, but to a degree that I am labeled as 'that one guy I know'.

Course the only thing that I have to pay for was all the food and drinks that I order from the small diner and the bar, which is nice since they hand picked certain people outside the family to join the wedding ceremony and the after party. How I got picked is a mystery to me, but i'm grateful that they invited me, even though they do not know me that well.

As of now, we have departed into the Caribbean Sea and staying out here till Monday. As for me, Dante, I am going to take advantage of these cheap alcohol and food and abusing it to my heart's content, as long as I can crash into my bed and not get drunk off my ass and go overboard.

having the hold of two cups of liquid courage, in which I almost spilled because of this couple dancing a little too wild and bumped into me, which also made me bump into this burly, top heavy dude. He only snarled at me after I said my apologies. Thank god this dude was not swinging at me over an accident that I did not foresee. Now being more careful, I made my way through the dancing crowd and towards my friend, who was busy talking to one of the family members of the groom.

"-and that's why he always gets anxiety when he goes on roller coasters!" He and the family member laughed. I walked up to them and placed one of the drinks next to him.

"One order of jacks on the rocks for benny boy!"

"Why is it only when you say it, it sounds fricken gross?" I laughed as he cringed a little. I sat down on the seat across from him.

"No clue dude, but drink up already before I jack your drink and chug that shit."

"Teh, you wish you clown." I chuckled as I raised the whisky to my lips and took a sip from it. So far, the party had been upbeat, DJ actually playing good music that did not come from the radio, no fights yet, no one throwing anything. Then again, I'm more used to the upbeat underground stuff. It was a few songs in and I was on my third glass of whisky before I decided that it was time for me to leave. I said goodbye to whoever is at the table and sluggishly made my way to my room on the boat. Course my management for liquor is good, but on these rare occasions, I tend go go and press my luck a bit and go until my balance is all fucked. as of right now, the third finished glass of whisky, was enough to to fuck up my balance.

I fumbled with the key to my room for a bit, but I did manage to get in and flop on the bed. I honestly do not think that I can handle a shower at this moment, or even feel for a shower for the matter of the fact. It did not take too long before sleep has taken over...



"Everything is going wrong captain!"

"how did we not see this coming! The skies were clear for next 4 days!"

"Now is not the time to be talking! Get everyone inside and prepare f-"


"prepare the lifeboats for everyone on this ship! Everyone prepare to evacuate!"

"captain! something on the starboard!"


"What in gods name is that!"






Why is it so hot? why is my feet wet? why do I hear waves crashing?

I struggled to opened my eyes due to it being too damn bright. Once my eyes had adjusted to the light, I was stunned. I was lying on on the beach face down, all around me was shipwreck scattered everywhere on the beach. Crates here, pieces of the ship there, miscellaneous crap everywhere, and a lifeboat that was, surprisingly, still intact. As soon as I attempt to prop myself up on the beach, My head started to pound and my throat was dry to the point where the inside was sticking to each other.

"Need...Water..." I struggled to my feet as I steady myself. Nearby one of the crates, I spotted a water bottle that looks like it was half full. Taking my first step, I legs gave up under me and I collapsed to my knees. Taking deep breaths, I got back on my feet and steadied myself. As a slowly proceeded with one step at a time, It slowly got easier to be upright and back on my feet. I got to the water bottle and popped off the cap. Slowly taking sips at first, just in case if it was fresh drinkable water instead of saltwater. Finishing the bottle, I put the cap back on and tossed it back towards one of the nearby crates. Although not quenched, the water was enough to wet my thirst and keep me satisfied for a bit.

"Now, Time to see if anyone else survived" deciding to pick one way on the beach, I began my scavenge slash rescue mission...

"This is fucked up man" I said out loud. It Has been a bit of time since I left the area and the only thing that I gotten from my observation of this place is three things: one, there are no people or bodies that I have seen on this beach, or alive nearby. Two, the only animals that I seen were seagulls, and they are everywhere. Three, I am getting weird vibes of this forest.

I did scavenge a suitcase that had male clothes, thank god the clothes fit. With the clothes, I brought it back to the life boat that was back down where I started from.

So the lifeboat was one of those closed lifeboats that you would see on modern boats. And if I remember correctly, they usually have everything you need to survive. Since I am on land, it makes things easier for me. Reason is that gathering drinkable water and food will be easy. Knock on wood just in case if fuck myself over in the future.

The lifeboat was beached leaning a bit on it's side, nothing significant about it, besides that its still in one piece and appears to not be touched. From what it appears, there are multiple hatches that I can freely open and shut. To make things easier on me, I'll use the large hatch on the back. I grasped the handle and attempted to open the hatch. It did not take too much effort to crack open the hatch, due to the damn thing itself being heavy. When I finally opened the hatch, light flooded the the inside of the boat, giving me all the details of the interior.

