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If I only had something more comfortable to sleep on, instead of this hard, metal floor.

But considering my situation, thank god I had some kind of cover from the outside elements. Reason is that when i woke up to take care of some morning routine, It was pretty damn chilly outside.

"considering it is cold right now and it is in the summer months right now, I would say that wherever I am at, is gatta be somewhere in the middle of the south pole and the equator." I muttered as i took a bite out of the rations. " but it makes no god damn sense on how I drifted that far, right?" From what I recall, if my geography is correct, the Caribbean is suppose to be closer to the equator than to the south pole. Euughh, I should not be worried on where the hell I am at. I need to focus on trying to get me some real food and start creating signals of some sort.

Finishing my 'meal', I tossed the trash away in the 'trash can'. I am labeling this as the official trash can for whatever trash I create. grabbing the hatchet and heading outside, the sun has just gotten over the horizons and is steadily warming up the surrounding areas. "whelp, time to see if I can create some kind of fire big enough for whoever passes by." With that said, I started searching for fallen sticks and dead shrubs to to chop up.

It did not take very long to gather the necessary tinder for the soon to be fire. Making several rounds back and forth from the forest and the beach, I managed to get a decent amount of tinder to get a fire going. Piling up the smaller shrubs on the bottom and placing the larger sticks and shrubbery on top, the prepping for this fire is almost complete.

"Now the only problem is to figure out how the hell to start it." I may not have done any boy scouts back in my younger years, but I have been camping on multiple occasions, so the basics of setting up camp and whatnot is what I am knowledgeable of. but the thing is that I usually bring some matches or some flint in order to start fires for camp. I could do the stick and string method, but I think wasting whatever nylon rope I got would be bad. Although...

"I do got a nice amount of signal flares to cheat the process of starting it." If I read that list correctly, I do have about five or so signal flares and some smoke flares expendable for my leisure. Deciding that I would rather be off sacrificing a flare than look for a good stick to start a fire with, I went to grab a flare from within the lifeboat. I brought out the container that contained the flares instead of grabbing one, just because I'm curious on what else is in here.

"Alright, lets see what kind of candy i got from this goodie bag..." popping the lid open, From first glance, There all look similar in in their own way, but there are distinguishable differences that separate one from the other. One flare is long and used to shoot into the sky, another one creates large amount of smoke, and another is one you can place anywhere on the ground. And there are a bunch of the little ones from what I counted. Taking out one hand flare, i closed the lid and placed them next to me.

"alright, so how do you use this..." Reading the instructions on the side of the flare, it was fairly easy to understand the steps to light the flare. I unscrewed the top of the cap and yanked the cap off the flare. As soon as the cap was yanked off the flare, it sparked and came to life with a decent sized flame. Now with that done, I stabbed the flare under all the tinder and readjust the pile to cover the flame. Soon after, the tinder caught on fire.

"fuck yea." I took a step back and admired my pile of sticks and shrubs slowly catching on fire. "now that is taken care of, lets see if I can make use of that fishing tackle." I placed the flare container back inside of the boat and fished out the tackle box. " haha, fished."

Apparently, I am going to do more thinking outside of the box in creating a fishing rod. But thanks to me being stranded on a island instead of being stranded out there in the middle of the sea, I can make use of a branch or something as my fishing rod. Probably best if I just fished at that pond that I saw before than to fish here at sea, just because whatever I create will not cast far at all.

"But, I better make it quick in catching something there, last thing I need is another dragon or some kind of predator scaring the living shit out of me." With that said, I snatched the tackle and the hatchet and followed the path I created towards the pond.

Along the way, I did chop down a large stick from one of the trees that would be perfect for a rod. It would bend with a good amount on tension, but will not snap. Before proceeding towards the pond, I double-checked the area just to make sure that nothing would be lurking around and run up on me when im creating this pseudo fishing rod. Now that I was close enough to the water, I could clearly see within the water. Besides my reflection of my mildly dirty face, I can see fishes of all kinds and sizes swimming around. With a smirk, I plopped down at the edge of the pond and got to work cleaning the stick and cut off any small twigs with the knife. Once cleaned, I popped open the tackle and dumped out the contents.

"Well that answers my question." I said as I grabbed the spool of eight pound line. Besides the spool, there were small hooks with different kinds of sinkers. there was a small thing of thin nylon rope for whatever purpose and three screw rings. Although, I do not know why they need screw rings for stranded out to sea but I am not complaining anytime soon.

With that said, I screwed in the rings into the stick. One near the base of the stick, another halfway up the stick, and the last one near the tip of the stick. I then feed the line through the rings , cutting a good amount at the tip and leaving a long piece at the base of the rod. I clamped the smaller sinkers to the line and tied on the hook with a basic fisherman's knot.

"Now with that done, lets see this bad boy put in work." Checking out some the bait that the tackle provides, a good white one would be enough to snag one of the bigger ones. With that in mind, I baited the hook, wrapped the excess line at the base around two of my fingers, and cast my line. It, surprisingly, Did not take that long before I got a bite on the line.

"Wooah there! This thing is putting in work!" I tugged the rod and out came a decent sized fish. It looked like a sea bass, but its patterns were different in color. I grabbed the fish firmly and gently unhooked the fish. "oh bet, I even got the the bait still on the hook." The fish felt easily like a three pounder. Placing the fish nearby and recast my line into the water.

I did this a couple of times, occasionally putting on more bait on my hook and making sure that the caught fish is still in its little pile I created. I got at least four good sized fishes before deciding that should be well enough for me. Putting back the materials, except the rope, back in the tackle, I started to clean up and prepped myself ready for leaving.

"Alright, now that I have well enough for a good meal, I should start making my way back." I bore small holes near the tails of the fish and fed the rope through them, thus creating an easier way to carry the fish on the way back. With one hand holding the hatchet and the fishing rod and the other holding the fish, I was ready to get back to camp.

"I swear, if my buddies were here to see how creative I am becoming they would-" It would seem that my luck today was ready to take a lovely nose dive straight into hell. When I tuned around, I was met with a damn dragon looking at me curiously. Although different from the one I ran into yesterday, this one was a bit bigger than that one. It had a long, thin snout with teeth coming out of the sides of its mouth, its amber cat-eyes were behind the horn-nostrils looking at me, studying me up and down. It had two long, horns that were ribbed all the way to the point, had these blue frills on the back of its head that turns into a lighter shade of blue the further away it is from the base. Its body was long and slender with thick hind legs and small arms, it had a layer of underbelly scales that sticks out at the chest area. it had three large spines protruding from its back and a fin on its back. both the tail fins and the back fin were the same coloration as the frills. The wings it had had such a beautiful array of shades of colors and patters of yellow, orange, and blue. To say this dragon is beautiful to the point that it reminds me of the unique butterflies that usually see in the summer. I could be staring and admiring this dragon's beauty all day if not, well, since it is a dragon that i have no fucking clue on what the hell it is going to do next.

The butterfly dragon eyed me curiously, but mainly eyed the fish that was slung over my shoulder. It made slow movements towards me, although I do not if its movements were predatory or curiously, I took a step back out of fear for every step it took towards me. I do not know what this dragon's hidden motives are, bit I hope to god that it does not make me its next meal.

Then its did its chirping. I was stunned at how this dragon was creating a enchanting high pitch that seems to be part of a melody. But the way the dragon's vocal pitch almost sounds like...

"It almost sounds like the same dragon that roared yesterday." I said, speaking out loud. The dragon stopped its progression towards to me and tilts its head curiously to me. Reeling back at the sudden quick, bewildered thought of this dragon knowing what I am saying, I decided to test my theory that came from the blue.

"You might not know it dragon, but when you let out that roar before, it has scared away another dragon that almost ended my life." I said. The dragon only tilted its head the other way, still confused. Feeling in debt of this dragon, I slid the rope of fish off my shoulders and slowly pulled one of the fishes off the rope. I slowly took a step forward and took a knee slowly.