It was not too decorative on the inside. It had seats with latches to lift up the seats, had a small area above for whoever drives this boat, and all the individual seats have harnesses to strap in anyone sitting on those seats.

"Well, time to see what kind of goodies is left for me to scavenge off of." Taking my time going through seat compartment, I begin to take everything out and group them on the side. What I know from prior knowledge of a standard lifeboat, they usually carry rations with high calorie counts and drinkable water, including smaller stuff like rope, floatie rings, flares, first aid kits, etc., etc. But what I did not know was how loaded this damn thing was. There was even things that I even questioned myself on why the hell does a lifeboat has these things. What I found was this laminated paper that went over the list of things that was on this particular lifeboat. What it listed was a crap ton of useful things that mainly pertained to those who are stuck out to sea, the rest were in general.

"hmmm... anchors, sea sickness pills, buckets, fishing stuff, mirrors, cups, a flashlight..." Most of these things on the list were very useful equipment, although... " two hatchets and a knife? the hell is that doing on a lifeboat?" I muttered. Making a mental note of all the other things on the list, I placed it on one of the seats and continue my scavenge on the boat. Bypassing all the equipment, I caught a glimpse of something shiny under the thermal blanket.

"Aha, there you are." Putting the blanket on the side, I pulled out the hatchets and flipped them back and forth in my hands. "Now I got some tools that can help me out there." placing the hatchets on the seat behind me. I pulled out more stuff from the compartment, which were a container full of signal flares, and this tiny tube full of fishing stuff. There was even this multi-purpose knife down there, in which I pocketed for just in case measures.

Now with everything laid out, I placed all the rations and drinking water to the front of the lifeboat, the tools and equipment near the entrance of the boat, and left all the emergency gear in a compartment that's closest to the entrance. Opening one of the rations and taking a bite of it, I was not surprised that the taste was bland.

But no reason to be picky on what I am eating if i'm stranded at god knows where.

Finishing one of the rations, I opened one of the bags of water and downed that. Tossing the trash in one of the empty compartments, I grabbed one of the hatchets and left the boat.

"Alright-" I hopped down on the sand and let out a sigh. "- time to see what this place has to offer to someone like me." I looked towards the sky. "I would say it would be afternoon or so, but enough time to explore and get back here." With a readjustment of the hatchet in my hand, I start my trek into the forest...

So far, the forest was not that dense. From what it seems, there were more bushes than trees here. But even with that, It was not that hard to move forward. Mostly these were your average trees and shrubs growing all around in places like these. For the sake of me not getting lost out here when I decide to head back, I did make horizontal gashes on the trees when I pass by them.

So far, I could not find anything that piqued my interest out here, but the sound of a waterfall was echoing through the forest. Although I have been walking for a bit towards the sound, I could not see the source of the waterfall.

"All this noise and still nothing to be found. I hope this is fresh water where I am going and not some kind of crap that leads to the ocean." Soon after, there was a large clearing of a pond and a small waterfall. "Oh thank god that it-" bushes on the other side of the clearing was rustling aggressively, in which made me hide at one of the bushes at the edge of the clearing, attentively staring across the clearing. Although I hope that it might be a survivor, or maybe a deer or something, but what came out was something that left me baffled.

I could not believe my eyes, but I know for a fact that these things were not suppose to exist. What was in front of me was Dragon.

I was in a trance at looking at this big ass creature. This thing was standing upright on its legs with its wings tucked in against its body, its back and wings were purple with dark red spot patterns all over its hide and wings, its underbelly was a dark cream color that stretches from its jaw to all the way to the end of its tail. Its tail had these huge scale spikes that cover the entire tail. It had multiple straight horns on its head that looks like a crown and a singular curved horn on the end of its curved, beak-like snout. It honestly looks like a scaled chicken.

"I guess I am not in Kansas anymore man." I muttered. Letting my fight or flight senses kick in, I decided that leaving than confronting a mythical creature is probably the best sane thing to do right now. Taking slow steps back, I proceeded to backtrack where I came from. Just before I could lose sight of the dragon, I appeared to casually walk like a chicken towards the pond and drinking the water. Unknowingly, I did not see a snare of shrubs under my feet. I tripped and failed to catch my balance and fell into the shrubs behind me. I cursed under my breath as I hastily got back to my feet, hoping to god that my fall did not create a huge racket.

Unknowingly, It did catch the attention of the dragon.

Quickly dusting myself off and picking up my hatchet, I quickly focused my attention back towards the clearing, but the only thing I was was that beast's head peering over the shrubs I was just at, looking at me quizzically. "Fuck!" I yelled. The voice startled the beast a little before it started to narrow its eyes and growled at me. With that as a clear sign of 'better beat it kiddo', I quickly darted back up the path towards were I started from. I did not dare to look back, I did not want to know if that thing was chasing me or not. If that thing is chasing me, I might as well be dead if I get caught.