"It's not enough for what you have done, but please accept this as a small token of gratitude for saving my life." I said as I slowly placed the fish in front of me. Right when I attempted to stand back up, the dragon made its move towards the fish in front of me. Out of panic from the sudden movement, I dropped my things and stumbled back and fell on my ass. The dragon gobbled the fish whole and proceeded to make its move towards me. I let out a yep as it got closer to me. Out of fear, I closed my eyes and once again, prayed that this will be a quick death. I could hear the beast breathing through its nostrils in front of me an the smell of something bad coming from its breath. It got closer and closer to me until...

It nuzzled and purred? What? I slowly opened my and peeked at the dragon causing this. The dragon halted its nuzzling and backed off with a happy look on its muzzle, as if it is thanking me.

"I do not why you did not kill me Dragon, But if this is a trick and you are just playing with me, it's best that you just kill me now." I said. The Dragon just did one of the those 'smile with your eyes' kinda thing and let out a chuckle. Kinda a chuckle, more of a gruff chortle but whatever. Taking this moment as an opportunity, I picked myself up off the ground.

"As much time we have now dragon, I really do need to get going. I do have a fire that should be burning as we speak." I said as I picked up my belongings from the ground. When I was bending back up, the dragon reeled up from its crawl position and sat on its haunches. I did one of those confused frowns and squinted my eyes at the dragon. Now why I do this, I got no idea why, but I find it appropriate response to something extremely wild or dumb happened. Or when something happens in such a bizarre way.

"That is some adorable stuff you got there." I chuckled. "Although I need to go." I then started my backtrack to my pseudo, hopefully temporary home. Before I hit the tree line, I heard the dragon let out a low croon. In response, I smiled over my shoulders back at it. I don't know if the dragon saw it or not, But it was only a split second I did it before disappearing behind the shrubs.

I guess you could say that it was midday with the sun directly above me. So to assume that catching these fish back to back was just all luck. Although it did use most of my bait from this tackle. Besides that, talk abut that bizarre event, right? To think that Big ass dragon would be more docile that what it appears. Guess you can say this is one of them prime example of judging a book by it's cover. Or i could just be lucky that I was lucky to be on it's good side. I shivered at the thought if the situation went straight to hell. I do have to thank whoever is watching over me in this shitty situation.

I was brought out of my conversation with myself with yelling. It appears that whatever is yelling, it's coming from where the lifeboat is. With a sudden thought of maybe a dragon has gotten inside my lifeboat and was raiding it was enough to make my anxiety kick in a little. "I swear to god, if I am right, I am going to have to kill one of those things." Picking up my pace, I started to jog back.

When I got back, It was not a dragon that was there, But a boat. Specifically, a viking ship, steadily coming towards my position on the beach. A rush of happiness wafted over me, but was quickly shot with worry. Reason is that I have no idea what the hell a viking ship is doing out here and don't know if these people are either friendly or not. Honestly, I do not want test my luck and holler at them, but at the same time, if these people are scavengers, the say goodbye to my rations and everything useful that I have so far. Once they got close enough to the beach, they deployed two small boats, with about four or so people manning them. To what they look like, If you know what vikings look like, with the horned helmets and fur clothing of all kind, that would be it. They had this symbol of a red fist pointing to the sky that was painted on their sails. I would either say that these people were rebels or a guerilla faction. I could be wrong on both ends, BUT now is not the time to figure what is right or not. right now, It either I play the waiting game and figure out what their motives are, or confront them when they start planting their feet on the beach. Honestly, I would rather hide, but with all the materials in that lifeboat, abandoning that damn thing will be a huge loss to me.

"Hurry up ye buffons! Time is of the essence!" One of the vikings screamed. There were a lot of chatter and banter between these vikings and to say from what I can see, these guys were fuckin' built! Once they got to the shore, they quickly hopped off and started to spread out. " You there! start searching over there!" One of the bigger ones with a huge war axe said. Assuming this is the leader and how i get mixed vibes from these guys, i'd say this dude is the head honcho of this group. Soon as he said that, not only the guy he told, but the rest started to scatter all over the place and unluckily for me. One with an axe and a wooden shield with iron trimmings was coming to where I as hiding at.

"Ahh shit." I muttered. Tossing all the stuff I had in my hands, except the hatchet in my hand, I flipped the for-now weapon to it's blunt side of the head and readied myself for a surprise attack. For now, I want to keep the element of surprise on my side, or try not to kill someone. I don't plan on attempting to kill a being. Sure I have taken a bunch of lives of fishes and that one time I was with friends in hawaii and went boar hunting, but i am not too sure how i feel about taking a life of someone else. I mean, if it is going to be me or him, I'm sorry, i want to live too my friend. When the vicing was close enough, I took him by surprise by fully extending myself and bashing him on top of the head with the hatchet. It let out a loud 'twang' as I hit him over the head. He let out a grunt and a moan as he toppled forward into the buss where I'm at. Quickly, I snagged the shield from his body and readied it in my left hand.

"Alright, now lets see if my good ol days of when I was a kid kicks in." I said after adjusting the strap for the shield. Peeking out of the bushes once more, I could see eight more vikings scouring the beach. some were examining the lifeboat, some were attempting to open the smash crates and the rest are either patrolling or paired with the ones scavenging, except the leader, who is standing idly watching his men. There were two unique vikings who were equipped with bows and both of them were near the lifeboat.

Alright, with that in mind of everyone's position, best is to take out anyone who comes close to the forest edge. Or I could wait till they spread out a little more and I could easily confront them one by one. Ill bit my tongue on 'easy' just because I don't know jack shit about dealing with these people. Course I did some basic boxing training with one of my close friends back then, just enough to how to throw proper straights, hooks, uppercuts, body shots, etc. Even developed an awkward stance for defending myself. Hopefully, I am agile enough to dodge these beefy ass people.

Soon after, They did manage to spread out on the beach, but in pairs of four in opposite directions. Deciding that The group that had the pair of archers were going to be easier to be taken care of, I went down to where they were at all while sticking to the natural cover of the forest.

"What kind of ship you reckon this might be?" The first archer asked. The second archer shrugged.

"Whatever kind of ship this was had to be a high end kinds ship with all this." The second archer replied. "Although, I have never seen a kind of ship like there ever." The first archer agreed with him while eyeing one of the broken pieces of the hull of the ship. The other two vikings went on a little bit ahead and checked out one of the creates.

Taking this as an opportunity to move in, I slowly emerged from my cover of the shrubs and made my way behind the first archer. Grabbing the hatchet with both hands, I swung the hatchet like a pick axe into the top of the head of the first archer. He went out like a light. The sudden metal-on-metal contact noise from the hatchet and the helmet made the second archer jump in shock from the sudden bang. Taking this opportunity while he is stunned, I did another overhead swing and brought it down on the second archer's head. Both of the viking archers went down on the beach in a crumpled heat, successfully knocked out.

"Whew, now to finish off the other two." I sighed as I steadied myself. Readjusting the grip on both the shield and the hatchet, I rushed the viking closes to me and swung the hatchet to hit the side of the head of the first one, successfully knocking him out. The other viking took noticed of his comrade crumbling before him quickly readied his battle axe in his hand.

"oi! what are you doing!" Screamed the viking. I looked towards him.

"Simply defending myself man." I smirked towards him. The viking Quickly rushed me with an overhead swing of the axe. Seeing His slow charge up before swinging, I back-stepped a bit until he overextended himself and swung too hard into the ground. Taking this opportunity of an opening, I put all my weight on my right foot and launched myself at him, successfully shield bashing him. The viking lost grip oh his axe and was knocked back in a daze. With a side swing from my hatchet, I bashed him in the head, which whip-lashed into the sand in an unconscious state.

"Alright, now to take care of the rest of these guys." I said as I huffed and recollected myself from the quick skirmish.

"Oi! Take care of that man!" I turned around to see the viking leader pointed towards me with his war axe and six of his vikings rushed me while letting out a war cry. Ah shit, I must have miscounted for how much vikings there were, or backup arrived from another boat. One on one, I might have a chance, but anymore that two or so, I might as well start creating my will right where I stand.