I have been running without stopping, Panting an sweating, Legs burning a bit, and me panicking a bit for the last few minutes. I do not know if it was me making that crunching noise under my feet, or it was that purple bastard chasing me on foot. I do not want to know which is the right answer, as of now, all I want is to create as much distance I can between me and that fucking thing. And if I cannot, then shit, I better put use of this hatchet and defend myself from-


Oh please tell me that this thing is not in the air, If if could not shit a brick before, I will be so-


I screamed like a little bitch when this purple fucker landed right in front of me. I was too shocked to attempt to stop or dodge the landing dragon, in which it ended me running face first into it's body. With its scales and raw muscles, I might as well run full force into a brick wall. I bounced off of the dragon and landed on the floor, dazed. It took me a minute to clear my vision from its blurriness, but once It cleared up, The only thing that I could see in front of me was the head of this dragon and its amber eyes peering down at me. Fully comprehending my position, I attempted to crab walk my way back. I did not get far due to my back hitting bark. In my panicked state I still attempted to scoot myself back into the tree. The purple dragon only watched me with amusement at my state of fear.

"wait wait wait nowaitwaitwaitaaAAAAHH!" I yelled as I put my hands on my head and cowered. My eyes were closed but i could hear the dragon taking slow steps towards me. It sniffed me and I flinched out of fear of my own safety. I opened up one eye to see why this thing wasn't going to finish me off and just gobble me up, but all i see was this dragon sniffing me curiously. Blinking out of confusion, I could not believe that the outcome that I was expecting did not come like how I expected.

I bit my tongue right when i thought that when I saw the dragon opened it's mouth. I Immediately shut my eyes and cowered. I could feel this thing's horrendous breath wafting over me, the stench was rivaling a dog's breath. I silently prayed that my death would be a quick one and not a slow, bone crunching death that I will feel and hear as I fall to my impending doom...

Then all of a sudden, I heard this weird, alien like sound in the distance. The dragon stopped it's advances on me and faltered back. I opened my eyes once more to see the dragon taking steps back while looking around in a restless manner.

"w-what?" I could not believe how this twist of fate is turning out. The beast quickly took to the air and hastily flew off. Before the dragon disappeared from my sight, it looked over its shoulder and stared at me. I do not know why it looked back at me, but I know for a fact is that whatever made that ominous noise practically saved my life. But I knew that whatever it is, it could be residing on this island that shipwrecked on.

"I need to get out of here." I muttered. Slowly recovering from a intense moment of facing my potential scaled executioner, I quickly got up to my feet, grabbed my hatchet and hurriedly made my way back towards the lifeboat.

When I got back into the the safety of the boat, the temperature was steadily dropping and the sun was going to drop below the horizon. I did not think that my time out there in the wild was going to go by so fast. There was not much I could use for comfort, besides the thermal blanket and this suit that was made out of the same stuff that divers use to preserve body temperature, but a little bit thicker. Pulling out the materials, the mirror drops to the floor. Picking it up, I could catch a good glimpse of myself. and I look like shit. My short hair was messy, My eyes are bloodshot, and my face was dirty. Now that I fully realized that the entire time I was here, I never checked up on my self. I knew I had the fit jeans and the plain black shirt from last night, but now that my clothes were dirtied and surprisingly in one piece. Although it does have an unpleasant smell to it. Knowing that the night will only get colder, I set up an area on the back of the boat with the blanket. Finishing my meal of ration, I got out of the boat to take care of some bathroom business. Off in the distance, that unnerving roar echoed out of the forest, making me nervous. Once done emptying my bladder, I went back inside and prepped myself for sleep.

I hope someone can come and save my ass from this ordeal, or hope that dragon does not find its way towards where i am...

Or maybe a pillow, I wouldn't complain if I get that instead to be honest.



"Hiccup! terror mail came in!" screamed Fishlegs. He opened up toe door to hiccup's workshop.

"Where is it from?" asked Hiccup as he received the rolled up parchment from the big viking. Hiccup opened up the roll and read it silently.

"So who is it from?" Asked Fishlegs. Hiccup's eyes widened in surprised.

"Fishlegs, this is a report of a large explosion of some sort of metal ship somewhere near melody island." Fishlegs looked at hiccup with concern.

"Could it be viggo?" Hiccup turned around and pondered in though.

"It could be his ship, but if not, there could be something useful over there that could benefit us against viggo."

"what do we do hiccup?" Hiccup turned back to Fishlegs with a confident stare.

"You and I will leave tomorrow morning to check out what it is" Fishlegs gave a nod and left the workshop. Just out of earshot, he was calling for meatlug for something.

"Something feels off..." Hiccup shook off the odd feeling of this report. He placed the parchment on his workbench and left his workshop, preparing himself for his night patrol before going to sleep...

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