"Yea no fuck this!" I bolted the other way, down the beach and ran towards one of the larger ship debris. As I was running, couple of green tipped arrows whizzed by. "JESUS FUCK!" One almost nailed me from the back of my head, practically grazing me as it went by. Taking that as motivation to hurry my ass up, I put all my efforts into just running. Once I was close to the large metal pieces, I took a sharp turn and scrambled behind cover. I clenched my teeth as I felt the adrenaline pumping throughout my body. Fight or fight senses are going off in my head telling me to continue running, but my logical side would tell me that running will not help at all on this island. Therefore, the best thing I can do is use whatever wits I have and take care of them before they stomp by ass. I peered around the corner to see that the vikings were closing in fast, but one archer viking was standing back and continuously firing arrows at my position. One arrow got dangerously close to where my head was at, in which made my pull my head back into cover.

Now what to do to get my dumbass out of this situation. The only way to get out is to fight back. Fuck, I should have picked up one of their axes in replacement for this hatchet. Sure it is doing work, but a regular battle axe has more reach.

I did not have much time to talk to myself as two vikings rounded the corner and charged at me. The one closer towards me swung with his sword while the other one attempt to circle me with his sword or his own. I ducked out of instinct and the sword grazed my head. Out of retaliation, I swung my hatchet to where his knee at. He let out a scream when the hatchet embedded itself within his left out the hatchet,the viking fell on his back and screamed in pain as he grabbed his leg. What I did not know was that the hatchet had the sharp side on front and with everything going so fast, I did not know at all. What I did know was that there was another guy in my blind-spot on my left, but it was already too late for me.

"Take this you scum!" The viking yelled as he swung at me with his sword. I attempted to put up my guard up once more, but due to me being late on my timing, the shield roughly took the brunt of the force and went straight down into the ground, taking advantage of the moment, the viking smirked and launched a left hook to my face. Stunned from the shield being knocked down, I felt the full force of his fist making full contact to the side of my skull.

If me being stunned from the shield knocked down from my hand, this damn hook to the side of the head surely did.

"I got you now!" he chuckled as he readied his sword over his head, ready to chop my head in one swing. But before he could bring it down on me, a hand came from behind and gripped his arm.

"Hold on, I should get some information from him before killing him." The leader said to the viking. He let out a grunt of annoyance and lowered his sword. He sheathed his weapon and went to me. This viking and another viking picked me up by my arms and held me there, unable for me to move my arms even if I wanted to.

"Now." He said as he pointed his war axe at my head. "Tell me what happened here or else." I gritted my teeth in irritation, mainly just how I could be just staggered with just one punch to the head instead of my situation. Then again, me being heavily outnumbered and swarmed was going to be a matter of time.

"What does it look like? Its a fucking shipwreck you dumbass!" I yelled as I glared at him. The viking snarled and hit me hard with the bunt side of the axe, right where my ribs are at. I let out a scream as felt my body rocked to the side from the force of the hit.

"Enough of your games! Tell me what happened here!" He asked once more. I only chuckled and grinned at him.

"Are you deaf as well as dumb? A shipwreck send me here, thats all there is to-" I swung at my side harder then before with the axe, my body let out a sickening crack from the blunt force and I screamed in agony. The viking only smirked at my display of agony before him.

"I told you no more games fool! So much for that 'tough guy' act huh?" He chuckled as he raised his axe once more, this time the blade in front. "Now perish!" I could only stare and heave at him due to my side burning like hell. Although, guess that the only thing I pray and hope wherever I go will be better than this shitty situation. I closed my eyes and awaited for his axe to cleave my ass in two...


"DRAGON" One viking yelled. I then heard multiple spitting sounds and a couple screams of vikings being cut short abruptly.

"Dammit!" The leader seethed. "Everyone! Back to the boats!" I felt the vikings on my sides drop me into the sand, in which I let out a groan as I fell on my right side. thank god its not the other side. Every time I breathe, the pain on my side will flare up. That may be an understatement. It more of a constant throbbing of invisible knives digging into my side. All I could do was groan in pain and control my breathing.

Although the sight before me was something to behold. If I wasn't crumpled here, I would be concerned at such scene. There was amber splatter everywhere and two vikings encased in amber. I then see the same dragon landing right in front of me, the same was at the pond, Shooting another thing of amber towards the viking. The dragon quickly rushed towards me with this look of concern in it eyes. I attempted to speak, but all that came out was a hack of a small amount of blood and me flinching in pain from the sudden contraction of muscles. The dragon whined in displeasure before reeling itself back and turning its attention towards the vikings, who I would assume, would already be back on their boat and rowing fast back to their ship.

The dragon roared once more, but did not give into the chase. Instead, It stayed close to my body. I have no clue why this dragon chose to save me, I have barely met this damn thing. But, I Am thankful for the damn thing for saving my life. At this point the pain has subsided a little bit, making it easier to breathe without getting the feeling I'm getting shot. Taking my chances, I steadily attempted to get myself on my feet. My attempts did not go unnoticed as the dragon whipped around and and looked at me worriedly. The dragon brought his muzzle towards me and I instinctively reached for it for support. I gripped the horn at the end of the muzzle with my right hand and pulling myself up. I winced in pain from the sudden movements, but it died down a little bit now that most of my weight is on my legs.

"Thanks a bunch, Dragon" I said as I smiled. The dragon let out a happy purr in response. Soon after, a large high pitch screeching sound was heard off in the distance. Catching the attention of both me and the dragon, We looked towards the viking ship to see a multiple dragons dive-bombing from above with..

With people on their back?

Pov switch (hiccup)

"Toothless! plasma blast!"

Toothless shot a searing hot blast of plasma hitting the ship below, creating an explosion and launching a viking or two in the air. To the left was Fishlegs commanding Meatlug to spit out molten magma towards the boat that were returning to the viking ship. To the right, the twins were gassing and blowing up the reinforcement ships from behind. Toothless pulled up and twisted around, releasing two more plasma blasts at the belly of the ship, successfully causing the ship to slowly sink.

With Toothless quickly regaining altitude and stopping in midair, I could now see what is left of this battle field. Soon after, the twins with their Zippleback and Fishlegs with his Gronkle flew up to where I was at.

"And that is how it is done boys and girls!" Tuffnut yelled as he finished his sentence with a laugh.

"Yea, just another day cleaning out the sea, right Hiccup?" Fishlegs said. I only chuckled from his weak joke.

"Now, Lets go check out why they come guys." I said. But before I could direct Toothless to move, Fishlegs pitched something while pointing towards the beach.

"Uhh, Hiccup, I think that's why!" Confused, I squinted my eyes at the beach, but what I saw was a Death Song on the beach And what it appears to be someone next to the dragon.

"Everyone, lets see what is going on down there." With that said, Me, Fishlegs, and the twins soon flew down towards the mysterious person with the Death Song.

Back to regular POV

"Ahh shit." I muttered. The three dragons in the sky with people on their backs were descending down towards me. I looked down at the dragon that was offering me support. "I don't know if they are the good guys or not, but I hope to god they are the good ones." The dragon Only reassured me by nuzzling into my side lightly. Soon after, These people landed before me. Both me and the dragon stopped our advancement and just stared at them as they came in. The one on the black dragon hopped off and stood before the rest of his group. His hardened face quickly changed to a look of concerned when he saw what my condition was.

"Hey, you alright?" He asked. I smiled.

"If it was not for this dragon here, I would have died." I replied, but finished hacking up some blood. The dragon only looked at me helplessly and it goraned at me. "Although, internal bleeding from my cracked ribs might end me." Right after I said that, My vision went blurry and I collapsed onto the floor. I could hear the whimpering of the dragon next to me as well as the shouting of the guy I was talking too. Apparently, I was bleeding out a lot more than I thought and I'm losing conscious because of it. Slowly but surely, the ground became a very comfortable place to be as I slipped into a slumber...

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